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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact Feedback

The video package just reminded me of what happened last week. I canít wait to see what happens with Angle/Flair.

Don West is a permanent fixture at the announce table, but then he doesnít say anything? Stupid, stupid mistake to start the show.

Angleís promo was a little on and off for my liking. I loved the intensity you gave him, and the way you described just how badly he wants and needs the TNA World Championship, yet when things turned to Flair, I really felt as if things went downhill a little bit. Angleís words became really jumbled, it seemed like he was just saying words to make his promo longer. Also, I couldnít really picture him calling Flair a crazy guy, it just doesnít seem like something anybody would say about Flair. Flair is rather shrivelled up though. Why did Bischoff come out with Hogan and not contribute at all? Thatís two pointless things youíve done before the first commercial break. Anyway, I like the idea of the fatal four way establishing a new challenger, but Wolfe getting in after losing doesnít seem right. As for Angle, the fact he isnít being allowed to go after Flair straight away is unusual as well, but weíll see how you go. Overall, a rather up and down start, tbh.

Thatís a pretty big win for Amazing Red, although I will admit Iím a little disappointed with your use, or lack of use of Homicide.

Was Jeff high when he cut this promo? Iím guessing so since there was a ďbutĒ in there that didnít have to be there. Flair? I didnít think he was here tonight. Anyway, Flair was alright, although why wouldnít Jeff want to beat the holy hell out of Angle tonight? I mean, he wants to win doesnít he?

Abyss to join Foley and become an epic monster again.

Abyss looked enormously good here.

Sting seemed rather edgy. He didnít seem mysterious like he usually does, instead he just sounded as if he didnít have confidence in his partners. Weird, weird segment, that if it doesnít lead anywhere, Iím just going to feel as if this was bad writing.

Nash was pretty good, although even though he is upset because Waltman is god, I felt as if you could have given him a little more attitude. Hall plays the character of a bad ass, yet he seemed a little too much like a face in this promo. I know he is one, but heís still got to have that edge about him, thatís what made Hall awesome. The brawl afterwards was nice with Nash getting the one up, and overall, this was really good build for your PPV.

Beer Money are pretty charismatic, yet I donít think you challenged that great enough in this promo. Whilst Storm was okay, Roode was really no good. The speaking from their opposition was rather generic, yet nothing less was expected, and another brawl? Oh boy, you do like your brawls, although having this one straight after a different one is a little pointless.

A good win for Morgan over Young, he definitely looked very good here. World Elite trying to brawl and not getting bashed by Hernandez and Terry is a bit soft though, tbh.

MCMGís being split up for the night? Good. It worked last week, and should work again this week.

Foley/Sabin was a pretty good match up, you wrote it well, as you didnít just make it a spot fest because it was a Hardcore match, you actually put some good wrestling in there to. With that being said, I was disappointed you had the older talent go over, as I put my stance on that last week, yet the tag match that Hogan announced afterwards could finally be the good push MCMG need. Iím hoping the guitar shot isnít the start of a Foley/Jarrett feud either, the oldies just need to go.

Destination X is shaping up to be a pretty good PPV.

I felt Rhinoís promo was pretty good, basking in the glory of last week, however there was one thing I really didnít like. I didnít like how he claimed last week was the greatest night of his life, since heís been champion of ECW and TNA. It really discredits those titles, and puts over the Global Championship, which is a little silly, imo. Besides that though, Rhino is still the best thing in this thread, atm, despite his age. I really hope youíre not going to bring Taz back to active competition, Iíd like to see Rhino take him out for good though.

A damn good match between Jeff and Angle, and once again, I really like the detail you put into your matches, although if I am honest, this one may have dragged a little. Anyway, you kept the loser, Hardy looking strong, whilst Angle looks like an absolute animal. Great booking, and it was good to see a clean finish involving two main eventers.

I didnít like Andersonís promo here. Him calling the fans idiots is just way to cheap for my liking, especially considering he is so good on the mic.

If the last match dragged, this one went for an eternity, yet I felt this one was a little more frenetic, and entertaining. A great win for the faces, whilst all the heels keep credible, good work.

Joe taking people out afterwards was really good.

Overall, it was a pretty good show, although there are still things that irk me a little with this. At times, you can be solid, then at times you make remarkably spastic decisions, or just make stupid mistakes, once you get consistent this thread should be a good thing to read though. Keep at it, champ.

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