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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

5. 10-Man Ultimate Jeopardy Match
1st EVER WWE/ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Match: Two Men begin, with another entrant five minutes later, and another every three minutes thereafter
Team RAW (Big Show, Carlito, Masters, Awesome, and A Mystery Partner) Vs Team ECW (Angle, Dreamer, Sandman, Tanaka, and HHH)
If Team ECW win, RVD is reinstated and Eric Bischoff will be fired
If Team RAW win, all ECW alumni must leave professional wrestling
I think HHH will get "jumped" backstage and not be able to compete. HHH then becomes part of Team Raw. RVD takes his place on Team ECW. RVD then leads ECW to a victory. ECW has to win at it's own PPV... Doesn't it?

3. World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lance Storm Vs Edge
Edge with the win, maybe in controversial fashion.

4. For The First Time Ever in ECW
United States Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. Vs Dean Malenko
In a 5-star match, Mysterio wins.

1. A Rivalry Renewed
Super Crazy Vs Yoshijiro Tajiri
Crazy wins

2. Kid Kash’s Light-Heavyweight Invitational
Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash Vs Mystery ECW Opponent Jerry Lynn
If Jerry Lynn wins, he will receive a future Cruiserweight Title shot
Lynn wins here, Kash beats him at SNME. Then Noble-Kash rivalry picks up again.

Question One:
What will be the match order?
Above. But I am hypothesizing that there will be an impromptu match, with someone like Doane or Mahoney or Credible or something.

Question Two:
Who will win the coin toss/advantage in the Ultimate Jeopardy Match?

Question Three:
What will be the order of entrant in the Ultimate Jeopardy Match?
Carlito, Angle, Awesome, Dreamer, Masters, Tanaka, Big Show, Sandman, HHH, RVD

Question Four:
Who will take the fall in the Ultimate Jeopardy Match?
Carlito, getting beat by RVD

Question Five:
Who will be Team Raw’s mystery partner in the Ultimate Jeopardy Match?
HHH, turning on ECW

Question Six:
What will be the longest match?
Ultimate Jeopardy, but Malenko-Mysterio will also go long

Question Seven:
What will be the shortest match?
Super Crazy-Tajiri

Final Question:
Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who
The expected, unexpected appearance of Rob Van Dam!

ONS should be epic. The Raw-ECW angle is one of the best angles I have ever read in BTB, no joke. Keep doing what you're doing.
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