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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

One Night Stand Feedback

Have to say, I’m a bit disappointed this wasn’t in full. With all of the stacked matches you have, this is practically a dream card, and having the matches in full would have been amazing.

Starting off with Lynn and Kash? Seems like a good choice to me. Have to say, I liked the beginning with the arrogance and talent of Kash being shown well. Have to say, Lynn has to be stupid to fall for Kash being honest after he fell for it the previous night too, although Kash’s celebration for hitting Lynn in the mouth was all kinds of great. Kash’s continued celebrations and arrogance from there on were also great, really showing why he’s one of the guys I love in this thread. The slap instead of the big knee? Gold. Lynn too, was pretty good in his role, hitting his high impact offence as the match built up well. The nearfalls at the end were pretty cool too, building up to the finish, which I was pretty much expecting. A roll-up finish does Kash no harm, really, and Lynn gets himself a future title shot, and maybe a spot on the SmackDown! roster, which I really wouldn’t mind. A good start to the show.

Head To Head was pretty great.

Pretty awesome way to kick Super Crazy vs. Tajiri off, showing some of Tajiri’s awesome intensity and craziness after the early stalemate that I loved. I thought that Crazy’s comeback was maybe too sudden, but the match continued to show the awesome intensity with a nice throwback to last year’s One Night Stand, and a cool fighting spirit spot from Crazy. The match continued on well, leading to a nice ending, with the right result in mine with Crazy getting the win. Kid Kash and Jamie Noible may have been untouchable in the division for the past few months, but with Jerry Lynn now around for a title shot, and Super Crazy looking good too, hopefully the division can even out a bit.

Moving through the matches quickly here. A bit surprised at the opening, as I thought Dean wouldn’t accept the handshake after the build we’ve seen to this match. I was more inclined to believe that instead we would see him go right after Rey, however that obviously wasn’t the case. Nice fast paced opening to this one, giving us some excitement straight away. The contrast in the offence between these two was used well, with Rey constantly looking to fly high, while Dean was just looking to punish Rey. The ending came about pretty well, and I don’t have a problem with Rey using the hurricanrana he used to frequently end matches with, but I have to say I’m really disappointed this match was so short. I really thought this could have been match of the night, and to see it get less than eleven minutes was a real shame. Still a good match, but I felt like it really could have been more.

I’m sticking with what I said before in that I really think the Pay-Per-View promos could be held off for this weekend.

Shawn Michaels anti-ECW promo? Man, I really wish this promo was in full. Promo sounded good with Michaels talking himself up and ECW down well. Didn’t know Michaels was injured, so that came as a bit of a surprise to me, but still, a nice little promo here to break the show up a little bit.

Nice start to the match with Storm showing himself to be the superior technical wrestler, putting over his abilities, before Edge goes to work in classic Edge fashion. The action spilling out to the outside to get the manages and the like a little spot was good (have to say, I like Albright being out there in this match), while the spear through the guardrail spot was pretty cool. Back into the ring, the way in which the match picked up a bit was nice, although three spears in and still no win for Edge I don’t really like, especially since he went for the pin straight after the second and third. The match continued on fine though, and while again, another spear kickout isn’t to my liking, I guess this title defense does Edge some good. Hopefully his relationship with Albright remains, as I think it could do Albright a lot of good to have a loose relationship with the world champ.

Yeah, you know what I’m going to say about The Bash promo.

Main event time? Awesome. Have to say, I love the use of Lawler as the RAW cornerman, especially with his history of calling ECW “Extremely Crappy Wrestling”. Didn’t see it coming, but it makes sense. For Taz to be the opposing cornerman obviously makes sense too. @ King owning the ECW crowd. Taz was pretty great too with a nice ltitle pre-match promo to get us even more amped up. ECW winning the toss is a bit of a surprise, as naturally you would think the heels would get the numbers advantage. I guess, though, with the surprise last member of Team RAW, this does make sense. Nice to see a spot to get the crowd excited before the match too with Taz finally getting to choke Lawler out. Angle and Awesome to start off? Not at all surprising, but it should be great nonetheless. Angle and Awesome with a very nice exchange to start with, with Angle showing his, erm, awesome intensity. Not so sure on Awesome being able to suddenly catch a boot from Angle on the mat after having the crap well and truly beaten out of him, but aside from that a good start. Dreamer being next surprised me with the injury angle you’ve got going for him, but I guess it shows his bravery. Again, a nice little interval here, with the ending teamwork between Dreamer and Angle being pretty great. Have to say, I was very surprised to see ‘Lito out next. He seems like the type of guy who wouldn’t want to get involved until the end and do the least work possible to me. Carlito’s actions here were pretty great with the apple spitting and the bandana stuff, which I think has really brought ‘Lito to another level in that he’s a dick who can also mix it up with the best. Can’t say I was surprised at the Tripper turn, although I don’t think you were shooting for surprise anyway. It heatens the feud between Angle and Trips even further, and that was the aim. No one paying attention to the entrance of Masters is bull, tbh. All eyes should be on ‘Piece at all times. Pretty clear that ECW winning the toss doesn’t matter at this point, which makes things make a little more sense now, with RAW having the advantage anyway. Have to say, I love the continued mocking of RVD from ‘Lito too. If/when RVD comes back, that feud has to take centre stage. I thought that while RAW was always going to control this part of the match with the numbers advantage, you did a pretty good job keeping it interesting. Not sure if it was intentional either, but every time ECW got an advantage, Carlito was the one smart enough to cut it out, which I liked. Orton being Bischoff choice doesn’t really surprise me, as he wasn’t doing anything else at the current time, though I was hoping he would stay away from this and concentrate on an angle with Ric Flair after their Backlack meeting. Carlito and Orton butting heads is certainly interesting, as Carlito holds Money in the Bank, while Orton is doomed to never have a world title shot … unless a certain briefcase gets involved, perhaps? Wouldn’t be surprised to see Carlito turn heel to feud with Orton and inevitably lose the briefcase, then win the title off him in the end (end tangent). Not sure how Eric Bischoff would react to an extra ECW guy being let in, but the Sabu run in is interesting. The action after that was all good, with some cool spots used, up until the finish with Sabu coming back to save ECW. Didn’t see it coming, though maybe I should have after the promo from Head To Head where Funk made reference to Sabu. Nice way to finish the show, and with RVD back, I guess that almost makes up for no more Bischoff.

Or apparently that’s not the end of the show. Projo was good from Funk, really making the win seem big and awarding Sabu the ECW Title … before the massive turn which I never saw coming. No RVD I can accept, because it looks like we’re getting another awesome angle here with an authority figure. I know some people probably don’t like the idea of the ECW guys sticking around, but I love it. Funk in the role of an evil commissioner hellbent on punishing Sabu and trying to beat him for the ECW Title in the end to gain redemption (I’d imagine) is epic. Having his protégé in Tommy Dreamer as his right hand man is great too, even if I’m not anywhere near as big a fan of Dreamer as I am of Funk. Really, I’ve got nothing else to say other than awesome ending to the show.

As I said at the beginning, I’m disappointed this wasn’t in full, as this was probably the most stacked card I’ve ever seen in BTB or real life. With that said, the show was still great, especially the ending with a new huge angle set up. Very excited to see where this leads on RAW, as while we’ve seen the end of Eric Bischoff, Terry Funk on RAW should be amazing. Great read, and I guess all I can do now is ask for you to have RAW up soon please.

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