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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution


I already know I'm gonna love this promo just because you had Angle grab a ladder, and have the spotlight on him for the promo. I imagined it something like what Batista does in the 'E. I kinda expected Angle to rant on for just a little longer before calling out Flair. Didn't expect Hogan and Bischoff. Hogan and Bischoff were quick and straight to the point. The fatal four way is intriguing. I see Angle with the best shot of winning, but really, anyone could take this. I think this opening segment was a little shorter than I hoped for, but good nonetheless. The announcements are great. The four way and matches tonight should be good.

Red wins. I sooo called this earlier. =P With Daniels, Kaz and Kendrick already in the Ultimate X Match, Red should be a great addition.

Short little back and forth promo here from Hardy and Flair. Of course Flair is in the building despite getting the night off. Kinda didn't expect him to show in the next segment, but it's alright. Hardy playing the good guy made sense here. The interaction between the two was a little short, but the point was made. I'm excited to see where Flair goes with things.

lol @ you putting down Sean Morley. Verbally making him look useless is good and bad. Downgrades one of your wrestlers, but also makes it known that Morley is a jobber. Match was nothing more than a squash.

Didn't really like the opening line by Sting in this promo. Sting doesn't really sound like that. Doesn't look like there's coherence in this team. This promo was hit and miss with me. It does hype the main event, which should definitely be full of fireworks.

Nash was quite good in this promo. I was hoping for a longer promo/interaction between these two. Good thing that your heating up the situation between the two. Nash gets the upper hand. With Nash getting much more face time than Hall, I'm guessing Nash takes it at D-X.

Roode and Storm are great. I was expecting Generation Me to be generic so good job with them. I'm glad you showed that G-Me isn't going to back down from a fight. The slap and brawl was a nice touch to the promo.

With no help from the rest of their 'alliances', Young loses. This storyline hasn't gotten much airtime this show. Maybe we'll see more. Shelley being barred from ringside makes sense.

Haha. Foley is a ragdoll. Glorified stuntman really. Mr. Socko! I marked. Surprised to see a double-arm DDT finishes the match. Great match for weekly viewers. OMG @ Jarrett's unexpected attack and Hogan's match announcement. Huge announcement. MCMG against JJ/Foley after Jarrett wrecks Foley is amazing. With Bischoff as ref, and Hogan as special enforcer, it's bound to be a good match. I'm glad you got Bisch and Hogan involved.

Good job on Rhino saying ECW. Easy pop for him. A few weeks earlier Rhino was talking about the old TNA against the new TNA. This feud shows it, but he hasn't really talked about it since. I was expecting for Taz to get involved considering last week's events. I'm guessing Taz will help Dinero win at the pay-per-view though.

Clean win for Angle. I almost thought Hardy was gonna win after hitting the Twist of Fate, but he didn't. After this, I'm sure Angle is winning the fatal four way. Nice touch having them shake hands too.

The faces win, but Joe gets the final say in the end.

The World Elite/Hernandez and crew didn't really get much time on this week's show, but that's alright. This show kinda felt like the show right before a pay-per-view. With only a couple of weeks before the pay-per-view, I'm quite excited. The card is phenomenal right now with most matches being quite interesting to me. Once again, this show was great. I'm becoming very fond of your writing style. Section's still a little dead, and TNA/created feds don't get enough recognition/reviews, but you deserve more reviews and recognition. And MAN, you work fast. Can't wait for the next show.

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