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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

iMPACT! Feedback

Tag team qualifier for the Ultimate X? That's different. I think Daniels, Red, Kaz and Kendrick is enough, but another two might make the match crowded. Lethal could have been a fine addition. Not a fan of Moore though. I don't know if I'm reading this right, but when did Daniels join the booth? Didn't see it before the description or after. Just found out he was there.

Kaz singling out Daniels twice was kinda awkward. I know Daniels is champ, but the second time was a little much I think. Quick promo I might add as well. I think it could have been longer, and Kaz could have been up a longer argument about his desire to be champ.

Wasn't it Young losing in a match last week? And it's Young getting the loss again this week? Not a good choice there. Would have had another member or Young winning at the least.

Good lil' Ultimate X promo here. Could have definitely used a little more length and emphasis, but I don't mind. Nice to see some time put into the X Division once again. Surprised in the lack of main event/upper card talk.

Good final line from Angle to end the promo, but once again another short promo. I kinda feel like you're either getting lazy or unmotivated to write. Nonetheless, the idea of Angle hating Wolfe, and still teaming up with him should be interesting later on.

Dinero gets the win, and much more importantly, gets the best of Rhino. I was kinda feeling like Rhino had the upper hand in the past few weeks. Didn't know Rhino was Jesse Neal's mentor. That's new.

Looking for Sting? This segment kinda happens a lot on iMPACT! in real life. This little promo right after is alright. The two of them are generic throughout, and to be honest, kinda unentertaining. I don't like the idea of putting something you don't have yet on the line. It either gives a chance to either men to win on Sunday OR it makes the match less meaningful next week without the #1 contendership.

Don't know what to think of this next promo. Foley was alright, kinda don't like when Abyss speaks, and the promo ended a little abruptly. I think when Abyss said "that is going to kick your ass right now" is when Abyss should of attacked. Adding another line in after that didn't do him any justice. The attack was pretty brief as well.

Brief promo here from Joe as well. Not much to the promo. Did add a little hype to the pay-per-view match, and shows him as a fighter at the least.

Nice to see a video package of Hall/Nash considering they haven't appeared yet in the show. Surprised at how little advertisement/hype there was for this next match. It's a tables match. Deserved more than it got. Another week, another match with Team 3D. Really looks like they're an extra team jobbing and getting other teams over. At least they won this week. The Beer Money attack made sense.

The blind tag made the aftermath all the better. Angle's gotten too much airtime this show. Really got himself over. Quite surprised he managed to take everyone out actually.

Yay! He found Sting. =P Whoa. Throwing Anderson down a flight of stairs? Couldn't imagine it, but that's quite awesome. Don't think Sting would go to JB and add another comment in though.

Anderson's distraction to cause Sting to lose made sense. It's also good to see Joe with some momentum going into his match with Styles.

Although the show had six match, and a decent amount of promos, I felt it was really short for some reason. Furthermore, even though all the storylines and matches got some time, I felt there was nothing entertaining about the show. It needed the 'IT' factor, but didn't really have it. Once again, I don't know if its laziness or a lack of motivation to write, but this show isn't my favorite. Maybe you just wanted to get it over and done with. Definitely could have done more. I'm glad Destination X is next though. I cannot freakin' wait for that.

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