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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem
Tuesday Night Turbo – May 18th, 2010
Reno, Las Vegas – Lawlor Events Centre

Tuesday Night Turbo begins with a quick video recap of last week's Turbo episode. It features moments from the two remaining UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal matches, as well as Generation Next's win over Most Wanted (Chris Harris & Lance Cade). Most importantly, it features Gregory Helms' vicious attack on Daniels. The video culminates with Helms hitting the Vertebreaker on Daniels.

Loud cheers from a packed Lawlor Events Centre in Reno, Las Vegas can be heard, as“Pump It (Remix)” by Joe Budden hits on the speaker system. A video package featuring the wrestlers of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem plays on the Titan Tron. As soon as the video package ends, pyro and explosion erupt in the Turbo Zone, as cameras show the thousands in attendance in the Lawlor Events Centre . The camera pans in on some fan signs, such as “The Angel has FALLEN” and “Charlie Haas = the next UWM World Champion”. The cameras go ringside before hitting the handsome men at the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's Tuesday Night Turbo! I am your host, Josh Mathews, and alongside me is none other than Jonathan “The Coach” Coachman.

Jonathan Coachman: No introduction needed Josh, as I'm sure the viewers at home already know who I am, but what the viewers probably don't know is that they're in for a show tonight!

Josh Mathews: They sure are. The UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament takes a break this week, but the final four are still in action, as they team up in tag team action. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin reunite, as the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team takes on another reuniting team, The Phenomenal Angels, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

Jonathan Coachman: That's a match for the ages, but one has to wonder, is Christopher Daniels in any condition to wrestle tonight?

Josh Mathews: No doubt everyone is wondering that right now, as Daniels was viciously attacked by Gregory Helms after defeating Helms in their quarterfinal match. Helms hit Daniels with a devastating Vertebreaker, and left Daniels unconscious on the mat.

Jonathan Coachman: No one wants to see a wrestler down like that especially here in Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem.

Josh Mathews: On another note, Paul Heyman announced last week that the number one contenders for the UWM World Tag Team Championship, the Hooliganz, will be in action tonight against the team of Delirious and Shark Boy.

Jonathan Coachman: Delirious and Shark Boy are definitely a weird combination, but it should be a great match.

“It's Time” suddenly hits on the speaker system, as Gregory Helms comes out from the back to major heat from the fans. Boos roar in the Turbo Zone, as Helms cockily walks to the ring. Helms takes his time walking up the steel steps before stepping into the ring, and grabbing the microphone.

Gregory Helms: Ev...

A “Helms Sucks” chants deafens the arena. Helms just smirks, and laughs it off. Helms waves his hand around telling the crowd to keep on going, but of course, the chants stop.

Gregory Helms: Ever since I joined Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem, my only goal was to become UWM World Heavyweight Champion, but last week...I lost that opportunity.

Pop! The fans cheer at Helms' loss.

Gregory Helms: Yeah...I know! I'm as shocked as you are!

Some heat, as Helms smartly uses the fans' pop against them.

Gregory Helms: Believe me...last week, Christopher Daniels got LUCKY. I know it, he knows it, and I'm just making sure YOU guys know it.


Gregory Helms: Now you're probably still wondering WHY? Am I right? You're wondering why I attacked Daniels after the match. It's a great question.

Helms nod his head agreeing with himself.

Gregory Helms: Last week, Daniels talked all this mumbo jumbo about devouring my soul, tearing my heart, and making me join the fallen. Well GUESS WHAT Daniels, it looks like the ANGEL has most certainly FALLEN.

Helms begins to laugh, as the crowd roars with boos.

Gregory Helms: Oh how the high and mighty have fallen. I guess the prophecy didn't tell him about that.

Helms continues to laugh, as the fans continue their boos.

Gregory Helms: I only gave Christopher Daniels what he deserved...and he believe me, he deserved the hurricane that came through.

Mixed reaction at the hurricane comment.

Gregory Helms: Is he injured? Well, I don't care. The only person I care about is me. I should be continuing in the world title tournament. Me.

Helms points at himself.

Gregory Helms: Not him! It is an undisputed fact that I was the longest reigning champion in history! I'm a winner wherever I go...so it's only a matter of time before I'm a winner here. It's only a matter of time before I become WORLD CHAMPION.


Gregory Helms: I'm...

“Mental” hits, as co-owner and general manager, Paul Heyman, comes out to an enormous pop from the fans. Sporting a nice suit and a cap with “UWM” on it, Heyman chooses to stay at the top stage rather than come to the ring. With a mic in hand, he speaks...

Paul Heyman: I'm completely sick of you, which means the amazing fans here in RENO...LASSSSS VEGAS are dying at each and every word coming out of your mouth.

Huge pop.

Paul Heyman: You know Gregory...Tod Gordon and I put our blood...sweat...and tears into this company. This is our baby...this is our love child so to speak, and we don't like to see one of our own down and out.

Slight pause, as Heyman catches his breath.

Paul Heyman: We assembled the best wrestlers from around the world to join Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem, and Gregory...that includes you.

Helms puts his arms out, and makes a gesture showing he knew that.

Paul Heyman: BUT...that also includes Christopher Daniels. And as co-owner and general manager of UWM, I have no choice but to punish you.

Pop. Helms kicks the bottom ropes, and begins to get frustrated.

Paul Heyman: And I thought long and hard about this. My decision is that if Christopher Daniels advances to The Massacre, and wins the UWM World Heavyweight Championship...


Paul Heyman: You will not be able to challenge him for the world title.

Huge pop.

Gregory Helms: WHAT!?!?! You know that's not fair. You can't do this!

Helms is basically spewing at the mouth.

Paul Heyman: I can and I just did. So basically, as long as Christopher Daniels is champion, you cannot challenge for the world title. Oh, and I'm not done just about yet.

Gregory Helms: What else huh? What else?

Paul Heyman: I know your not scheduled for a match tonight, so I'm scheduling a match. Right here...right now!

Helms is walking around the ring looks completely flustered.

Gregory Helms: You know what...it's doesn't matter...it's doesn't. I'm better than everybody on this roster...

Trying to reassure himself, he mutters...

Gregory Helms: Better than everybody...

Paul Heyman: Then you shouldn't have a problem with...

Heyman pauses, and this frustrates Helms even more.

Gregory Helms: TELL ME!

Paul Heyman: JAY LETHAL!

Hupe pop. Helms drops his mic in shock, while Heyman laughs. “Mental” hits once again, as Heyman begins to leave the stage area. As he leaves...

** Commercial Break **

Coming back from commercial break, we see that Gregory Helms is still in the ring awaiting his opponent, Jay Lethal. Cameras go to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Welcome back to Tuesday Night Turbo. Before the break, Paul Heyman gave us huge news, as he disallowed Gregory Helms from challenging for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship if Christopher Daniels wins at The Massacre.

Jonathan Coachman: That's just unfair and unjust. Gregory Helms gave Christopher Daniels what he deserved, and he made an impact. You can punish someone for making an impact.

Josh Mathews: That impact put the Fallen Angel in the hospital, and we're still unaware of his condition. Mr. Heyman furthermore put Gregory Helms in a match against Jay Lethal...right now!

“Static” hits, as Jay Lethal comes out to a pop from the fans. Sporting green and white tights, Jay Lethal dashes to the ring slapping a couple of hands on the way. Lethal slides into the ring, and gets set for action, but Helms doesn't give him the chance...

Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs. Jay Lethal

Summary: Gregory Helms attacks Jay Lethal, as soon as he gets in the ring, giving him the advantage right off the bat. The ref rings the bell, and Helms continues his onslaught. Helms is outright vicious throughout this whole match, as he takes out his anger on Jay Lethal. Helms uses everything to his advantage from closed fists to the turnbuckle rope. End of the match comes when Jay Lethal starts to gain momentum, and hits an amazing front suplex out of nowhere on Helms. Lethal goes to clothesline Helms, but Helms ducks and the clothesline goes the ref instead! Lethal turns back to Helms who attempts and enziguri, but misses. Lethal hooks his arms in behind Helms, and hits a dragon suplex! Lethal climbs to the top turnbuckle. Jay jumps off, and hits a diving headbutt! Lethal goes for the pin, but the ref is out. Lethal goes to help the ref. While helping the ref, Helms slowly crawls over to Lethal, and LOW BLOWS him! Lethal goes down, as the ref seems slightly rejuvenated. Helms covers Lethal. 1...2...3!

Winner – Gregory Helms
On his knees, Helms puts his arms up in the air proud of his win over Lethal. As he gets up to his feet, the ref tries to raise his arm, but he swings it away. Helms takes a dirty look at Lethal before spitting on his fallen opponent. The ref shouts “HEY HEY” at him, and Helms just smirks before slowly making his way out of the ring. The cameras cut to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Gregory Helms shows how dirty he really is, as he beats Jay Lethal using every tactic in the book.

Jonathan Coachman: It's not dirty wrestling; it's smart wrestling. And Helms won, so who cares how he did it!

Josh Mathews: Helms will learn sooner or later that shortcuts don't get you to the end.

Jonathan Coachman: And YOU will sooner or later realize that they do.

Josh Mathews: Whatever the case, after the break we have the number one contenders for the UWM World Tag Team Championship, the Hooliganz, against the team of Delirious and Shark Boy, but before that, we send it to the back with Leticia Cline!

Cameras pan to the backstage area with Leticia Cline and her guest...AJ Styles!

Leticia Cline: Hello everyone, I'm Leticia Cline, and I'm here with the “Phenomenal One” AJ Styles.


Leticia Cline: I'd like to first congratulate you on your quarterfinal win, and on advancing to the semifinals.

AJ Styles: Thank you, thank you.

Leticia Cline: The question on everyone's mind is if you know the condition of your tag team partner tonight, Christopher Daniels?

AJ Styles: Chris and I have been friends for a long time, and what happened to him last week is something I wouldn't wish on anybody. I did get a chance to speak to him a few days ago, and he said that he's going through an immense amount of pain right now, but that wasn't going to stop him from competing.


AJ Styles: He said that with all his will, and all his might, he'll be out there tonight and the Phenomenal Angels will be victorious.

Leticia Cline: That's good to hear. A.J., on a different note, how do you feel your semifinal match against Charlie Haas, and about tonight's match-up against the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team?

AJ Styles: Charlie Haas is a great competitor. He's one of the best pure athletes today, and I'm glad to be facing him in the semifinals. Like everyone else here in UWM, I came here to be WORLD CHAMPION. To be world champion, I gotta be the best. And I know from past experiences, to be the best, I gotta beat the best. So Charlie, good luck and let's have a good match.


AJ Styles: As for tonight, with Chris being hurt, it's going to be tough. There's no doubt about that, but I'm still gonna go out there and give it a hundred and ten percent. Tonight...

Out of the blue comes Shelton Benjamin.


Heat just for his appearance.

Shelton Benjamin: Boyyy, you're gonna need more than that.


Shelton Benjamin: I mean c'mon now; you're facing the GOLD STANDARD of professional wrestling...MYSELF... and the HAAS of PAIN, Charlie Haas. We're not called the World's Greatest Tag Team for no reason.

Styles gets in Benjamin's face.

AJ Styles: You're the SELF-PROCLAIMED World's Greatest Tag Team.

Benjamin smirks.

Shelton Benjamin: We proclaim it cause it's TRUE. The rest of the world needs to know that...and with your boy on the sidelines, things don't look too good for you, do they now.


Shelton Benjamin: So I SUGGEST you get out of my face, go to the dressing room, pack it in, and leave if you know what's good for you.

Styles nods his head up and down smiling. He takes a step back, and looks to be leaving.

AJ Styles: Nah...

Styles turns back and clocks Shelton Benjamin across the fast knocking Benjamin down to ground. Benjamin doesn't retaliate, but instead sits on the ground with an angered, frustrated and shocked face all in one! Styles leaves the area now, while Benjamin lets out some harsh words...

Shelton Benjamin: THAT's BULL$#!T!

Cameras pan to the locker room area now. Matt Sydal is standing & watching the television set, and laughing at what just happened when the rest of Generation Next (Austin Aries and Roderick Strong) comes barging in with titles in hand.

Austin Aries: Hey...where have you been?

Roderick Strong seems to sizing Matt Sydal up. Kinda like he's measuring him.

Matt Sydal: I've been chilling out here. Rod...Rod, what are you doing?

Austin Aries: Nevermind him; we need you to do something.

Matt Sydal: What do you need me to do?

Austin Aries: Don't worry...c'mon...let's go.

The three leave the locker room area, as television sets of millions...and MILLIONS go to...

** Commercial Break **

Darkness appears, as a three little girls in white dresses are playing jump rope in the dark streets...

Narrator: One...two...

Shots of Christopher Daniels in his Fallen Angel attire in the dark appear...

Narrator: It's coming for you...

Shots of Shelton Benjamin hitting a vicious T-Bone Suplex.

Narrator: Three...four...

Shots of Ken Doane hitting an amazing flying leg drop off the top rope.

Narrator: Better shut the door...

Shots of Gregory Helms hitting the Nightmare on Helms Street.

Narrator: Five...six...

Shots of AJ Styles hitting the Spinal Tap and the Styles Clash.

Narrator: Better getaway quick...

Shots of Austin Aries hitting a brainbuster and Roderick Strong hitting a devastating backbreaker.

Narrator: Seven...eight...

Shots of the Hooliganz hitting tag team moves.

Narrator: It's getting late...

Shots of Charlie Haas locking in the Haas of Pain.

Narrator: Nine...ten...

The camera zooms in on the little girl in the middle of the jump rope. Her face is pretty creep, as she smiles. The scene cuts to a runned down city.

Narrator: THE MASSACRE is coming June 5th, 2010 at the Lawlor Events Centre in Reno, Las Vegas. Get your tickets now or call your local cable provider TODAY, and order now. Witness a pay-per-view like no other as the MASSACRE goes down.

As we come back from commercial break, we see Gregory Helms making his way out of the arena with his duffle bag in hand. Leticia Cline runs up to him, and tries to get a word.

Leticia Cline: Hey Gregory Helms...

Helms continues to walk away making the beautiful Leticia have to walk alongside him in order to get a word.

Leticia Cline: How do you feel about the consequences given out earlier tonight?

Helms ignores it, and continues to walk.

Leticia Cline: How do you feel about not being able to compete for the world title?

Helms stops.

Gregory Helms: Trust me hun, I WILL be world champion. I'm gonna make sure of that...

Helms leaves once again. Leticia Cline is left in the picture by her lonesome. Cameras go to the announce table. Yippee!

Josh Mathews: Wow, Gregory Helms basically just promised he will be UWM World Heavyweight Champion.

Jonathan Coachman: And why shouldn't he? He's better than everybody on this roster!

Josh Mathews: I don't know how he's going to accomplish that with him out of the tournament, and incapable of competing for the title as long as Christopher Daniels is in the tournament.

Jonathan Coachman: I'm sure he'll find a way.

Josh Mathews: Speaking of Christopher Daniels, we have yet to see him tonight, and we're still completely unaware of his situation. Earlier AJ Styles said that Daniels would be competing later tonight, but we're still not sure. AJ Styles also gave Shelton Benjamin a mouthful before the break. Let's take a look...

A video recapping the previous segment where AJ Styles decks Shelton Benjamin in the face plays.

Jonathan Coachman: What a cheap shot. No one should disrespect the Gold Standard like that.

Josh Mathews: For once, I think Benjamin got what he deserved after disrespecting the Phenomenal One. Later tonight they collide in tag team action as the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, take on the Phenomenal Angels, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. But right now, we have the number one contenders for the tag titles, the Hooliganz!

“Rocker” hits, as the number one contenders for the UWM World Tag Team Championship, the Hooliganz, making their way out to a huge pop from the fans. Sporting their all white masks, and funky attire, they jolt towards the ring. After sliding into the ring, they go to opposite corners of the ring, climb the turnbuckle, and do simultaneous moonsaults off the turnbuckle on onto their feet! “Eat Me” hits, as Shark Boy makes his way out to the stage area to a pop from the fans. Shark Boy awaits his partner from the stage area. “Hybrid Stigmata” hits, as Delirious comes out. The two begin to imitate the Hooliganz's pre-match rituals, as they jolt to the ring, and slide in. The match is on...

Tag Team Match
The Hooliganz (Brian Kendrick & Paul London) vs. Delirious & Shark Boy

Summary: A good back and forth match with a few comedic spots from both teams. The number one contenders seem to be in control throughout the match with Delirious and Shark Boy not having enough chemistry with each other. End of the match comes when Delirious is taken out on the outside by a suicide dive from Brian Kendrick, which leaves Shark Boy and Paul London in the ring. Paul London hits a legsweep DDT on Sharky. London looks to the turnbuckle. London climbs to the top turnbuckle, and notices Austin Aries and Roderick Strong making their way to the ring. Aries and Strong both hop onto the apron. London hops off the turnbuckle, as he and the referee begin arguing with Generation Next. Brian Kendrick slides into the ring. Kendrick hops onto the turnbuckle before quickly hitting a flying five star splash onto Aries and Strong. As he does so, ANOTHER SHARK BOY comes from under the ring, and slides into the ring. The second Shark Boy grabs the actual Shark Boy, and throws him out of the ring. The new Shark Boy lays on the mat pretending to be laid out. Paul London sees that Kendrick is handling Aries and Strong so he climbs back onto the top turnbuckle. London goes for the London Star Press, but Shark Boy rolls out of the way. With London down, Shark Boy scales to the top turnbuckle. Shark Boy goes for a Shooting Star Press of his own! Do you believe this? Fans are astonished, as Shark Boy covers. 1...2...Kendrick slides into the ring looking to break up the pin, but...3!

Winners – Delirious & Shark Boy
Shark Boy quickly retreats from the ring, and joins Generation Next. The three are slowly walking up the ramp, as Shark Boy unmasks himself. It's Matt Sydal! Matt Sydal switched himself with Shark Boy, and got the win. Brian Kendrick and Paul London are in total disbelief. They go from having the match won to being foiled once again by Generation Next. Cameras cut to the office of Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon!

Paul Heyman: Did you see what I just saw Tod?

Tod Gordon: I sure did Paul, and I have to admit...that...was...AWESOME!

Gordon is in excitement, as Heyman just smirks.

Paul Heyman: As awesome as it was, I think Generation Next should face the Hooliganz once and for all.

Tod Gordon: What about their pay-per-view match?

Paul Heyman: Their pay-per-view match is still on...I'm just thinking we split them up into two singles matches.

Tod Gordon: Good thinking.

Paul Heyman: So next week...we'll have Austin Aries...


Paul Heyman: Against...Brian Kendrick!


Paul Heyman: And the week after, we'll have Roderick Strong...


Paul Heyman: Against...Paul London!

Pop. Heyman and Gordon are in agreement, as Heyman takes a slight pause before speaking again...

Paul Heyman: And next week...the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament shall CONTINUE!


Paul Heyman: We'll have both semifinals...AJ Styles against Charlie Haas...


Paul Heyman: And Christopher Daniels against Shelton Benjamin!


Paul Heyman: Tod...would you miss next week's show?

Tod Gordon: Not a chance.

Paul Heyman: I didn't think so...

Cameras cut to the always dreadful...

** Commercial Break **

Coming back from commercial break, we see Shelton Benjamin in his locker room feeling up his lip.

Shelton Benjamin: Man...he's gonna get it...

Charlie Haas comes in...

Charlie Haas: Shelton...you good?

Shelton Benjamin: Yah...

Charlie Haas: Let's do this.

Both men begin to make their way out. The cameras goes to Chris Harris and Lance, who charge into Paul Heyman's office.

Chris Harris: Heyman...we need a word with you.

Paul Heyman: And this is concerning?...

Lance Cade: You've announced a bunch of matches for next week, but you left out the MOST WANTED.

Chris Harris: We're not just some wrestlers, who you can forget about, we're Most Wanted, and we want a match.

Paul Heyman: I certainly forgot about you guys last week, but that's besides the point. Last week, you two didn't show poise, you didn't show great teamwork, and you didn't show me how good you really are.

Lance Cade: Oh...we're good...trust me, we're good.

Paul Heyman: I know you're good; that's why you're here at Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem. I'll give you a match next week to prove yourselves. I mean even Delirious and Shark Boy kinda won tonight. Next week, I'll put you two against two local wrestlers. Prove yourselves, and we'll begin to talk about bigger issues.

Both Chris Harris and Lance Cade seem satisfied with Heyman's announcement.

Paul Heyman: Happy?

Chris Harris: Yeah...we're good...

The cameras pan to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: The self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team get ready for the main event against the Phenomenal Angels. Shelton Benjamin's lip doesn't look to good though.

Jonathan Coachman: A busted lip is a minor setback; Shelton will come out here and show that there ain't no stopping him.

Josh Mathews: Well, before the break, co-owners and general managers, Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon, dropped huge news for all Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem fans out there. Next week, and the week after, the Hooliganz and Generation Next will be split up, and put in to singles competition. Next week Brian Kendrick faces Austin Aries, and the week after, Paul London faces Roderick Strong.

Jonathan Coachman: Even when they weren't in the match tonight, Generation Next managed to outsmart the Hooliganz so I'm willing to bet a little singles competition won't break them down.

Josh Mathews: That wasn't the only news dished out, as the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament continues next week! AJ Styles takes on Charlie Haas and Christopher Daniels takes on Shelton Benjamin, as both semifinals go down.

Jonathan Coachman: We still don't know what condition Christopher Daniels is in, and if he's even ready to go tonight.

Josh Mathews: Well...we're about to find out!

“World's Greatest” hits, as the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, come out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Sporting their old matching attire, they make their way to the ring. The two choose not to slap hands with the fans, but instead get into the ring, and get set for action. “I Am” hits, as the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, makes his way out to a thunderous pop from the fans. After doing his usual poses for the fans, Styles makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with some fans. Styles slides into the ring, and gets set for action. “Disposable Teens” hits to a pop from the fans. Christopher Daniels is nowhere to be seen. The fans, as well as AJ Styles and the WGTT continue to wait. The Fallen Angel doesn't show, and the ref says to Styles that the match must go on.

Tag Team Match
AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Summary: Not much of a tag team match considering Christopher Daniels didn't show. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin use their tag team expertise to wear down AJ Styles, who has no choice, but to finish the match on his own. End of the match comes when Styles begins to gain momentum after hitting an inverted DDT on Charlie Haas. Both men are slow to their feet. As they get to their feet, they both charge at each other, and hit simultaneous clotheslines. OUT OF NOWHERE, from the back comes Christopher Daniels running down the ramp. He hops onto the apron, and calls Styles to tag him. Both Styles and Haas are now aiming to tag their respective partners. Styles gets to Daniels first, but Haas manages to tag Benjamin as well. Daniels comes in and rocks Benjamin with a clothesline. Haas gets up to his feet, and suffers the same fate. Benjamin gets back up to his feet, and Daniels hits him with a vicious reverse STO. Haas now gets back up to his feet, and is greeted with a stiff kick to the sternum. With Haas Bent over, Daniels hooks his arms, and lifts him up before dropping Haas on his face for the ANGELS WINGS!!! Daniels shoves Haas out of the ring, and waits for Benjamin to get up to his feet. Benjamin gets up to his feet, and is hit by another ANGELS WINGS! Daniels walks over to Styles, and tags him in. Styles hops up to the top turnbuckle. From the top turnbuckle, Styles leaps off flipping and spinning in midair before crashing on Shelton Benjamin for the Spinal Tap! Styles covers...1...2...3!

Winners – AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels
AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are victorious! The ref raises both their hands to end the show...

UWM Tuesday Night Turbo Quick Results
Singles Match – Gregory Helms def. Jay Lethal
Tag Team Match – Delirious & Shark Boy def. Brian Kendrick & Paul London
Tag Team Match – AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels def. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem Presents
The Massacre – June 5th, 2010
Reno, Las Vegas – Lawlor Events Centre

UWM World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles/Charlie Haas vs. Christopher Daniels/Shelton Benjamin

UWM World Tag Team Championship Match
Generation Next (c) [Austin Aries & Roderick Strong] vs. The Hooliganz [Brian Kendrick & Paul London]

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