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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Thanks for the reviews, chaps. Really great reads both of them. I'll try and return them ASAP. As for the comments about the sheer number of interviews on both shows, well, here's Jim Cornette:

Originally Posted by Jim Cornette
"Instead of guys in the locker room with the camera on 'em and they're planning a bank robbery - wrestlers are the worst criminals in the world, they plot illegal tactics, while there's a Goddamn national television camera, y'know - you have an announcer interviewing guys about they're matches, or here's a newcomer, y'know, and we're gonna get him over. Like a sports programme because you wanna be a little more serious."
And I just happen to agree with him, that's all.



This week, Monday Night Raw rolls into Tacoma, Washington, just two weeks away from the WWE’s first ever ‘Extreme Weekend’, when Extreme Championship Wrestling takes over for Saturday AND Sunday night for WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head and One Night Stand respectively. But the question remains … will everyone make it to that weekend?

As of last week, we now know what the main event of the entire weekend will be: at One Night Stand a team of Eric Bischoff’s choosing must enter the Ultimate Jeopardy cage and battle a team of ECW superstars, with Bischoff’s career on the line. And just who will be picking the ECW warriors? Well, none other than the man who Mick Foley last week revealed to be Raw’s new ‘ECW Commissioner’ … the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion himself, Terry Funk!! We already know two of Bischoff’s team, as Foley indicated that dominant WWE Champion The Big Show and Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito would HAVE to step up to the plate. At the end of the show it was also confirmed that former WWE Champion Kurt Angle had agreed to fight on Funk’s ECW team, turning his back on Raw. With seven positions still to be filled on both teams, what will Bischoff and Funk have in store for us this Monday night??

Following the heinous, despicable, and downright cowardly actions of Shawn Michaels last week, when he pulled a fan -- a young boy no less -- out of the crowd to use as a human shield against the furious Kurt Angle, the Board of Directors have unsurprisingly suspended ‘The Artist formely known as The Heartbreak Kid’ for one week. Last week, during his chillingly bitter address to the crowd, Michaels announced that he would indeed face the returning John Cena at Vengeance. We will have an update on Cena’s recovery.

Despite a valiant effort, last week Charlie Haas came up just short in his effort to avenge his tag team champion partner, Shelton Benjamin’s injury at the hands of The Sons of Samoa. Umaga continued his undefeated run, as he put down one of his opponents at Vengeance with the lethal Samoan Spike, but this week it’s Samu’s turn. The Samoan Cannonball will face the returning Benjamin in non-title action less than one month away from their World Tag Team Title clash in Charlotte. Will Benjamin be 100%? Find out this Monday night as he faces the biggest challenge of his career.

Speaking of Shelton Benjamin, the talented double champion will also find out who is challenger for the Intercontinental Championship will be at Vengeance. Gregory Helms, Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, and Benjamin’s own parner Charlie Haas will battle it out in a Fatal Four-Way match for the right to face Benjamin. It was originally supposed to be a Five-Way, but Kenny Doane was mysteriously ‘withdrawn’ earlier this week. Regardless, expect a thrilling, fast-paced, athletic contest, as these four men hunt for gold on Raw.

Also, make sure to pay attention to Torrie Wilson this week. Not only is she the object of Carlito’s affections, but the woman with all the answers seemingly when it comes to the Women’s Championship. This week the beautiful blonde will address the eclectic situation surrounding Trish Stratus, Victoria, and the Women’s Champion Mickie James.

All this and more on Monday day RAW, 9/8CT on the USA Network.

Confirmed Matches:

Non-Title | World Tag Team & Int. Chmp. Shelton Benjamin vs. Samu

The Redneck Wrecking Crew are in action

Number One Contender’s Match | Charlie Haas vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters vs. Gregory Helms
*Winners receives an Intercontinental Title match at Vengeance*

Victoria is in action

And; Torrie Wilson addresses the Women’s Championship situation!!

Plus; Eric Bischoff, The Big Show and Carlito have some words for Terry Funk!!




Raw will be posted tomorrow.

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