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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head Feedback

I know, this is very, very late, but better late than never, right?

Not surprised that you opened up with Storm vs. Albright, as I expected something in this mould to happen with the two matches in that we would see the two connecting. Have to say, I’m a bit surprised, and maybe even disappointed with the DQ finish, as I would have thought that with this being an ECW show, it would have no DQ rules, although maybe you’re just using it for this match. I was looking forward to some wild brawls throughout.

The brawl that followed the quick first match was what I was expecting, and hopefully it sets the trend for the night. The build to this weekend has been so different to your regular WWE Pay-Per-View hype, and I’m hoping that the weekend will continue to have that feel.

Transitioning it right into a tag match? Works for mine since this way you can protect those who you wish to, and likely have Credible take the fall. Have to say, while this match seemed like fun, the way in which it was written made it very difficult to follow at times. I know you didn’t want to write it out too long since this is mainly just a little bit of hype for One Night Stand, but it made the action feel very disjointed. Still, well booked in that Albright gets to pick up the win and keep looking badass, while Storm doesn’t have to take a fall all night thanks to Credible.

Funk promo? While it should be good, it caught me pretty off guard, as I thought the final man for each team would be announced via interfering in the main event. Guess not. Like the use of the RAW/ECW sides of the crowd – reminds me of the ROH/CZW feud from back around the same time which I loved. The crowd always added that extra element that made it all the more exciting. Someone’s leaving as ECW Champion tonight? I thought the man who scored the winning fall in the War Games match was getting the ECW Title? Or maybe I’m just interpreting something wrong. Having the ECW Title seemingly being a permanent fixture is an intriguing move too. At first I thought it would just be a prize, but I don’t mind the idea of the added title, and the prestige that you’re already giving it by making it seem like a really big deal to hold the title. December To Dismember? Have to say that is something I’m happy to see, as I think the event, unlike the WWE version of it, should be great. Promo continued on well with a great passion, and I was again surprised, this time by Taz being ECW’s corner man. Hadn’t really noticed any hints at it at all, so it caught me right off guard. Still, that’s certainly not a bad thing. Funk making a big deal of Bischoff being sneaky while ECW was up front was well done, as was the possibility of RVD being on the team … but apparently not? Wow, probably the biggest surprise of the night. I thought for sure that RVD would have to be included since he seemed like the natural choice (hell, he’s even on the One Night Stand poster), although apparently not. Triple H interrupting Funk from there was another thing I found a bit surprising, although I know that’s what you were going with there, and the way the crowd reacted to it was pretty awesome. Tripper’s promo was good too, although to remind us of the hatred between he and Van Dam, I would have maybe liked to have seen him say that he was better than RVD, really driving home their heat. Still, as I said, Trips was pretty damn good, showing some great intensity. I would have thought Funk would dwell on the decision a little more, but the way in which he explained accepting Trips into Team ECW was well done. Overall a pretty great promo here, and one that certainly had a few things I didn’t see coming involved.

I know it’s just Pay-Per-View hype, but to me this Vengeance promo is really out of place. I just think that this is an ECW show for you, and you shouldn’t be worrying about the WWE events to come for this weekend, really making it about WWE instead.

Not going to leave massive amounts of comments on your matches, though I will say that I found this one to be a lot easier to follow than the first and that the action was very crisp. You had two guys who can really go involved here, and I think that you really took advantage of that well. Competitive enough in order to make both men look great, and show that Mysterio vs. Malenko and Crazy vs. Tajiri should both be great.

Nice little hype promo used for the RAW corner man later tonight, as well as giving the show the ECW feel with Gertner. Much better than having WWE Pay-Per-View hype vids.

Nice little cheap heat tactic used here by having Kash really break things down into a slow paced match. Clever. Again, good competitive match, with some exciting nearfalls and a good finish too. Exciting stuff, again allowing both men to look good.

Jerry Lynn accepting the challenge? Well at least I got something right in my predictions. Nice start to the promo in really putting Kash and the Cruiserweight Title over strong, while also using RVD’s name effectively in the promo. Kash using the cheap heat by “forgetting” RVD and putting himself over strongly. Kash’s “sincere” offer was well down too, and I liked the little exchange following Kash’s obvious attempt to attack Lynn backfiring, allowing Lynn to look like a badass before his match with Kash tomorrow. Nice little exchange, giving a little bit of hype to the One Night Stand match.

Again, like I said about the Vengeance promo, I think this is out of place here. I’ll leave it at that.

Angle calling RAW out to get our main event started? Seems pretty awesome. Angle’s intensity, as always, was great, and Big Show answering the call makes for a pretty damn exciting brawl to begin with. The brawl from there was simply awesome. Not sure what else to say other than I loved the excitement of it, the run ins, the involvement of Lawler, and Carlito’s constant mocking of RVD. Great way to finish the show off too with Taz being knocked out, only for Triple H to come out with the intense staredown.

This show is pretty much why I have loved this ECW angle that you’ve had running. It seems that every single week the angle has gotten hotter and hotter, and it just continued to do it here bat this show with even more swerves and excitement added to the mix. You’ve got yourself a great undercard set up, and an even more exciting main event, so to say I’m looking forward to the show is an understatement. Sorry this is late, as I had a lack of internet access for a short time, then lost a bit of motivation for BTB, but hopefully my One Night Stand review won’t take as long to get up, as I certainly want to be reading it soon.

5) 10-Man Ultimate Jeopardy Match
1st EVER WWE/ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Match: Two Men begin, with another entrant five minutes later, and another every three minutes thereafter
Team RAW (Big Show, Carlito, Masters, Awesome, and A Mystery Partner)
Vs Team ECW (Angle, Dreamer, Sandman, Tanaka, and HHH)
If Team ECW win, RVD is reinstated and Eric Bischoff will be fired
If Team RAW win, all ECW alumni must leave professional wrestling
Bischoff is too great to get rid of.

4) World Heavyweight Championship Match
Lance Storm Vs Edge ©

1) For The First Time Ever in ECW
United States Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. Vs Dean Malenko
Dean to make a full-time comeback.

3) A Rivalry Renewed
Super Crazy
Vs Yoshijiro Tajiri
Not too sure. I'll assume Tajiri isn't sticking around.

2) Kid Kash’s Light-Heavyweight Invitational
Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash Vs Mystery ECW Opponent Jerry Lynn
If Jerry Lynn wins, he will receive a future Cruiserweight Title shot
Just like Dean.

Other Predictions

Question One:
What will be the match order?

See above.

Question Two:
Who will win the coin toss/advantage in the Ultimate Jeopardy Match?


Question Three:
What will be the order of entrant in the Ultimate Jeopardy Match?

Awesome, Angle, Carlito, Sandman, Masters, Tanaka, Big Show, Dreamer, Lashley, Triple H

Question Four:
Who will take the fall in the Ultimate Jeopardy Match?

Triple H

Question Five:
Who will be Team Raw’s mystery partner in the Ultimate Jeopardy Match?

Bobby Lashley.

Question Six:
What will be the longest match?

Ultimate Jeopardy obviously, although Malenko vs. Mysterio needs a lot of time too.

Question Seven:
What will be the shortest match?

Super Crazy vs. Tajiri.

Final Question:
Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who?

I suppose RVD.

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