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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

This is an old match I wrote between Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston in the WWE. The ending isn't there, you can use your imagination to fill that space up can't ya XD

The camera returns from the occasional commercial, panning throughout the arena, showcasing the thousands and thousands of fans in attendance who each attempt to present their homemade posters, all of them unique in their own way and giving a different message to the audience. The camera would stop on three of these; the first would be titled “BATISTA IS WALKING DOWN THE STAIRWAY TO HELL” obviously describing his thoughts on the outcome of Tables, Ladders and Chairs main event match between Booker T and the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Another one would state “WE WANT TABLES!” the message being pinpointed to two matches, the match that would have the fans watch the heated rivalry between Legacy and Kofi Kingston in a Tables match or the one that would have Montel Vontavious Porter go against Tommy Dreamer in which the second fall is a tables match. The last and final one exhibited to the fans would be a drawing of Billy Gun, Mister Anderson and Jack Swagger attempting to grab the recently vacated Hardcore Championship, a match that had passed earlier in the night. The camera would have ended its little museum of posters and darted towards the two announcers from Smackdown; the professor Matt Striker, and Mike Goldberg.

[MATT STRIKER] “Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to the first ever and the newest pay-per-view, Tables-Ladders and Chairs. Thus far, this has been a huge success we’ve seen three superstars give it all they had in a Hardcore Championship for the red side of things and boy was it interesting. Now for those who didn’t know, AJ was recently released from the company due to personal problems which caused the Hardcore title to be vacated in a match that pitted the one, Billy Gunn who had been chasing that championship for a month now, it also saw the All-American Hero, the revamped Jack Swagger and last but not least, the loudmouth himself, Mister Anderson in a tremendous Ladder match to start off the first half of the pay-per-view.”

[MIKE GOLDBERG] “The second match was for the blue brand and it starred the Modern Day Goliath, Chris Jericho who recently quit Raw in order to come to Smackdown, forming in alliance with the Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool, he was placed in a match against someone who he is having some misunderstandings with; JTG. Both men are what you could consider complete opposites; both have a different vocabulary, one preferring slang while the other uses a rich vocabulary, one wearing a suit while the other wears baggy clothes. These two have a reason to dislike each other and they put their styles on the line against each other earlier in the pay-per-view.”

[MATT STRIKER] “But enough about the other matches for the evening, we want to talk about the match that’s coming up next, this match splits the lower half of the pay-per-view from the upper half of the pay-per-view, and unlike all the matches of this pay-per-view excluding Chris Jericho versus JTG, this is not for any sort of Championship, although both of these men have the talent to chase after the world title on Smackdown they are busy settling their differences in the brutal tables match. Now this originally started in a match between Legacy member, Ted DiBiase Junior who had been attacking cheaply his opponents before the match, he was set to face Kofi Kingston who was undefeated, beating the likes of The Game Triple H and the Rated R Superstar, Edge. All the fans knew this was a great match between two of the youngest superstars in the WWE but it was not meant to happen, Ted would brutally attack the Dreadlock Dynamo before the match, once more cheaply taking out his opponent.”

[MIKE GOLDBERG] “But Heyman would have none of it, he decided to do something about the sneaky tactics of Ted DiBiase and put him in a match at Tables, Ladders and Chairs, and this match would be a Table Match. And Just about seventy two hours earlier, Kofi would be forced to team with a man who he had a bad encounter with backstage Kurt Angle against Ted DiBiase and the returning legend and legend killer; Randy Orton. The match would be ruled a no contest and in a sudden change of events Randy Orton would be replacing his student in the match at TLC, which brings us to say that this match which was originally supposed to stare Ted versus Kofi in a tables match is now starring Randy Orton versus Kofi in a table match. If Kofi thought he would have it easy then he was wrong, this is a much harder foe then Ted DiBiase.”

[MATT STRIKER] “That is true Mike but remember the fact that Kofi was able to defeat the Game Triple H, a man who thought Randy Orton himself, when you watch Orton you can see the old Evolution tactics of Triple H and if Kofi studies his tapes well then he can easily come up with a strategy to take down his opponent. Let’s also not forget that a week after defeating Triple H he was put in a match against Edge, a man who was a former partner with Randy Orton, a man who’s tactics are really similar to that of Randy Orton, which brings me to say Mike, these matches were basically all preparations towards this match, if Kofi was able to beat those two other men then I’m sure that if he gives it all he has then there just might be a chance for him to beat the Viper tonight.”

[MIKE GOLDBERG] “Yes but let us not forget this is not Edge, this is not Triple H, this isn’t Ted DiBiase nor is it Cody Rhodes, this is the real deal, the Legend Killer and if we thought those past matches were the biggest matches of his career then we thought wrong because the man he is facing tonight is a Legend, one of two superstars to have ever gotten a Legends Contract, proving himself tonight will surely make him a contender for the title that Batista holds dearly, the World Heavyweight Champion and Kofi, he’s young but has held the Intercontinental and United States as well as the tag team championship, there is nothing else for him within those divisions, now his complete focus is in becoming the top dog in this business and he will do anything to get to that, even if it includes getting past his nemesis, the Viper, Randy Orton.”

[MATT STRIKER] “Now this is the first pay-per-view that Kofi Kingston has participated in since his debut within WWE and it turns out to be a match where you can’t win by pin fall, you can’t win by submission, nor can you win by Disqualification or Count Out, the only way to come out the winner in this match is by putting your opponent through the table which is no easy task, no one is going to willingly let themselves be put through a table so you will have to beat your opponent down until he does not have the energy to counter an attempt to be put through a table. Unlike Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston has never participated in a Tables Match before so the experience and advantage is definitely on the side of the Legend Killer Randy Orton. Now Mike, I know you haven’t seen many tables matches but what would your strategy be if you were in Kofi Kingston’s position right now.”

[MIKE GOLDBERG] “Well Kofi Kingston has that Agility, that speed and those athletic features that most dream to have. He should use all of that to his advantage, his trouble in paradise has the power to knock his opponent out for a couple of seconds, if he can lock that in, he could probably put Orton through a table without much trouble but that’s without saying that Orton has resilience, so a second trouble in paradise might just be in order. Also, with the flexibility of Kofi Kingston he is able to counter a lot of techniques which can come in use when he is about to be put through the table. Kofi should also be watching out for those unexpected RKO’s that could come at any time, much like what he did with Edge, he needs to be on his guard at all time. This is also the case with the injury making Punt and the Deadly Spike DDT, he needs to watch out for those moves when he is entering the ring through the ropes or when he is on his knees.”

[MATT STRIKER] “On the other hand we have Randy Orton, who has this unpredictability and this seems to be something that always gets him the victory, and much like a viper he can sense when he’s in trouble and uses that to dodge maneuvers such as the Trouble In Paradise or Sweet Chin Music and he often uses that to his advantage when he pummels his opponents with an RKO straight after that. Although I don’t like the Punt, he shouldn’t waste time when he attempts to use the technique because it could come and bite him in the neck, he should also focus on the legs of Kofi because without these legs, moves like the Trouble In Paradise, the boom drop and his high flying maneuvers are made impossible and will results in the loss of the frenzy superstar. Though if I know the Viper well, he’s got a strategy in his head and he won’t hesitate to execute it. Alright ladies and Gentleman, that’s it for us for now because up next you will have the pleasure of seeing Kofi Kinston being interviewed by Todd Grisham as several questions will be asked to the Dreadlock Dynamo.”

The camera leaves the two announcers of Friday Night Smackdown as the theme song for Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Won’t Back Down by Fuel plays taking us to a commercial break away from the fans within the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.


We go backstage where we come to see Todd Grisham wearing his usual suit and holding a microphone as he stands alongside the Dreadlock Dynamo Kofi Kingston who’s wearing his usual track like attire with the colors black green and yellow. His hands are on his hips as he waits for Todd Grisham to commence the interview.

[TODD GRISAHM] “Hello ladies and Gentleman I’m Todd Grisham ready for another interview and the thus far, eventful nights, we’ve crowned new champions in what is a great night. Though the next match will not be for a championship, it’s a match between two competitors who have nothing but hatred for each other. Now my guest here is one of those competitors, the frenzy superstar, Kofi Kingston.”

Kofi smiles at the sound of his name as he pushes the microphone towards his mouth lightly and speaks to the fans.

[KOFI KINGSTON] “It’s nice to be here tonight Todd, it’s been a long first month and I’m happy to start my second month by defeating my opponent tonight.”

[TODD GRISAHM] “It’s nice to have you here as well Kofi. Now I’ve got a few questions for you here tonight regarding the match that you will be entering in less then an hour and your career so far within WWER. Kofi since you’ve come to the WWE you haven’t caught a break, you were put into matches no one would expect to compete in within their debut, against former World Champions Triple H and Edge and you’ve come out on top, what was your mentality before these matches, what kept you confident?”

[KOFI KINGSTON] “Todd that certainly is an interesting question. When I first debuted I was put against the Game who he himself was making his return to the WWE, and the thing was, we were opening the show. As soon as I saw that I knew they were testing me, seeing my worth, seeing if I had the talent and I knew I couldn’t be nervous for that match, I had to give it my all because if I beat him, I would be proving to Paul Heyman that I do deserve the World Championship, a title in which I’ll do just about anything to acquire and I did that by beating Triple H, a wrestler which I had a lot of respect for what he accomplished. But then the following week, I was put against Edge in the Main Event. To tell you the truth, I Was more nervous about that match then against Triple H, but I came up with an effective strategy and in the end it was me standing on top of Edge with my hands being raised by the referee which his what I hope to accomplish tonight. Paul doesn’t realize that I will go past anyone that gets in my way, I’ve held the United States title and the Intercontinental Title, I don’t want to chase after the second tier titles of the WWE anymore, it’s time I cement my place in the business and that’s what I did, I proved that I could beat former world champions and given the chance I will certainly beat current world champions.”

[TODD GRISAHM] “Now from there, you were put into a match against Ted DiBiase, one that doesn’t have as much accomplishments as Edge or Triple H, what direction did you think Heyman was putting you in? You never managed to get into the match either, you were brutally attacked before it, what did you think of this.”

[KOFI KINGSTON] “I’ve learned that you don’t underestimate young wrestlers and I know that’s the truth because I’m young myself. When I saw that I was facing Ted of course there was a sigh of relief, but I still knew that he was an opponent that I would have to worry about even though he wasn’t a world champion like the ones I faced before him. I also thought that maybe this was another test you know, who has the better young, up and coming wrestler in the business so I knew I still had to do just about everything to come out on top. Though it seems Ted wasn’t ready to face his match or someone that just might be better then me and had to use cheap tactics to take me out, now if I were to be given the opportunity, I would be facing Ted tonight and not Randy Orton, I don’t know why he’s hiding behind his mentor but he can’t hide of long, Ted DiBiase, listen and listen closely, you might think that because you have your buddy Cody again and now Randy can appear on this brand that you can do whatever you want but that is NOT the case, Paul will eventually make it Kofi versus Ted and when that match arrives, there will be no way out, I won’t let myself get attacked from behind again, I’m on my guard and I will get my revenge, you will get hurt twice as bad as I did two weeks ago.”

[TODD GRISAHM] “The week after your assault, you were put into a match against both Legacy members and you were teamed with Kurt Angle though that match was ruled a no contest, could you tell us why you weren’t at the show.”

[KOFI KINGSTON] “Ted obviously knew that me and Kurt, well… we weren’t exactly in agreement with how each other should be pushed, we weren’t friends in general and we would not be able to agree with each other in the match-up while Ted and Randy were certainly in agreement. That’s not the reason I wasn’t able to show, the assault made on me was more brutal then it looked and I was not given the clearance to wrestle on that night by the Doctors though its not that bad is it, Kurt Angle didn’t appear himself and it seems Kurt never did want a challenge as he stated backstage because if he did he still would have gone out and fought.”

[TODD GRISAHM] “Alright now let’s get down on to a bigger question, tonight you will be facing Randy Orton in a tables match, what are your thoughts on this match up and your opponent.”

[KOFI KINGSTON] “Todd, I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked how can I possibly beat a legend in his prime. Randy Orton is a legend and I know that, heck, his contract itself is a legend apparently. Randy is obviously the more experienced competitor in this match and less then fifty percent of the population think I can come out the winner in this match up, I’m obviously the underdog in this match-up. But Randy, I might not have the blood of past wrestlers like you and your buddies do but that doesn’t mean I don’t have what it takes to win this match-up, I’m causing an uprising in this business and I will rise right past you on my way to the World Title because Randy I know I have what it takes to beat you, I have heart, hustle, and I have all the fans in the WWE universe that want me to beat you, and that’s all I need to come out on top. This is the single biggest match-up that I’ve gone into since the beginning of my career but then again Randy, this was the case when I was going into a match against Triple H and Edge, I know there’s someone bigger and better then you that I’ll have to beat in the future, you might be one of the best but you aren’t THE best, your just the largest roadblock I’ve encountered so far. But I’m still aiming for a bigger roadblock, the road block that is either Booker T or Batista and I won’t be satisfied till I climb that roadblock. I don’t care who I have to surpass, be it you, Ted, Edge, Triple H, Jericho or any superstar in this business, in the end, I will… come out… on top. Though Randy, don’t worry, you might have the experience to your advantage but that doesn’t matter to me, the goal in this match is as clear as crystal, all I have to do is put you through a table and that’s just what I intend to do to you, if you think your punt will take me out then think again, I’m young and I’m not looking to have my career ended so early. You will be receiving a kick much more deadly then any you have ever dealt, and that kick will certainly show that you are just as trashy as your partners, because even in Paradise, sometimes you’ve got to take out the trash.”

Kofi Kingston smiles before leaving the view as we go back to the commercial moments before the beginning of the match between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton.


Voices would come to an end as the fans could be heard cheering loudly throughout the arena “LET’S GO KOFI, ORTON SUCKS, LET’S GO KOFI, ORTON SUCKS!” repeatedly. Both men stood at opposite corners, Randy in his usual stance, shoulders down, eyes completely focused on his opponent while Kofi took his ordinary fighting style, one hand out stretched, the other bended, both hands bottled up, knees bended, waiting for the bell to be rung. Though before this could occur, Tony Chimel could be heard speaking.

[TONY CHIMEL] “Ladies and Gentleman, this match is a table match, where the only way to win is by putting your opponent through one of the tables at ringside. On my right, weighing at two hundred and twenty one pounds, he is from Ghana, West Africa, the Dreadlock Dynamo, KOFFFIII KINNGGSSTTONNN!”

Cheers would be heard as the name of Kofi was heard through the whole stadium.

[TONY CHIMEL] “On my left, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, he is from St.Louis, Missouri, the viper, RANNNDDDYY OORRRTTONNN!”

Those cheers would be turned into boos as the name of Randy Orton was announced; Tony would make his departure from the ring as the ref would throw his hand in the air, signaling for the bell to be rung as it would be. Both man would begin approaching each other, immediately locking up in a test of strength, their hands on each others shoulders, Randy immediately taking control of the match in a classic head lock. Though the Viper knew that this match could not be won by submission, Kofi would immediately but his hands on Randy’s abdomen section, pushing Orton towards the ropes. Using the ropes as leverage, Kofi would push Randy to the other side of the ring, getting himself freed from the headlock. This would cause Orton to unwillingly run to the opposite ropes, bouncing off it but it seemed it was not the Legend Killer who was in a bad position, it was Kofi, the Controlled Frenzy was not able to get himself ready for the return of his opponent and it came to bite him as Orton would clothesline him, falling forward so that both men were down though Kofi would be the only man in pain. Randy would slowly get back to his feet, looking down on his opponent. He would viciously grab the hair of Kingston, dragging his head under the ropes and dropping it. Before proceeding with his next maneuver he would look at the crowd who booed him in an intense fashion before going to the lower body of Kingston. He would raise both legs with his arms and his eyes would be that of a viper intent on destroying its target as he fell backwards, the neck of Kofi colliding with the ropes, Kingston would immediately grab it, rolling around in pain and truly agitated by the maneuver performed on him. The dreadlock dynamo would slowly get up on the apron, still gripping his neck, immediately seeing his opportunity for the Rope Hung DDT, Orton would go towards Kofi but the Ghanaian Sensation was one step ahead, giving a quick shoulder block to the waist of Orton, Kingston would jump onto the top rope, only to springboard off it, his legs connected together yet his body stretched as they would collide with the chest of Orton, immediately sending the viper down on his back. Kofi deciding it was time to bring in the table would slide out of the ring, approaching one of the structures and folding so that it would be easy for transportation. Once the table would have been folded he would carry and slide it within the ring as he slid it in himself. Unfortunately he had not paid much attention to his opponent in the ring who would stomp him as he tried to get up in vain, Orton would stop, thinking he had the Controlled Frenzy in his hands; he would lift him up by the hair, and give him a simple European Uppercut. Kingston would grab his face by instinct, holding the ropes with one hand while the other checked if he was bleeding unintentionally ignoring Orton who would immediately lock his arms around the head of Kofi, falling backwards he would drive the skull of Kofi to the mat with a devastating DDT. Kofi would lie in the center of the ring, chest on the ground looking knocked out as Orton would decide to put the table into play, he would lift the table up and make it lean on the turnbuckle. Glad with the position the table was in, he would set his sights on Kofi, lifting the Dreadlock Dynamo to a vertical base only to grab his wrist and turn a pull into a push with an Irish Whip towards the Table. Kofi would think quick, not letting himself be defeated by his opponent he would use his legs to walk on the table as if he was walking on a wall but he would only do two steps before jumping off the table, and landing an inverted clothesline, taking down the Legend Killer. Randy would slowly get up as Kofi who had gotten back up just a second earlier waited for him, jumping up, Kofi would wrap his two legs around the neck of Orton only to fall backwards, sending Randy Orton back on the mat with a Crucifix Head Scissor. He would not end his chains of moves, taking the table off of the corner, he would climb the turnbuckle himself before clapping his hands repeatedly, hyping the crowd into a long string of cheers. Orton, stumbling around, would slowly get back to a vertical base, catching a glimpse of Kofi he would play possum, faking the fact that he did not expect Kofi to jump and as the Frenzy Superstar took the skies and attempted a Diving Cross body, it would be too late for balance to be found as Orton would duck the move just in time, Kofi crashing and burning onto the mat as Orton looked with his serpentine like eyes at the crowd, a slight grin appearing on his face. He turns around to see Kofi back up though still gripping his waste from the failed high flying maneuver, Orton going with a classic move would simply jump up and charge his two feet towards the head of Kofi, drop kicking the Uprising Superstar and bringing him back to the mat. He would stretch his neck as he got back up, thinking of the next move he will try to attempt, he would look down on Kofi before walking to the ropes and leaving the ring, only to get to a knee and check under the ring for any weapon he might find, out comes a chair. He brings the chair in front of him, examining it from head to toe before sliding into the ring, getting ready to knock the life out of his opponent; Kofi Kingston. Kofi would be back up, stumbling around, Orton, waiting until Kofi would stop moving would attempt to drive the steel chair into the skull of the Dreadlock Dynamo but Kofi would think quickly and predict the tactic, ducking under the chair, and suddenly attempting a Trouble in Paradise – NO! – Randy ducks under that move, and then – RKO, RKO, RKO! – Randy would have jumped up, right after the duck, locking his arm on Kofi’s head while in the air and falling back down, pummeling his head to the steel chair which had conveniently fallen in the right spot. With this devastating finishing maneuver, many would expect Kofi to be done for. Was this the beginning of the end for this match up?

[MATT STRIKER] “This match has been an exciting one so far, we’ve seen some ups and downs for both competitors and until now, no one had a clear advantage, though like I just said, until now. If this was a normal singles match, Orton would certainly be on the verge of winning after the RKO he just performed and the fact that it was on the steel chair makes it truly hard to believe that Kofi has any chance of winning now but I’ve supported him in his previous matches and I think that Kofi has what it takes to be the winner of this match, he just needs to show some resiliency. This match is not over yet folks, the only way Orton can win is by putting Kofi through a table and that won’t be an easy task.”

[MIKE GOLDBERG] “For the first time, I’m all for Kofi Kingston in this match there’s nothing I hate more then a snake, if Kofi really wants to create an uprising within this business then he can’t give up now, he needs to put his opponent through any of these tables ringside or that table within the ring, though right now, I’m sure Randy’s mind is set on putting the Dreadlock Dynamo through the table.”

Randy Orton would set his sights on the table, unfolding it and making it stable on the mat. He would look down on his opponent before attempting to get him back up though Kofi was just dead weight, Orton relying on his strength would lift Kofi onto the table before climbing the structure himself, he would raise his hands, taunting the fans before lifting Kofi back up and locking his arms around the neck of the Uprising Superstar, it seemed this was the end of the match-up, Orton’s experience had come to help him in this match or not. Kofi, thinking quick would grab both legs of Orton and would throw the viper of his body, Orton would land back on the mat spine driven to the ground. Kingston, looking down would see his opportunity, taunting his opponents as he usually does, he would jump up, falling onto Randy with both legs outstretched, performing the high angle double leg drop or in his own words; THE BOOM DROP. The high impact move would get the crowd going as they cheered intently for the moments to come. Kofi seeing that his opportunity was nearing would go to the corner and begin taunting his opponent, clapping his hands slowly while swinging his upper body from side to side in the anxiety for the maneuver he was about to perform. Orton would slowly get back, needing to use the table after the added flight in the boom drop. Though that was a bad idea, as soon as Orton would be up – TROUBLE IN PARADISE - Kofi would run, jumping, his body going to a horizontal base as he did a three sixty degree spin followed with a roundhouse kick full of impact to the skull of the viper. Orton would – luckily for Kofi – land onto the table he was formerly using as leverage. Kofi seeing this would climb the turnbuckle almost immediately. His hands would begin to be clapped as a grin appeared on his face, glad to put an ending to this match though that grin would fade away as he would jump his legs out stretches hopping to put his opponent through the table with the boom drop; could he do it, could he come out with the victory and prove to all the fans watching world wide why he is the next greatest thing in this business, did Kofi have it in him to pull out the upset.

[MATT STRIKER] “This might just be the turning point of Kofi Kingston’s career, the biggest match he has ever been in, if he win’s this he is surely going to be recognized by Heyman and by Batista or Booker T or whoever is world champion after tonight, though it all rides on this single moment, will he put Orton through the table will he have his hands raised will he win this match?”
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