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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Turbo Feedback

Nice start with the real emphasis on the world title tourney, which is obviously taking centre stage here tonight with your two big semi-final matches. Have to say, I think you’re getting better with Coachman on commentary, and I’m really starting to enjoy what he says.

Aries promo by himself to kick it off? A bit surprised by that, but I’m certainly not going to complain since ‘A Double’ owns pretty damn hard. Have to say, the promo from Aries, while just a short little promo to get himself some heat was pretty damn good as he tried to play on the fans nerves by asking for cheers and respect, while also talking himself up well. The calling of The Holiganz as losers with their loss to the comedy characters last week, albeit with Sydal doing it for them, was good too. Clever. Kendrick probably had to stand up for his team, although he still had next to no character here at the end of the promo which was a little disappointing. Still, loving what you’ve been doing with Generation Next, as they’re really becoming a highlight of your show.

Nice little match to start the show off with, with two of your more exciting guys on the roster. Aries picking up the win after the way the promo went was to be expected, as it seems you’ll play on this winners and losers storyline up until The Massacre, which I don’t mind. Good start to the show with the promo and match.

Nice little promo from Daniels here, with the character being pretty much on. He had to address the whole Helms situation, so to see him do it here was good. The shtick about how physical pain was only temporary and how he was mentally strong was nice, and made for a pretty good backstage interview. Good stuff.

Okay little promo keeping The World’s Greatest Tag Team loosely connected here and hyping up the matches for later. Did its job just fine.

The Massacre is looking good thus far. Looks like you’ll be having some good matches on there with the two title matches and Daniels vs. Helms looking to be your likely big matches at this stage.

Even though Haas owns and AJ is a good wrestler as a face, not sure they would have the time to put on a five star match on a one hour show. The match seemed nice, and of course AJ picking up the win was to be expected since he always looked to be headed to The Massacre against Shelton Benjamin. The handshake after the match is interesting, showing Haas perhaps as a bit of a face, which could create some tension with Benjamin. We’ll see where that leads.

Nice little promo from Most Wanted here, with some really good arrogance to it. For a tag team you’ve put together, I think you’ve worked them in quite well, and the gimmick is working for mine. Good to see, as both guys (well, Harris when he’s not obese) are fairly talented.

As expected, a little tension between Haas and Benjamin. Nice to see Haas really putting over AJ’s abilities with the simply phenomenal line. Pretty good promo here which served a good purpose in letting AJ look good, even without being involved in it.

Okay little segment here, I guess to set up for Lethal/Sydal at The Massacre. Have to say, I loved Strong’s line of “Or maybe you should get out of the way”, and Lethal showing no fear and not backing down gives him some credibility. No doubt Lethal will get involved by making a run in or something to save The Hooliganz from a three on two beatdown in the next few weeks or something of the like, and we’ll get Lethal/Sydal at the Pay-Per-View, which should be a pretty good match.

Okay promo from Styles here, although rather than cutting right from not knowing who he’d rather face to talking about his own fighting spirit, I would have liked to have seen him maybe talk about the good qualities of both men in the other semi-final and really try to put them over. Still, like I said, an okay promo with all things about Styles’ limitations on the mic considered.

Like I said in your newswire, I love The Naturals, so seeing them in UWM is something I’m very happy about. Most Wanted losing so quickly came about as a bit of a surprise, but I guess this gives a chance for the two teams to have a bit of a feud all of the way up to The Massacre, and it makes sure The Naturals really debut with a bang, which is certainly a good thing.

Little promo from Helms was alright here, showing his intensity, and no doubt foreshadowing his attack on Daniels in the main event to cost him a shot at the title. Glad to see Helms getting some real attention in this thread, as quite simply, he owns.

Nice little video to really build up the world title match at The Massacre. Good to see you paying such attention to the tournament tonight and making it as big as possible.

Battle royal at The Massacre could be a good way for you to bring some new guys into your company and allow some other guys some screen time to look good. Not so sure about the five minute off thing, but it’ll be an interesting gimmick, I guess. The four way should still be a good preview.

The ending of this match was to be expected, with Helms costing Daniels the win so he can still have a shot at whoever becomes champion at The Massacre. Hardly a surprise, but it still works well. Benjamin vs. AJ should be a good final, and Helms vs. Daniels a nice match on the card too, giving you a few good matches for The Massacre.

Another pretty good show here, Crazian. Consistent throughout, and I thought that everything did what it had to do in terms of the angles you’ve got going on. It doesn’t seem like this thread has been around at all, but with just one more show to The Massacre, it really feels like this is moving at a good pace while still having a fresh feel to the thread, which is great. Looking forward to next week’s show to see how The Massacre card shapes up to finish with, and then of course The Massacre itself.

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