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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Monday Night RAW- May 29th, 2006; Tacoma, Washington

Allow me to introduce to you…”


A video package plays recapping the Raw-ECW saga before Mick Foley’s announcement last week that Terry Funk was the new ECW Commissioner, and two teams from Raw and ECW would meet in an Ultimate Jeopardy (War Games tbh)Match at ONS. After that, we get the opening video and pyro, before we’re brought into the arena. The thousands of fans which have packed the arena, show off their signs and just generally go crazy, before we cut to our announce team, Joey Styles, Jonathan Coachman and ‘Good Ole J.R.’ Jim Ross.

Jim Ross:Tonight on Raw, will Kurt Angle, Triple H, and the ECW Invaders be able to regroup and show unity versus Eric Bischoff’s agents of red??

Joey Styles:
We have three matches with huge Vengeance ramifications. Hello, everybody, I’m ‘The Voice of ECW’ Joey Styles, alongside Good ol’ J.R., Jim Ross, and ‘The Coach’ Jonathan Coachman. Tacoma is sold out, and this should be a hellacious ride!

1 - Fatal Four-Way Match for the #1 Contendership to I.C. Title
Charlie Haas
vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters vs. Gregory Helms
*Winner receives an Intercontinental title shot at Vengeance*

With the exception of occasional partners, occasional opponents, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero, no one in this match really likes each other. As the bell rings, Helms and Chavito Heat slap hands in the spirit of competition, but when they offer to do the same to Charlie Haas … he slaps the hand away angrily! The crowd “ooh’s” and “ah’s” and boos, as Chris Masters laughs his ass off, and Helms rubs his cheek, smirking arrogantly. Haas shakes his head, saying, “I remember January, dipshit.” Helms glances over at Chavo and shrugs, “We had some issues.” The Masterpiece decides now is the time to make his presence known, and he taps Helms on the shoulder, turning him around … and actually begins to flex his muscles right in his opponent’s faces!!

More boos and laughter (and a few girly screams) rain down from the Tacoman fans, as Helms turns to Guerrero as if to say,
“Is this guy serious?” He then … PIE FACES MASTERS RIGHT INTO HAAS!!

Haas furiously shoves The Masterpiece down to the canvas and goes to boot Helms in the gut … but the former Hurricane catches his foot. As one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team hops up and down on one foot, Chavo chops him right across the chest … before Helms throws him the foot, and Helms chops Haas across the chest!! They go back and forth on the tag team champion, until he finally spins around back to his two feet … and gets clotheslined right out of his boots by both men!!

As Haas rolls away sheepishly, clutching his mouth … CHRIS MASTERS TRIES TO JUMP HELMS AND CHAVO … but the two men see him coming, getting their fists up for a fight, and The Masterpiece immediately backs away with his hands up. Chavito and Helms advance … until Charlie Haas quickly spins Guerrero back around and hammers him with an uppercut! Helms goes to help his friend, only for Masters to quickly attack him, backing him into the far corner with right hands. As ‘Piece hammers Helms in one corner, an intense Haas does the same to Chavo in the other. They both go for Irish whips at the same time … but both Helms and Guerrero reverse them … and Haas and Masters have to put on the breaks to stops themselves colliding. Masters says,
“Sorry, bro.” But Haas … SMACKS MASTERS IN THE HEAD!!

The crowd laughs, as the dumbass Masters holds his face in offence, and Haas yells at him,
“I’m not your bro!” But Helms and Guerrero quickly grabs them both from behind, lifting them up into the air, spinning, and slamming them down with simultaneous atomic drops, which send the two men hurtling over the top rope to the floor below on opposite sides of the ring!!

Both men stagger around the ringside area, as Chavo and Helms grin at one another, turn, hit opposite sets of ropes, cross each other in the ring and … do nothing. Instead they shake their chests around just like Chavo’s Uncle Eddie, getting a great pop from the crowd, causing Chris Masters to go nuts at ringside.

As the crowd laps it up, the all business Charlie Haas quickly re-enters the squared circle, knocking Chavo back with a shoulder to the gut, before hurling him into the far corner. Helms is tripped down by Masters and dragged from the ring, as Haas charges at Guerrero … only for the veteran to propel himself up and over the tag team champion, catching him on the turn with a beautiful 360° spinning headscissors, flipping Haas head over heels!!
The crowd applauds, and Charlie Haas dazedly stumbles into the far corner, where Chavo charges at him … but Haas lowers his shoulder, elevating Guerrero up and over with a back body drop … only for Chavito to TURN IT INTO A FLYING CROSSBODY - LANDING ON MASTERS!!!

An incredible pop greets the manoeuvre, as well as a small
“Chavo” chant, as he beats his chest fierily on the outside. Back inside the ring, Helms re-enters the fray and quickly ducks a wild clothesline from Haas, coming off the ropes, leaping up, and taking Haas over with a twirling head scissors of his own!! In a complete daze, Haas staggers into the ropes … and Helms clotheslines him back to the outside!

Before Helms can even turn around … Chavo Guerrero races up behind him, taking him into the ropes and rolling him up with the O’Connor Roll! 1 … 2 … NO!! Helms quickly kicks out, tripping Guerrero down to the canvas and coming off the ropes. Chavo rolls onto his stomach and Greg nips over him, hitting the ropes again … Chavito leap frogs over Helms this time, and takes him over with a monkey flip on his way back … but Greg athletically lands on his feet!! More applause reverberates around the Tacoma Center, as Chavo and Helms both smirk at one another, nodding their heads, obviously impressed. They both quickly turn around … and wipe Chris Masters out with double baseball slides before he can re-enter the ring!!

On the outside, Helms and Guerrero go after The Masterpiece, looking to isolate the biggest man in the match … but Charlie Haas quickly races around the floor, grabbing Chavo by the arm and hurling him into the timekeeper’s area!!

Back inside the ring, Helms hits Masters with a right hand … and then quickly drops Haas with one too as he rushes in … but The Masterpiece quickly wipes him out with a huge POLISH HAMMER!! From this point on, we get the rather odd sight of Haas and Masters combining forces to try and get rid of the obvious team of Helms and Chavo. Haas keeps Guerrero at bay, whilst Masters works over Helms. They even take him over with s double team suplex. 1 … 2 … NO!! Chavo breaks it up, but then gets dumped back to the floor. This all comes to an end, when Helms gets a boot up in the corner, knocking his assailants back, and Chavo uses this momentary lull to quickly ascend to the top rope, and FLY ONTO HAAS AND MASTERS WITH A DOUBLE CROSSBODY!!

Haas and Masters get caught in opposite corners, where Guerrero and Helms both lay into them first with running clotheslines, before switching and connecting with knee strikes!! Helms and Chavo turn around … but Guerrero keeps going … and WIPES HELMS OUT WITH THE ROLLING LIGER KICK!! Helms stumbles around, and Chavito quickly hooks him up, lifts him into the air, and DROPS HIM RIGHT BACK DOWN ON HIS HEAD WITH THE BRAINBUSTER!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Masters quickly breaks it up!!

The Masterpiece grabs Guerrero and tosses him out of the ring. Haas quickly rushes up behind Masters and kicks him in the back,
before PLANTING THE MASTERPIECE WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!! The crowd gives a thunderous mixed reaction, but Haas doesn’t break the hold. He lifts Masters up, and DRILLS HIM WITH A SECOND GERMAN, before picking him up a third time … AND CONNECTS WITH A THIRD GERMAN!!

After hurling Masters overhead and releasing, Haas staggers back up to his feet … and CHAVO GUERRERO WIPES HIM OUT WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!! Slapping his chest some more, Chavito grabs Haas, applying the front facelock, before NAILING HAAS WITH A VERTICAL SUPLEX!! The crowd response is loud, because Chavo doesn’t release, and rolls his hips instead. He brings Haas up, and DELIVERS A SECOND VERTICAL, before going through it all again … AND FINISHES OFF THE THREE AMIGOS!!

An outpouring of extremely loud
“EDDIE” chants fill the Tacoma Dome, and Chavo points to the top rope. He ascends, and steadies himself … but Gregory Helms cuts him off with a slap to the side of the head! There is a sprinkling of boos for the former Hurricane’s spoiling of the party, as he ascends to the top rope with Chavo, getting him in position for the TOP ROPE HURRICANRANA … but Chavito fights out of it, slugging away at Helms’ face with right hands until topples backwards to the canvas. As soon as Helms hits the deck … Chris Masters races over, LIFTING GUERRERO OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE WITH AN IMPRESSIVE MILITARY PRESS … DROPPING CHAVO DOWN - INTO A RUNNING POWERSLAM!!!

Masters goes for the cover -- SHINING WIZARD FROM HELMS!!! Helms wipes The Masterpiece out and -- BAM!!! SUPERKICK FROM CHARLIE HAAS!!! Helms goes flying through the ropes to the outside, as Haas quickly reaches down, grabbing Masters around the waist … BRINGING HIM UP AND OVERHEAD IN ONE MOTION WITH A BEAUTIFUL DEAD-LIFT GERMAN - WITH A BRIDGE THIS TIME!!!!


Chavo staggers back up.




Winner - Charlie Haas via pin fall at 6:17. Haas is #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship at Vengeance.

Chavo Guerrero breaks it up, but it’s just one second too late. Charlie Haas has his rematch. ‘Pay The Price’ plays, and Washington delivers a very mixed reaction for the result, as Haas pumps his fist around the ring excitedly, and Chavo sits on the deck shaking his head angrily.

Jim Ross:
HE GOT ‘IM!!! Charlie Haas is the number one contender! It’s gonna be Benjamin-Haas Two, one more in Charlotte! Oh man!!

The official raises Haas’ hand into the air, and we get a shot of Gregory Helms at ringside, leaning against the guardrail and holding his jaw, not looking best pleased with events either. As Haas leaves the ring he is approached at the foot of the ramp by a smiling Joey Styles, who now holds a microphone in his hand…

Joey Styles:
First of all, congratulations on becoming the number one contender, Charlie. Helluva’ match.

~ An exhausted Haas smiles and nods, saying “Thanks, Joey”; shaking hands with the commentator.

Joey Styles:
Now at Vengea-

Woah, woah, woah, woah… everyone just hold on a second!

~ Everyone switches their attention to the stage, where Kenny Doane appears clutching a microphone. Wearing his wrestling gear, a Raw tank top and a white headband, the young twenty-year-old makes his way angrily down the ramp, glaring at the booing fans.

Kenny Doane:
Congratulations on winning a completely meaningless match, Charlie… ‘cause that’s what it was, you stupid piece of crap… MEANINGLESS!!

~ The crowd boos and Haas yells, “What the hell are you talkin’ about?”

Kenny Doane:
Didn’t you find it funny that someone as talented as me -- the man who took the so-called ‘Master of the Ladder Match’ Shelton Benjamin to his limit a few weeks ago in his very match -- don’t you find it funny that I wasn’t included in this number one contender’s match?

~ More boos.

Kenny Doane:
That’s because it wasn’t a number one contender match, idiot. The Intercontinental Title match at Vengeance has already been signed.

~ Haas blows a gasket and the crowd gasps.

Kenny Doane:
Oh, but don’t- don’t worry, Charlie… it’s still going to be Shelton Benjamin defending his Intercontinental Championship against Charlie Haas…

~ Crowd pops, as Charlie nods.

Kenny Doane:
…and against Chavo Guerrero…

~ Huh? Chavo looks up quickly, as Haas fumes.

Kenny Doane:
…and against ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters…

~ Boos for The Masterpiece, who is leaning against the far ropes holding his ribs.

Kenny Doane:
…and against Gregory Helms…

~ Another very mixed reaction, as Haas flails his arms in the air, and Helms smirks by the announce table. Doane grins…

Kenny Doane:
…and against … ME, KEN DOANE!! It’s a six pack elimination match for the Intercontinental Championship at Vengeance!!

~ This announcement receives a VERY mixed reaction from the crowd, as Charlie Haas puts his hands on his hips in disgust.

Kenny Doane:
That title’s coming off of Shelton Benjamin’s waist one way or another, because Mr. Bischoff says so!

~ Boos.

Kenny Doane:
Hey, Charlie(Haas looks up) Sorry, man.

~ Doane grins, but the furious Haas quickly snatches the mic out of Joey Styles’ hands, pointing angrily up the ramp at the former cheerleader.

Charlie Haas:
I don’t give a damn if it’s against five, six or a hundred other guys, ya’ stupid bastard! Make no mistake about it … at Vengeance the Intercontinental title is comin’ home with the World’s Greatest Tag Team!!

~ Big pop for Haas, who glares up at the slowly advancing Doane. The cocky twenty-year-old though, simply smiles and shakes his head.

Kenny Doane:
Woah, woah, woah, woah… think you’re jumpin’ ahead of yourself there, bro. I wasn’t apologising for the match I just announced. I happen to think it’s gonna be pretty awesome.

~ Haas screws up his face.

Charlie Haas:
What the hell were you sayin’ sorry for then?

~ Doane smiles.

Kenny Doane:
For this.


The tag team champion goes down in a heap, with Jeter and Mondo quickly attacking him like a pair of jackals, with seriously hard kicks to the head! Inside the ring, before Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms can even think about helping the man…

Jim Ross:
Aw, gimme a break! What the hell are these idiots doin’ out here!?




J.R. and the crowd go nuts, as The Spirit Squad and the rejuvenated Chris Masters savagely beat down three of the men involved in the Intercontinental Title match at Vengeance!

Jonathan Coachman:
The boys are back in business!

Jim Ross:
This is absolutely hideous!

Doane quickly rushes down the ramp, tossing Haas’ body back under the bottom rope, where he, Johnny, and Mikey join the rest of the ream in the carnage!

Jim Ross:
There is just no way in hell Shelton Benjamin can overcome these odds at Vengeance! How can he expect to walk out of Charlotte with either of his bel— wait a minute!


Jim Ross:
Here he comes!

Still with his ribs all taped up from two weeks ago, the fiery Benjamin slides straight into the ring. Weapon in hand… and MASTERS, KENNY AND THE REST OF THE SPIRIT SQUAD ALL GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE AND BAIL THROUGH THE CROWD.

Jim Ross:
Well, I can’t say I’m surprised by that! Look at ‘em run… like a pack of wild dogs bein’ run off!

Jonathan Coachman:
“Wild dogs?” What, do you want Kenny or The Masterpiece to run into that ILLEGAL weapon head first, J.R., huh? No wonder Oklahoma is full of blockheads!

Joey Styles:
That’s right, Coach, ignore the obvious. Ignore that your “boys”, as you like to call them, just jumped Charlie Haas, Gregory Helms, and Chavo Guerrero from behind after they just had a match. Must be nice only seeing what you want, Coach? Man, I hope Ken Doane gets the ass kicking of a lifetime come June 25th!!

Doane stands in the crowd, smiling down at the ring, where a furious Shelton Benjamin helps the three men in the ring back up to their feet - three of his challengers for the Intercontinental Title come Vengeance.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: It started out as a dream …

RVD flying over the ropes into Jerry Lynn.

Narrator: That became a reality …

Mike Awesome powerbombing Masato Tanaka.

Narrator: Last year the dream was relived …

Tommy Dreamer crashing through the flaming table.

Narrator: This year it will be reborn …

Sandman brawling through the crowd.

Narrator: This year ‘Extreme’ will live again …

Taz Tazplexing Shane Douglas.

Narrator: This year sees the return …

Sabu killing himself almost, as a voices echoes out.

“Of …”

Quick, wild shots of Dreamer, Sandman, RVD, Funk, Taz, Sabu and Awesome.

“… ECW.”

“ECW One Night Stand, June 11th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*End video*

*Back to ringside*

Back at ringside, Masters, Doane, and the rest of The Spirit Squad are still in the ring, lounging around on the turnbuckles arrogantly…


The heat well and truly picks up inside the Tacoma Dome, as the largest athlete in the world, and the reigning WWE Champion The Big Show steps out onto the stage. Dressed in a dark, sleeveless vest and tinted shades, Big Show carries the championship belt over his shoulder, with Paul Bearer at his side. As Masters, Doane and the rest of The Spirit Squad applaud away in the ring, Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito, Torrie Wilson, and, finally, Eric Bischoff emerge from the gorilla position to join the champion on his slow walk down to the ring.

Jim Ross:
And here we go folks, it’s Team Raw-

Jonathan Coachman:
Team Raw! Where’s Eric??

Joey Styles:
To say thatEric Bischoff wasn’t too pleased by last week’s announcement from new Executive Enforcer Mick Foley would have to be the understatement of the century.

Jonathan Coachman:
And how is that fair?? J.R., I told you, that’s gotta be- that can only be a bad thing. That’s all he’s been getting lately. Nothing but bad news.

The group enters the ring, with Carlito high-fiving his buddy Masters, along with the sycophantic cheerleaders, while Bischoff chooses to stick to handshakes. Big Show and Bearer, however, opt out altogether. As his music dies down, the boos pick up and Big Show asks for a microphone, which Doane quickly hands him. The giant glares around the arena at the fans, before bringing the mic right up to his lips.

The Big Show:
Y’know… everywhere you go in the wrestling business you keep hearing about this place called ECW … and how it’s the most dangerous… violent… brutal… and barbaric company anyone’s ever seen. And y’know somethin’? I actually used to agree with those people telling me that.

~ Boos for the champion, as Bearer beams.

The Big Show:
Or at least… that was until I discovered… (holds up right fist) this.

~ Boos pick up.

The Big Show:
Let me tell you … it doesn’t get any more extreme … than feeling somebody’s jaw break … under your fist-

~ Big Show roars angrily at the crowd, who were chanting “ANGLE” ferociously, and they grow even louder, seeing their success.

The Big Show:
Yeah, that’s right … thanks for reminding me … I broke his damn jaw last week and pinned him too!

~ More boos.

The Big Show:
But I’m not gonna dwell on last week. That was then and this is now. There was never any doubt that I was gonna retain this(rubs title belt) title, and here I stand. Today is a good day. Y’see, last Monday night, everything worked out like it was planned … just like it will at One Night Stand.

~ Tacoma heartily disagrees.

The Big Show:
I don’t care how much he hates our guts … there is absolutely no way in hell that Kurt Angle is gonna be able to work with or together with the ECW guys at One Night Stand.

~ Show grins at Carlito.

The Big Show:
Let me remind you … last year a group of wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown … they invaded the Hammerstein Ballroom and the very first One Night Stand. Mr. Bischoff was there … Carlito was there … and yeah, ECW’s newest buddy Kurt, Angle was there. So…

~ “CARLITO’S GAY” chants begin. More derogatory chants aimed at Carlito pick up, causing Big Show to stop, and Mr. Money in the Bank to turn angrily and yell at the audience.

The Big Show:
So when all’s said and done … when all the dust has settled … there’s only gonna be one team standing triumphant at One Night Stand … and you’re lookin’ at ‘em.

~ Big-time heat.

The Big Show:
Y’see, because ECW is nothing but garbage wrestling. And garbage wrestling has no place in this industry. First, I’ll finish them off for good. And then … at Vengeance … with the WWE Championship on the line … I’ll finish Kurt Angle off for good too.

~ Big Show turns to Carlito.

The Big Show:
Because what you see before you right now is unity. The WWE Champion and the future of this business, Mr. Money in the Bank, together - now that’s what I call unstoppable.

~ The WWE Champion holds out his hand and ‘Lito gleefully accepts it, even getting in a quick hug with the big man, before taking the mic, allowing Show to sidle over to Bearer. The chants questioning Carlito’s sexual preferences pick up again, angering the Puerto Rican superstar.

Why da’ hell was Carlito just backstage makin' out with three hot broads ‘den??

~ Heat, as Masters yells, “That’s right.”

Y’know, ‘de big guy here is absolutely right. It doesn’t matter what ‘Old Man’ Funk tries to do to Carlito and everyone else … Raw is still gonna win ‘da Ultimate Jeopardy match in that trash heap New York City and get rid of ECW forever.

~ Carlito grins arrogantly.

Y- Y- You don’t believe me?? Let Carlito think for a second… wasn’t it just a few months ago that Kurt Angle and Triple H were beating ‘de crap out of each other?? Didn’t Triple H hit Kurt Angle’s brother with a sledgehammer or somethin’ like ‘dat? Anyway, Carlito doesn’t even have to go ‘dat far back. Just two weeks is enough.

~ He motions to the titantron.

Let’s check it out. (Footage begins to play) ‘Dis is a few weeks ago during ‘da WWE Title match. (Angle accidentally nails Trips with a chair) WHAM!! You see ‘dat?? Huh?? Angle smacks ‘da Game upside ‘de head with a chair. Didn’t look like an accident to Carlito. And here it comes- ‘dis is what Carlito’s talkin’ about, WHAM! (Trips Pedigrees Angle, costing him the title) ‘Dis is how it’s all gonna go down at One Night Stand too. ECW can’t trust a- a- a snake like Kurt Angle. He’s gonna end up flat on his back, and Team Raw is gonna be standin’ tall. And ‘dat … ‘das cool.

~ CCC takes a very satisfied bite out of his apple and struts around the ring, slapping hands with his teammates, until he gets to Bischoff, who doesn’t seem all that keen, and snatches the mic out of ‘Lito’s hand.

Eric Bischoff:
Look … I don’t know who the hell Mick Foley and Terry Funk think they are…

~ Carlito shrugs.

Eric Bischoff:
Last week they both tried to humiliate me … they tried to humiliate Eric Bischoff by backing me into a corner with this One Night Stand crap - ‘Career versus Career’ and all that. They thought I would back down. They thought they could intimidate Eric Bischoff into backing down. I don’t think so, gentlemen!!

~ Crowd boos. Bischoff shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff:
But that… that… overweight, overpaid … IDIOT, Mick Foley still isn’t done with me! He thinks he can call me up seconds before Raw goes on the air … and rundown MY OWN Extreme Initiative that‘s been running for the past few weeks.

~ The Tacoma Dome certainly seems to agree.

Eric Bischoff:
Foley had the… the nerve to suggest that all the extreme matches I’ve made so far … have only benefitted my allies and punished my enemies. Let’s see. Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms? I’ve got no beef with them and they had a great tables match. Same with the Lumberjack match, same with the Ladder match, and the three-way dance. But if Foley wants to see Eric Bischoff get extreme … then Eric Bischoff is going to GIVE HIM extreme.

~ Big pop from the crowd, as Bearer births kittens.

Eric Bischoff:
Tonight… Eric Bischoff is going to take the meaning of extreme to a whole other level … and see what Foley and Funk think of that!

~ Another outburst of cheers, as The Spirit Squad all pull comically awkward faces in the background.

Eric Bischoff:
How’s this for starters … in the Ultimate Jeopardy match at One Night Stand … the man on the winning team who scores the deciding fall … will be awarded … with the E, C, W … WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! How’s that sound?? The ECW World Title right here on Raw!!

~ Huge Pop. Big Show nods approvingly.

Eric Bischoff:
But that’s June 11th. I want Mick Foley and Terry Funk to see how extreme Eric Bischoff is willing to get right here tonight. That’s why right now I’m signing … in the main event … a Six-Man Extreme Rules Tag Team Match … featuring … the WWE Champion … The Big Show!!

~ “Oh my God!” – Styles; Big Show looks rather startled, as the crowd pops huge, and the rest of the figures in the ring go wide-eyed.

Eric Bischoff:
That’s right … Big Show will be leading Raw’s team tonight, just like he will be at ECW One Night Stand inside the Ultimate Jeopardy cage. And joining Big Show tonight on Team Raw … will be none other than Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Mr. ‘It’ … Carlito Caribbean Cool!!

~ Great heat, as ‘Lito’s face drops.

Eric Bischoff:
And the third and final member of Raw’s team tonight will be(thinks, then turns to Spirit Squad) your NEXT Intercontinental Champion … Kenny Doane!!

~ Another nice bit of heat. Doane looks shocked, but pleased too.

Eric Bischoff:
And those three warriors will face any three men that Terry Funk chooses from his so-called ‘Invading army’ of Extremely Crappy Wrestling ECW.

~ Great pop for this.

Eric Bischoff:
Let’s see just how bad Kurt Angle really wants to be a part of ECW then shall we?? If he’s already been made captain for One Night Stand … I wanna see the captain lead by example tonight … and step up to the plate. How about it, Kurt??

~ Bischoff’s allies seem absolutely flabbergasted by their boss.

Eric Bischoff:
So, Mick … Terry … how’s that for taking it to the extreme, huh?? How’s that??

~ As ‘I’m Back’ hits over the PA, Carlito, Masters, and the rest of The Spirit Squad surround the General Manager, obviously not too thrilled at the main event he just made. Bischoff doesn’t seem to want to hear it though. He tosses the mic to Lillian, and exits the ring, being pursued all the way.

Jim Ross:
Man, Mick Foley and Terry Funk has… they have rattled the General Manager of Raw Eric Bischoff … and look at Carlito!! He’s gotta compete in that Six-Man Extreme Rules Match later on tonight!

Jonathan Coachman:
W- Wait a minute now, it was all Eric Bischoff’s idea this Extreme Initiative, J.R., you know that!

Joey Styles:
So, it’s Big Show, Carlito, and Ken Doane to take on a team of Terry Funk’s choosing in an Extreme Rules main event … a must win for both Raw and ECW. But when we come back, the road to Vengeance continues … it’s The Redneck Wrecking Crew, NEXT!!

Our final shot before going to another commercial is of the WWE Champion The Big Show standing in the ring with Paul Bearer, glaring up the ramp at his departing boss.


2 - Tag Team Match
The Redneck Wrecking Crew
vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Gene Snitsky

After the initial confusion caused by the bizarre antics of their opponents, Cade ‘n’ Murdoch pick up right where they left off last week … and the week before that … and the week before that, and every other week in 2006 quite frankly, except for the night directly after Backlash when they came up just short against the World’s Greatest Tag Team in their shot at the World Tag Team Titles. That doesn’t happen tonight though. Despite getting the crowd all worked up, Snitsky and Duggan are no match for their redneck opponents, as Gene misses a crossbody off the top on Cade, who is shoved out of the way illegally by his partner Trevor Murdoch. As Murdoch quickly cuts Hacksaw off, Big Lance Cade quickly lifts Snitsky up and DRILLS HIM WITH THE SIT-OUT SPINEBUSTER SLAM!!! Cade then angrily hooks both legs and gets another three count.

Winners - The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pin fall at 4:03.

Joey Styles:
Another victory for Cade ‘n’ Murdoch tonight, and you have to think it’s only a matter of time before Eric Bischoff or Terry Funk grants them another shot at the tag team titles.

Jonathan Coachman: Jeez, just how many matches have Cade ‘n’ Murdoch won this year?? I’ve lost count. If anybody’s going to give The Sons of Samoa a run for their money, it’s these boys.

Jim Ross: You could be right, Coach. One-half of The Sons of Samoa, Samu, battles the Intercontinental and one-half of the World Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin, and that’s coming up a little bit later on.

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Todd Grisham, microphone in hand, stands by with World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas and, also Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Both men looked pissed, with Haas holding the back of his head in pain.

Todd Grisham:
I’m here with the World Tag Team Champions, Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas. Gentlemen, the odds just keeping getting stacked against you.

Shelton Benjamin:
Understatement of the year right there, Todd. Double-duty at another pay per view for the pair of us but y’know whatthat’s why they call us the World’s Greatest-

~ Haas moves to the mic, cutting his partner off.

Charlie Haas:
With all due respect, Shelton I think the time for generic, sporting promos are over. When you get slammed through a ladder like you were last week and jumped week after week from behind like we both have ever since friggin’ WrestleMania I think we’re allowed to get a little bit upset.

~ Shelton takes off his shades.

Charlie Haas:
Everyone knows what a load o’ bull this is. I won that number one contender’s match fair and square tonight but that (grits his teeth) that Goddamn piece of crap Kenny just can’t seem to get over us! What the hell is your problem, Doane?? You obsessed with the World’s Greatest Tag Team or somethin’??

~ Benjamin nods slowly.

Charlie Haas:
You couldn’t beat us for the tag team titles, and you ain’t gonna beat either of us for the Intercontinental Title so just get over it! It’s like I said at Vengeance it doesn’t matter if there’s six men or twenty men bein’ the world’s greatest means you always come out on top and on June 11th it’s gonna be no different, boys.

~ Haas moves away from the mic, still wincing and sighing from the pain in the back of his skull. Shelton approaches the mic once more.

Shelton Benjamin:
And as for The Sons of Samoa (looks down angrily)after what your boys did to me two weeks ago, Estrada, you better believe I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Samu tonight.

~ The dual champion eyeballs the camera.

Shelton Benjamin: Every
single week. Since Backlash you’ve jumped me and Charlie every single week and I’m sick ‘n’ tired of it! You might be big you might be bad but NO ONE is unstoppable. NO ONE is indestructible. And absolutely NO ONE is unbeatable. At Vengeance you’re gonna find out why we truly are the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

~ The two men head out, getting a great ovation from the crowd, leaving Grisham behind.

Todd Grisham:
The World Tag Team Champions there. Still to come tonight, Shelton Benjamin battles Samu. We’ll be back in just a few moments.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

This time we’re joined by Kristal Marshall, who has Torrie Wilson with her.

Kristal Marshall:
Hi, everyone. We’re back on Monday Night Raw, and right now I’m joined by Eric Bischoff’s liaison Miss Torrie Wilson, who apparently has some news regarding the Women’s Title situation. Miss Wilson?

Torrie Wilson:
Thank you, Kristal. That’s right, just like the WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James revealed last week the title will be defended in less than one month at Raw’s next pay per view, Vengeance, live from Charlotte, North Carolina.

~ Small pop.

Torrie Wilson:
However neither former champion Trish Stratus, or indeed Victoria, will be the one challenging Miss James at that event.

~ Some boos.

Torrie Wilson:
Due to both women’s reckless behaviour, and inability to reach a decisive result over the past few weeks, myself and Eric Bischoff have decided that at Vengeance Trish Stratus and Victoria will meet one last time in an Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere, No Time Limit, There Must Be A Winner Match.

~ Bigger pop for this.

Torrie Wilson:
There’ll be no mistakes in that one and the winner will receive a guaranteed, one- on- one, WWE Women’s Championship match on August 20th in Boston at SummerSlam.

~ Another nice pop.

Torrie Wilson:
But that still leaves the Women’s Championship match at Vengeance. I happen to have an opponent in mind for Miss James but, as I have explained to her, I’m still finalising this lady’s contract, so I’m unable to reveal her identity right now. (To Kristal) That’s all. Thank you.

~ Boos, as Kristal nods dumbly, and the sexy Torrie slinks away out of screenshot.

Kristal Marshall:
Wow well, there you have it. Another tremendous contest signed for Vengeance in just under a month. Trish Stratus and Victoria will finally have to settle their differences once and for all. Let’s get back to ringside.

*Back to ringside*

3 - Non-Title Match
Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin
vs. Samu w/Armando Alejandro Estrada

Samu tries to attack one half of the World Tag Team Champions right at the bell … but Shelton quickly gets out of the way and assaults The Samoan Cannonball in the corner with a flurry of right hands! After having absolutely no luck budging the beast with an Irish whip attempt, Benjamin applies the side headlock, and Samu quickly sends him in to the ropes. The Intercontinental attempts two shoulder blocks on the monster … neither of which even move the animal. Benji looks flabbergasted, as ‘Mu hits the ropes, running right through Shelton’s clothesline, and bowling the champion crashing head over heels with a shoulder tackle of his own!!

Hitting the ropes, Samu throws a clothesline … but Benjamin ducks, hits the ropes, leap frogs over the Cannonball, hits the ropes again, and nails him with a leaping dropkick … actually knocking Samu stumbling through the ropes to the floor!! The hefty Samoan lands on his feet though, and looks up … as SHELTON LAUNCHES HIMSELF INTO SAMU WITH A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA!!!

The crowd loves it, and lets the double champion know it with a great
“SHELTON” chants. Estrada, on the other hand, is beside himself. Benjamin tries to beat on the Cannonball a bit on the outside before rolling his 300+lb frame back into the ring and covering him. 1 … NO!! ‘Mu easily kicks out at one, much to the surprise of the champion. After a few more kicks and right hands, Shelton hits the ropes again … and RUNS RIGHT INTO A SAMOAN DROP!!

The momentum shifts drastically. Samu now begins to beat up the former Golden Gopher with his usual savage offence. He slams Benji in the centre of the ring, hits the ropes, leaps up, and delivers a nasty leaping headbutt right to the already ribs of the champion!! Not done, the Cannonball then body slams Shelton a second time, before just standing on the man’s ribs, placing all of his massive body weight on top! Samu continues the punishment, just pummelling the already injured man all around the ring, before tossing him through the ropes and taking it to the floor. He LAUNCHES Shelton back-first into the announce table, doing even more damage to those ribs, before bringing him back inside, as Armando watches on happily.

Back inside the ring, Samu STANDS ON Benjamin’s abdominal region in the corner, yelling Samoan profanities into the crowd, before tossing him down to the mat and cinching in a trapezius hold. He holds this for a while, as pained Intercontinental Champion tries in vain to fight him off and feed off the support of the crowd. He eventually manages to battle back up to his feet … only for Samu to whip him into the buckle and charge … but Shelton kicks him in the face! As The Samoan Cannonball stumbles away holding his mouth, Benjamin quickly nips up to the second turnbuckle … and LEAPS OFF -- BUT SAMU CATCHES HIM … SWINGS HIM AROUND - DUMPING HIM RIGHT ON HIS HEAD WITH A SWINGING URINAGE SLAM!!!

The crowd
“ooh’s” and “ah’s” at the manoeuvre, as Shelton Benjamin rolls slowly under the bottom rope to the apron, a glazed look in his eye. Samu follows him out, lifting the champion up on the apron into the air, perhaps going for another high impact move … but Shelton manages to escape his arms and land on the other side of the ropes back in the ring … BAM! SHELTON SCORES WITH A SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE!! Samu falls forwards and is hung across the top rope, allowing the tag champion to hit the far ropes, race across the ring, and LAUNCH HIMSELF OVER SAMU WITH A SUNSET FLIP - GOING FOR A POWERBOMB -- BUT SAMU SITS DOWN - SHELTON MOVES … SAMU CRASHES DOWN ACROSS THE RING FRAME!!!

More gasps from the Tacoma crowd, as Samu growls furiously in pain, and Estrada holds his hat in dismay. After slamming the Samoan into the guardrail, Benjamin rolls him back inside and covers him again. 1 … NO!! Another kick out at one, irritating Shelton considerably. He stomps away on the big Cannonball, before hammering away on him in the corner. Backing off, the tag team champion races across the ring, SCORING WITH THE STINGER SPLASH!! ‘Mu falls down and Benjamin quickly covers him. 1 … NO!! Enraged, Shelton pulls his massive opponent up … and TRIES TO ELEVATE HIM UP ON HIS SHOULDERS!! The crowd gasps … but Samu is just too big, and Benji can’t shift him. After a quick right hand, Shelton hits the ropes again … BUT GETS TURNED INSIDE OUT WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE - DOING A FULL 360°!!

Looking to finish this thing, Samu sends Shelton into the buckle and squashes him with a big running splash! The beast then ascends to the second rung of the turnbuckle, before CRASHING DOWN ONTO BENJAMIN WITH A FLYING HEADBUTT!! He still doesn’t cover though, instead splashing the Intercontinental Champion in the corner again and beating him down to the mat with blow after blow. Referee Chad Patton tries to intervene, but Samu is a wild beast, and Estrada has to calm him down to prevent a disqualification.

Dragging Shelton back up and out of the corner, Samu GOES FOR THE SAMOAN SPIKE … but Benjamin fights out of it, booting the Samoan in the gut and firing away with repeated right hands. ‘Mu swings a few times, but Benji ducks all of them, and suddenly goes low … LIFTING SAMU (just) OFF THE CANVAS AND (messily) BODY SLAMMING HIM!!! Tacoma goes absolutely nuts, as Shelton slowly makes the cover. 1 … NO!! Samu kicks out at one again!!

The crowd is in shock, and Benjamin is just as miffed. Pulling the big man up, he throws the arm over, and LOOKS FOR THE T-BONE SUPLEX … but Samu won’t budge!! The Samoan Cannonball beats him away with a swatting shot, and Shelton comes off the ropes … first scoring with a clothesline to the back of Samu’s head, before going for one to the front … ONLY TO BE CLOTHESLINED OUT OF HIS BOOTS AGAIN!!

Quickly grabbing Benji, Samu tosses him into the ropes … but Shelton hangs on. The Samoan charges, only to be kicked away. Nipping out to the apron, Benjamin grabs hold of the top rope, leaps up, and SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES - NAILING SAMU WITH THE BLOCKBUSTER!!! He covers him again!!



Shelton Benjamin is in SHOCK!!! He puts his hands on his head, staring down at one of the men who will be coming after the tag team titles in a few weeks with a look of horror on his face. As Samu makes it up to his knees, Shelton lets out a loud, passionate yell … BEFORE NAILING SAMU WITH A SECOND SUPERKICK TO THE JAW!!! The smack echoes around the arena … BUT SAMU DOESN’T GO DOWN!! Shelton hangs his head … AND KICKS HIM AGAIN!! Again it’s a brutal shot … and AGAIN SAMU REMAINS UPRIGHT!! Looking desperate at this point, Benjamin quickly turns and hits the ropes … BOOM!!! SAMU SAVATE KICKS HIS HEAD CLEAN OFF HIS SHOULDERS!!!

The outburst of
“OH’s” is thunderous, as Shelton goes down, glassy eyed and seemingly out of it!!! He is far too close to the ropes though, and Armando Estrada apparently tells Samu to do it again. Nodding, The Samoan Cannonball stands Benjamin up, leaving the Intercontinental Champion lolling from side- to- side, completely out on his feet … and SAMU DRILLS HIM WITH A SECOND SAVATE KICK!!

This time Benjamin lands in the far corner … and SAMU CHARGES ACROSS THE RING - OBLITERATING SHELTON WITH THE RUNNING CANNONBALL!!! Then grabbing Shelton by the neck, he drags the near unconscious World Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion to his feet, raises his thumb into the air, releases a barbaric yell … AND MURDERS SHELTON BENJAMIN WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!

He stands around for a moment or two, before AAE instructs him to cover the man, which he quickly does.




Winner - Samu via pin fall at 13:37.

SAMU PINS THE INTERCONTINENTAL AND TAG TEAM CHAMPION!!! The crowd doesn’t like it at all, and boos The Samoan Cannonball heavily as he stands back up to his feet, screaming incoherently, to be joined by a cheekily beaming Armando Alejandro Estrada.

Jim Ross:
Good God, just how is anybody goin’ to stop The Sons of Samoa?? They have left the World Tag Team Champions laying every night for the past month and now they hold two consecutive victories of ‘em.

Jonathan Coachman: No one’s going to stop them, J.R., that’s the point. Armando Estrada has put together the most dominant tag team in the history of professional wrestling!

Joey Styles: That might not be an exaggeration unfortunately. But you’ve got to hand it to Shelton Benjamin - injured ribs and all, he gave it his all tonight and pushed Samu about as far as I’ve ever seen that monster go.

As Estrada leads his two behemoths from the ring confidently, both of them yelling at and terrifying members of the audience, Charlie Haas slides into the ring to check on his friend and tag team partner.

Jonathan Coachman:
Sickening. Just sickening.

Joey Styles:
I’d love to see how you treat your friend, Coach. Oh that’s right, I forgot … you don’t have any. How insensitive of me— HEY!!


More boos greet the actions of the number one contenders, as Haas goes down holding his head! Already suffering from the attack he suffered earlier, Haas is in no condition for a fight, and The Sons of Samoa toss him into the corner…


Jim Ross:
Oh for God’s sake!!

It’s a familiar sight: the World Tag Team Champions lying flat on their backs, while the number one contenders, the seemingly unstoppable Sons of Samoa stand over them triumphantly, arms and tongues out on display for all to see.

Joey Styles:
For the second time tonight, the World’s Greatest Tag Team have been brutally assaulted! How can they overcome these odds??

Jonathan Coachman: He can’t, Joey Styles, just face it! Kenny is leaving Vengeance with the Intercontinental Title and then… ohhhh, then you know what happens??

Jim Ross: I think we can guess. The deck has been well and truly stacked against these kids! And there’s not a damn thing Terry Funk can do about it!

Jonathan Coachman: Thank God for that, J.R.…

Armando Estrada gets in between his two savages and raises their hands high into the air, providing us with a suitably ominous shot as we head into a commercial.


*Backstage - Promo Area*

Raw’s new ECW Commissioner Terry Funk stands by, dressed in a shirt, jeans, and cowboy hat.

Terry Funk:
I must say - even thought it sounds a little bit clichéd after all these years - it really is great to back here in the business I love.

~ Great pop for The Funker, who adjusts his fedora.

Terry Funk:
I was incredibly honoured when… when my good friend and one of my greatest opponents Mick Foley called me up with this opportunity … to really stick it to a man that we’ve both hated and despised for longer than I can remember … that man being Eric, Bischoff.

~ Big-time heat for Bischoff.

Terry Funk:
Vince McMahon might have been the one who drove the final nail into the coffin of Extreme Championship Wrestling back in 2001 … but it was Eric Bischoff and WCW that really killed that place. While McMahon was secretly financially supporting Paul Heyman and the rest of us … Eric Bischoff … was doing the exact opposite.

~ More boos.

Terry Funk:
And now… now, even though ECW is long since dead … that no-good, rat-eyed JERK … can’t even give us one night in the sun to remember everything we used to be and everything we used to stand for. He won’t put his Goddamn ego aside for twenty-four hours to give the fans what they want. Eric Bischoff is nothing but a wrestling CANCER!!

~ OH!; the crowd loves it.

Terry Funk:
All we wanted was one night ONE NIGHT, BISCHOFF … and you threw even that back in our faces, you ungrateful, disrespectful hypocrite! Now look where you are … in the fight of your life at One Night Stand with your career in the hands of five soulless MERCENARIES like that bumbling piece of trash Carlito!

~ Heat for Mr. Money in the Bank.

Terry Funk:
Do you really think he gives a DAMN about you, Bischoff?? Do you really think anyone on your team is going to give a rat’s ass whether you live or die?? All people like that care about is filling their own pockets!

~ Funk fumes.

Terry Funk:
That’s why it doesn’t even matter what team you put together – they don’t stand a CHANCE at One Night Stand. Where your team will be fighting for money and their own, personal gain … every single member of Team ECW will be fighting for his very SURVIVAL … HIS LIVELIHOOD!!

~ He tears of his hat and tosses it aside passionately.

Terry Funk:
ECW wrestlers have shed blood, sweat, and tears not just for big, fat pay checks like your Raw punks … but FOR ECW ITSELF!! When they bleed … they bleed ECW! When they sweat … they sweat ECW! And when they cry … their tears read E … C … W!!!

~ Great pop in the background.

Terry Funk:
Just think about it, Bischoff … do you really think Carlito is willing to DIE for Monday Night Raw??

~ Funk turns to his right.

Terry Funk:
I didn’t think so. Well, I’m fairly certain these men right here would happily give their last BREATH if it meant the survival … of ECW.

~ Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Masato Tanaka, Stevie Richards, and Balls Mahoney all join Funk in front of the camera.

Terry Funk:
Take a look at your worst nightmare, Eric Bischoff. What you see before you right are soldiers. Men who LOVE and BELIEVE in the cause they are fighting for. How many of YOUR team can you say that about, Bischoff??

~ Sandman blows out some of the smoke from his cigarette behind Funk.

Terry Funk:
Tonight … we will see how much blood your own warriors are willing to shed, Bischoff … because the three men I am sending in to battle are going … to PUNISH those kids like even their DADDIES never have!!

~ Funk reaches out and pats Dreamer on the shoulder.

Terry Funk:
Tommy Dreamer … ‘The Innovator of Violence!’

~ Dreamer nods his head happily, as the crowd cheers.

Terry Funk: (Turning)
… Masato Tanaka!

~ Tanaka remains stoic, but clasps his hands together ominously, getting another nice pop from Tacoma.

Terry Funk:
And … of course… (turning to his left) this man…

~ Wearing a black, ‘ECW’ vest over his wrestling gear and looking every inch the psychopath he is, the former WWE Champion Kurt Angle joins Terry Funk and the rest of his teammates on camera.

Terry Funk:
Eric Bischoff … if you though that what you said earlier was extreme … you had better prepare to have entire world turned upside down … because you don’t know the meaning of the word … and you don’t know the meaning of pain, or violence, or suffering … until you have face … E … C … W!!!

~ Angle turns to the camera.

Kurt Angle:

~ Angle throws his mouthpiece into his mouth, which reads, predictably, ‘EXTREME’. The crowd gives a nice pop, as then storms off camera, leading the rest of the troops with him.

*Back to ringside*

4 - Victoria
vs. Ashley Massaro

Despite Ashley’s fire and history as a protégé of Trish Stratus, she really is no match for the intense Victoria, who, now with the added incentive of her match with Trish signed for Vengeance, comes out of the blocks guns a-blazin’. She dominates the majority, but towards the end of the contest Ashley manages to catch her coming in with a boot, before ascending to the second turnbuckle and leaping off
but Vickie CATCHES HER!! Holding Ashley like a helpless lamb, Victoria muscles her up, and spins her around, connecting with a brutal Argentine Backbreaker!! With Massaro essentially finished, Vickie drags her back up, and polishes the youngster off with the WIDOW’S PEAK!!! Victoria then simply steps on the limp blonde with her arms in the air, getting an extremely academic cover.

Winner – Victoria via pin fall at 5:36.

The crowd isn’t too pleased by Victoria’s win, especially the manner in which she went about pinning young Ashley, and they let the vixen know it.

Jim Ross:
We know now that Victoria and Trish Stratus are gonna meet one more time to settle their differences once and for all and with Victoria in this kind of dominant form, you have to think those stipulations are gonna favour her!

Jonathan Coachman
I couldn’t agree more, J.R. Vickie is a KILLER … and Trish is next on her hit list.

rolls Ashley out of the ring like a sack of wet cement, before crouching down and getting right up close to the hard camera, running her thumb symbolically across her throat.

Joey Styles
Ladies and gentlemen, right nowVictoria’s Vengeance opponent, Trish Stratus, the former Women’s Champion, is standing by for an interview.

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Trish Stratus is indeed standing by, with Kristal Marshall holding the stick.

Kristal Marshall:
Thank you, Joey. Yes, I’m here with Trish Stratus, who, as we all found out earlier, will face Victoria in an Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere, No Time Limit, There Must Be A Winner Match at Vengeance. Trish?

Trish Stratus:
I guess I should’ve known that Mickie would manage somehow to avoid facing me again. Because let’s be honest here I was the Women’s Champion but did I ever receive my rematch? Uh no, I don’t think I did, Kristal.

~ Trish angrily shakes her head.

Trish Stratus:
And that’s all because of that crazy bitch Victoria. She seems to forget that I already beat her at WrestleMania. That was her title shot. Not Backlash. Not Vengeance. And not SummerSlam. She doesn’t deserve another title opportunity. I, on the other hand, am the most successful woman in WWE history so, naturally, I deserve another chance.

~ Mixed reaction.

Trish Stratus:
So I have to go through Victoria to get it so what?? I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I can get hardcore when I have to I can get down and dirty with the best of ‘em.

~ She sweeps the hair out of her face.

Trish Stratus:
And at Vengeance that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

~ Ms. Stratus saunters away arrogantly, leaving Kristal behind.

Kristal Marshall:
Trish Stratus. We’ll be right back.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: Blood has been spilled …

Shawn Michaels nailing John Cena with a steel chair.

Narrator: Tears have been shed …

Cena being stretchered out on a gurney.

Narrator: Wars have been waged …

HBK holding up Cena’s dog tags.

Narrator: Battle lines have been drawn …

Cena FU’ing Michaels at WrestleMania.

Narrator: Enemies have been made …

Elbow Drop through the announce table at Backlash.

Narrator: All in the name …

Cena and Michaels both bloody and enraged.

“Of …”

Quick, rapid shots of everything Cena and HBK have done to one another this year.

“… Vengeance.”

“WWE Vengeance, June 25th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*Video Ends*

*Back to ringside*

Jim Ross:
Vengeance is less than a month away and I personally cannot wait to see John Cena get his hands on that no-good S.O.B Shawn Michaels ESPECIALLY after what went down last week.

Joey Styles:
Absolutely, J.R. Last week Shawn Michaels showed us a side of him we’ve never, ever seen before. Let’s take a look

*Video Plays*

- Footage from last week plays, showing a very changed Shawn Michaels making his way down to the ring, now looking like a villain out of some old fashioned Western; all dressed in black, including the hat and boots, and sporting a very dirty, unkempt beard.

Shawn Michaels: John Cena stole everything I was. The looks … the charm … the charisma … the rebellion … the grit … HE’S A THIEF!! But y’know what? I don’t even care anymore. He’s welcome to it … and you’re welcome to him. ‘Cause I am DONE with The Heartbreak Kid … I am DONE with The Showstopper, The Headliner, The Main Event. But most of all…

- Michaels brings his hand up, pointing across at all the crowd.

Shawn Michaels:
I am DONE with each… and every… one of you.

- Thunderous boos.

Shawn Michaels:
You chose your side… and, in doing so, you drove a final stake through the heart, ha…
(scoffs) of your once so dear Heart, break, Kid.
So I hope you all enjoy John Cena while he lasts… and don’t even think about comin’ runnin’ back to me… ‘cause at Vengeance … I drive the final stake through HIS heart.

- More boos from the crowd, as Shawn looks right at the hard camera when he says it.

Shawn Michaels:
Congratulations, John … you finally stopped my show.

- Michaels steps back from the microphone to indicate that he’s done, leaving a rather stunned J.R. holding the thing. No music hits, and the crowd barely knows how to respond, as Shawn calmly leaves the ring he way he entered it. He walks slowly down the ring steps, stopping momentarily to stare at a little kid in the front row giving him the thumbs down. Michaels removes his hat and runs a hand through his hair.

Joey Styles: Jesus, what the hell is Shawn Michaels doing??


- Joey Styles and the crowd go absolutely MENTAL as Angle makes a psychotic beeline for Michaels... WHO SUDDENLY GRABS THE KID OUT OF THE FRONT ROW, DRAGGING HIM UP, AND USING HIM AS HUMAN SHIELD FOR GOD’S SAKE!!

- Oh he’s a heel, people, he’s a heel alright. Vegas can’t even boo, such is the shock, but instead scream wildly in fear for the child’s safety, as the little sprog trembles in Michael’s tight clutches, and Angle grinds to a halt, stunned by what has transpired!

Jonathan Coachman: That kid’s trying to get an autograph! How inappropriate!

Joey Styles: Are you serious, Coach??

- A small, deranged smile forms on the face of the man formerly known as HBK, and the camera manages to catch what he mouths to the Olympic Gold Medallist, “What the fuck are you gonna do now, tough guy?”

Joey Styles: Jesus Christ, just walk away, Kurt, just walk away for God’s sake! It isn’t worth this- thank God.

- The security guards quickly jump on Angle, who puts up no resistance whatsoever; he just continues to stare, open mouthed at the man who used to be The Heartbreak Kid!

Jonathan Coachman: Kurt Angle will do anything to get Shawn’s autograph, won’t he?

- Smiling, Michaels returns the terrified kid back to his sit in the front row and ruffles his hair playfully. He gives the boy a little wink and even places his cowboy hat upon his head, saying, “That was fun, wasn’t it?” He then turns and, accompanied by a few remaining security guards, heads back up the ramp.

Joey Styles: We’ve seen some disgusting things from Shawn Michaels in 2006, but that- that beats them all. I am in shock!

Jonathan Coachman
: I think we all are, Joey! Fancy Kurt Angle trying to push ahead of that kid in the line to get Shawn Michaels’s autograph!? Despicable!

Jim Ross:
(Rejoining) Would you shut up, Coach!? I hope to God that there’s at least a little piece of the old Shawn Michaels left inside this- this monster, and he would never have hurt a hair on that kid’s head!

Joey Styles
: I hope so too, J.R…

- At the top of the ramp Shawn Michaels stops for a moment, turning to give the amazed fans a bizarre little bow, before turning on his heel and disappearing through the curtain…

*End video*

*Back to Real Time - Ringside*

Joey Styles:
Shocking, absolutely heinous actions from Shawn Michaels last week. But in just under a month he has to face the consequences of his behaviour over the course of this year, (match graphic appears on screen) as he battles the man he injured at Backlash the returning John Cena.

Jim Ross:
And next week, right here on Monday Night Raw, for the first time in over a month, live from his home in West Newberry, Massachusetts, we will hear from ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ himself!

Joey Styles:
That’s next week. But coming up next it’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Representing ECW, Kurt Angle, Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka battle Raw’s Big Show, Carlito and Ken Doane! It’s going to be violent! And it’s up next!


5 - Main Event; Extreme Rules Six-Man Tag Team Match
Team Raw (WWE Champion The Big Show, Mr. MITB Carlito & Ken Doane)
vs. Team ECW (Kurt Angle, Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka)
*Both Raw's Mike Chioda and ECW's John Finnegan will be officiating*

The war is well and truly on, as the bell is rung and all six men begin to do battle in the ring with fists a-flyin’!! The rookie Ken Doane pairs off with the veteran Tommy Dreamer and the two men brawl all the out to the floor, as Masato Tanaka and the WWE Champion The Big Show do much the same thing on the opposite side. Still inside the ring, Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito staggers the former WWE Champion Kurt Angle, turns, runs, comes off the ropes and … GETS CAUGHT - ANGLE HURLS HIM OVERHEAD WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!

Both Raw’s Mike Chioda and ECW’s John Finnegan try (and fail) to gain some semblance of order in this thing, as Big Show and Tanaka, and Doane and Dreamer do battle all around the ringside area. Grabbing ‘Lito by his amazing hair, Angle races forward … DUMPING MR. MONEY IN THE BANK HEAD OVER HEELS TO THE OUTSIDE!!

The crowd boos … as ERIC BISCHOFF leaps up on to the apron with a steel chair in his hand, looking to slide it to one of his team members … but it is snatched away from the co-General Manager … BY TERRY FUNK!! More cheers for Funk, as the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion FLIPS BISCHOFF THE BIRD, before carrying the chair back up the ramp, leaving Easy E to quickly hurry away in disbelief.

Elsewhere, Big Show LAWN-DARTS TANAKA INTO THE STEEL RING POST FACE FIRST!!! The crowd barely has time to react though, as Angle continues his demolition of Carlito … LAUNCHING HIM IN TO THE CROWD WITH A SUPLEX!!

As The Wrestling Machine takes Caribbean Cool for a little trip amongst the masses, back at ringside Big Show continues to work over Tanaka with body shots against the announce table. Tanaka is already SPLIT WIDE OPEN across the head thanks to the WWE Champion, but this doesn’t put a stop to his fighting. Show knocks him over the table, but Dangan gets his hands on a steel chair … and SMASHES IT OVER THE GIANT’S SKULL … NOT ONCE … BUT TWICE!!!

The crowd
“ooh’s” and “ah’s” at the sickening sound of the shots, as Big Show goes down in a heap, with Paul Bearer looking absolutely terrified nearby.

Around the ringside area, Kurt Angle gives Tommy Dreamer a hand … NAILING A DOUBLE SUPLEX TO KEN DOANE IN TO THE CROWD … THROUGH A BUNCH OF CHAIRS!!!

More howls of delight ring out around Tacoma Dome, as the twenty-year-old former tag team champion rolls around in agony clutching his spine. Angle goes back after Carlito on the floor, VICIOUSLY HURLING HIM INTO THE GUARDRAIL!! Dreamer slams Doane on a few more chairs just to add insult to injury, whilst Carly tries to escape through the crowd.

Back at ringside it’s a repeat of the last two weeks, with Vengeance opponents The Big Show and Kurt Angle going toe to toe with one another, hammering away with neither man going down … until Angle BITES SHOW’S FACE, and uppercuts him off his feet furiously!!

As Angle goes off in search of Carlito once more, Big Show rolls back inside the ring … only for a bloody Tanaka to quickly mount the turnbuckle … CRASHING DOWN ONTO THE WWE CHAMPION WITH THE FROG SPLASH!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Tanaka tries to do some more damage to the giant, but CCC grabs his foot from the outside and begins to choke him on the bottom rope … until Kurt Angle gets ahold of ‘Lito that is.

Elsewhere, back from the crowd, Ken Doane gets into it with a particularly obnoxious ECW fan, and actually looks on the verge of nailing the fat piece of crap … BUT DREAMER LEVELS DOANE WITH A CHAIR SHOT OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

The crowd, and in particular that fan, love it. They love it even more when Kurt Angle comes over and starts to beat the shit out of the rookie too, with Tanaka getting him some too.

Angle starts to go at it with Big Show again, but this time the giant gets the better of him and chokes him out over the barricade. The WWE Champion knocks down Tanaka too, while back inside the ring Tommy Dreamer quickly takes Carlito up and over with a vertical suplex. 1 … 2 … NO!! Dreamer doesn’t get to follow up either … as Ken Doane quickly races up behind him, clipping the back of his leg! Doane then wipes Tanaka out with a baseball slide before Dangan could help Angle.

Doane drags Dreamer into position and goes up top … only for the veteran to quickly cut him off with a right hand. Dreamer tries to go up after the youngster, but Kenny pie faces him back down to the canvas, and quickly LEAPS OFF … SCORING WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Dreamer somehow survives.

Outside the ring, Tanaka continues to school Big Show in the art of hardcore wrestling, doing things to him with chairs that should never, ever be done again.

With Dreamer propped up in the corner, Doane charges … BUT DREAMER MOVES … AND DOANE COLLIDES WITH THE STEEL POST SHOULDER FIRST!!! More
“ooh’s” as Doane ends up on the arena floor, and Dreamer tries to go out after him to capitalise … only for Carlito to quickly jump him from behind, and toss him back into the ring, followed by a cover. 1 … 2 … NO!!

Carlito pitches Dreamer back out to the floor, before doing the same to Masato Tanaka, as Big Show, having just clobbered Angle on the outside, rolls back in. Paul Bearer tosses his giant a few chairs, and Show erects them both in the middle of the ring, before grabbing Angle by the throat, LOOKING TO CHOKESLAM HIM THROUGH THE CHAIR -- BUT ANGLE LANDS BEHIND - GETS THE GIANT UP … ANGLE SLAM THROUGH THE STEEL CHAIRS!!!!

Joey Styles and Tacoma go wild, with the
“Holy Shit” chants in full voice, as a terrified Carlito watches from his vantage point in the crowd, and Angle manages to cover the giant!!



No one, especially Kurt Angle, can believe it!!! But Big survived. Outside the ring, not even paying attention to the goings on inside, Masato Tanaka quickly DRIVES KEN DOANE INTO THE GUARDRAIL WITH A RUNNING POWERSLAM!!

Carlito re-enters the fray, knocking down Dreamer at the foot of the ramp, before booting the boot to Tanaka quickly. Mr. Money in the Bank enters the ring, shoving Dreamer in before him, while Kurt Angle, now outside the ring with Big Show, continues to assault the WWE Champion.

As Angle goes looking for hardware at ringside, ‘Lito poses and preens in the ring, which gets him absolutely zero respect from these Washington natives. Laying Dreamer out, he runs, leaps up, SPRINBOARDS OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE … CONNECTING WITH A MOONSAULT!! Does he cover? Does he hell. He dances around some more, bowing, waving, etc., extremely pleased with his own athleticism. As soon as Dreamer stumbles back up, Carly puts him right back down with a beautiful standing dropkick, and this time he decides to cover the man. 1 … 2 … NO!!

Big Show and Angle continue to do battle on the floor, as ‘Lito drags Dreamer up by his neck, before snapping it right back down to the mat with his inverted neckbreaker cutter!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Tanaka drags Carlito off the cover and quickly sticks his head in between his legs, setting him up for a possible powerbomb or piledriver … BAM!!! RIGHT HAND FROM THE BIG SHOW!!!!

Dangan is floored, his eyes glazed over and staring lifelessly up, as Mike Chioda, obviously following Eric Bischoff’s orders to a tee, begins to count him out … 1 … 2 … At ringside Ken Doane uses the bell hammer to get him some of Kurt Angle … 3 … 4 … 5 … Stupidly, Big Show actually drags Tanaka back to his feet, perhaps looking to finish him once and for all … BUT TANAKA GETS HOLD OF A STEEL CHAIR … AND WALLOPS SHOW OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!!! Now it’s ECW official John Finnegan’s turn to count, as the WWE Champion goes down.

Grabbing a chair from ringside, Carlito TOSSES IT INTO TOMMY DREAMER’S FACE WITH A CRACK!!! He then rolls back inside the ring, where Big Show and the crimson masked Masato Tanaka are preparing to go at it again. Mr. Money in the Bank quickly grabs Tanaka by the neck -- but Dangan counters … INTO A BACK SUPLEX!!

“Ooh’s” and “ah’s” ring out again, as Doane bounces into the laps of J.R., Coach, and Joey Styles, clutching the back of his head in agony!!

With Big Show and Tanaka out of the ring once more, Carlito stumbles back up to his feet, yelling at the booing fans to
“SHUT ‘DA HELL UP!” What Mr. Money in the Bank doesn’t realise … is that KURT F’N ANGLE is standing right behind him, foaming at the damn mouth. Carlito eventually turns … and shits his pants. He holds his hands up in protest, saying, “C- C’mon, Kurt, we- we’re buddies, right?” Angle smirks … CARLITO TRIES TO CHEAP SHOT HIM -- BUT ANGLE SEES IT COMING - GERMAN SUPLEX TO CARLITO!! Kurt doesn’t let go of the grip, bringing CCC back up to his feet, and PLANTS HIM WITH A SECOND GERMAN!! The crowd cheers as Angle brings ‘Lito up a third time, and looks for a third German … but Doane and Big Show quickly attack him!!

Doane pitches Angle to the floor outside, where an angry giant, WWE Champion Big Show lumbers after him, continuing the beat down. Kenny goes back after Dreamer, leaving Carlito and Tanak inside the squared circle. ‘Lito hammers away at the Japanese superstar, before turning and hitting the ropes … ROARING ELBOW FROM DANGAN!!! Carlito’s lights are turned out, as Tanaka quickly covers him. 1 … 2 … DOANE CRASHES DOWN ON TOP, BREAKING IT UP!!!

As Tanaka rolls away clutching the back of his neck, Doane smirks, holding his hands in the air arrogantly, receiving a plethora of heat for his troubles … TOMMY DREAMER TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT WITH A WILD CLOTHESLINE!!!

THUNDEROUS cheers fill the Tacoma Center, as Dreamer holds his arms out wide, yelling,
“EC - FUCKING - W!!!” Before erecting a chair, lifting Ken Doane up onto his shoulders … AND SLAMMING DOANE THROUGH THE CHAIR WITH THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!!!! HE COVERS!!




How on earth did Kenny survive that!? Well, survive it he did. Dreamer looks at John Finnegan in disbelief, but the honest ECW official holds up two fingers. Shaking his head, Dreamer reaches down to grab the twenty-year-old once more … CHAIR TO THE GUT … AND A CHAIR OVER THE HEAD FROM THE BIG SHOW!!!

Before Dreamer can go down though, as the crowd “ooh’s” and “ah’s”, Big Show quickly lifts Dreamer up … and PLANTS HIM WITH THE CHOKESLAM!!!!

Outside the ring, Angle continues to bloody Carlito’s mouth against the rail with uppercut after uppercut, as Big Show reaches out of the ring after Tanaka … STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL!! The WWE Champion tumbles through the ropes to the floor, as Tanaka gets up … but Ken Doane races across the ring, LAUNCHING A CHAIR DOWN AT TANAKA, WIPING HIM OUT!!!

Grabbing one of the other chairs, Doane places Tommy Dreamer’s ankle inside it like a vice, before ascending to the top rope. The crowd howls and boos and screams, yelling at the youngster not to do it … BUT HE DOES - SOARING OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP … ONTO THE CHAIR … ONTO TOMMY DREAMER’S ANKLE!!!!!

The cries of
“Holy Shit” are DEAFENING, as Dreamer screams in agony on the canvas, and Doane convulses around the ring clutching his backside and hamstring!!!

After a while, barely able to stand, the former World Tag Team Champion crawls across the ring, falls over Dreamer’s lifeless frame, reaches back, and just about hooks the far leg…




Washington EXPLODES with another incredible ovation, as Doane sits up in shock, yelling at Mike Chioda, unable to believe he didn’t just win the match for his team!!!

As the
“Tommy” chants fill the Tacoma Center, Doane points to the table which Angle erected earlier beside the ring, and grabs Dreamer’s lifeless foot, dragging him out on to the apron. Tommy tries to mount some kind of comeback … but there is no energy left in his weary body, and Kenny easily sticks the ECW veteran’s head in between his legs, lifts his legs in to the air, and … LEAPS OFF THE APRON - DRIVING DREAMER DOWN THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A PILEDRIVER!!!!!

An UNBELIEVABLE response emanates from the Tacoman audience, probably the loudest of the night, as both Tommy Dreamer and Ken Doane (but mainly Tommy Dreamer) are broken in half amongst the wreckage of the table.

Back inside the ring, Carlito rolls in with his Money in the Bank briefcase and clobbers Kurt Angle in the ribs with it, knocking him back into the corner. Outside, Big Show hurls Masato Tanaka back into the guardrail, as ‘Lito rolls The Wrestling Machine to the floor carelessly with his boot.

All of a sudden … THUNDEROUS boos sound … as ERIC BISCHOFF comes jogging back down the ramp. Carlito grins and holds his arms open wide like a child waiting for his daddy to come home. Bischoff hops up on to the apron, steps through the ropes and -- KURT ANGLE RE-ENTERS THE RING AND MAKES A BEELINE FOR THE CO-GENERAL MANAGER!!

Angle gets his hands on Bischoff only for a second … before Carlito quickly pulls him away, allowing the GM to get in a few cheap shots on the former WWE Champion. ECW official John Finnegan tries to get Bischoff to leave … but Raw official Mike Chioda has other ideas. The two men argue and exchange shoves in the middle of the ring … until THE BIG SHOW DECKS FINNEGAN WITH A COLOSSAL RIGHT HAND TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!!

More “Oh’s” and “ooh’s” (and a few laughs quite frankly) fill the arena, as Big Show drags Finnegan’s fat, unconscious body from the ring.

Back inside the ring, Carlito delivers a SLAP to Kurt Angle, as Eric Bischoff watches on approvingly, before grabbing the Olympian’s neck, setting him up for something
… but suddenly the crowd starts to boo once more …

…as MIKE AWESOME SLIDES INTO THE RING!! The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, wearing an ECW t-shirt, grabs hold of Bischoff, his former boss in WCW, and tosses him through the ropes to the floor!!

Confused, Carlito looks around … and Awesome grabs him by the hair!! Mr. Money in the Bank tries to scramble away, but he only makes it as far as the apron, where Awesome, alomgside him, holds him steady. Angle gets back up to his feet and grins at Awesome, telling him to, “Hold that sunnuva bitch still.” Awesome nods, and Angle turns, hits the ropes and-



The crowd EXPLODES into boos, and Joey Styles loses his mind!!! Mike Awesome jumps back up to his feet, glaring down at Kurt Angle … before TEARING OFF HIS ECW T-SHIRT AND RIPPING IT IN HALF!! Carlito has his hands over his mouth in shock and delight, as the crowd boos the symbolism, and Awesome stands tall … MASATO TANAKA TACKLES HIM DOWN OUT OF NOWHERE!!

The rivalry is reignited, as Tanaka double legs Awesome down to the canvas and hammers away on the two-time ECW traitor with a passionate fury!! The crowd is fully behind the Japanese fireball … but Carllito quickly stomps on the back of his head, putting a stop to proceedings.

Big Show rolls back inside, bringing a table with him and propping it up in the corner. Awesome grins, grabs Tanaka, sticking his old nemesis’ head in between his legs, lifts him up into the air, RACES FORWARDS … AND DRIVES TANAKA THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A TRULY AWESOME BOMB!!!!!!

Tanaka is folded like an accordion!!! The crowd goes NUTS, as Carlito giddily springs forward, dragging Tanaka out of the wreckage by a leg, diving on top of him, and hooking both legs!




Winners - Big Show, Carlito, & Doane via pinfall at 25:25.

Joey Styles:

Jonathan Coachman:
Never underestimate the power of the almighty dollar, Joey Styles!! Ha-Ha! Mike Awesome sold his soul to Eric Bischoff and WCW once … and tonight he’s done it again for Monday Night Raw! I love it, baby!!

Jim Ross:
What an ungodly war we have witnessed here tonight, ladies and gentlemen!! Tommy Dreamer may have broken his damn neck thanks to that hideous human being Kenny!! Masato Tanaka has lost a hell of a lot of blood … and now Mike Awesome- that… that no-good mercenary Mike Awesome has stabbed ECW in the heart once again!!

Boos and trash hit the ring, as Carlito bounces back up to his feet with his hands in the air. ‘Cool’ plays through the Tacoma Center, with the Raw wrestlers celebrating in the ring. Even Eric Bischoff stumbles back into the ring, sees Awesome, and Awesome sees Bischoff
… and they both break out into huge shit eating grins!!

Joey Styles:
Oh gimme a break!! This is absolutely sick! Get the camera off those two pieces of garbage, would you please!?

Laughing their asses off, Bischoff and Awesome engage in a hideous, grotesque, nauseating hug right in the middle of the ring! Carlito, Big Show, Bearer, and a woozy Doane all applaud, but the crowd, unsurprisingly, does not.

Jonathan Coachman:
What a touching moment!

Joey Styles:
Somebody pass me a vomit bag!!

The EMT’s tend to the lifeless Tommy Dreamer at ringside, with agents, referees, a half dozen wrestlers from the back, and even Terry Funk all gathered around him also, concerned expressions on their faces. The look on the face of Ken Doane back inside the ring is far different; he is smiling…

Jim Ross:
What the hell is wrong with that kid!? What- what has Eric Bischoff done to his head!?

We get shots of Kurt Angle and Masato Tanaka too; both are ringside, and both are in a bad way. Inside the ring, a guffawing Eric Bischoff now has a microphone in his hand, and he points over the ropes, where Terry Funk is escorting Dreamer back up the ramp on a stretcher

Eric Bischoff:
Hey, Terry! Terry, hey! HEY!! FUNK!!!

~ Funk stops, telling the EMT’s to “Get him to a hospital right away.” As Dreamer is wheeled away, The ECW Commissioner turns slowly to face his enemy

Eric Bischoff:
Allow me to introduce to you … the fourth member of Team RAW for ECW One Night Stand…

~ Bischoff grabs Awesome’s hand and raises it into the air.

Eric Bischoff:

~ More thunderous heat fills the arena as Mike Awesome holds his arms up high and beats his massive chest, screaming, “Who’s the man!?” into the night.

Joey Styles:
Oh my God!! I- I thought Mike Awesome had done everything he could to ECW… but now it seems he’s coming back to piss on our grave!!

Jonathan Coachman: With Dreamer dead, I make that Raw Four, ECW Three, Joey!!

Jim Ross: Mike Awesome came to Raw at the start of the night on a quest for redemption, a a quest to save ECW’s soul!! How wrong we were!! Mike Awesome and Eric Bischoff have played everyone for a fool!! How on earth can ECW fight these odds!? My God, what a One Night Stand this is gonna be!! See ya next week, everybody!!

Raw goes off the air with a shot of Funk, staring up at Bischoff and Awesome with a look of utter disgust.



Current Card for WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head
Date: June 10th, 2006
Location: ECW Arena; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Harry Slash & The Slashtones; This Is Extreme



Current Card for ECW One Night Stand II
Date: June 11th, 2006
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, New York
Event Music: Drowning Pool; Bodies

10-Man Ultimate Jeopardy Match:
1st EVER WWE/ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Match: Two Men begin, with another entrant five minutes later, and another every three minutes thereafter:
- If Team ECW, RVD is reinstated and Eric Bischoff is fired -
- If Team RAW wins, all ECW alumni must retire from professional wrestling -
Team ECW-----vs. -----Team RAW
Kurt Angle ---The Big Show (WWE Champion)

Tommy Dreamer ---Carlito (Mr. Money in the Bank)
Masato Tanaka ---Chris Masters
The Sandman --- Mike Awesome
??? --- ???


World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against Lance Storm

Special Attraction Match:
United States Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. ???

Open Challenge:
‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy vs. ???


Current Card for WWE Vengeance
Date:June 25th, 2006
Location:Charlotte Bobcats Arena; Charlotte, North Carolina
Event Music:Eighteen Visions; Victim

WWE Championship Match:
‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ The Big Show defends against ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle

Grudge Match:
The Artist Formerly Known As ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels vs. ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ John Cena


Intercontinental Championship; Six-Pack Elimination Match:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters vs. Gregory Helms vs.
Kenny Doane vs. World Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas vs. Chavo Guerrero

World Tag Team Championship Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend against The Sons Of Samoa w/AAE

Women’s Championship Match:
Mickie James defends against ???

No DQ, No Time Limit, Must Be A Winner, Falls Count Anywhere Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
{The winner receives a Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam}


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