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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

ECW One Night Stand II Feedback

Perfect match to kick off the night, as we have the arrogant WWE superstar going up against the older ECW favorite. Match played out pretty much how I expected it to, with Lynn playing the face the whole time, while Kash acts very arrogant in the beginning, really getting under the skin of the ECW crowd. Loved how Jerry made KK pay for being so cocky, and that led to what was a very good match. As with most cruiserweight matches, the immense number of counters and reversals made for some fun action, but I was glad to see JL get the last laugh, pinning Kash quickly and getting the shot at the belt! No doubt this will be happening at SNME in July, and that should be a really good one before Kash and Noble continue their feud. Loved this one to start the show, as it really had an ECW feel, imo.

Damn, this was a match that ended up being much more brutal than I thought it would be. Probably because I never saw these two in ECW, I never know how much hatred was involved, but after seeing what Tajiri did in the opening few minutes, busting Crazy wide open, I now know that this is going to be one hell of an exciting contest. Obviously Super Crazy was going to get back into the match and all of the weapons used was astonishing, as was the moonsault and other stuff in the crowd. The ending was very exciting, with both men looking like they could win, but Super Crazy, since he’s the one actually sticking around in this thread, imo, gets the win with an awesome DDT. A very nice match between these two rivals and I hope you continue to use Super Crazy in this thread, as I think he’d be a great challenger for the CW Title.

I was actually a little surprised to see Dean and Rey give a quick handshake before the match, as I would have thought that Dean would just go right after Rey, based on how he’s acted the past few weeks. A decent match between these two friends, and I’m glad that you didn’t make Dean look like his old self, you had him wrestle exactly the kind of match we would have seen from him in 2006. Like the other two matches, the “heel” got the advantage in the early going, but we all knew that Rey was going to come back strong, really kicking the match into gear. Some close calls by both men, but Rey ends up getting the last laugh, making an awesome counter and pinning Dean! The embrace after was nice, but I’m really interested to see where Rey goes after this, as I know he’s going to be facing Batista at some point in the future, in the GAB Tourney, but he is still the US Champion and I can’t wait to see his next challenger.

I was actually kind of thinking about the last time we saw HBK in this thread, so having him give a little promo in this spot was perfect planning, imo. He is just loving the heel role and continues to get under the skin of the ECW fans, making them hate Raw even more. Glad to see HBK on TV again, and I expect we’ll see more of him before his match against Cena at Vengeance.

Part of me was hoping that all the associates of both men would be banned from ringside, leaving these two Canadians to just go one-on-one, but I guess it was good that the people at ringside didn’t get involved TOO much. Overall, just the kind of match that I expected from these two, except for the fact that Edge didn’t use nearly as many dirty tactics as I thought he would, and that made the match much more enjoyable. The jumping off the chair and spearing Lance in the crowd was definitely the highlight of the night, and Edge really pulled out all of the stops in this one. Lance was able to come back a bunch but nothing he did really made it look like he was going to win, except maybe the submission near the end. It was cool that Lance kicked out of all the spears that Edge hit, but eventually the champion proved to be too much, and he got the victory. Nice use of Storm for the short time that you had him, but now I expect Edge to get back to bitching and moaning about the next challenger on Smackdown!.

With Jerry Lawler having such a history with ECW, having him be the Raw cornerman and also having him in this segment with Taz was a great decision. Taz really did a great job getting the ECW faithful riled up, even though his comment about Lawler and Bischoff would never air, even on PPV. A little shocked that ECW won the toss, but I know you must have your reasons, and they will be clear later. Lawler getting choked out was pretty awesome, and a great segway into the actual match, which should be a great one!

Very nice choices to start the match, with the man who has been embraced by the ECW fans in recent weeks, Kurt Angle, goes against the man that ECW fans hate with a passion after his betrayal, that being Mike Awesome. Cool way to start the match, with both men going out of the cage and fighting in the crowd, with Angle giving the fans exactly what they want. Things played out pretty much how we expected until Triple H came into the match. I knew that him and Angle “teaming” together against Raw seemed way too good to be true, and it ended with Triple H betraying ECW and blasting Angle with the sledgehammer! Have to believe that it will be tough for Angle to come back in the next two weeks after he’s stretchered out of the arena, and Triple H also leaves after having done what he obviously set out to do. Surprised that ECW was able to keep themselves alive until the final participants entered, and I was glad to see Randy Orton as the fifth man for Raw, as it’s about time that he comes back into the fold. SABU~! is the final man for ECW, after both Angle and Hunter left! Obviously, we saw some rather brutal spots after all the men had entered, and it was cool to see Big Show take all those bumps, as I figured he’d just completely dominate this thing. Good way to end the match, with Sabu saving the ECW superstars and pinning Masters to get the victory! Bischoff is forced to leave for good, while the rest of Team Raw leaves the ring, allowing ECW to celebrate their incredible victory.

Terry Funk begins to thank all of the ECW wrestlers who wrestled tonight, but it looks like he’s got something special in mind for Dreamer and Sabu. A heartfelt thank you for Tommy Dreamer and the ECW Title for Sabu is a great decision, really giving these ECW guys what they deserve. Hunter vs. Sabu would be an awesome match, but then Funk says that RVD isn’t reinstated!? Pretty much goes without saying that what happened after Funk “turned” was some of your very best work, really swerving the readers well, with Funk using all of this just to get back at Sabu! Not even sure what to expect after this show, as Sabu was damn near murdered tonight, but he is still the ECW Champion. Amazing way to end the show, my man.

The show was solid in the beginning, but the final match and aftermath made this PPV something really special, something we haven’t seen in a while around this section. Well done, and it goes without saying that I really look forward to see just what you could possibly have planned next.


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