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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I'm extremely fond of the old ECW, and I always thought that if done correctly, the WWECW would've worked, so I'm glad to see a writer as good as you taking this challenge on. Anyways, the card itself is great, so I'm expecting some fireworks in the matches.

-Shane Douglas and Joey Styles is a really, really, good choice for the broadcast team, as I think they'll pay off of one another. Styles is probably my favorite announcer of all time, and "The Franchise" is just fucking awesome. I was kinda disappointed not to see Douglas heel it up much during the commentary, but otherwise, I liked the way he was written. The line about Jerry Lawler was great.

-First match between Jerry Lynn and Kid Kash had good psychology, with the cockiness of Kash showing all throughout. I would have liked to see some mention of Kash's past experiences in ECW, but that's just a minor complaint. The victory itself was huge for Lynn, but I doubt he'll end up taking the title away from Kash. Still, he'll be a good distraction from Jamie Noble for now. Great match and a sick way to open the show.

-Super Crazy and Tajiri had some awesome matches in ECW, and this match lived up to the standard they set before. I really love the whole Tree of Woe sequence, and imagining it in my head made me wince a bit. I marked for the Poison Mist, and while I would've preferred Tajiri to win, just because I think he's really underrated, Crazy winning is a OK result. I don't think either of them will ever main event, but they can add some real depth to the ECW roster.

-I was kind of put off by all the video packages in between the matches, would've liked to see some more backstage segments in between.

-Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio have tons of chemistry together, and Malenko is probably one of the best technical wrestlers ever. I'm not too sure about the mixed reaction Mysterio got, because from what I remember, he was pretty over in ECW. That's just a small complaint though. The match itself was very well written, and Rey going over was definitely the right outcome. The handshake at the beginning of the match was a bit inconsistent with the character Malenko's been playing for the last few weeks though.

-Shawn Michaels in ECW would've been soooo amazing. And at one point in 2001, I think it would've been plausible. The promo would've been great to see in full, and HBK is definitely somebody who could've been a huge heel in ECW.

-I have to admit, Storm being Edge's opponent really surprised me, but thinking about it now, it makes a lot of sense. I know its getting redundant, but once again, your match-writing was great. Booking-wise, you made Storm look tough while making Edge look like a beast, controlling Storm for most of the match.

-The Ultimate Jeopardy match was wonderful man, from beginning to the end. The Lawler and Taz showdown was really a good moment, and I think that's the way WWE should've done it, instead of having them do a match. The Ultimate Jeopardy Match itself was just tremendous, with twists and turns all the way. Your description of Sabu's entrance at the end really got me pumped up, as I think that with the absence of RVD, Sabu would really be one of the people who rallied ECW together. The finish was great, and I love that Sabu is playing such a huge part in ECW so far, as I really think that in real life, the old ECW alumni were kind of given the shaft in terms of how they were booked.

-The aftermath of the night was just as insane as the match itself, in a good way. I admit I got lost a bit at what was happening, and I had to re-read it once before I understood the situation. I actually like that RVD won't be coming back, as it gives other people the chance to really shine. And I marked at Dreamer actually being involved in a main event angle in a WWECW BTB, as you don't really see that enough.

-Anyways, the show overall was a good read, with all the matches being written well and having good stories behind them. My main gripe is, minus the Ultimate Jeopardy match, I think all the other matches were TOO clean. I mean, I wasn't expecting run-in's every match, but I thought there could have been some more spontaneous moments. Still though, it was still a great show, and just goes to show why I enjoy reading your BTB more than anybody else's in this section.
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