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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

About time we got another weekly show from you. Nice basic way to kick us off, showing Show as the new champ, which is pretty damn huge and should be epic.

Starting off the show in the arena with an irate Angle following last week’s events seems the logical way to go if not with Show. The intensity of Angle not even waiting for his music and just straight out calling Triple H out. The aggression showcased in the little brawl was pretty damn awesome until they were split up, making for some excitement. Foley coming out was certainly a surprise, although I like the idea of him as an authority figure, with him really stamping his authority immediately. Foley being against Bischoff sets him right up as a face, and I liked him trying to talk s Bischoff running down Foley was good too, before we got a plethora of announcements which I like, although having a title match again tonight is a little surprising since that’s a WWE Title match on two straight RAWs. The matches for One Night Stand and Vengeance should also be good, as should this ECW Commissioner. Really liked the way this show was kicked off, addressing the main situations surrounding the WWE Title, as well as giving us a lot of new things to look forward to. Exciting start.

Was confused by what Grisham said to Haas at the start, especially since he didn’t ask him any questions, thus not really making it an interview. Haas was straight forward here, nothing really interesting, but getting his point across just fine with no real fuss about it.

A nice way to kick things off wrestling-wise with two of your midcarders who can certainly go. Doane’s ladder match with Shelton was last week? It’s been that long since the last RAW that I had forgotten. Nice little basic match to kick the show off, keeping Kenny looking strong despite a loss last week. Five way for next week sounds interesting too.

Again, this seemed kind of awkward as an ‘interview’, but I guess this is something you’re doing with Grisham, rather than asking the obvious questions. A decent little promo from ‘Lito, not really saying anything of substance, but giving some hype to the match later tonight which I’m fine with.

Ugh, I hate when matches start during commercial breaks. Something I never like to see irl, so something I don’t like to see in BTB either. The detail in this match is pretty nice to see, with ‘Mags looking pretty good up until Haas’ comeback with the sleeper which fits him well, only for the pretty awesome snapmare onto the steel steps. The match progressed pretty well, making both men look good enough, Haas for his speed and smarts, while Umaga kicking out at one from the German makes him look like the beast that he is. The finish of the match was nice enough, finishing off a good midcard matches which accentuates the talents of both people.

Helms and Chavo are a team? Never knew they were anything more than loosely aligned by a hatred of Carlito, but I guess an extra team of two midcarders can work in your favour in the future for the tag division. Nice enough promo, showing some good attitude out of Helms, with a very clever last line too.

Grisham is working hard tonight, eh? I liked this promo here, but for more than just the of Estrada, that was as good as ever. Instead, what I liked more about it was that you did a good job of not just putting over the monsters, but also Haas, making his effort seem great. The match made for next week is certainly a very nice one too, and one to look forward to.

First of all, I love the bearded Michaels. Makes for a good look for him as a heel imo. The concept behind this promo was pretty damn great, with Michaels’ explanation for turning on the fans making great sense, although I would have liked Michaels to say the fans liked him because he was the best, not just because of his looks. I think the promo could have still worked that way, and this kind of made the wrestling side seem a little too insignificant for my liking. Still, the fans ‘choosing’ Cena and thus Michaels turning on them and Cena works very well for mine, as does the way you finished with Michaels laying down the gauntlet to Cena and being done with the fans. The thing with the kid may have been a little much afterwards, but I guess you enjoy pushing the envelope.

First promo I haven’t really enjoyed on this show with Mickie, as it seemed a bit ... odd, I guess. Mickie’s character, despite the continued focus on Trish and Victoria, still seemed a bit off, especially with how formal she sounded in parts. I know you’ve gone about Mickie’s heel turn differently to real life, but some of these things I couldn’t see coming from Mickie.

Really nice match here from Helms and ‘Lito, with some fast paced action making for some exciting stuff, and the smarts of ‘Lito being accentuated well. Another nice chapter in the saga between these two, which hopefully ‘Lito will finish off with a clean win to keep his ascent up the ladder going.

Nice promo from Tripper, tying him and Michaels together to really make all the main eventers seem connected, despite their different little stories. The rest of the promo was pretty good, giving us our standard Triple H wanting the gold type of stuff, but also with the required passion to make it a good promo.

Nice win for The Crew here, although it seems like they’ve been treading water for almost too long here. They need a feud, any feud, to keep them interesting, stat.

Another nice little promo from Angle, even if perhaps unnecessary. Showing his intensity well, as per usual.

One Night Stand is shaping up well. Looking forward to it.

The main event started logically, with Triple H and Angle working together despite their hatred early, while also allowing Show to look like the dominating monster that he is, before we get the altercation we wanted at the start of the show. The match was exciting from here, making use of the three men and keeping things going with a really good flow to it, especially the spot which led to all three men going down. I like that you did a few different things too, with Show heading up in the corner, in amongst the chaos of finishers everywhere with the heightened excitement. The action continued very nicely up until the first fall, with Tripper being the first eliminated to a roll up from Angle, which I can’t say was a surprise as we now know we get Angle vs. Show at Vengeance. The action afterwards, unsurprisingly wasn’t long, although I liked how you worked in a spot from last week. Unsure about Show being so dominating against Angle considering they’ve got another match coming, although I guess it leaves your champion looking strong.

Terry Funk? That’s a pretty damn awesome choice for commissioner, as the Funker is all kinds of great. Playing on the friendship between Funk and Foley was good, while the promo from Funk, owning Bischoff and leading to an absolutely awesome announcement of not just War Games, but also the stipulation behind it is all kinds of great. Awesome way to finish the show.

As a whole, this was a very nice show, with yet another stacked card delivering, making for very exciting stuff. With Terry Funk sharing duties with Bischoff, you’ve got heaps of potential for the leadup to ECW One Night Stand, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with both that and Vengenace.

SmackDown! Feedback

Starting with Shane and Steph already in the ring? I like you trying to address Judgment Day on Shane’s part to start the show. Small thing, but Judgment Day wasn’t last night. Surprised to see you address ‘Taker being gone right away, especially by Shane McMahon, although I guess it makes Lashley look like a million bucks. Looking forward to what he and Heyman have to say on the matter next week. Kind of disappointed in just a fine for the men who interfered, as I thought we would see something that made a difference to tonight’s show, although it’s a reasonable way to go about things. The tournament you’ve got going sounds good, and the way you explained it was good too, but I’m not sure about the whole reading of the matches off as a list, as I like the shock factor more myself. A few of the matches look really good, namely Albright/London, Noble/Finlay, Nitro/Kash, and ‘Tista/Mysterio. Edge interrupting is good to see, as he’s had some nice chemistry with the McMahons in this thread. This wasn’t the best we’ve seen, but the promo was solid enough, with Edge showing his arrogance, only for the McMahons to bite back. Surprised we’re seeing another world title match here tonight, as the titles are being defended almost too much as of late, but it should prove for an interesting main event.

Pretty basic promo from Rey, although there was nothing really wrong with it. The challenge from Mysterio to Malenko makes for a damn good match, as do the two lucha matches next week. One Night Stand and SmackDown! next week are all shaping up really nicely, especially with another world title match set to come at One Night Stand.

Nice way to kick off the match with the heels attacking, before settling this down into a regular tag match. Things progressed pretty well here with a nice, simple match, and a pretty shocking ending, although I guess you need to give Holly some credibility if you’re going to utilise him in a feud. Noble’s beatdown after the match makes sense in a way, although I would have liked to have seen him disappointed rather than angry tonight. The Awesome Bomb from Albright was maybe a little much too, but I guess it makes him look good, even in defeat.

Decent enough promo from Regal, I guess as a way to get him on the show and give him a chance to heel it up, which wasn’t bad. I thought you maybe tried to overdo how snobby Regal is, but still, a solid enough promo.

Two straight segments for Romero, eh? Tough night at the office. Pretty nice promo from Holly to keep him looking good, playing up his tough guy gimmick well, and laying down a very interesting challenge. Looking forward to the match, which will no doubt take place.

Ehh, if The Bluebloods are on commentary I don’t really see the point of having them cut the promo before. Makes it seem kind of meaningless. Liked the way you had lots of tags at the beginning of the match, making for some good teamwork, before the match slowed down and built up to a very exciting ending, showcasing London & Kendrick well, utilising The Basham Brothers well as well.

Nice to see you keeping Lashley in our minds, showing his ownage of ‘Taker.

Poor Funaki, seems to find himself jobbing to Kennedy frequently. (Sidenote: @ JBL’s outburst.) Hardy attacking Kennedy post-match keeps the heat in their feud up, and while Layfield attacking Hardy tonight, instead of in the past, seems kind of random, I guess they do have some heat between them still.

The strike ends? A bit disappointed that it just ended here and now, as I thought it would actually go somewhere. Punk being the man to accept Layfield’s challenge is pretty cool, giving him the ball right away. Layfield’s reaction to Punk was pretty good, showing his cockiness, while also giving Punk a chance to bite right back on debut. I thought you did a pretty good job with Punk, playing up his straight edge lifestyle well in a face kind of way and really establishing him as a face. JBL attacking Punk is a good way to kick it off too, putting him in a position for sympathy right away. I like the way you went about the match, showcasing Punk’s moveset well, while also making him look good but surviving all of Layfield’s best stuff, like the fallaway slam over the top rope and the two Clothesline From Hells. Pretty great debut for a guy, especially considering he made Layfield tap which makes it look all the more impressive.

Ehh, basic little promo from Kid Kash, which while perhaps not necessary, at least gives us his thoughts on another match for Noble, even if the reaction was predictable.

Another nice little promo, this time from Finlay. A bit of hype for the world title main event, which isn’t a bad thing.

Ugh, three straight interviews is getting towards a bit too much, imo. Promo from Albright was pretty nice, making him look like a badass in his reply to Holly. Really liked the threat of him saying he’ll break Holly’s arm. Good to see him also addressing the world title situation too, even if he’s no real chance at winning at SNME if he makes it there.

Well, I said three straight interviews were too many, so you know what I’m going to say about four. Only a small promo from Batista, which is probably for the best, although I would have liked something from him about losing the title in Chicago so he would win it back there in the main event.

Start to the match seemed a bit awkward with the double thumb to the eye, as it made Batista and Rey look a bit stupid to fall for it. The action did pick up from there though, as after the first few moments it felt like the flow of the match came together. The match certainly only got better following the dive to the outside from Mysterio, as even though there was very little selling, it was kept exciting throughout. The finish was the expected one, with Batista yet again falling short while Mysterio was protected from the pinfall, and it was done pretty well. As for Lance Storm challenging Edge next – well, that’s all kinds of awesome. Storm is the fucking man, so I look forward to it. Pretty epic way to finish the show.

To be honest, I didn’t think SmackDown! was quite up to the standard of RAW. After seeing Shane call SmackDown! the show with the superior wrestling, we saw too much talking for my liking. It just felt like a few promos weren’t needed, as the matches were long enough to cover the time anyway. Still, it was a pretty good show, continuing the build to One Night Stand with some awesome matches announced (Storm vs. Edge and Mysterio vs. Malenko both scream greatness) and a tournament to look forward to in the coming weeks on SmackDown!. I’m up to date now, so keep the shows coming, please.

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