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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

TNA Monday Night Impact | March 15, 2010
Universal Studios | Orlando, Florida

Before Impact goes on the air, a video recap plays chronicling the events of last Monday’s edition of Impact, showing highlights of Mick Foley’s victory over Chris Sabin in their Hardcore Match, Jeff Jarrett smashing a guitar over Foley’s head moments before they discovered they would be teaming up to face The Motor City Machine Guns at Destination X, Kurt Angle’s triumph over Jeff Hardy and the Six-Man Tag Team main event with AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam and Sting against Desmond Wolfe, Mr. Anderson and Samoa Joe which the former won, also showing Joe’s post-match attack on Styles and RVD to bring it to a conclusion.

The opening video plays, accompanied by ‘Change Me’, and the camera then enter the Impact Zone, as the pyro stirs and the camera orbits the audience in the Arena tonight before cutting to the commentary tandem, Mike Tenay and Taz, who are at the announce table at ringside as always.

Tenay: We are just six days away from the X Division showcase known as Destination X, and TNA is going to be heading into this Sunday in style! Hello everybody, I’m Mike Tenay alongside Taz welcoming you to Monday Night Impact and partner, we’ve got a stacked card on our hands tonight.

Taz: I can’t disagree there, Professor, and the pick of the bunch for me is our main event, with ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe squaring off against ‘The Icon' Sting, but I’m hyped for the tag team match we’ve got tonight, it’s Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam against Desmond Wolfe and his former rival Kurt Angle, a very odd pairing to say the least, in a preview of their Four Corners Match this Sunday!

Tenay: The winner of that match will challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship next month at Lockdown, and speaking of this Sunday, there are two spots still open for the Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship and the final two entrants will be determined tonight as ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal and Shannon Moore face Kiyoshi and Suicide.

Taz: But you can’t forget about Generation Me, Mike, because they’re up against Team 3D in Brother Ray and Brother Devon’s speciality match; a Tables Match!

Tenay: We know that Generation Me will challenge Beer Money for the TNA World Tag Team Championships this Sunday and we also know that ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero will put his TNA Global Championship on the line against ‘The War Machine’ Rhino as well! Dinero faces Rhino’s associate ‘The Inked Assassin’ Jesse Neal tonight on Monday Night Impact.

Then, ‘Pomp & Circumstance’ blares out and the crowd pop as ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal and Shannon Moore make their way out. Wearing his customary eccentric attire, Lethal makes his way down the ramp with the outlandish Moore in tow, and enters the ring, pointing to the sky and twirling his finger around as he hollers ‘Oooooh yeaaaah!’

‘We Are World Elite’ plays and Kiyoshi walks out to some lukewarm heat, as the mysterious Kiyoshi, wearing red facepaint and a matching sparkling robe, advances down the ramp with Suicide a few feet behind him as he keeps his distance, Kiyoshi shooting some malevolent glares at fans, and steps into the ring shortly followed by Suicide, ready for action.

Ultimate X Qualifying Match
Jay Lethal & Shannon Moore Vs Kiyoshi & Suicide
Impact kicks off with the no-limits X Division as Jay Lethal and Shannon Moore face a makeshift team in Kiyoshi and Suicide, with the X Division Champion ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels on commentary the winners of this contest filling the two final spots in the X Division Championship Ultimate X Match this Sunday at Destination X, and all four competitors show their desire to have the opportunity to compete for the title as the two tandems don’t hold anything back, showcasing their high-flying prowess to the TNA fans with some quick paced action. The match comes to an end and the final two spots are filled when the match is still at a stalemate with Kiyoshi and Lethal the legal men in the ring and Kiyoshi bombards Lethal with punches, then running off the ropes and going for a kick but Lethal ducks it and kicks Kiyoshi in the mid-section, hitting him with the Lethal Combination and making the cover, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner – Jay Lethal @ 5:38

‘Pomp & Circumstance’ plays to a pop from the crowd and a fatigued but euphoric Jay Lethal gets to his feet as he has his hand raised by the referee and Shannon Moore enters the ring to have his hand raised as well.

Tenay: ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal and ‘The Prince Of Punk’ Shannon Moore win the match and advance to the Ultimate X Match at Destination X this Sunday with the X Division Championship on the line!

Taz: No better way to kick off Monday Night Impact than with the X Division, Professor, and it’s gonna be awesome this Sunday at Destination X!

Daniels: I agree, Taz, it truly is going to be awesome to see me retain my X Division Championship at Destination X.

Tenay: I wouldn’t get too far ahead of myself, Chris, if I were you.

Daniels: You wish you were me, Mike; you can’t tell me what to do because this X Division Championship is the key to TNA which means that I can do whatever the hell I damn please. And that’s the gospel.

Daniels takes his headset off and leaves the announce table, walking up the ramp and looking at Jay Lethal and Shannon Moore in the ring as he raises his X Division Championship high above his head before disappearing behind the curtain.

Tenay: We’ve got a lot more action in store for you tonight here on Monday Night Impact, including our main event with ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe facing ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam!

Backstage, Christy Hemme is standing by with Kazarian.

Hemme: Hello, TNA fans, I’m Christy Hemme and this is Kazarian, one of the six men who will be competing for the TNA X Division Championship in the Ultimate X Match this Sunday at Destination X. Kaz, do you think you can overcome the odds and win?

Kazarian: Well, Christy, everybody’s got an equal chance of winning, but nobody, not even Christopher Daniels, wants it as much as I do. Do you know how long it’s been since I was TNA X Division Champion, Christy?

Christy shakes her head at Kazarian.

Kazarian: Six years. For six long years I’ve wanted to be X Division Champion again, I can’t count on two hands the amount of times I’ve almost become Champion, but at Destination X I’m not gonna settle for second best, I refuse to settle for second best, Christy.

Cheers for Kazarian.

Kazarian: I’ve got a lot of respect for the other guys in the match, even Daniels, but I don’t respect them enough to let one of them win and let them deny me again. The future is the X Division Championship, and the future is saying K – A – Z.

Kazarian slicks his hair back and walks away to a pop from the crowd.

*Commercial Break*

Back on Impact, ‘We Are World Elite’ plays and the crowd boo as Eric Young walks out, accompanied by Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams. Williams poses for the crowd and subsequently saunters down the ramp with Magnus and Young in tow, and the trio enter the ring, as Magnus and Williams take their places as lumberjacks.

Then, ‘Te Gusta O No’ blares out to a pop from the crowd and Hernandez walks out with Matt Morgan and Rob Terry at his side. Hernandez punches and kicks the air as his pyro goes off before he, Morgan and Terry advance down the ramp and step into the ring. ‘Super Mex’ climbs to the second rope and poses before climbing back down.

Lumberjack Match
Eric Young Vs Hernandez
Hernandez has the size advantage over Eric Young in this match, but Young doesn’t let it get in his way, as he fights valiantly against “Super Mex” and uses several lefts and rights and kicks to try and cut the big man down to size. Both competitors use the lumberjacks outside the ring to their advantage with Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams exclusively targeting Hernandez and Matt Morgan and Rob Terry targeting Young but whenever someone is thrown out of the ring, The British Invasion and Morgan and Terry begin to fight. The match comes to an end when Young tries to lift Hernandez up for the Piledriver but is countered by a back body drop, and soon after Hernandez nails Young with the Border Toss, covering him and picking up the victory!
Winner – Hernandez @ 6:25

‘Te Gusta O No’ blares out to a pop from the crowd and Hernandez has his hand raised by the referee, as Matt Morgan and Rob Terry enter the ring and congratulate ‘Super Mex’ on his victory over the leader of the World Elite, Eric Young, who is pulled out of the ring by Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams and helped to the back.

Tenay: Hernandez picking up an impressive victory over Eric Young, and it could well be a sign of things to come for this Sunday at Destination X!

Taz: Despite what happened tonight, Professor, I still think the World Elite can pull out the victory in their Six-Man Tag Team Match with Hernandez, Morgan and Terry at Destination X.

Tenay: We’ll have to wait and see, but it all happens this Sunday.


Christopher Daniels:
I have reached my destination.

Daniels hitting the BME.

A place where I can do anything.

Kazarian hitting the Flux Capacitor from the top rope.

Brian Kendrick:
Where I feel indestructible.

Kendrick hitting the Sliced Bread #2.

Jay Lethal:
Where I have no limits.

Lethal hitting the Lethal Combination.

On a night where nothing is impossible and anything can be done, the past, present and future of the X Division collide on March 21st, with the X Division Championship on the line in an Ultimate X Match! Order now!

The Destination X logo appears on the screen, with information about the event and highlights of past X Division matches featuring such stars as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin in the background.


*Commercial Break*

Back on Impact, the camera is in Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan’s office, and right on time, Kurt Angle storms in, looking pissed off.

Hogan: What’s up, Kurt?

Angle: What’s up? What the hell do you THINK is up, Hulkster?! I’ve gotta team with Desmond freakin’ Wolfe tonight! I hate that guy’s guts, and if you don’t take me out of this match then I’m gonna inflict more pain on him than I will on Van Dam and Hardy!

Bischoff and Hogan look at each other before giving Angle his answer.

Bischoff: Kurt, we’re not taking you out of the match.

Angle shakes his head in disappointment at Bischoff.

Bischoff: We’ve been advertising this bad-boy all week, and we’re not gonna change the match just because you don’t like the guy who you’re teaming with. Hell, it makes for good TV!

Angle: His blood isn’t gonna make for good TV.

Angle then turns on his heel and walks out of the office, still not happy that he has to team with Wolfe tonight.

Catholifunk’ plays and the crowd go wild for the TNA Global Champion ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero, who walks out with most of his face covered by his bandana, face-mask and shades. Wearing a black trench-coat, Dinero has the gold around his waist but the tape around his ribs is still visible from Rhino’s attack two weeks ago as he walks down the ramp and pauses to outstretch his arms and look to the sky as money falls from the ceiling before he enters the ring and removes his entrance attire.

Then, ‘Reconnect’ blares out and Jesse Neal walks out, with his mentor ‘The War Machine’ Rhino, Dinero’s rival, at his side. Neal storms down the ramp with Rhino smirking at ‘The Pope’ and ‘The Tribal Assassin’ enters the ring as Rhino stands on the ring apron, having a stare-down with Dinero.

Singles Match
D’Angelo Dinero Vs Jesse Neal
The match begins with Jesse Neal jumping D’Angelo Dinero from behind when he was distracted by Rhino standing on the ring apron and as soon as Neal knocks Dinero down ‘The War Machine’ jumps off the ring apron as Jesse goes to work, but Dinero is soon able to turn it around, and it becomes significant after ‘The Pope’ hits a Powerslam, as after that he is in control. Neal has a brief comeback, but it is soon shot down when Dinero hits Neal with the Dinero Declaration (Double Knee Facebreaker) and makes the cover, 1...... 2...... 3!!!
Winner – D’Angelo Dinero @ 6:34

‘Catholifunk’ blares out to a big pop and D’Angelo Dinero gets to his feet as he has his hand raised by the referee and he is given his TNA Global Championship which he holds up in the air and shows to Rhino, who slams his fists against the ring mat in frustration after Jesse Neal lost. Rhino quietly enters the ring when Neal is struggling to his feet, and Rhino waits in the corner for Dinero to turn around and when ‘The Pope’ does, Rhino goes for the Gore ... but Dinero moves out of the way, and Rhino accidentally Gores Jesse Neal instead!!

The crowd cheer and Rhino looks down at Neal with a look of horror on his face as a grinning D’Angelo Dinero leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, holding his title above his head with both hands as he walks behind the curtain.

Tenay: Looks like Rhino’s sneak attack back-fired!

Taz: Serves Jesse Neal right for associating himself with a selfish, heartless prick like Rhino, Professor.
Tenay: Looks like you and Rhino aren’t back on the same page yet, Taz?

Taz: Not by a frickin’ long shot.

The camera cuts backstage, where Jeremy Borash is walking around, looking a little lost.

Borash: This is Jeremy Borash here, I’m looking for ‘The Icon’ Sting, I haven’t seen him anywhere, I want to get some time to talk to him but no sign of him so far, I’m gonna keep looking around and if I find him, I’ll let you know, guys.

Tenay: Thanks, JB.

Elsewhere, Rob Van Dam is in his locker room warming up for the tag team match later on when the man he will be teaming with, Jeff Hardy, walks in to a big pop.

Hardy: You ready for later on, man?

RVD: Yeah, I’m ready.

Jeff nods his head in agreement.

RVD: Hey, I saw your match with Kurt last week, dude, awesome stuff.

Hardy: Thanks man, ‘preciate it.

RVD: Wouldn’t it be even better though if we had a match and tore it up out there? That would be pretty damn cool, don’t you think?

The crowd, who would love to see that, cheer.

Hardy: Sure thing, man, why don’t we have it next week?

More cheers.

RVD: And how about, if one of us wins this Sunday, we put our #1 contender’s spot on the line?

The cheers keep on coming.

Hardy: That’ll be great, I’ll see you out there later.

Jeff walks out and RVD nods his head at him as he thinks to himself for a while before smirking, and continuing to warm up.

Tenay: Did you hear that, Taz? Next week, it’s gonna be Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam one-on-one and if either of them win the Four Corners Match this Sunday at Destination X, their #1 contender spot for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line!

Taz: I sure did, Professor, and I cannot wait! Monday Night Impact just hit the jack-pot, baby!

Tenay: Don’t go anywhere, TNA fans, because when we return, we’re entering our second hour! See Generation Me versus Team 3D in a Tables Match, the speciality of Team 3D, Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle against Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam, and ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe against ‘The Icon’ Sting!

Taz: You don’t wanna go anywhere!

*Commercial Break*

Back on Impact, ‘Chic Chic Bang Bang’ blares out to a mixed reaction and Mick Foley walks out, with a bandage on his left arm after it went into some thumb-tacks last Monday night. Foley, looking rather sombre, makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, taking a microphone.

Foley: Just by looking at me, you can probably tell that I’m not in a very good mood tonight.

Mixed reaction.

Foley: Last week, I had to endure a helacious, barbaric Hardcore Match with Chris Sabin, almost my entire arm was covered in thumb-tacks that pierced into my skin and if that wasn’t enough, Jeff Jarrett...

Mixed reaction at the mention of Jarrett.

Foley: Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar over my head a few moments before Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff announced that I was going to be teaming with him against The Motor City Machine Guns this Sunday at Destination X with Bischoff as Special Guest Referee and Hogan as Special Guest Enforcer.

The crowd cheer for MCMG, Hogan and Bischoff.

Foley: It’s become pretty clear to me now that I’m outnumbered here because Jeff’s turned against me, so now there’s only guy that I have on my side ... Abyss.

Pop at the mention of Abyss.

Foley: Chris, I need your help and you’ve been faithful and loyal to me for a long time and I appreciate that, which is why I need you to be on my side here. So I want you to come out here so that I can be re-assured that you haven’t turned against me as well.

Then, ‘Down In The Catacombs’ plays to a pop from the crowd and Abyss walks out, not posing for the crowd or making any kind of gesture as his pyro goes off and he walks down the ramp, entering the ring and taking a microphone.

Abyss: Mick ... yes, I am on Mick Foley’s side.

Mixed reaction, as the crowd are quite confused.

Abyss: But I’m not on your side.

Foley: What are you talking about, Chris?

Abyss: You’re not the Mick Foley I know, I refuse to call you Mick Foley because I didn’t become friends with the man I’m standing face-to-face with right now.

Pop for Abyss.

Foley: Funny that you should say that, Chris, because I didn’t become friends with the man I’m standing face-to-face with right now either.

Abyss looks confused as Foley continues.

Foley: Last week when I was in that Hardcore Match with Chris Sabin and I poured thousands of thumb-tacks onto this very ring mat, it reminded me of the Abyss I used to know, and when my back was driven into those thumb-tacks it reminded me of you again. But when I felt them, I reminded me of what you’ve become, because the Abyss I’m looking at right now would scream in horror at the sight of thumb-tacks, take his ball and run home.

Mixed reaction.

Foley: When you came out here a few moments ago I listened very carefully, Chris, and I could tell that these fans don’t care about you anymore. If the real Abyss came out here, the Abyss that kicked anybody and everybody’s ass all around the Impact Zone they would gave gone crazy for you, but it seems like you’re just another face in the crowd in the TNA locker room now.

Abyss: This is the real Abyss, this is the Abyss that kicked everybody’s ass and was a World Champion, and this is the Abyss ... that is going to kick your ass right now.

Pop for Abyss.

Abyss: I’m not doing this to my friend, because the man I’m looking at is not my friend. I’m sorry.

Abyss drops the microphone, and he grabs Mick Foley by the throat, lifting him up and hitting Foley with a Chokeslam! The crowd pop and ‘Down In The Catacombs’ plays as Abyss looks down at Foley with a look of mixed emotions on his face before letting out a reverberating roar and leaving the ring, walking up the ramp with his head down.

Tenay: Abyss couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t stand the sight of this new Mick Foley and he did something about it, as he chokeslammed Foley!

Taz: I’m still pretty confused by all of this, Professor, but at least it’s clear that Foley wants Abyss on his side but ‘The Monster’ doesn’t want anything to do with Mick, and he made that crystal-clear with that chokeslam.

Tenay: Coming up next on TNA Monday Night Impact, the #1 contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Champions Generation Me face Team 3D in a Tables Match! Don’t go anywhere, folks.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is standing by with Samoa Joe.

Hemme: I’m standing by with the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe, who will use his opportunity against ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles this Sunday at Destination X, and-

Joe: Wait, did you just call AJ ‘phenomenal’?

Hemme, looking confused, nods her head.

Joe: I don’t think so, Christy, there is nothing about AJ Styles that makes him phenomenal apart from that TNA World Heavyweight Championship and he doesn’t deserve that title a single bit, which is why I’m doing what’s best for me, what’s best for these people...

The crowd boo, disagreeing with Joe.

Joe: And what’s best for this company. Some people might wanna disagree with me, they’ll say to me that he’s been here since the beginning but that doesn’t matter anymore, this is a new TNA, this is the new face of professional wrestling and this Sunday at Destination X, there’s gonna be a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and he’s gonna be Samoa Joe.

Hemme: Also this Sunday we will determine who will challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on April 18th at Lockdown, with Desmond Wolfe, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam competing in a Four Corners Match. If you win this Sunday, do you have preference as to who you would want to face?

Joe: Christy, I do not give a crap who I face. I’ve proven time and time again that I can beat anybody and everybody in TNA and the only thing I care about is being TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Whoever wins that match on Sunday ... tough luck.

Joe walks away to a mixed reaction from the crowd as we go to a...

*Commercial Break*

We then see a video package, recapping the rivalry between Kevin Nash and Scott Hall which began back in January and will come to an end this Sunday at Destination in their Loser Leave TNA No Holds Barred Match. It is then shown on a television screen, and when the camera zooms out, Nash is watching it with a scowl on his face, and the camera then cuts elsewhere, where Hall is watching it as well with a toothpick in his mouth, which he then throws to the floor before running his hands through his ponytailed hair.

Back on Impact, ‘Look Out’ blares out to a mixed reaction from the crowd and Team 3D walk out, standing side-by-side as Brother Ray and Brother Devon raise their hands in the air simultaneously before walking down the ramp and entering the ring.

Then, ‘My Generation’ plays and the high-flying duo Generation Me walk out to a pop from the crowd as Jeremy and Max Buck pose for the crowd before sprinting down the ramp and entering the ring, climbing onto the ropes and both raising one hand in the air.

Before the match can begin, ‘Take A Fall’ blares out and the TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money, who will defend their titles against Generation Me this Sunday at Destination X, walk out and head to the announce table as the Buck brothers are distracted by James Storm and Robert Roode momentarily, and Team 3D then jump them from behind as the match begins!

Tag Team Tables Match
Generation Me Vs Team 3D
This Tag Team Tables Match is contested under Tornado Tag Team rules so all four men are in the ring at the same time and it is chaos with the two duos, Generation Me and Team 3D, brawling with Team 3D taking control following their attack from behind at the start of the contest, and both tandems utilize their usual double-team manoeuvres, 3D hitting their backdrop/neckbreaker, and their signature move with Brother Devon flying off the top rope and headbutting Jeremy Buck in the groin with Brother Ray holding his legs open with Max Buck out of the ring and Generation Me injuring Devon’s arm after Max moonsaulted off the top rope onto his arm and Jeremy jumped from the top onto the arm. The ending to this chaotic match comes when a table is set up outside of the ring and Max and Devon are fighting on the other side of the ring whilst Jeremy tries to knock Ray off the ring apron with a table behind Jeremy in the ring as well but Ray rakes Buck in the eyes as he back-pedals and Robert Roode enters the ring un-noticed! Jeremy slowly turns around after being raked in the eyes, and with the referee distracted by James Storm who has also entered the ring, Roode Spinebusters Buck through the table! The referee sees it with Brother Ray now in the ring standing over Jeremy, and he rings the bell!
Winners – Team 3D @ 6:03

‘Look Out’ plays to a mixed reaction and Brother Ray has his hand raised, as does Brother Devon when he enters the ring, and James Storm and Robert Roode look down at Jeremy Buck who is buried under the shards of table with blank looks on their faces as Roode says ‘It had to be done’ before the TNA World Tag Team Champions leave the ring, also getting a mixed ovation.

Tenay: Beer Money just cost Generation Me their Tables Match with Team 3D! But why?

Taz: It had to be done, Professor, just like Robert Roode said, they wanna have the edge over Generation Me going into Destination X this Sunday, and they just accomplished that pretty damn well.

Tenay: I have to admit, Taz, I didn’t expect this of James Storm and Robert Roode, and I didn’t expect to see Jeff Hardy and RVD so soon, but it will happen right here, next week on Monday Night Impact!

Taz: Yeah, and if one of them wins the Four Corners Match this Sunday at Destination X, their spot in the main event of Lockdown on April 18th will be on the line!

Backstage, Desmond Wolfe is walking down a corridor on his way to the ring, holding hands with Chelsea as he looks to be rather confident going into the upcoming tag team bout.

Tenay: There’s Desmond Wolfe, who will be teaming with his former rival Kurt Angle to face Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam in a Destination X preview! Don’t go anywhere!

*Commercial Break*

Back on Impact, ‘Modest’ blares out and the lights dim drastically as Jeff Hardy makes his way out in an unorthodox fashion, getting a big pop from the crowd. Hardy advances down the ramp, high-fiving some fans as he slides into the ring and jumps to the second rope, posing for the fans with his arms out-stretched before climbing back down.

Then, ‘Whole F’n Show’ plays to a huge pop and Rob Van Dam walks out, performing his thumb taunt as his pyro goes off before walking down the ramp and entering the ring, climbing to the second rope in two corners of the ring to gesture to the crowd again before climbing back down and standing alongside Hardy, waiting for Desmond Wolfe and whoever his partner may be.

‘Hungry’ blares out to heat from the crowd and Desmond Wolfe walks out, his arm linked with Chelsea’s. Wolfe gives the crowd his two-fingered gesture as he walks down the ramp with his valet and enters the ring. Chelsea removes his jacket and puts it out of the ring as Wolfe stands opposite to Hardy and RVD and waits for his partner.

After a few moments pass, ‘Gold Metal’ plays to a big pop and Kurt Angle ascends up to the stage from his elevator, throwing his arms up in the air as his pyro goes off before walking down the ramp and climbing onto the ring apron, not bothering to stand with Wolfe.

Tag Team Match
Desmond Wolfe & Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam
This tag team match looked great on paper, but it is just as good as the real thing with all four competitors in this bout getting a considerable amount of time in the ring although for the first few minutes, Kurt Angle recurrently refuses to tag into the match, leaving his former rival and tag team partner for this match, Desmond Wolfe, to fight for himself. However, eventually Angle tags himself in after refusing to wait any longer to get into the thick of things and Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam are on the receiving end of the unstoppable onslaught of Angle until Van Dam manages to bring ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ down to Earth. The match comes to an end when Angle and Hardy are in the ring and Jeff pushes Kurt into the corner as Wolfe makes the blind tag and enters the ring. With Hardy’s back turned, Wolfe grabs him and drives him into RVD, knocking him off the ring apron, and Desmond then rolls him up, getting his feet on the ropes without the referee seeing and picking up the victory!
Winners – Desmond Wolfe & Kurt Angle @ 8:12

‘Hungry’ plays and Desmond Wolfe gets to his feet as he has his hand raised by the referee and takes all of the credit for himself, but then Kurt Angle lifts Wolfe up and nails him with the Angle Slam! The crowd go wild as Angle lets out a loud roar, and he then gives Jeff Hardy an Angle Slam! Kurt isn’t done though, as he sees Rob Van Dam entering the ring after being knocked off the ring apron, and Angle nails Van Dam with an Angle Slam too!


Taz: It was obvious that Angle was in a very bad mood right from the start, and the three guys he’ll face this Sunday at Destination X for a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match next month at Lockdown found that out too, Professor!

Tenay: I don’t think anybody can disagree that Angle now has the edge going into Destination X, Taz! And speaking of Destination X, the man who will challenge AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday is in action next; Samoa Joe faces ‘The Icon’ Sting!

The camera cuts backstage, where Jeremy Borash is standing in a dark location backstage, with a long flight of steel stairs nearby.

Borash: This is Jeremy Borash reporting, I have found Sting, he is here with me at this moment as he prepares for his match with Samoa Joe in a few minutes and his match with Mr. Anderson this Sunday at Destination X and Sting, are you worried at all seeing as you’re facing the man who could become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion in six days’ time?

Sting: No, JB, I’m not. Sure, Joe could become World Champion on Sunday but to be honest I don’t like the fact that he’s only got the opportunity against AJ because he managed to take a briefcase from a pole and leave the ring, anybody can do that, it’s child’s play but I didn’t get into this business to play and I didn’t make my return to TNA one month ago today to play, and if you don’t know that, Joe, then you will in just a few minutes.

Pop for Sting.

Sting: I could go on all night about how I think a title opportunity should be earned, but that’s the least of my concerns right now, and the biggest of my concerns ... is you, Ken Anderson.

Heat at the mention of Anderson.

Sting: You’ve been messing with me for too long now, Ken; you drew blood from me with my own baseball bat and you’ve been carrying that thing around ever since like it was a World Championship to you, but you won’t be a World Champion until you can prove yourself ... and I can promise you that you won’t be proving yourself this Sunday at Destination X. This Sunday, it’s show over for you, but for me ... IT’S SHOWTIME, FOLKS-

Sting is able to finish, but only just, as he is jumped from behind ... by Mr. Anderson! Anderson brings Sting to his knees and he pummels ‘The Icon’ with blows to the head but Sting fights back and he makes it to his feet, kicking Anderson in the mid-section and hitting his head against the concrete wall! Anderson looks like he doesn’t know where he is right now, and Sting then throws Anderson down the flight of stairs! He then turns back to JB, who is startled by what just transpired.

Sting: Just like I said, JB ... over.

Sting then walks down the stairs and steps over Anderson, who hasn’t moved since being thrown down there, before walking away.

*Commercial Break*

Back on Impact, ‘Nation Of Violence’ plays and Samoa Joe walks out to heat from the crowd, storming down the ramp with his signature white towel over his shoulders. Joe enters the ring and doesn’t bother to make any kind of gesture to the crowd, as he instead stands in the corner of the ring and waits for his opponent as the camera briefly cuts backstage where the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles is watching in his locker room holding his title over his shoulder.

Then, ‘Slay Me’ blares out to a big pop and the lights go out in the Impact Zone momentarily until they come back on and Sting walks out! ‘The Icon’, wearing his black trench-coat and holding his black baseball bat, points to both sides of the audience before he walks down the ramp and enters the ring, removing his coat and dropping his bat as he stands opposite Joe.

Singles Match
Samoa Joe Vs Sting
Going into this main event match, Samoa Joe and Sting both had a point to prove as both competitors will be competing this Sunday at Destination X, with Joe challenging AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Sting squaring off against the bragadocios Mr. Anderson, and the determination from Joe and Sting to impress is clear throughout the contest. Joe continuously uses his youth and agility advantage against Sting, but ‘The Icon’ has the experience and it almost leads him to victory with the veteran outsmarting ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ on multiple occasions. The match comes to an end when Joe is down and Sting is waiting for him to get up but he then sees Mr. Anderson in the crowd, walking down towards the security rail and holding his head after his attack on Sting back-fired earlier. Joe takes advantage and gets to his feet, kicking Sting in the gut and lifting him to the top rope, hitting him with the Muscle Buster and then picking up a huge victory!
Winner – Samoa Joe @ 8:52

‘Nation Of Violence’ plays and Samoa Joe gets to his feet as the referee tries to raise his hand but Joe pulls away and walks towards the camera, motioning around his waist and shouting ‘It’s gonna be mine, AJ! It’s gonna be MINE!’ but then ‘Get Ready To Fly’ blares out to a big pop from the crowd and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles walks out with his title over his shoulder, as he takes it and holds it up in the air with the camera constantly cutting between Joe and Styles, who will square off for the gold this Sunday...

Tenay: One of these men will walk out of Destination X this Sunday as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion! Will AJ Styles retain the title, or will a new Champion be crowned in Samoa Joe? There’s only one way to find out ... goodnight, everybody!

*End Show*

Quick Results:
Samoa Joe def. Sting @ 8:52
Desmond Wolfe & Kurt Angle def. Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam @ 8:12
Tables | Team 3D def. Generation Me @ 6:03
D’Angelo Dinero def. Jesse Neal @ 4:34
Hernandez def. Eric Young @ 6:25
Jay Lethal & Shannon Moore def. Kiyoshi & Suicide @ 5:38

Destination X Card:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship | AJ Styles Vs. Samoa Joe
Mr. Anderson Vs. Sting
No Holds Barred | Loser Leaves TNA | Kevin Nash Vs. Scott Hall
Eric Bischoff Special Guest Referee, Hulk Hogan Outside Enforcer | Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley Vs. Motor City Machine Guns
#1 Contender’s Match | Desmond Wolfe Vs. Jeff Hardy Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Rob Van Dam
Ultimate X | TNA X Division Championship | Christopher Daniels Vs. Amazing Red Vs. Brian Kendrick Vs. Jay Lethal Vs. Kazarian Vs. Shannon Moore
TNA Global Championship | D’Angelo Dinero Vs. Rhino
Hernandez, Matt Morgan & Rob Terry Vs. British Invasion and Eric Young
TNA World Tag Team Championship | Beer Money Vs. Generation Me

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