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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Originally Posted by Crazian View Post
I'd love to thank Shocker and Bkb Hulk for their continued feedback and support. I honestly think you guys are the only two really reading this thread, so I appreciate it. Here's some news by the way...
I read this to, I'm just a little late on things. Here's some Turbo feedback for the show before your last one, and I'll be getting to your last show after I get to BKB's Smackdown.

Turbo Feedback

The opening video package was good; as it helped me realize everything that has been going on in this thread. A tournament for the title, a Helms/Daniel feud, which looks like Helms is getting a huge push in, and a tag team feud involving Generation Next and a tandem containing Harris and Cade seems pretty damn good to me. I’m pumped to read this, mate.

at you calling the commentators handsome. I liked the arrogance from The Coach, and the comprehensive recap of what has been going on, and what Matthews and Coach think about it was done pretty well.

Helms started off decently enough, although I wasn’t to sure about how he used the fans pop against them. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of Helms trying to be an ass, and getting on the fans bad sides; however I don’t understand how a pop was made because they were shocked. I’m pretty sure the audience would have just been happy because Helms lost. From here, the promo went pretty good again until Helms saying “mumbo jumbo”. I get he’s trying to be an edgy asshole, and as I said earlier I dig it, but I feel as if he should be a little more witty to be a success. A perfect example was your next line about the angel being fallen, that was brilliant, imo. I liked the bit about the prophecy to, although the hurricane comment doesn’t cut it for me. I’d personally prefer if you’d sway from that, as it was a gimmick he had in a different company, so I really don’t think he should be referring to it. Paul Heyman as GM is a little common in created feds, yet if you can make him entertaining enough I’ll be sure to dig it. First issue, please don’t have a passionate Heyman call Helms Gregory. Gregory just seems way too formal for how passionate you were trying to make Heyman sound. Whilst being passionate and all, its typical Heyman, which in a created fed is a bit boring for my liking these days, but I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. I don’t really like the stipulation regarding Helms getting a shot whilst Daniels is champion; it’s just being made far too early. I doubt Helms would be that worried about Lethal as well, after all Helms is supposed to be confident in his talent. Overall, an alright start, just a few little areas need work.

The match writing needs some work as well. Your sentences are way to short and choppy, try to have less full stops, and more commas, as it will allow for your matches to flow a hell of a lot more nicely. Anyway, a good win for Helms, although he probably should have been able to get the win clean, as after losing last week, it’d be a nice way for him to keep face. Whilst he still picked up the victory, he lost last week, and had to cheat to win this week, and if he’s going to be credible when he faces Daniels, he is going to need some clean wins over guys like Lethal.

AJ interview was alright, but you probably made him a little too sickening. The part about Daniels was all good, but wishing Haas luck a week before the match just seems way to, well nice, tbh. at the attempt to make Shelton seem charismatic, it didn’t really work as I felt that his part was very generic. The only thing he did different then what anybody else could do, was he threw in a few nicknames. Getting dropped on his ass was good though, although the that’s bullshit part really wasn’t necessary.

Generation Next segment has me pretty intrigued, and everything seemed okay, yet Sydal’s line where he said Rod twice in a row seemed a little awkward.

I didn’t like the cheap rip off of Freddy Krueger for your PPV commercial.

Helms will be champ… Awesome.

I’m not to sure what to think of this tag team match. For one, I really thought The Hooliganz should have got the win, as they are a team that are number one contender’s, and they need some momentum. On the other hand, I liked the way you had Sydal interfere; the Shark Boy thing was very clever, and I guess it was a good way to get heat. Even still, Shark Boy and Delirious are not even a proper tag team, so them getting the win over number one contenders kind of irks me.

Heyman and Gordon segment was alright, as the matches announced for next week means it is going to be a pretty epic show. With that being said, they both sold next week’s show pretty well, yet they seemed a little to, well, robotic for my liking.

WGTT back together, even if for one night only equals huge ratings.

A Most Wanted push beginning next week is something I’m really looking forward to. I love original tag teams that I can really picture, and this is definitely one of them.

A terrific win for Styles and Daniels, especially since Styles had to compete through most of the match by himself. The WGTT didn’t look all that good though, but I’m sure at least one of them will bounce back in the semi finals next week.

Overall, the show was pretty good. I loved it in terms of booking, yet there’s a probably a little improvement to go in the writing scheme of things. Even so, I feel this has a lot of promise, and I’ll continue to tune in when I can.

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