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Full Throttle Results

JR: Ladies and gentleman welcome to Full Throttle from the sold out Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California and its gonna be a awesome night with Y2J agreeing to take on Ken Shamrock and Rob Van Dam for the International title at ROR tomorrow.

King: JR I cant wait for tomorrow, I wanna see ROR now! Im so pumped!


Roger Walker is standing by with Y2J Chris Jericho

Roger- Well Chris tomorrow at ROR you take on 2 other top superstars for your International title, how do feel?

Y2J- How do you think I feel Rog? I am ready for the worlds most dangerest man and mr. pay per view, I have studied them inside out, and hopefully will make one of them tap in the walls.

Roger- Ok is that all Chris?

Y2J- Hell no thats not all, Rog in fact just SHUT THE HELL UP! You see all the fans in the Hershey Park Arena are gonna be running on Jerichohol tomorrow as Y2J brings back the International title back with him after the match. Then Y2J will hit the town, loaded to the brim with Jerichohol and celebrate long into the night with all the Jerichoholics in Hershey. P-A-R-T-Y? Coz I gotta!

Jericho walks off

JR: Well Jericho seems confident for his triple threat match tomorrow, but I wonder if he will live up to his comments just then.

King: Of course he wont JR, Ken Shamrocks name is already on that belt, you just dont know it yet.

JR: Well now its time for Shelton Benjamin vs AJ Styles!

Match 1: Singles Match
Participants: Shelton Benjamin vs AJ Styles

Very good contest between to crowd favourites with back and forth action, too much to write down. After about 8 mins Shelton hit a T-Bone and both men went down. Shelton got up and went for a hurricanrana but it was countered into the StylesClash! Styles covers Shelton and the ref counts 1-2-3!

Match Time: 9m 58s

JR: What a great back and forth contest between those 2, and a win for AJ Styles to boot.

King: Not bad at all was it Ross? But I am dissapointed that 2 pretty boy punks were in the same match

JR: O come on King be fair, Im begging you!


Roger Walker is standing by with the Rock

Roger- Well Rock you......(Rock puts his hand in front of Rogers mouth, and listens to the huge ROCKY! chants circling though the building)

Rock- Sorry Rog, what were you going to say?

Roger- I......

Rock- IT DOSENT MATTER WHAT YOU WERE GOING TO SAY! Shut your mouth jabroni and listen to the Rock for a second. Tonight the Rock is live in, o sorry I forgot about this, FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO OAKLAND (crowd errupts) Yes tonight the Rock is live in Oakland and that is to do one thing, to see who wins between HHH and Sting. Because that match will be a classic, talked about for weeks and weeks until people wonder back to their couch and put on the simpsons or some other foxtel garbage like that. And ladies and gentleman without a shadow of a doubt, after ROR the Rock will be gunning for the heavyweight title and will seize his oppertunity to stand on top of the mountain, IF YA SMELLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK, IS, COOKING!

The Rock walks off

We now cut live to Paul Heymans office were he is busily writing something down on some paper. He announces that after their great match tonight Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles will face off tomorrow for the newest championship edition to WIWA, the TV Title.

JR: Well King that will be an awesome matchup wont it?

King: You're right JR, that will be a good match

JR: Guess what King, its time for the main event!

Match 2: Singles Match Number One Contenders Stipulation
Participants: HHH vs Sting

The single handedly greatest singles match we have ever witnessed was put on by these 2 men. Sting had been in control for about 10 mins when from no-where HHH gave him a spinebuster and both men went down. HHH got up before Sting and they traded rights and chops once Sting got up. Sting kicked HHH in the gut and whipped him to the ropes and followed up with a stingers splash. Sting then does a bulldog on the game but HHH kicks out. Sting tries to lock in the sharpshooter but HHH counters and rolls Sting up for a close call. Both men slow to their feet. HHH suplexes Sting then says its all over. But when HHH tries to put the Pedigree on Sting he counters into the sharpshooter. HHH is about to tap when out runs Bret Hart. HHH taps but the ref is getting Bret Hart out of the ring. Sting dropkicks Hart to the floor but turns around and gets a Pedigree. HHH covers 1----2----3! The crowd errupts as HHH plays to the fans and lets the DX pyro fly. Bret hart staggers back up the apron with a sick smile on his face as Sting just stares at him in disbelief.

JR: Unbelievable! HHH will face Eddie Guerrero tomorrow, and this just in Sting will face Bret Hart in a submission match as a bit of revenge from tonight.

King: What a night JR

JR: Well see you tomorrow for Revolution of Retribution!

End of show

heres the PPV card, should be up by Monday.....


Revolution of Retribution Matchup:

Razor Ramon, Diesel, Rhyno & Chavo Guerrero vs Edge, Tatanka, Raven & Blitzkrieg

WIWA Heavyweight Championship Matchup:

HHH vs Eddie Guerrero (c)

Singles Match:

Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man Randy Savage

WIWA Tag Team Championship Tag Turmoil Matchup:

Jerry Lynn & Psicosis vs Maven & Christian vs DOA vs Hardy Boyz (c) vs Dudley Boyz vs New Age Outlaws

Singles Submission Matchup:

Sting vs Bret Hart

WIWA International Championship Matchup Triple Threat:

Chris Jericho (c) vs Rob Van Dam vs Ken Shamrock

WIWA Lightweight Championship Matchup:

Rey Mysterio (c) vs CM Punk

WIWA Hardcore Championship 6 Man Elimination Tables Matchup:

Hardcore Holly (c) vs Tommy Dreamer vs Cactus Jack vs Perry Saturn vs Tony Mamaluke vs New Jack

Tag Team Matchup:

Scott Norton & Ron "H20" Waterman vs Test & Billy Kidman

WIWA TV Championship Matchup:

Shelton Benjamin vs AJ Styles

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