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Shotokai presents: NWA Reborn


25th May 2010
The National Wrestling Alliance, which was the home for the very brightest in professional wrestling decades ago, fades into obscurity every day. The territory system, once defining the business, was simply just not appreciated by the fans anymore. Holding series of uninteresting territories, the NWA looked for something new, and, shockingly, released the news that NWA had just wiped out the territorial system in exchange to one stable NWA promotion. More is unknown to this point.

27th May 2010
The fans over the internet community are deeply enraged with NWA’s decision to eradicate the territory system, saying it can devastate series of companies out there, now without any support, and that it is basically “shitting on a legacy”. However, the NWA doesn’t back down from their idea. A creative meeting to discuss where NWA goes from this point forth is booked for the 6th of June by current NWA Executive Director, Robert Trobich.

30th May 2010
The NWA Creative Meeting is held, and NWA is absolutely changed. As a sign to mark innovation, the NWA site announces a drastic change in title holding, vacating all NWA titles, retiring the North American Heavyweight Championship and the North American Tag Team Championship and leaving only the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the NWA National Heavyweight Championship, the NWA World Women’s Championship, the NWA Tag Team Championship and the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship alive. In the process, Mike Quackenbush’s World Junior Heavyweight Title reign, that lasted over three years, ended abruptly. Moving on, it was decided that the promotion would call Paul Heyman to be the head booker of the promotion, and possibly an authority figure. It is decided that the NWA will distribute a weekly PPV event, called NWA Wrestling Vice. Plus, by ending the territorial system, the NWA has no roster, so, over this week, they will work hard in getting their exclusive roster.

31st May 2010
After hearing from the news, online wrestling fans were skeptical about their decision to vacate belts. Still, the NWA personnel starts heavy recruiting. The former champions, Adam Pearce, Skullcrushers, Mike Quackenbush, MsChif and Phill Shatter, all signed a contract to enter the exclusive NWA roster, with the condition that they would eventually win a title shot. Defunct title holders, The Sheik and Team Mega, were not heard of. Still, Paul Heyman, who is supposed to be the cherry on top of the cake, answered his phone call doubtfully, saying he’d “call later after he’d made a decision”.

1st July 2010
NWA, over the past week, has caused a buzz. This buzz, however, was huge, and caused a lot of damage to the TNA roster. As soon as the news spread that the NWA would feature light heavyweights as one of the centerpieces of their show, Amazing Red, the Motor City Machine Guns and Kiyoshi, unhappy with the way how the X Division was tossed away, quit Total Nonstop Action and immediately signed a new, full fledging, promising contract with NWA, being added into the roster. Nobody came from the WWE roster, due to the 90-day clause restraining wrestlers from appearing in the show. Also, Blue Demon Jr., former NWA World Champion, was brought into the roster. Paul Heyman is still skeptical about this…

2nd June 2010
Heavyweights such as CW Anderson, Bull Buchanan, and most notably A-Train join. The community is now accepting better the change happening in NWA. Alex Koslov also hops in. Shannon Moore quits from TNA and signs a contract with NWA as well. TNA, desperate in their loss of talent, promises backstage to help the X Division back to the show. Nick Logan and the Metal Master join.

3rd June 2010
Hulk Hogan fails to complete his promises, as the X Division is only featured in small segments across the show and a match in the opener. Due to this, Shark Boy, Generation Me and Brian Kendrick leave for NWA. AJ Styles is also contacted and incited by his peers to leave for a better future, but AJ declines the offer, although leaving a bridge open with the words “I’ll stay…For now”. Matt Cross joins, and Jerry Lynn quits ROH to give NWA a shot. However, the main moment of the day was when Paul Heyman called the NWA headquarters to give them a note… “I’ll do it!”.

4th June 2010
The NWA has now a full fledging roster, but a severe lack of female wrestlers. To solve this, NWA brings in famous female athletes to compete with MsChif, who are Amazing Kong, Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze. With a booker ready, the NWA announces its first weekly PPV to be held in the 13th of June. A venue is still to be specified. All recruiting stops, except that some wrestlers keep trying to convince AJ Styles to come to NWA. AJ, however, keeps turning down all offers politely.

6th June 2010
One week away from the event, the National Wrestling Alliance has officially booked the show to the good old Tennessee Municipal Auditorium. And now, it’s time for NWA to rise from the ashes and regain its spot up in professional wrestling, a step at a time…

NWA: Reborn


Male Active Wrestlers

Adam Pearce
Rasche Brown
Keith Walker
Mike Quackenbush
The Sheik
Ashton Amhurst
James Ross
Phill Shatter
Amazing Red
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley
Blue Demon Jr.
CW Anderson
Bull Buchanan
Alex Koslov
Shannon Moore
Nick Logan
Metal Master
Jerry Lynn
Matt Cross
Shark Boy
Brian Kendrick
Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson

Female Active Wrestlers

Sara Del Rey
Amazing Kong
Daizee Haze

Tag Teams/Factions

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin)
The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Backstage Talent

Paul Heyman – Head booker, on-screen authority figure
Dan Wilson & Steven Prazak – Announcers
Gary Michael Cappetta – Ring Announcer

NWA Wrestling Vice I coming up soon…
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