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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Good to see a match open up the show. Not done much, but hey, I like it. Jay Lethal winning, is a good for me, because I like him. But at the bottom, I noticed it just says only Jay Lethal as the winner, and well it confused me for a second, because even though it was a tag team match, I thought for a fraction of a second that it was a fatal four way match. Just thought I would point this out, it was kind of funny to me, but the entire match was 2 sentences.

Hmm 2 X-division segments in a row. I like that your focusing more on the X-Division than the current product is, because I really like the X-Division. They almost always have good matches. Nice promo here with Kazarian.

Alright match here. Good to see Hernandez pick up the win, he is an amazing competitor imo, and deserves to be pushed to the moon.

Nice video package hyping the PPV.

Ok promo here with Kurt. Got his point across, but was a little short.

Another ok match here. Liked the beatdown by Rhyno at the end of it more than anything. More like accidental beatdown lol.

Honestly don’t like the Hardy/RVD promo. Didn’t work for me, simply because the match was made, and the two were still being all nice and stuff. Sets up a good match for next week though, which is one good thing that came out of the promo.

Interesting promo with Abyss/Foley to say the least. Haven’t really been following this thread much, but it seems like Foley’s some kind of teddy bear now, as is Abyss. Hopefully, this will set up some kind of extreme hardcore match somewhere down the line.

Good promo here with Joe, hyping up the match at Destination X.

Interesting ending to the tag team tables match. Not the most realistic, but still good. I liked it anyways.

Another good match, but two tag team matches in a row is not something I like. I’m loving this whole Kurt Angle angle you have going on.

Good promo with Sting here, to hype up both his match with Samoa Joe on Impact, and his match at Destination X. I liked the beatdown at the ending of the promo as well.

The main event was good. The finish was great, and made both men look strong going into the PPV, which is a must for me.

Overall, it was a good show. Just a few minor things that I didn’t like, but for the most part it was great. Destination X is shaping up to look really good, should be a good event. Also, if I confused you with anything in this review, my apologies. This is my first time reviewing your BTB, so that might explain it a little bit.
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