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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

I'm now officially up to date.

Turbo Feedback

Video package revolving around the championship tournament and Helms much like last week, and itís pretty much to be expected, as itís the most exciting stuff youíve got going on, at the moment.

Austin Aries to open the show? A little unexpected, tbh, yet Iíll take it as the man OWNS. Honestly, I felt like the beginning of this promo was really awkward. I canít really explain it, although if you read up until the part about Aries asking the fans to understand greatness, I think youíll see that you definitely could have worded this a little better. Besides that, the promo was okay, except I wasnít a huge fan of Kendrick being called Spanky as itís a WWE term. When Kendrick came out the match should have just begun, the mic work from him, albeit short, was pretty embarrassing and not really needed. Stating that he was going to kick Aries ass wasnít too bad, yet then mentioning the losing streak thing shows just how badly this was positioned. The kick ass line was definitely the go home line so to add something afterwards was a little silly, imo.

It was a pretty good opening match to start the show, although I will say I was a little disappointed with the match writing. Your sentences are way too short and choppy, it doesnít allow for the matches to have any real flow, which I think they need, even if it is in recap. The result was booked well though, as Aries looks good, and the ďlosing streakĒ continues.

The Christopher Daniels was pretty damn good, and when this Daniels/Helms feud explodes, which I think will begin this week, it is going to be awesome.

Haas/Benjamin segment was interesting, as I can kind of see these two guys fe3uding with Styles over the title later down the track.

The Massacre isnít far away. I canít wait.

The little bit of Haas and Styles that you did go into detail with seemed great, so Iím hoping these two can go at it some time on PPV. As for the match writing, once again it was really short and stop start, with far too many full stops. When Haas kept going into the ropes, with the leapfrog and all that, it should have all been continuous, all the full stops just ruined the flow, and I feel this was a perfect example of exactly what I was talking about. As for the actual match itself, I expected Styles to go over, whilst Haas still looks pretty good, and the hand shake afterwards was a nice touch. With Haas heading towards being a fully fledged face, I can maybe see him feuding with Benji sometime soon as well.

Most Wantedís interview was quite an entertaining read, although Iím not digging the whole Bang Ďní Bang thing, so hopefully that doesnít stick around.

Benjamin/Haas confrontation was all good, furthering my beliefs that perhaps these two are going to eventually feud. With that being said, the only thing I didnít like about this segment was when Haas was talking. Haas calling Styles simply phenomenal was way to kiss ass for my liking.

Iím quite enjoying what youíre doing with Jay Lethal, at the moment. Standing up to people and stuff, itís a little similar to what heís currently doing in TNA, but it is probably the perfect way to get him over. As for Generation Next, they looked a little bitchy not going on the attack here, so hopefully they get Lethal back next week or something. Hooligans and Lethal/Generation Next six man tag match would be pretty nice.

AJ Styles doesnít have good microphone work, and this seemed very generic. I guess I didnít really like this interview, as it could have been given to somebody like Helms, who disappointedly still hasnít been on the show.

Really not happy with what youíve done with Most Wanted here. Very disappointing, imo.

Finally Helms is on the show. The interview was a little too brief for my liking, yet I guess it got the point across.

I prefer this ĎWorld Titleí based video for The Massacre, much better.

The Battle Royal and the match next week, seems a pretty good idea to get everybody on the show, heading into the inaugural PPV. Heyman was pretty in character to.

An awesome main event to say the least, despite me still having issues with the match writing. I always expected Benjamin to get the victory here, and Helms costing Daniels sets up possible another match for The Massacre. A great ending to a good show, mate.

Overall, I found this to be a little better than the last show I reviewed. The promos seemed to be more in character, and just written better for the most part, and the match quality would have been amazing, you just need to work on your match recaps a little. Things are shaping up to be pretty nice for The Massacre though, so Iím glad Iíve caught up, and can now get into the hype of the PPV. Good work on establishing this thread, mate.

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