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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact Feedback

Video package was good, being detailed enough to inform us on everything important that happened last week, yet you didnít put anything that didnít need to be there in.

Opening the show with a match? Iím not sure if I can remember the last time you did that, but I do like it for something different. The opening contest would have been fast paced and very entertaining, so I like it to get the crowd into things early. Daniels on commentary? Okay, but I really think he has done nowhere near enough in this past month. I always expected Lethal and Moore to pick up the victory, so Iím glad you went with that, however at the bottom of the match, youíve only got one winner listed. For me, this is a very obvious mistake, and well, it shouldnít be made.

Kazarian interview was alright, if not a little generic. Pretty much just some basic hype for the PPV.

A good win for Hernandez over Eric Young here, and well, this was simply another good match to add some hype to Destination X. With that being said, a Lumberjack match with only four wrestlers outside the ring is a bit of a joke, so you probably could have added to things there, even if you just wanted the four other men involved in the tag match at the PPV to brawl.

This Destination X video shows just how quickly this thread has moved. It has been two months in thread time already.

I liked Angle being all intense and pissed off, it is simply Kurt at his best. Bischoffís reaction was alright to, keeping the match on, and this was probably the best part of the show so far, even though it was so small. Why was Hogan even here though? Iíd rather him not be in a segment, or on the show, if he is only going to contribute three words.

Umm, a quick question, when in the hell did Neal become Rhinoís protťgťe? If I missed something be sure to let me know, because at the moment, to me it seems as if youíve just randomly paired them together, and that is insanely bad booking. Dinero was always going to win this though, he needed some momentum after what has been happening, so i was happy to see Rhinoís sneak attack fail, despite my love for the man in this thread.

JB looking for Sting? A little random, but okay.

RVD and Hardy is something I havenít enjoyed in real life at all, as them being best friends forever, has become old and boring fast, and youíre pretty much doing the same thing here. The entire segment was generic and boring, yet Iím guessing their match up next week could be alright. Iím begging for one of them to turn heel though.

Mick Foley was okay here, nothing overly great, yet he is asking for help, which is something he never would have done awhile ago. Abyss was good, how he talked about how Foley isnít the same, however Foley said the exact same thing about Abyss, and they both have valid points. This promo could have been good, although it seemed way to rushed for me, and I felt the Chokeslam came way to soon. Whilst I agree with what you did, the execution wasnít perfect.

Samoa Joe interview was pretty good, he seems pretty intense and dead set, although I didnít like the play on the word ďphenomenalĒ. Crazian did something on one of his previous shows, and itís just way to similar and bland.

Iím stoked Hall and Nash will be done after Destination X. Nash better be the last guy left from The Band.

Team 3D are a team that doesnít interest me. Good to build some heat, having Beer Money cost Generation Me the match.


Wolfe getting the pinfall victory in this tag match, pretty much confirms that there is no way he is getting the win at the PPV, imo. Hardy and RVD didnít do anything overly interesting, so yeah. As for Angle, heís attack afterwards could make him a target, and despite all three men looking a little weak compared to Angle after the match, I thought this segment had great build for the PPV.

Stingís interview was pretty good, however it was ruined with the go home line. The delivery was way wrong, and you made the whole block of dialogue sound awkward, just so Sting could fit in his catchphrases. Mr. Anderson also looked like a massive bitch here, which is definitely not good with their match in six days. Anderson getting thrown down stairs is a little extreme to, considering he has to compete in six days.

The main event was pretty good, and competitive, although Anderson getting better just now, after being thrown down the stairs is very unrealistic booking. With that being said, Joe now looks like the man, heading into his title shot. The little stare down to end the show between champ and challenger is good, although Styles probably should have been able to cut a promo during the show or something, as the lack of him hurt the show, imo.

Overall, it was a good go home show, however there were a few issues I still had with the show. The booking at times, especially at the end was warped, and the execution is not always there when youíre trying to do something key to your storylines. As I said though, besides this, the show had almost everything you could hope for in a go home show. Ummm, you didnít mention, so should I leave predictions now, or are you putting up a contest or something?

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