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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen


Friday Night SmackDown!- May 26th, 2006; Chicago, Illinois

…you just called out your worst nightmare.


Instead of starting with the usual SmackDown! intro, the entire SD roster, give or take a few (e.g. Edge, Lashley, ‘Taker, Hardy, MNM, etc.) stands on the apron surrounding the ring with Shane and Stephanie McMahon already waiting in the ring, music playing. There is an army of security guards present too. Shane, dressed in a tieless grey suit, holds a clipboard in his right hand and a microphone in his left, while Steph wears the far sexier female equivalent. The McMahon’s music dies down, and Shane brings the microphone up.

Shane McMahon:
Hello, everybody, and welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!

~ Crowd cheers

Shane McMahon:
Last Sunday at Judgment Day … I think I can safely say that us guys over here on Friday Night’s showed Eric Bischoff and his cronies over on that … other show exactly how to do a pay per view. Sure, last night was off the charts … but that doesn’t mean it was without controversy.

~ Mixed reaction for Shane’s gusto.

Shane McMahon:
First things first I’ve been given the unfortunate task of announcing … that The Undertaker … is gone and he is never coming back!

~ Astounding heat for this revelation, with the camera even showing us a few sad faces in the audience, while the wrestlers around the apron react diversely.

Shane McMahon:
Yeah, yeah …I don’t like it either. I know how you feel. I grew up watching The Deadman do his thing and I was looking forward to being his boss … for a little while anyway. But unfortunately … last night The Undertaker was severely injured … at the hands … of Bobby Lashley.

~ Boos fill the arena at the mention of the monstrous Lashley, as a sorrowful looking Shan O’ Mac shakes his head sadly.

Shane McMahon:
Now I don’t want to sound too harsh but as the old saying goes - “The show must go on” and that’s exactly what it will do. The Undertaker is the last guy walking the face of the earth who’d want you to cry for him … so don’t you dare.

~ William Regal mutters something to Paul Burchill, getting a chuckle from his fellow tag team champion.

Shane McMahon:
As for Mr. Lashley, and his agent Paul Heyman-

~ Immediate boos.

Shane McMahon:
They are not here tonight. Mr. Heyman has requested this night off for his client to allow the fans their period of mourning for The Undertaker.

~ Shane scoffs, as the crowd boos some more.

Shane McMahon:
They will both be back next week, when they will address the fans and superstars of Friday Night SmackDown directly.

~ Shot of Batista’s uninterested face.

Shane McMahon:
Which brings me … to Judgment Day’s World Heavyweight Title match.

~ Boos from everyone who knows what went down.

Shane McMahon:
Trust me you don’t have to tell me I was right there I saw everything.

~ McMahon quickly unfolds a letter from his back pocket.

Shane McMahon:
As a result of last Sunday’s World Heavyweight Championship match the following SmackDown! employees have been issued fines of up to twenty-five-hundred dollars Booker T (crowd boos), Finlay (crowd boos), Batista (crowd pops), Hardcore Holly (small pop), Brent Albright (crowd boos), Jamie Noble (crowd pops), Kid Kash (crowd boos), The Bluebloods (crowd boos), Paul London and Brian Kendrick (crowd pops), and Mr. Kennedy.

~ Heat for Kennedy. Differing reactions for each of the names, with the heels throwing fits on the apron.

Shane McMahon:
Get involved in a World Championship match and there will be repercussions, gentlemen. As a result of the actions of all of the aforementioned individuals the WWE’s Board of Director’s have decided to take action.

~ Shane turns to the camera.

Shane McMahon:
Tonight … right here and now, I’m going to be announcing what the board has decided. They have become sick of this “Anarchy Era” label which this show has been stuck with since WrestleMania, and that’s why we’ve called the entire SmackDown! locker room out here to the ring … because I want them to hear this first hand.

~ Small applause for this, with some quick shots of various members of the roster around the ring, namely champions such as The Bluebloods, Mysterio, and Kid Kash.

Shane McMahon:
I’m announcing tonight … the ‘Friday Night SmackDown! Great American Contender’s Tournament’ … which is actually much more simple than it sounds … myself and Stephanie have selected the twelve top superstars on this roster and, beginning next week, and leading all the way up to our next Pay Per View in on July 23rd, The Great American Bash -- we’re going to have six matches. The winners of those six matches will advance to a Six Way Elimination Match at Saturday Night’s Main Event on July 15th … with the winner receiving a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at The Great American Bash!

~ “Ooh’s” and “ah’s” from the crowd, as men such as Booker T and Brent Albright’s eyes light up.

Shane McMahon:
If you lose, you go to the back of the line … if you win, you advance … and once again, this is a fresh start. It’s what the Board of Directors wanted after the fiasco that was Judgment Day. Everybody just needs to calm down … and focus on getting yourself a shot at the biggest prize in this industry;

~ Cheers, as Steph steps forward, holding up the clipboard.

Stephanie McMahon:
I have here in my hand … the Great American Tournament matches. We settled on them just last night in fact.

~ Everyone, both the crowd and the superstars begin to buzz excitedly.

Stephanie McMahon: (Reading)
The first match … in the ‘Friday Night SmackDown! Great American Contender’s Tournament’ … it will be … … Paul London (crowd pops) … he will face none other … than ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright!

~ Boos, as Albright smirks at an excited London.

Stephanie McMahon:
Another match … Hardcore Holly (small pop) … will be taking on … Mr. Kennedy!

~ Big-time heat, as Kennedy waves arrogantly at his opponent.

Stephanie McMahon:
Jamie Noble-

~ Tremendous response for Noble, cutting Steph off in mid-sentence. Jamie high fives a couple of his buddies like Shannon Moore, Mysterio, etc., as Kid Kash scowls at him.

Stephanie McMahon:
…Will take on none other … than ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay!

~ Monstrous boos for the brutish Irishman, who points at Noble with his shillelagh.

Stephanie McMahon:
Our next match up sees Johnny Nitro (mixed reaction) … going up against the NEW Cruiserweight Champion … ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ Kid Kash!

~ Heat for Kash who twirls his ‘tache arrogantly, while Nitro is nowhere to be seen.

Stephanie McMahon:
Booker T-

~ Steph is cut off once again, this time with the largest heat of the evening, as Booker arrogantly raises his pinkie into the air, and Sharmell gloats, “My man!”

Stephanie McMahon:
…You will be competing for a spot in the tournament final … against the returning … Matt Hardy!

~ Wonderful ovation for the injured superstar, as Booker’s smile quickly disappears, and we get a brief glimpse of a smirking Mr. Kennedy.

Stephanie McMahon:
And the final match in the Great American tournament -- both of these men are no stranger to World Titles and World Title matches… I think they could have great chemistry with one another … I’m excited to see the outcome … when ‘The Animal’ Batista-

~ Big pop for The Animal, who remains stoic behind his shades.

Stephanie McMahon:
…Goes one on one … … with the United States Champion Rey Mysterio!!!

~ “Oh’s” and cheers from the crowd, as Big Dave turns his head slowly to look at his former tag team partner, who just looks right back with a half-smile on his face.

Stephanie McMahon:
Gentlemen, I’ll reiterate both for your benefit and that of the fans … you win, you advance to the Six Man Elimination Match at Saturday Night’s Main Event … you lose, you’re out of the title picture. Only the winner of the tournament will be eligible to challenge for the World Title, currently held by Edge -- who seems to consider himself above a direct order from myself.

~ Boos for the absent World Champion.

Stephanie McMahon:
But that’s his funeral. I’m sick of his attitude, and I’m sick of him. I’ll deal with him later. As for the rest of you … on behalf of the entire McMahon family … good luck … and please … don’t screw this up.

~ Steph nods at Shane, mouthing, “Are we done?” to which her brother replies with a casual thumbs up, as the crowd applauds. The wrestlers buzz excitedly, and the co-General Managers turn to leave…


Both Shane and Steph stop, rolling their eyes angrily, while the SmackDown! roster do much the same , turning their attention towards the stage, and soon enough, Edge, the World Heavyweight Champion himself, steps out, accompanied as ever by the lovely Lita.

Michael Cole:
Oh my! As predictable as always, here comes the World Heavyweight Champion.

Predictably late, Cole?

John Bradshaw Layfield:
No, predictable like a jackass, Tazz. Let’s face it, boys, the days of having a respectable World Champion like yours truly are long gone.

The Rated R Superstar wears shades, a rather snazzy leather jacket, jeans, and sports the World Title over his shoulder, and Lita wears hardly anything at all. Edge enters the ring, and has Lita fetch him a microphone, which she soon brings back.

Shane McMahon:
Uh, nice of you to join us, champ … but … unfortunately for you … this meeting is adjourned.

~ Edge smiles.

No, boss … the meeting only begins… (rubs his title) when the champ … is … here.

~ Heat for Edge’s mockery of Cena, as he wags his head from side to side idiotically, and Shane grins wryly.

Y’know, Shane O … before now I’d never read much into all the rumours surrounding the famous, uh… (air quotes) “McMahon Ego”. But you and your little sis here? … You’ve changed my mind.

~ Boos from the crowd.

‘Cause you know, ever since you came here to Friday SmackDown! … the two of you have been doing your best to get this belt from around my waist -- unsuccessfully I might add -- stackin’ the deck against me each and every week. But allow me to let the two of you in on a little secret … as much as you might want it to happen … IT’S NEVER GOING TO!!

~ Shane raises an eyebrow, as the World Heavyweight Champion slowly holds his hand.

I’ll enlighten you why that is shall I. First of all … I’m a Canadian … and Canadian’s always win.

~ “Oh really?” mouths Shane, as the crowd boos.

Yeah, really. Next … my girlfriend … is much hotter… (Nods at Steph) than yours–

~ OH!; Big-time heat immediately cuts the champ off, as Stephanie flails here arms in the air at Edge’s disgusting ranting.

And last but certainly not least … ‘cause I … am simply … better … than … you.

~ As the boos pour in, a chuckling Shane ‘O Mac brings his mic back up, looking at the crowd.

Shane McMahon:
No, no, no, hold on, hold on … if you think that’s running your mouth … now it’s my turn.

~ Shane takes a step towards the champ.

Shane McMahon:
The reason why the Board of Directors came to Stephanie and myself in the first place, Edge … is because of the way you’ve been conducting yourself as champion. Sure, you beat The Undertaker … with a fistful of ropes! Sure, you beat Rey Mysterio last Sunday … after a twenty man brawl -- or however many it was! You’ve put your hands on me, you’ve disrespected my sister, you’ve shown nothing but contempt for this show since you first arrived in March, and quite frankly, it’s going to stop right, now!

~ Huge cheers from the fans, as Edge screws up his face bitterly.

Shane McMahon:
Am I making myself perfectly clear?

~ Edge removes his shades and hangs them on his jacket.

Shane McMahon:
This isn’t Monday Night Raw. If you’d wanted a shallow brand without any real competition … you should’ve stuck with Eric Bischoff! Here on SmackDown? We’re all about professional wrestling on Friday nights!

Edge: (Hand up)
Woah, woah, woah, hold on a second! First of all I think Kurt Angle and John Cena would object to you calling them shallow!

~ Laughs from the crowd.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean I disagree.

~ No one is buying Edge’s bullshit at all and it starts to get under the skin of the frenzied World Champion.

But y’know what? Shane, I’ve always been a fighting champion … you don’t get to be The Rated R Superstar without being a fighting champion … I don’t care which bum you wanna throw at me next -- y’know what? Screw it … I’m gonna prove you wrong, Shane. If you don’t think I’m an honourable champion … then you pick any one of these clowns here … and I’ll take ’em on right here tonight!!

~ Great response from the crowd, as Shane smirks, and Edge remains antsy.

Shane McMahon:
Right here tonight … right on this program?

No problem! (Waving his arm at the roster) You just name ‘im!

Shane McMahon:
Well, it’s funny you happen to mention that … because you are gonna defend the World Title … right here in this ring in Chi-Town tonight.

~ Another big pop, as Edge shouts, “Fine! Fine! No problem!” while various members of the roster try to make themselves known to the McMahon’s.

Shane McMahon:
You will defend the World Title … … against a man who I feel was robbed at Judgment Day … Rey Mysterio!!

~ Tremendous response, as you’d expect, for the United States Champion, who pumps his fist and points threateningly at the man who defeated him last Sunday at Judgment Day.

Edge: (Getting in Rey’s face)
Fine by me! Walk in the freakin’ park! I’ll finish what I started Sunday, Rey-Rey–

~ Shane pats Edge on the shoulder, causing him to turn back around angrily.

Shane McMahon:
Just- Just hold on a second. Against Rey Mysterio … … AND Finlay!!

~ Another good pop from the crowd at the deck being stacked against the champ, though there is still some heat for the Fighting Irishman, who points his shillelagh in a slightly less confident Edge’s face.

That- that’s g- great! You two chumpstains got nothing on me!

~ Steph quickly takes the mic.

Stephanie McMahon:
Hold on, champ. You keep underestimating us, Edge. I wouldn’t ever do that to a McMahon If I were you. My brother was about to say “Against Rey Mysterio … and Finlay … … … AAAAAND BATISTA … IN A FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH!! FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!! RIGHT HERE TONIGHT!!”

~ Chicago absolutely ERUPTS, as the ultra-popular Animal smirks threateningly, as other superstars pat him on the back, and Edge’s attitude changes quickly to bitch fit mode as he screams in McMahon’s face, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I’M A STAR!”, only for Steph to smile. Shane looks slightly disgruntled, as the siblings make their exit from the ring.

Michael Cole:
Oh my, what an announcement by our co-General Managers! Edge is in trouble tonight!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Good. I hope Finlay shoves that shillelagh right where the sun don’t shine and takes that World Title tonight, ‘cause I tell you something I can’t take another day with that blonde haired wiseass walking around with MY belt!

No secret who JBL is pullin’ for in this one then. Get ready, folks, you’re in for a wild ride on SmackDown tonight, baby.

As Edge clutches his title belt closely, and Lita tries to console him … all three of his challengers for tonight slowly step through the ropes from all sides, almost surrounding the petrified World Champion, who begins to back away very quickly…


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Josh Matthews stands by with the United States Champion Rey Mysterio.

Josh Matthews:
We are back here on Friday Night SmackDown!, with my guest, one of three men who will be challenging Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship later tonight, the United States Champion Rey Mysterio. But last Sunday, Rey, at Judgment Day you came close to winning the World Heavyweight Championship. I have to ask, how are feeling after that?

~ Mysterio smiles ruefully, adjusting his mask.

Rey Mysterio:
Yeah- yeah, what can I say, Josh? I did my best at Judgment Day…I beat three of the best this business has to offer -- including my good friend Dave Batista -- but at the end of the day, I guess it was Edge’s night … this time.

~ Josh nods in agreement.

Rey Mysterio:
And I know a lot of people might not like the way the McMahon’s have been runnin’ this show lately … but I- I just wanna say… (kisses his hands and points at the screen) gracias, hermano. Usted ha hecho la cosa correcta. You’ve done the right thing, man.

~ Small pop.

Rey Mysterio:
One more shot is all I ask, and you’ve given me that. Sure, this time I’ve got Finlay and ma posee la familia Dave Batista to get past … but that doesn’t bother me. I feel blessed to be competing for the World Title once again … and this time, Prometo, I promise … I’m gonna win.

~ Matthews smiles, looking to have no more questions, until Rey motions for him to bring the microphone to him, not quite finished speaking yet.

Rey Mysterio:
I’d also like to mention that comin’ atcha’ from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on June 11th is a little thing … called ECW One Night Stand—


Rey Mysterio:
In case you didn’t know, ECW was my first home in professional wrestling in the US, and I’ve been asked to compete there once again. Only this time I get to pick my opponent.

~ Nice pop from the crowd, wondering who Mysterio could possibly have in mind.

Rey Mysterio:
Dean Malenko, I have as much respect for you as for anyone else in this business. We got to tear it up in WCW back in the day, but, unfortunately, our paths never crossed in ECW. I know you hung ‘em up, Dean, but how about you come out of retirement just for one night to lock it up with me one more time and give these people somethin’ special?

~ Another nice pop, as even Matthews looks impressed at the mouth-watering prospect of another Mysterio/Malenko encounter.

Rey Mysterio:
Take as long as you want, man. I’ll be here next week, ‘cause I’m gonna be facin’ the man I beat at last year’s One Night Stand, another good friend of mine, Psicosis … whether I’m the World Heavyweight Champion or not. We’re gonna tear it up for real, Dean … so I hope you’ll be watchin’.

~ Rey nods at Josh and turns as though to leave … until, all of a sudden, Super Crazy comes running up to him, babbling away in Spanish. He motions for Matthews to bring the mic down to him, which does.

Super Crazy:
Estuve en ECW también como Rey Mysterio. Quiero publicarle un desafío abierto a cualquiera para un igual en Una Mesita de noche!!

~ Crazy finishes and grins, appearing very pleased with himself. The crowd laughs, as Josh Matthews’ eyes open wide.

Josh Matthews:

Rey Mysterio: (Laughing)
It’s okay, Josh. He said, “He was in ECW too, just like Rey Mysterio. He wants to issue an…” (turns to Crazy) abra desafío?

~ Crazy nods frantically, saying “Sí, Sí.”

Rey Mysterio: (Nodding)
He wants to issue an open challenge to anyone for a match at One Night Stand…

~ The Insane Luchador catches Mysterio by the sleeve, whispering something in his ear quickly.

Rey Mysterio: (Nodding)
Gotcha’. (Back to Josh) And next week he’s gonna be facin’ another ex-ECW wrestler, and his teammate in The Mexicools, Juventud Guerrera. (to Crazy) ¿Bueno?

~ Crazy nods and the two men shake hands and embrace, before walking off camera together, leaving Josh Matthews to summarise.

Josh Matthews:
Two more huge matches possibly signed for ECW One Night Stand, and two tremendous bouts set for next week, right here on Friday Night SmackDown!, with the fatal four way match for the World title still to come. Let’s get back to the action.

*Back to ringside*

John Bradshaw Layfield:
I might not like the man, Michael, but Rey Mysterio sure knows how to pick ‘em. Those two matches have “classic” written all over them.

Michael Cole: Definitely some tremendous match ups… but that’s not all. We’ve just learned from the McMahon’s office, that also at ECW One Night Stand the World Heavyweight Championship will be defended against a former ECW wrestler. Now, it could be Edge, it could be Batista, it could be Finlay, or it could very well be Rey Mysterio putting the title on the line against, hopefully, his friend Dean Malenko. It all depends how tonight’s fatal four way match for the World title goes!!

1 - Tag Team Match
Hardcore Holly & Jamie Noble
vs.Cruiserweight ChampKid Kash & Brent Albright

As soon as the bell sounds, the despicable duo of Kid Kash and Brent Albright charge across the ring, attacking the men they defeated last Sunday at Judgment Day immediately! As Albright and Holly brawl through the ropes to the outside, Kash attacks Jamie Noble with some wicked knife edge chops, before launching the masked man into the ropes and catching him on the way back with a beautiful double leg lariat right to the face!

After a near fall, The Notorious K.I.D takes Noble back into the corner, lighting the Pit-bull up with more devastating blows, as both Albright and Holly take their places on the aprons of their respective corners.

Noble tries to fire back with some right hands, but is fooled by the wily Kash, who feigns a shot, causing Noble to instantly cover up, only for Kid to go downstairs instead! Kash leads Jamie Noble over to his corner and tags in Brent Albright. The diabolic duo launch Noble into the ropes, with The Notorious K.I.D falling on his belly, causing the Pit-bull to skip right over him – right into a wicked chop from Albright, wiping him out!
1 … 2 … NO!! Kash leaves the ring, as Albright scores another near fall. Tossing Noble into the ropes once more, The Shooter lowers his head for the back body drop, only for Noble to kick him right in the face, before wiping him out with a Leaping Leg Lariat! 1 … 2 … NO!! The Pit-bull manages to score a close fall, and he drags Albright over to his team’s corner, tagging in Hardcore Holly for the first time in the match.

Bob Holly lays into Albright in the corner, until the explosive Shooter begins to battle his way out, trading forearms with the Alabama veteran in the centre of the ring. Holly starts to get the better of the exchange and hits the ropes
only for Kid Kash to chop him right across the back of the neck! The Alabama Slamma angrily whirls around, taking a shot at the Cruiserweight Champion, but the savvy ECW alumnus quickly drops out of the way, and Holly gets caught from behind - BIG GERMAN SUPLEX FROM ALBRIGHT, DUMPING HOLLY RIGHT ON HIS HEAD!!

Albright quickly hooks the leg.
1 … 2 … NO!! After the closest fall of the match thus far, Albright beats Holly back into his team’s corner with another series of crackling chops, before tagging in Kash, who continues to work over the tag champion. Lifting Holly up, The Notorious K.I.D embodies the brilliant Chris Jericho, racing at the ropes, back flipping off the middle one and CRASHING DOWN ONTO HOLLY WITH THE LIONSAULT!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Another two count for Kash and co., as Holly gets his shoulder up at the last second. Kid takes The Alabama Slamma back into the corner, tagging in Albright once more, and both men begin to work over the already beet red chest of Holly with an alternating flurry of knife edge chops, kicks, European uppercuts etc. etc., which the crowd loves every second off,
“Ooohing” and “Wooing” with each one! After about twenty such blows, Holly finally collapses in the corner, struggling for breath, and referee Charles Robinson gets Kash out of the ring. As Albright lifts Holly back up, The Alabama Slamma digs down deep, fighting out of the corner with a flurry of forearms
before The Shooter cuts him off with a knee to the mid section. The Shooter sends Holly into the far corner, before charging ahead, flattening Bob against the turnbuckle! As Holly stumbles out, Albright grabs him - HURLING OVERHEAD WITH A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!

1 … 2 … NO!!
After another near fall a frustrated Albright races across the ring and knocks Noble off the apron, causing the Pit-bull to try and enter the ring, distracting the referee, and allowing Albright to bring in Kash for some double team work. Scooping Holly up, Albright dumps him right across Kash’s exposed knee for the backbreaker!!

Henson turns around.
1 … 2 … NO!! The Notorious K.I.D gets another two count. Holly tries to fight back, but it just leads to him being forced back into Kash & Albright’s corner once more, as Albright comes back in. Bob makes a desperate attempt to get across the ring to Jamie Noble but Albright grabs him, dragging him back, and dropping him once more on his head with a Belly-to-back Suplex!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Another near fall. Kash comes back in and continues to work over a weary Hardcore Holly, eventually looking to do some serious damage with the DEAD LEVEL - but Holly blocks, and takes The Notorious K.I.D’s head off with a THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!

After a struggle, both Holly and Kash make the tags, with Jamie Noble flying off the top rope with a cross body right onto Albright, before knocking Kash off the apron, and then catching Albright once more, this time with a spinning arm drag variation! He lifts Albright up and hits the ropes, laying the youngster out with another leaping kick right to the face, only getting a two count though!! Taking Albright’ wrist, Noble runs up the turnbuckle and leaps off – ALBRIGHT LARIATS HIM HALF RIGHT OUT OF MID AIR!!

Wasting no time, Albright quickly tags in Kid Kash again, who rushes in, grabs Noble, and ANNIHILATES HIM WITH THE MONEY MAKEY!! HE COVERS!




Kash looks for the DEAD LEVEL -- but Holly comes back in to break it up. Albright enters too, but Holly quickly pitches him to the outside. Holly sends Kash into the far corner, before racing in -- only to be elevated up and over onto the apron -- but Kash gets WIPED OUT BY A RUNNING BOOT IN THE CORNER FROM NOBLE!! Kid collapses to the canvas, as the Pit-bull turns, runs, and LAUNCHES HIMSELF THROUGH THE ROPES WITH A HUGE TOPE SUICIDA RIGHT INTO BRENT ALBRIGHT!!

Back inside the ring, Bob is perched up top, with Kid Kash down centre of the ring, and Holly flies – CRASHING ONTO THE NOTORIOUS K.I.D WITH DIVING, MACHO MAN-STYLE ELBOW!!!

Holly makes the cover ... but Kash STILL kicks out at the last possible second! Lifting Kid back up, Holly SETS HIM UP FOR THE ALABAMA SLAM -- but Kash spins out of it, connecting with a reprehensible THUMB TO THE EYE!! Now it’s Kash’s turn, as he ATTEMPTS THE DEAD LEVEL ON THE BIG MAN -- but HOLLY FIGHTS OUT OF IT, landing back down, driving his boot right into the crotch of Kash, before grabbing his legs, lifting him into the air, spinning, and DRIVING HIM SPINE-FIRST INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE DEVASTATING ALABAMA SLAM!! THE CROWD GOES NUTS, AS HOLLY MAKES THE COVER!!




Winners - Hardcore Holly & Jamie Noble via pin fall at 9:01.

The crowd delivers a strong ovation, as the weary Bob Holly falls away from the cover, having just earned his biggest victory in a long time. Shortly after, Jamie Noble re-enters the ring, barely even acknowledging his partner, as he makes a beeline right for Kid Kash!!

The Cruiserweight Champion is barely conscious and in no fit condition to put up a fight as the furious former champion advances on him, shoving referee Charles Robinson down in the process! Noble makes a lunge at The Notorious K.I.D … BRENT ALBRIGHT BLASTS HIM FROM BEHIND!!

Noble goes down hard from the blow to the back of his head, and a stunned Hardcore Holly is slow to react, as Albright quickly whirls around, drilling ol’ Bob with a hard boot to the gut, before grabbing him, racing forward, and HURLING HIM SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST!!!

Furiously, The Shooter, cheered on by his valet at ringside, beats his chest, yelling into the crowd, “I’M THE MAN! NOT HIM!” Snatching the dazed Noble off the canvas, Albright, sticks him in between his legs lifts him up, RACES FORWARD AND LAUNCHES HIM INTO THE CROWD WITH AN AWESOMB BOMB!!!!



Boos and “ooh’s” fill the arena, as Albright stares out at Noble’s limp frame amongst the chairs and (plants) fans of the first few rows, breathing hard, whilst his Michelle McCool joins him, stepping through the ropes.

Michael Cole:
Oh, c’mon! What the hell is wrong with Brent Albright!?

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Nothing at all, Michael, nothing at all. Ha-ha, this is certainly a huge win for Hardcore Holly and Jamie “Ba’ God” Noble but … BUT for me the true impact player is not the man who gets his hand raised but the man who leaves the ring standin’ tall, and tonight that’s the six foot one, two hundred and forty pound Shooter Brent Albright! I love it!

I do too, JBL. I knew this kid was special the second I saw him, baby!

Even in defeat Albright manages to get most of the people in attendance marking out for him. He grabs his jacket from ringside and storms back up the ramp, his smirking valet in tow, leaving a pile of bodies in the ring as we fade out.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Steve Romero is raring to go.

Steve Romero:
Welcome back, everyone, to Friday Night SmackDown! Let’s bring in some more other champions, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bluebloods.

~ The suited duo of William Regal and Paul Burchill, The Bluebloods, enter the set, dressed in suits, carrying their title belts like trophies, with the treacherous Melina at their side.

William Regal:
Now, Steven, my good man … I trust you watched Shane and Miss Stephanie McMahon’s little public address earlier?

Steve Romero:
Uh, sure.

William Regal:
And did you notice any names in particular which were omitted from their list of competitors in The Great American Contender’s Tournament?

Steve Romero:
Uhm … B- Bobby Lashley?

~ Regal flashes Romero a disgusted look, and Melina sighs in the background.

William Regal:
No, Steven … I think you’ll find that you are mistaken. The only two names omitted from the McMahon’s list were “William Regal” and “Paul Burchill.” The United States Champion was there … the Cruiserweight Champion was there … yet myself- myself a former European, Intercontinental and multiple-time tag team champion … was not. How on earth do Shane and Miss Stephanie expect us to respect them … if they continue to disrespect us?

~ Burchill shakes his head.

William Regal:
It’s almost laughable that two of the men we vanquished this past Sunday at Judgment Day have found a way in to the tournament. Young Paul London was unconscious at ringside, whilst Jonathan Nitro(smirks at Melina) was being pinned by my associate here.

~ Melina rubs Burchill’s broad shoulders.

William Regal:
It would appear that this glaring omission is some attempt to try and mend our opponent’s wounded pride. Personally, I cannot fathom how it must feel to have your lady turn her back on you simply because you were not(cups Melina’s chin) What was it you said, my dear … “Man enough?”

~ The crowd boos as Melina nods suggestively back up at Regal.

William Regal:
As the old saying goes, gentlemen … “To the victor go the spoils.” And, gentlemen, not only have we plundered your gold and robbed you of ever being tag team champions again … we have taken your women also. Would you let us know how that feels when you’re competing in our tournament spot please? (to Melina) Come along, my darling.

~ Both Regal and Burchill offer Melina their arm, and the smug trio swagger away off camera.

Steve Romero:
Words from The Bluebloods, William Regal and Paul Burchill. Now, let’s go back to the ring.

*Video Plays*

Narrator: It started out as a dream …

RVD flying over the ropes into Jerry Lynn.

Narrator: That became a reality …

Mike Awesome powerbombing Masato Tanaka.

Narrator: Last year the dream was relived …

Tommy Dreamer crashing through the flaming table.

Narrator: This year it will be reborn …

Sandman brawling through the crowd.

Narrator: This year ‘Extreme’ will live again …

Taz Tazplexing Shane Douglas.

Narrator: This year sees the return …

Sabu killing himself almost, as a voices echoes out.

“Of …”

Quick, wild shots of Dreamer, Sandman, RVD, Funk, Taz, Sabu and Awesome.

“… ECW.”

“ECW One Night Stand, June 11th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*End video*


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Steve Romero stands by with a furious looking Hardcore Holly, who paces up and down, still drenched in perspiration, holding and ice-pack over his injured shoulder.

Steve Romero:
Hardcore Holly, just moments ago … the whole world witnessed the brutal attack on Jamie Noble and yourself by Brent Albright. What’s going through your mind right now?

~ Wincing slightly, Bob steps over to Romero, red in the face, leans into the microphone and speaks directly into the camera in his usual angry, Southerner routine.

Hardcore Holly: (Breathing heavily)
Y’see, Steve, it’s real simple. If somebody wants a fight, I’ll give it to ‘em. If someone wants a fight with Hardcore Holly, I’ll gladly give it to ‘em. And if somebody wants to jump me from behind? Let’s just say he’s gonna get my boot up his ass!

~ Holly rubs his shoulder some more.

Hardcore Holly:
Look, I’m not stupid. Brent Albright, son, you did what very people have been able to do in this business … and that’s make ol’ Hardcore Holly tap out. (claps his hands slowly) Good job. You won the battle, Brent, but if you’re any wrestler worth your salt you’ll know that it ain’t about winnin’ the battles … it’s about winnin’ the WAR … and you- you ain’t done that yet, son, not by a long shot. See, I just beat your ass out there tonight. It might’ve been some other jackass that I dropped on his head, but at the end o’ the day that don’t matter one dime. As far as I’m concerned … I just won ‘Round Two’.

~ Small pop from Holly, as the veteran shows some real fire in his attitude tonight, pumping his fist.

Hardcore Holly:
So, Brent Albright, that only leaves one more thing and that’s ‘Round Three’. Everyone knows that’s the only round anybody’s gonna remember come the end of this, so that means you win this round? Well, I guess you win the war, huh, boy?

~ More cheers for Bob, who nods his head slowly, adjusting the ice pack on his shoulder with a sigh and a wince.

Steve Romero:
So, Hardcore, what’re you asking for?

Hardcore Holly:
Lemme make this real simple. Brent Albright, I want your ass in that ring next week and I want in under MY terms this time.

~ Holly looks pretty excitement at the thought of this, as an intrigued Romero raises the microphone a little closer to Bob’s lips.

Hardcore Holly:
Ya’ll wanna call yourself the next big thing? Well, I got one real easy way for ya to prove it. Next you step into the ring with ol’ Bob Holly one more time, but this time we make it a little more interestin’. This time we make it a Hardcore Match. Let’s see how tough y’are when bendin’ a trash can right over that pretty head of yours!

~ The crowd lets out a great pop at the prospect of such a match next week.

Hardcore Holly:
And as for Mr. Kennedy … and the Great American Contender’s Tournament. Kennedy, it’s been too long since ole’ Bob Holly’s had his name mentioned in the same breath as the World Heavyweight Title … and, boy … I don’t feel like doin’ anymore waitin’.

~ Another small pop, as a satisfied Holly storms out of screenshot mumbling to himself.

Steve Romero: (turning back to the screen)
Well, how about that for next week, folks, a Hardcore Match between Hardcore Holly and the undefeated Brent Albright. We’ll try and get an answer from The Shooter shortly, but right now it’s back to you guys at ring.

*Back to ringside*

2 - Tag Team Match
The Hooligans
vs. The Basham Brothers
*WWE Tag Team Champions, The Bluebloods, & Melina, are on commentary*

With all of the bad blood between these two teams over the past couple of weeks, Paul London and Brian Kendrick don’t let up, as they take the fight to Doug and Danny Basham. The fast paced Hooligans beat JBL’s former stooges all over the ring, before London connects with a THUNDEROUS BOOT IN THE CORNER on the bald headed Doug, and then sends him right into a second rope FLYING LEG LARIAT FROM KENDRICK!!

Spanky pairs off with Danny, as Doug retreats to the apron, quickly tagging London back in. After brutalising Danny with some fast paced offense, London is caught and driven back into the Basham’s den, where Doug tags himself in. Doug goes for the whip but has it reversed, and gets caught right in the mouth with a beautiful dropkick from London!!

Paul quickly tags Kendrick back in, and the little man quickly gets back to working over Doug with his usual technical precision, before, once again, being caught and driven back into the enemy corner, where Danny Basham tags in. The Bashams beat on Spanky in their corner, before Danny tries to go it alone, and finds himself out smarted by the Cruiserweight, who drives him back to friendly territory.

In tags London, and he and Kendrick work over Danny to death! As Doug protests on the apron, London shows his power, CONNECTING WITH AN INVERTED ATOMIC DROP ON DANNY … BEFORE TAKING HIM OVER WITH A HURRICANRANA RIGHT INTO A PIN!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

After the two count, London picks Danny up, but the youngster manages to get a tag to Doug, who quickly comes in, cueing an exchange of shots between he and London. Paul gets the better of the exchange and tags in Brian Kendrick. They work over Doug with a series of quick tags and MUSHROOM STOMPS, for another two count, before London once again tags himself in. He sends Doug into the ropes, but Doug hangs on, quickly elevating his opponent up and over onto the apron. Danny Basham rushes along, looking for the cheap shot, but London kicks him away -- ONLY FOR DOUG BASHAM TO LEAP UP, CONNECTING WITH A VICIOUS KICK OF HIS OWN RIGHT TO THE BACK OF PAUL’S SKULL!!

Cue a large section of dominance from JBL’s ex-men, as Doug and Danny begin to systematically work over the lower extremities of London in their usual ruthless, highly efficient way. After a few minutes of this, London attempts to mount a comeback, but as he hits the ropes -- Danny Basham low bridges the top rope, SENDING HIM CRASHING TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!

With the official distracted by the Bashams, Regal, Burchill and Melina deliver a few cheap shots to London, before Kendrick runs them off. Danny Basham continues to work over London inside the ring, before dropping him down with a hard body slam.

He tags in Doug, and the former tag team champion mockingly ascends the top rope, pointing to his fallen adversary … until Paul jumps up quickly, cutting Doug off, applying the front face lock, and DELIVERING A TORNADO DDT FROM THE TOP!!

After a long struggle, both men are able to tag in their respective partners, and Brian Kendrick comes in like a house of fire; he wipes out Danny Basham with a few high impact dropkicks, before catching him and drilling him down to the canvas with a Hurricanrana of his own! He goes for the Sliced Bread #2 in the corner, but Danny gets a boot up, staggering Kendrick, and then races with another one -- BUT SPANKY WIPES HIM OUT WITH A SUPERKICK!!

Doug Basham tries to save his partner but Paul London quickly cuts him off, knocking him through the ropes to the outside. Kendrick and London whip Danny into the buckle, with London leaping up, NAILING A LEAPING ENZIGUIRI RIGHT TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD … SPANKY FOLLOWS UP WITH ONE OF HIS OWN, ANNIHILATING THEIR OPPONENT!! Danny flops out, and Spanky drops down onto all fours, as London vaults off his back, turning over in mid air with the SHOOTING STAR PRESS ONTO DANNY!! Kendrick goes for the cover. 1 … 2 … NO!! Doug hurriedly breaks it up. London tries to cut him off, but gets kicked right out of it.

After an exchange of hard kicks between Kendrick and Doug in the centre of the ring, Doug attempts his HANDSPRING ELBOW -- BUT SPANKY CUTS HIM OFF IN MID AIR … WITH A MONSTROUS DROPKICK TO THE BACK!! Following up, he clotheslines the stunned Basham head over heels to the outside! As Doug is quickly helped up on the outside by Paul Burchill and Melina, a rejuvenated Paul London takes action, racing across the ring and PROPELS HIMSELF HURTLING OVER THE TOP ROPES ONTO THE ECLECTIC GROUP WITH A TWISTING CORKSCREW PLANCHA!!!

As the crowd goes wild, Brian Kendrick calls for it and grabs Danny Basham, GOING FOR SLICED BREAD #2 -- BUT WILLIAM REGAL LEAPS UP ONTO THE APRON!! Spanky quickly rushes across to get a piece of the vociferous Englishman, grabbing him by the lapels -- BUT HERE COMES DANNY BASHAM … LONDON MOVES … and DANNY KNOCKS REGAL FLYING OFF THE APRON DOWN TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!

As another roar goes through the arena, Kendrick quickly grabs hold of a horrified Danny Basham, races up the turnbuckle and DROPS HIM RIGHT ON HIS HEAD WITH SLICED BREAD #2!!! HE QUICKLY HOOKS THE LEG!!




Winner - The Hooligans via pin fall at 12:56.

The bell tolls and the crowd responds with cheers, as Paul London rolls back into the ring to congratulate his partner on their victory, while Paul Burchill gets Melina to quickly help him get his fellow WWE Tag Team Champion, William Regal, back up the ramp, with Doug and Danny Basham doing much the same, left in disarray following the glory of Judgment Day.

Michael Cole:
That- that WITCH Melina got what was coming to her tonight!!

John Bradshaw Layfield:
What!? WHAT!? WHAT!? I always knew you were a bit fruity, Michael, but now you’re condoning acts of violence against a smokin’ hot woman like Melina!? What the hell is wrong with you, son!? You kiss your damn mother with that mouth!?

Melina is hot. no doubt about it, but this suspension ain’t gonna last long. Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro are gonna be back sooner or later and you gotta think there’s gonna be some serious hell to pay!

Each man on a different turnbuckle, London & Kendrick point angrily up the ramp at the five individuals cowering on the stage, in particular at the WWE Tag Team Champions. Regal & Burchill clutch their title belts closely, as The Hooligans perform the usual gesture that they will be around their waists very, very soon.

Michael Cole:
Well, speaking of hell to pay… last Sunday at Judgment Day there truly was hell to pay for The Undertaker, as the legendary Phenom faced the consequences for his incredible victory at WrestleMania, when he finally met his match … at the hands … of one Bobby Lashley…


- {Still images, not video}
- The complete opposite of WrestleMania; Undertaker blocks Lashley’s early cheap shot attempt.
- Images of Lashley catching Taker in mid-air and STO’ing him down.
- Lashley countering Old School into a brutal spinebuster.
- After taking the guillotine leg drop, Lashley reverses an Irish whip, sending Taker crashing knees-first into the steel steps.
- The two rivals trade blows in the middle of the ring.
- Lashley puts Taker down first with a brutal running lariat, before taking The Phenom’s head off with his Cobra Clutch variation into the short-arm lariat, but STILL The Undertaker refuses to stay down.
- Taker sends Lashley into the steel ring post face-first, and nails him with the steps, busting him open.
- Lashley launches Taker from the top rope all the way through the announce table in an amazing feat.
- Lashley drills Taker with the Spear and THREE spinebusters … but The Deadman won’t stay down.
- Lashley absorbs the last of Taker’s punishment and busts him open with a chair shot of his own, before finally rendering The Deadman motionless following a brutal assault against the steel ring post, and a crippling Torture Rack, winning the match.
- And the end, as the druids lead The Undertaker away from the ring, leaving the crowd in a state of total disarray.


3 - Mr. Kennedy
vs. Funaki

Nothing more than a showcase match for Ken Kennedy really. Funaki, seeking vengeance for his beat down a few weeks ago, gets in a few cheap roll ups in the early going, but eventually gets flattened, first by Kennedy’s spinning back kick to the head, and then his Samoa Joe facewash in the corner, pulling his Japanese opponent up before the three both times. He eventually catches Funaki on the top rope and connects with the GREEN BAY PLUNGE, before getting the three count.

Winner - Mr. Kennedy via pin fall at 2:01.

The word “smug” doesn’t quite do justice to the look that comes over Mr. Kennedy’s face at the result, as he stumbles away, hand over his mouth, pleased as punch. Funaki doesn’t move an inch; the former Cruiserweight Champion lies, dejected, on his back, blinking up at the lights high above

Michael Cole:
Another comprehensive victory for the undefeated Mr. Kennedy here tonight over a game Funaki. We all saw what happened when Kennedy clashed with Matt Hardy at Judgment Day. That was an absolute bloodbath … one which, unfortunately for Matt, Kennedy came out on top of.

I see World Titles in this kid’s future, Cole.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
That’s right, Tazz. Why don’t you tell us about the time you won the WWE- or the World Heavyweight- okay, the Hardcore Title then?

~ Tazz shakes his head in disbelief.

You’re an ass.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
No, I’m a former WWE Champion, short round, there’s a difference! After being robbed of my title last year did yours truly proceed to lose week in and week out like that dumbass Batista?

Michael Cole:

John Bradshaw Layfield:
That’s right … I DIDN’T! What separates the good from the great, the pretenders from the real deals of this world is that when the going gets tough the true icons of this industry, the pioneers of this sport, men like JBL, already the single greatest colour commentator in the history of professional wrestling and a WRESTLING GAWD, RISE TO THE OCCASION!

Michael Cole:

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Matt ain’t special!! He just doesn’t know when ta quit!! Batista isn’t special either! He’s just a punk with muscles! That right there (As Kennedy climbs down off the turnbuckle) Mr. Kennedy, that man there, ladies and gentlemen, is the real deal! Quiet! Mr. Kennedy’s got somethin’ to say.

~ Indeed he does. With Funaki being tended to by the EMT’s at ringside, Kennedy throws his arm into the air, snatching his microphone out of the sky and bringing it to his mouth.

Mr. Kennedy:
(Breathing heavily) ………………

~ Kennedy doesn’t utter a single word; instead he simply cackles arrogantly into the mic, unable to suppress his joy at what he just achieved, drawing some serious heat from the crowd. Smirking, KK turns and points outside the ring at the departing Japanese wrestler.

Mr. Kennedy:
Back o’ the line, Godzilla. Back of the line.

~ It’s not clear whether or not Funaki is even paying attention, but the crowd boos the braggadocios Kennedy anyway. Grinning, he adopts the famous position.

Mr. Kennedy: (Eyes closed)
The winner of the match—

~ Kennedy’s eyes snap open at the increased cheers rumbling around the arena, very quickly turning into THUNDEROUS ones, as both the camera … and Mr. Kennedy … whirl around to see…


As soon as he lays eyes on his nemesis, Kennedy almost falls over backwards with shock, dropping his microphone at the sight of a bandaged, vengeful Hardy sliding into the ring right before him!!

Already on the mat, Kennedy slithers like a fleeing fish out of the ring, making it under the bottom rope and out to the floor with a look of terror in his baby blue eyes!! He tries to clamber over the barricade too … but Hardy is on him already, dragging the platinum blonde superstar back by the scruff of his neck!! The crowd ROARS, as Hardy pursues a scrambling KK all around the ringside, finally grabbing him by the throat and forcing him back onto the announce table, sending the commentator’s fleeing…


TREMENDOUS heat fills the building at Bradshaw’s actions, which blind Matt Hardy long enough for Mr. Kennedy to get the fuck out of dodge, diving into the crowd and making his getaway!!



JBL just doesn’t know when to shut up. After wiping the water from his face, it takes Hardy a few moments to realise what the hell just happened


The crowd goes wild as Matt proceeds to whale away on the newest member of the SmackDown! announce team, with Tazz and an army of security guards doing their best to tear him away, as we fade out.


Back from the commercial break, JBL is back in the ring, and is actually dressed to compete now, having removed his suit and pulled on a pair of trunks; walking around, microphone in hand.

Michael Cole:
Uhm, unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, our broadcast colleague JBL, after that disgusting attack on Matt Hardy, has now taken over the ring.

Tazz: Not to mention had Matt thrown outta’ the damn building.

~ JBL waves up at the stands, where Matt Hardy is being led away.

John Bradshaw Layfield: See ya later, kid! Come back when you actually get some TALENT!! See, ladies and gentlemen, that is what you get when you put your hands on someone like me, someone BETTER!!

~ Thunderous boos for Bradshaw’s ego cuts the self-made millionaire off, causing him to smirk at the crowd.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But hell, you’ve gone and got me all FIRED UP now, Matt!! I was already pissed off, because Shane McMahon in all his infinite ‘wisdom’, decided for some Goddamn credulous reason to leave me … ME, the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown HISTORY … ME, A FREAKIN’ DYNASTY … out of the number one contender’s tournament, or whatever the hell he decided to name that meaningless piece of crap!!

~ More boos

John Bradshaw Layfield:
That’s right, right here, even in a cesspit like Chicago … THE STRIKE ENDS!! I’m sick of waitin’, so whoever back there has the CAHONAS, COME ON DOWN FOR AN ASS BEATI-





The unfamiliar music still manages to illicit a decent pop from the smarks in attendance, especially considering where we are, as Friday Night SmackDown’s newest superstar CM PUNK emerges out onto the stage, dressed to compete in his wrestling trunks, with a black training jacket on over the top; he grins, yelling out, “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!”, before heading on down to the ring, showing absolutely no fear.

Michael Cole: There he is!! We’ve been watching the vignettes for months now -- since WrestleMania in this very state to be exact -- but now he’s here! CM Punk! And what a way to debut, by interrupting a man like JBL!

Tazz: CM Punk could’ve just committed career suicide, Cole, and he’s only been in this company for about ten seconds. Man, JBL looks pissed!

~ JBL does look pissed, but he does his best to disguise it; mockingly applauding the newcomer as he stops at the foot of the ramp to slap hands with a few of his hometown fans, whilst eyeing up the former WWE Champion waiting patiently in the ring. After a few moment, Punk jogs up the steel steps and enters the ring, where he is given plenty of room by JBL to play to the crowd on a few of the turnbuckles, really enjoying his debut. Eventually, the music fades, and a grinning Bradshaw takes a step towards the rookie in the middle of the ring.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Looking past Punk) ……………… Anyone at all!?

~ The crowd boos the crap out of JBL, as Punk shakes his head, smiling wryly; until Bradshaw turns back to him, wearing his old, familiar, disingenuous smirk.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ha-ha!! Relax, I’m just messin’ with you, kid. Fact is, I actually respect you a little bit for bein’ the only one with enough backbone to actually take a beating on live TV at the hands the ONE AND ONLY AMERICAN HEEEEEEROOOO … THE WRESTLING GAWD!!

~ Huge heat, as JBL holds his arm in the air. Punk puts his hands on his hips, unimpressed by what he’s hearing.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But, y’know what? Unlike that tyrant Shane McMahon, I’m a fair man. So, I’m gonna give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the world, son.

~ JBL hands a microphone out to Punk.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What I want you to do right now, is to tell everyone right now your name … let everyone know where you come from … (eyes narrow) ‘cause, son, in about thirty seconds your head’s gonna be rollin’ in the front row.

~ Punk glares at JBL, but speaks anyway.

CM Punk: (Scratches beard) Gee, thanks, John. To be quite honest with you, after that great intro I- I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to follow.

~ JBL holds his mouth open a bit, as the crowd laughs at Punk’s sarcasm.

CM Punk: Y’know what? I’ll uh- I’ll give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen, right? Well, first thing’s first I guess, my name is CM Punk, and I was born … well, about five minutes away from this place actually, right here in Chicago.

~ The crowd cheers for one of their own.

CM Punk: And, John -- I can call you “John”, can’t I? -- John, I’d just like to thank you for making my debut in this company even better than I could’ve imagined. Y’see, making a name for myself at the expense of someone … like you, it’s what dreams are made of.

~ JBL’s eyes bug out slightly at that sentiment.

CM Punk: I’m everything you’re not, JBL … and you’re everything I’m not. You like to live the good life -- filled with fast cars, fast women, fast dollars, lots of alcohol, drugs, all of it. You like to rub it in all of our faces that you can have it all, even if you don’t really want it. You’re the worst kind of abuser there is, JBL.

~ JBL glares at Punk with anger … but isn’t able to get a word in.

CM Punk: And I’ve gotta thank you for that.

~ The former WWE Champion squints his eyes, confused.

CM Punk: Without men like you, JBL, I would have never found my right path in this life … I would’ve never discovered the joys of a Straightedge lifestyle … the thrills of competition … the clarity of being free in body and in mind.

~ Quick shot of some fans listening, as Punk inches closer to Layfield.

CM Punk: So no, I don’t drink … no, I don’t smoke … no, I don’t do drugs … but do I feel bad about that? I see a guy like you, John, and I- I can honestly say to myself that I chose the right path. It’s not for everyone, and that’s cool … but a guy like you, JBL -- a former WWE Champion, a man who carried this company for almost a year -- a guy like you doesn’t deserve my respect … or any of these people’s!!

~ The crowd cheers as JBL’s jaw tightens. Punk runs a hand through his hair, and gets even closer to Bradshaw, right in his face.

CM Punk: After everything you’ve done in this business -- forcing your best friend into retirement, cheating at each and every turn to hold onto the WWE Title, destroying a LEGEND like Ric Flair, and ruining career after career AFTER CAREER -- after all of that, John, men like you? You’re nothing but a cancer in this industry … and I’m the cure.

~ The crowd roars as JBL closes his eyes, attempting to contain his anger.

CM Punk: Hey, John, haven’t you got it yet? Surprise, moron, you didn’t call out just another victim … you just called out your worst nightmare!!

~ JBL’s face completely drops, as even more cheers emit from the crowd. Punk stays right up next to Bradshaw’s ear. The newcomer mouths ‘yeah, that’s right’, before he brings the mic back up once more.

CM Punk: Now, if you wanna insult my hometown again, be my—


The crowd erupts into boos as their hometown debutant, having shown so much spirit confronting a man like Bradshaw, crumples under the mechanical blow of the microphone, sending him down to the canvas! A furious JBL tears Punk’s jacket away from him, slapping the Straightedge rookie across the face continuously, whilst screaming up the ramp, “Get me a damn referee!”

Michael Cole:
OH NO!! What the hell is wrong with JBL!? That’s the second person he’s cheap-shotted tonight!! CM Punk- I mean he- he’s defenceless out there, Tazz!!

I said he might’ve bitten off a little more than he could chew, Cole. Guess I was right!!

After a few moments, in which Punk tries his upmost to fight back, referee Brian Hebner charges down from the back and slides into the ring, kick-starting this thing.

5 - CM Punk’s Debut Match
CM Punk
vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Bit better than a shitty squash match, eh? Well, for the first few minutes of the match the two polar opposites of the wrasslin’ business do exactly what you’d expect them to do: one brawls; one wrestles flawlessly. The two men go back and forth as brutally as can be both on the mat and on their feet, with only the dickish antics of Bradshaw halting the flow at times.

This ends abruptly when Punk manages to avoid a wild clothesline predicament and turns it into a backslide of his own, which JBL quickly escapes, lunging with a wicked BOOT TO THE HEAD, which Punk only narrowly avoids! After blocking Punk’s submission attempt, Layfield tries to pitch the Straightedge Superstar out to the floor, only for Punk to land on the apron. Punk shoulders JBL in the gut, before propelling himself over with the Sunset Flip.
1 … 2 … NO!! Bradshaw quickly escapes and wipes Punk out with a vicious BOOT RIGHT TO THE MOUTH!!

The former WWE Champion begins to exert his dominance after this, but only until Punk snatches his arm mid-hip toss, attacking it savagely with a Fujiwara, which JBL manages to escape via the ropes!

As the newcomer begins to question the referee’s decision, The Wrestling God is back up and quickly attacks his opponent from behind, taking him down and beginning to dominate once again! After a few near falls, he begins to wear Punk down on the canvas, until Punk uses the support of his hometown crowd to help fight back up to his feet. After a few stiff, MMA style kicks from Punk right to the anatomy of the former APA member, Bradshaw manages to catch the leg, lifting the smaller man up, quickly connecting with a FALLAWAY SLAM

As Punk pulls himself up using the crowd barricade, Layfield clambers out after him and charges, and LAYS CM PUNK OUT ON THE OUTSIDE WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!

The crowd boos, as JBL poses and preens, before tossing Punk back into the ring, covering him.
1 … 2 … NO!! Another near fall. After cinching in the ILLEGAL CHOKE on the canvas, Bradshaw is berated by Charles Robinson, but he quickly blows it off and goes back to work on Punk, working over his torso with a flurry of hard body shots in the corner. Punk begins to frustrate The Media Maven; first avoiding a charge in the corner, causing Bradshaw to angrily place Punk on the top rope, ravaging his flesh with a painful looking CHOP, before running full speed ahead and going for the BIG BOOT, only for Punk to move, and JBL connects with nothing but turnbuckle!

Now it’s Punk’s turn to exert some control, beating the holy hell out of Bradshaw with a flurry of Muay Thai style kicks, before sending him into the ropes, FOLLOWED UP WITH A DOUBLE LEG LARIAT RIGHT TO THE FACE!!
1 … 2 … NO!! After the near fall, Punk goes after the arm, only for JBL to reverse, resulting in a BEAUTIFUL SPRINGBOARD CORNER CROSSBODY PRESS FROM PUNK!! 1 … 2 … NO!!


After Bradshaw manages to escape to the ropes once more, Punk attempts a Superplex from the top, only for Layfield to shove him off and escape to the apron. Punk quickly knocks the self-proclaimed American Hero off the apron, before wiping him out with a BASEBALL SLIDE ON THE OUTSIDE!! Back inside the ring, it’s a RUNNING HIGH KNEE IN THE CORNER, FOLLOWED BY A BULLDOG RIGHT BACK OUT!!
1 … 2 … NO!! Yet another extremely close near fall!

Grabbing Bradshaw’s arms, Punk goes for ANACONDA VISE
only for JBL to quickly scramble his weight over, pinning Punk’s shoulders to the canvas!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Both men trade hard right hands, until Punk explodes with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK RIGHT TO THE HEAD ONLY FOR BRADSHAW TO COME RIGHT BACK WITH A BIG BOOT OF HIS OWN!!


Picking Bradshaw up, Punk tries to lift him up onto his shoulders
only for Austin to ELBOW his way out of it, hitting Punk in the temple repeatedly before sliding down onto his feet … DDT FROM JBL!! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!! After a long “EIGHT” count from Charles Robinson, JBL SUDDENLY EXPLODES PAST PUNK, COMING OFF THE ROPES, DECAPITATING HIM WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!

The crowd boos, but a triumphant and exhausted Bradshaw quickly falls back on his opponent, hooking the far leg in a rather lackadaisical manner!




A roar goes up in Chi-Town, as PUNK SURVIVES!! JBL can’t believe it; angrily berating the official … to no avail. Time and time again, a furious Bradshaw goes for his dreaded POWERBOMB -- only for Punk to block each time, until JBL throws him down to the canvas and walks around, grabbing both of his opponent’s legs, LOOKING TO APPLY THE FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!

Punk refuses to quit and Bradshaw rolls over, looking to drive his boot into the exposed skull of the Straightedge Superstar -- ONLY FOR PUNK TO SUDDENLY WRAP HIS ARMS AROUND JBL’S UPPER BODY, GRABBING HIS ARM AND CINCHING IN THE FEARSOME ANACONDA VISE OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Bradshaw rolls around in agony for a few moments, flapping like a fish caught out of water, but, stuck in the middle of the ring, he finally has no choice but

CM Punk applies some extra taught on the mat

…to TAP OUT!!!!!!!

Winner - CM Punk via submission at 15:31.

Chicago explodes into cheers as Punk looks around the arena with joy … and a hell of a lot of shock, quite frankly, before the referee comes over to help him up and raises his hand.

Michael Cole: WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!? CM Punk -- this young kid from right here in Chicago -- has just defeated JBL, former WWE Champion in his first match in the WWE!!

Tazz: He- he didn’t just beat him, Cole -- he made JBL TAP, baby!!

Michael Cole: I can’t even pretend I don’t love this! How can you not!? JBL thought he could do whatever the hell he wanted here at ringside when he got involved in Matt Hardy’s business -- he thought he would just be able to bully CM Punk around here as well when the kid stood up to him, but that just wasn’t to be!!

Punk leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, high-fiving fans, as the crowd continues to applaud their hometown boy, while inside the ring, JBL sits up, with a look of pain and anger on his face.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Josh Matthews, microphone in hand, stands by with the Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash, who’s booed rather roundly, still in his wrestling attire, holding his head in pain.

Josh Matthews: I’m here with the reigning Cruiserweight Champion of the World ‘The Notorious K.I.D.’ Kid Kash, and, Kid Kash, earlier tonight yourself and Brent Albright were defeated by Jamie Noble and Hardcore Holly when Holly pinned you. What are your thoughts following that match?

Kid Kash: How the hell d’ye think I’m thinkin’, moron!? I just got dropped on my head by that- washed-up, no-talent hasbin’, Bob Holly!!

Josh Matthews: Well, what about Jamie Noble’s rematch for the Cruiserweight Title?

Kid Kash: What about it? I’ll tell ya what about it … there ain’t gonna’ be one, that’s what! That weren’t part o’ the deal, Matthews, so I don’t really care how much everyone wants to see Kash versus Noble Part Three … it ain’t happenin’ … ever! I told you all that boy wouldn’t be able ta’ keep his temper, and now look at ‘im! He put his hands on an official at Judgment Day ‘n’ that’s why I’m back where I belong … the Cruiserweight Champion … of the World.

~ Kash hoists the belt up on his shoulder.

Kid Kash:
Besides … ole’ Double K’s got bigger fish ta’ fry than that sister lovin’ redneck … and that’s becomin’ the number one contender … to the World Heavyweight Championship.

~ He rubs his ‘stache.

Kid Kash:
Johnny Nitro … boy, you ain’t on my level. You just a steppin’ stone … on this cat’s way to bein’ the first man in HISTORY ta’ hold both the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight Championships of the World at the same daggone time. It’s like I said all along, baby … Kid Kash … is money.

Kash smirks and then walks off camera, leaving Matthews to turn back to camera.

Josh Matthews: Kid Kash adamant there. You have to believe this business between him and Jamie Noble is far, far from over. Let’s take a break.

*Video Plays*

Narrator: Blood has been spilled …

Shawn Michaels nailing John Cena with a steel chair.

Narrator: Tears have been shed …

Cena being stretchered out on a gurney.

Narrator: Wars have been waged …

HBK holding up Cena’s dog tags.

Narrator: Battle lines have been drawn …

Cena FU’ing Michaels at WrestleMania.

Narrator: Enemies have been made …

Elbow Drop through the announce table at Backlash.

Narrator: All in the name …

Cena and Michaels both bloody and enraged.

“Of …”

Quick, rapid shots of everything Cena and HBK have done to one another this year.

“… Vengeance.”

“WWE Vengeance, June 25th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*Video Ends*

*Backstage - Interview Area*

‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay has joined Steve Romero.

Steve Romero:
And we’re back, with Finlay, one of the men competing for the World Heavyweight title a little bit later tonight.

~ Dave smirks and rubs his chin.

Look … Romero, I’m sure yer’ a nice kid, and ye’ just doing your job gettin’ an interview with me … but let’s face it … you know and I know I do all my talkin’ in the ring.

~ Romero nods.

Last Sunday at Judgment Day was a fluke, plain and simple. Rey Mysterio isn’t better than me, and tonight I’m gonna prove it(holds up shillelagh) when I knock his bloody head off.

~ Boos

See, I’ve already beat two of the men in this match – I’ve pinned Mysterio three times in the past three months, and just three weeks ago … I beat Batista in the first ever Belfast Brawl. So don’t think for one , single second, that I’m worried about any of them.

~ Finlay tightens his grip.

But that still leaves Edge. That pampered pretty boy has been runnin’ round here callin’ himself the best in the world when he’s never even been in the ring with me. Y’see, Romero, when yer’ in the ring with me, it’s not like being in the ring with Mysterio and Batista – I hit ye’… I hit ye’ harder than ye’ve ever been hit before until I draw blood. Let’s just see how those pretty boy good lucks of yours are, Edge… after I’ve finished with ye’.

~ He gives a sick, gap-toothed smile.

Let’s be honest, boys … this is the year o’ the Irish. I’ve only lost two matches since comin’ to SmackDown in January … and as far as I’m concerned, they’re the only ones … because I will be walkin’ out of Chicago tonight … the World, Heavyweight, Champion. (Turns) End of interview, Romero.

~ Finlay gives the camera a hard look and strides away, leaving Romero behind.

Steve Romero:
‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay. Fans, we’re coming back, right after this time.


*Video Plays*

Narrator: Before ECW returns home to New York City, there is another home they must visit...

Shot of the ECW Arena.

Narrator: The most iconic building this industry has ever known...

Flashing clips of the ECW fans inside.

Narrator: …Is Reborn”

Shot of Tommy Dreamer amongst the masses as “This Is Extreme” plays.

Narrator: The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer ...

Shot of Dreamer cracking Raven over the head with a chair.

Narrator: The Hardcore Icon The Sandman ...

Shot of Sandman busting himself open with a beer can.

Narrator: The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death Defying Maniac Sabu ...

Shot of Sabu crashing through a table.

Narrator: And The Living Legend Terry Funk.

Shot of Funk wielding the barbed wire.

Narrator: On June 10th, ECW …

Shot of Sabu pointing to the sky.

Narrator: Returns Home to Philly …

Famous shot of Sandman and Woman.

Narrator: For One …

Shot of Dreamer busted open.


Shot of Funk holding up the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.


Shots of Cactus Jack and Terry Funk being showered with chairs at Heatwave 1994.

“WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head, June 10th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*Video Ends*

*Backstage - Brent Albright’s Locker Room*

Steve Romero is once again standing by with microphone in hand, this time with ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright, who leans against his couch, Ms. Michelle McCool alongside him.

Steve Romero:
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here in the locker room of Brent Albright for his response to the challenge laid out earlier by Hardcore Holly. In case you missed it, Hardcore Holly challenged my guest here to a Hardcore Match next week on Friday Night SmackDown! Brent, whaddya’ have to say?

~ Albright smirks, pushing himself up from the couch, leaning into the microphone, his muscular arms folded across his chest.

Brent Albright:
What do I have to say, Steve? What do I have to say? I suggest you take a look at what went down after my match earlier in case you missed it … ‘cause I think that was answer enough, wouldn’t you agree?

Steve Romero:
So, are- are you saying you accepting his challenge?

~ Dropping his head slightly, Albright shakes it, a wry smile on his face, as his blonde accomplice smiles away beside him, obviously finding something extremely amusing.

Brent Albright:
No, I’m not saying I accept his challenge, Steve. What I’m saying is when I slammed Bob Holly’s head into that steel post tonight … I raised the stakes. I made things a little more interestin’. You don’t do that to someone you’re through with, and believe me, I ain’t done with Hardcore Holly by a long way. (Scoffs) He wants a Hardcore Match with me next week? He wants a Hardcore Match with The Shooter?

~ The Shooter scowls angrily at the thought of such a challenge.

Brent Albright:
Well, this time you won’t need to tap out, Bob

~ Albright twists his hands together with a laugh.

Brent Albright:
…’cause I’m gonna break your arm.

~ Both Albright and his female accomplice begin cackling evilly, as unimpressed Romero turns back to the camera with a nod of his head.

Steve Romero:
Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Next week-

~ Albright cuts him off.

Brent Albright:
Hey I never said I was done.

~ Romero sheepishly holds the mic back up to him, as McCool drags it to where The Shooter wants it.

Brent Albright:
That’s better. (Back to camera)And as for Paul London and our match in the Great American Contender’s Tournament in a couple of weeks … Paul, don’t worry … I’ll have you back chasin’ after those tag team titles in no time…

~ McCool nods at her client.

Brent Albright:
‘Cause there’s only one man advancin’ to Saturday Night’s Main Event … there’s only one man becomin’ the number one contender … and you better believe there’s only man leaving The Great American Bash as the new World Heavyweight Champion … and that’s me. (To Romero) Now I’m done.

~ Albright slumps down to his couch, as Romero turns away.

Steve Romero:
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, right here on Friday Night SmackDown!, (Graphic instantly appears on screen) ‘The Shooter’ Brent Albright and Hardcore Holly in a hardcore match. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for that one.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Josh Matthews waits, microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews:
Okay, fans, Friday Night SmackDown! continues … as we bring in none other … than the third challenger to Edge’s World Heavyweight title tonight … ‘The Animal’ Batista.

~ Batista stoically walks up.

Josh Matthews:
Now, Batista … as everybody knows, these past couple of months since losing the World Title to Edge at WrestleMania haven’t exactly been the best of your career. Could tonight be the turnaround of your fortunes?

~ Nodding, The Animal rubs his chin.

Y’know, Josh, you’re right. Ever since WrestleMania, my life … well, my life’s sucked.I haven’t won a match since that night … and I think- I think I’m finally startin’ to understand what The Nature Boy meant when he told me, “Sure … it’s hard bein’ at the top, big man … but it’s even harder gettin’ back up there.”

~ ‘Tista removes his shades.

And if destroying the man who’s been a thorn in my side the last couple o’ months, Finlay … and the man who took MY belt from me at WrestleMania, Edge … and even my friend, Rey Mysterio … if that’s the only way to do it … then so be it.

~ Crowd pops

‘Cause there’s no way I’m leavin’ Chicago without the World Heavyweight Championship around my waist.

~ Big Dave pops his shades back on and saunters off, leaving Matthews.

Josh Matthews: ‘
The Animal’ Batista. Let’s go to the ring.


5 - Main Event; World Heavyweight Championship; Fatal Four-Way Match
Edge w/Lita
vs. U.S Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay vs. Batista

The match gets kick started by a very insincere World Heavyweight Champion feigning a handshake to Finlay, only to quickly thumb both Mysterio and Batista in the eye as they look on! The Fighting Irishman wallops Edge across the ring with a European uppercut, and we are well and truly underway in this one, with the crowd at fever pitch. The Rated R Superstar quickly gets the hell out of the ring, and an intense Finlay reaches after him … BUT MYSTERIO SCHOOL BOYS HIM FROM BEHIND!! 1 … 2 … NO!! There’s a quick standoff between the two rivals, until Edge grabs Rey’s foot and drags him from the ring … and BATISTA ROLLS FINLAY UP FROM BEHIND AGAIN!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Big Dave hits the ropes from the kick out, and Finlay drops down on to his stomach, forcing The Animal to skip over him. Finlay goes for the leap frog -- BUT GETS CAUGHT - POWERSLAM FROM BATISTA!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

As Edge works Mysterio over outside the ring, Batista continues to hammer Finlay inside it. After a few right hands, he takes the Irishman down to the mat, before coming off the ropes and kicking him right in the face!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Finlay manages to catch ‘Tista with a head-butt on the way up, winning their exchange, before hitting the ropes again. He ducks Batista’s clothesline … but Edge catches his foot on the other ropes, tripping him!! The reigning World Champion drags Fit Finlay out and hurls him hard into the guardrail! Unbeknownst to him, Deacon Dave follows him out, grabbing The Ultimate Opportunist by his long, blonde hair and HURLING HIM INTO THE TIMEKEEPER’S AREA WITH A BEAL!!

The crowd roars, as Big Dave starts to hammer his great Canadian rival all around the ringside area. Meanwhile, Finlay and Mysterio start to go at it on the floor also, with the Irishman connecting with a vertical suplex to the United States Champion on the concrete floor.

Batista rolls Edge back inside and climbs up on to the apron to follow him … but the champion quickly hangs him throat first across the second rope, knocking him back down to the floor. A smirking Edge turns around … SEATED SENTON FROM MYSTERIO!! Rey-Rey begins to get all fired up, lighting up the World Heavyweight Champion with a series of calf kicks, before trying to lift him up. Edge slides off and quickly hits the ropes … Mysterio tries to leap frog over him … but Edge SMACKS HIM DOWN IN MID AIR!! Lifting Rey up, Edge looks for the Edgecution DDT, but the U.S Champion counters with an atomic drop!! As The Rated R Superstar winces, Mysterio hits the ropes … EDGE GOES FOR A WHEELBARROW SUPLEX -- BUT REY CATCHES HIM WITH A BULLDOG!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Rey dropkicks Edge in the back, trying to knock him into the ropes … but the champion smartly grabs the top one, holding himself up … only for Mysterio to clothesline him over the ropes to the outside anyway!!

With the crowd behind him, Mysterio points to Edge on the outside, hits the ropes and races across the ring … BUT FINLAY CLOTHESLINES HIM DOWN OUT OF NOWHERE!!

Ignoring the boos of the Chi-Town fans, the brutish Irishman begins to work over the plucky Mysterio with the stiffest offence in the entire WWE. After a few crackling uppercuts which
busts Rey’s mouth open, Finlay delivers a back suplex, and goes for a cover. 1 … 2 … NO!! As Edge and Batista go at it on the floor, Rey tries to fight back, only for the Irishman to completely overwhelm him, sending him into the corner, where he works him over some more. He races in … but Mysterio gets his boot up in Dave’s face. The former Cruiserweight Champion nips up to the second buckle … but Finlay grabs his foot, dragging him off, so that the back of Rey’s head crashes into the canvas!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Batista, back inside the ring, stomps on the back of Finlay to make sure.

The Animal and The Fighting Irishman trade some more thunderous blows in the centre of the ring, with Big Dave seemingly getting the better of it, until Finlay catches him with a quick jawbreaker and nails him with a hard body slam. For some reason, the veteran begins to climb to the top rope, obviously having been knocked a bit loopy by Batista’s strikes … AND EDGE SHOVES HIM DOWN TO THE FLOOR!! Quickly scrambling to the top himself, the World Champion waits for The Animal to get up … and SCORES WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!! 1 … 2 … NO!!

Dragging ‘Tista back up, Edge boots him in the gut, wrenches on the chin, and nails a side Russian leg sweep!! 1 … 2 … NO!! He quickly hits an elbow to Batista after coming off the ropes. 1 … 2 … Mysterio quickly breaks it up. Pissed off, Edge quickly grabs the U.S Champion and dumps him through the ropes to the outside. Dropping down to his haunches in the corner, he sizes up The Animal, waiting for the big man to turn … and GOES FOR THE SPEAR -- BUT BATISTA MOVES … and Edge has to stop himself before he hits the middle turnbuckle! Edge breathes a sigh of relief and turns around … RIGHT INTO A SPEAR FROM BATISTA!!

As the crowd explodes, Rey Mysterio quickly hits the ring, pulling his friend around and laying into him with right hands, allowing a broken Edge to slowly roll out of the ring. Rey foolishly goes for an Irish whip on The Animal, but Big Dave easily reverses it, sending the little man in to the ropes. Mysterio ducks Batista’s clothesline, hits the ropes again, leaps up, and takes Deacon Dave somersaulting head over heels with a beautiful spinning headscissors!! Finlay quickly hits the ring though, attacking Mysterio once more. He sends him in to the corner and races in … only for the luchador to nips himself up and somersault over the Irishman’s back! Finlay turns, and Rey-Rey leaps, snapping off a quick hurricanrana, which, unfortunately for him, sends Dave flying through the ropes instead of onto them!!

The bloody Mysterio then notices Batista pulling himself up in the corner and charges -- BATISTA CATCHES HIM - SPINS … HURLING REY DOWN WITH THE BLACK HOLE SLAM!! The crowd
“oh’s” as poor little Rey-Rey is damn near broken in half, and Deacon Dave jumps up … BUT GETS CUT IN HALF BY A SPEAR FROM EDGE!!!

“ooh’s”, “ah’s”, and boos ring out, as Edge stumbles back up, trying to drag the lifeless Animal back … but FINLAY quick races across, attacking the defending champion once again!! The Irishman throws a wild clothesline as he comes off the ropes … but Edge catches him with a BACKSLIDE!! 1 … 2 … NO!! Finlay struggles out of it and Edge drives his knee into the head of the Irishman, immediately looking for the Edgecator once again … but Finlay spins out of it, slugging the champion right in the mouth, turning, and hitting the ropes -- BIG BOOT FROM EDGE … SENDING FINLAY THROUGH THE ROPES!!

Running his fingers through his hair manically, Edge poses in the ring, with his arms in the air and an evil look in his eyes. The crowd boos the shit out of The Rated R Superstar, but he blows them off and reaches out after Finlay … only for the Irishman to THROW THE RING APRON OVER HIS HEAD … HAMMERING AWAY ON THE BACK OF THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!

Edge is pulled to the floor, as JBL and, to be fair, the crowd applaud the ingenuity of the veteran Irishman’s offence. The two men trade right hands on the outside … until BATISTA RUNS RIGHT THROUGH THEM BOTH WITH A THUNDEROUS DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! The crowd goes wild, as the three men stagger around. Inside the ring, Rey Mysterio quickly hits the ropes, charges across the ring, and … LAUNCHES HIMSELF SPIRALLING OVER THE TOP ROPE IN TO ALL THREE OF HIS OPPONENTS WITH AN INCREDIBLE CORKSCREW PLANCHA!!!

“Holy Shit” chants ring out, as the four men roll around in a heap on the floor. Mysterio is, obviously, the first person back up to his feet, and he quickly grabs Edge, rolling the World Champion back inside the ring and making the cover. 1 … 2 … NO!! Getting all fired up, Rey heads out to the apron, waits for Edge to make it back to his feet and, when he does … SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES AT HIM -- BUT EDGE CATCHES HIM … GOING FOR A POWERBOMB -- BUT MYSTERIO HURRICANRANAS HIM IN TO THE TURNBUCKLE!!

Edge is on spaghetti legs in the corner, as Rey, using a combination and right hands and kicks, manages to back the champion up the buckles to a seated position on the top. The crowd buzzes, as Mysterio follows the champion up to the top turnbuckle, setting him up, leaping up, LOOKING FOR THE TOP ROPE HURRICANRANA -- BUT EDGE HOLDS ON … AND MYSTERIO CRASHES DOWN TO THE CANVAS!!

“oh’s” ring out, as Rey bounces chest and face first off the mat, with referee Charles Robinson going to check on him … allowing Finlay to leap up to the apron behind him back … and CLOBBER EDGE ACROSS THE KNEE WITH THE SHILELLAGH!!!

“ooh’s” and “ah’s”, but also cheers the Irishman too slightly, as he quickly disposes of the evidence, and Edge crashes down to the canvas. Lifting him up, Finlay uppercuts him right in the mouth, throws him over his shoulders, races forward … NAILING THE FINLAY ROLL!! 1 … 2 … MYSTERIO BREAKS IT UP!!

The crowd is going NUTS, as a furious Finlay trades shots with the United States Champion! Blocking one of Mysterio’s strikes, the Irishman SLAPS THE TASTE RIGHT OUT OF HIS ALREADY BLOODY MOUTH!! He follows up with a clothesline … but Rey ducks … and Finlay turns … INTO A HURRICANRANA FROM MYSTERIO - ON TO THE MIDDLE ROPE!! The crowd EXPLODES, as Rey comes off the ropes … but Edge drags Finlay out of the ring, preventing the manoeuvre -- 619 TO THE BACK OF EDGE’S HEAD!!!

There’s another explosion from the crowd, as the World Heavyweight Champion flips head over heels in to the ring, and Mysterio grabs hold of the top rope, leaping up, and … SPRINGBOARDING OFF WITH THE SPLASH ACROSS EDGE!!!




The match continues!!! A HUGE mixed reaction fills the building, as Rey Mysterio holds his head in his hands. He and Batista trade some desperate shots in the middle of the ring, forgetting the friendship for the moment, with The Animal easily winning. A weary U.S Champion stumbles in to the ropes, and deacon Dave boots him in the gut, sticking his head between his legs in preparation for the Batista Bomb … but Edge quickly scrambles across, grabbing hold of Rey and tossing him through the ropes to the floor outside. He turns … BATISTA LIFTS HIM UP - SPINEBUSTER TO THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! He covers!!




A collective gasp rings out in Chi-Town, as Finlay saves the match and the title!!! As both Batista and he make it back up to their feet, they begin to whale away on one another again … UNTIL REY MYSTERIO SPRINGBOARDS INTO THEM BOTH WITH A DOUBLE DROPKICK!!!

The crowd applauds, as Rey unloads on his much larger foes with a great flurry of right hands, one of which even manages to send The Animal stumbling down. Mysterio quickly hits the ropes … Finlay throws a boot -- but Rey catches it and spins the Irishman around … LARIAT FROM FINLAY - BUT REY DUCKS … AND FINLAY WIPES OUT BATISTA!!!

The former member of Evolution goes down, as Mysterio quickly connects with an enziguiri to Finlay, knocking the Irishman away!!

Dragging Batista into position, Rey steps out on to teh apron, steadies himself, grabs hold of the top rope, and … LEAPS UP … SPRINGBOARDING OFF ONE ROPE TO THE OTHER - CRASHING DOWN ON TO BATISTA WITH THE SPLIT-LEGGED MOONSAULT!!! Chicago EXPLODES, as Rey-Rey quickly covers!! 1 … 2 … FINLAY DRAGS HIM OFF!!!

Another incredible gasp sounds, as Mysterio looks to the heavens in disbelief!!! He and Finlay go toe to toe, slapping the taste out of each other’s mouths, until Rey manages to get the better of the exchange with a flurry. He turns and hits the ropes … FINLAY GRABS HIS SHILLELAGH FROM THE CORNER - NAILING MYSTERIO IN THE GUT … AND BATISTA CUTS REY IN HALF WITH A DEVASTATING SPEAR!!!!

Rey Mysterio is broken in half!!! The United States Champion is sent rolling from the ring in a crumpled mess, as the crowd
“ooh’s” and “ah’s” at the sight of his fractured 170lb frame.

Slowly, The Animal and The Fighting Irishman make it up to their feet once more, looking each other in the eye hatefully, remembering all the wars they have had with one another over the past couple of months, including the brutal Belfast Brawl. They trade shots, going back and forth, back and forth, until Finlay snaps Batista’s head back with a particularly vicious European uppercut, and hits the ropes -- BUT BIG DAVE DECAPITATES HIM WITH THE LARIAT OF THE MATCH!!!

Quickly sticking the groggy Irishman’s head between his legs, Batista LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE BATISTA BOMB … but Finlay manages to slide off his shoulders, snatch his shillelagh off the canvas, and SWINGS IT AT THE ANIMAL’S HEAD -- BUT BATISTA DUCKS - SPINEBUSTER TO FINLAY!!!!

Batista wastes absolutely no time, as he drags the lifeless Finlay back up, places him between his legs, lifts him into the air, and … DRIVES HIM DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE BATISTA BOMB!!!!

The crowd goes WILD, as The Animal quickly folds the broken Irishman up, looking to reclaim his World Heavyweight crown!!


Edge rolls back inside the ring…


He has something in his hand…



Batista goes down in a heap, and the metallic thud echoes through the building!!!
“OH’S” and howls ring out, as The Rated R Superstar quickly disposes of Batista, and scrambles on top of Finlay, hooking both of the Irishman’s legs!!





EDGE DOES IT AGAIN!!! You’ve never seen a man get out of dodge as quickly as Edge does when the bell sounds. As ‘Metalingus’ hits, he dives out of the ring, with Lita throwing his jacket over him, and he grabbing his title belt from the timekeeper’s area all in one continuous motion, as he stumbles around like a drunk.

Michael Cole:
OH MY!! How in the world did that happen!? Edge pinned Finlay- I don’t think even he can believe it!!

Oh man, I thought Big Dave had that one won, Cole!!

With his three beaten and weary challengers now out of the ring being tended to on the floor, Edge is back in the ring with Lita, holding his World title belt high in the air, tongue wrestling with his red-headed broad, and grinning egomaniacally.


Michael Cole:
This is absolutely incredible. I cannot believe this happened tonight. Edge’s day is coming, I know it!! It should’ve come tonight.

Smiling away, Edge prepares to leave and turns around…



EDGE’S LIGHTS ARE TURNED OUT AND CHICAGO GOES NUTS FOLLOWING A SUPERKICK!!! A masked figure stands over the World Heavyweight Champion. Slowly, the individual reaches up and tears the mask away from their face
, revealing…




Chicago recognises the Canadian grappler instantly and continues to go nuts for him. As Lita cowers in the far corner, Storm pulls out a microphone, stands over Edge, and crouches down, getting right in the face of the World Heavyweight Champion

Lance Storm: (Breathing heavily)
………………If I could be serious for a minute-

~ Another thunderous pop rings out, as well as a few “LANCE! LANCE! LANCE! LANCE!” chants, drawing an amused glance from the Albertan.

Lance Storm:
Can you guess who Edge’s opponent is … for the World Heavyweight Title … at ECW One - Night - STAND!?

Storm smirks and drops the mic, as Chi-Town pops again. Standing over The Rated R Superstar, Storm notices the World title belt, and slowly picks it up. He gazes at it, and then looks to the crowd, before laying across Edge’s chest with a whisper of, “…soon.” Storm raises his hands into the air as we fade out.



Current Card for WWE vs. ECW: Head to Head
Date: June 10th, 2006
Location: ECW Arena; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Harry Slash & The Slashtones; This Is Extreme



Current Card for ECW One Night Stand II
Date: June 11th, 2006
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, New York
Event Music: Drowning Pool; Bodies

10-Man Ultimate Jeopardy Match:
1st EVER WWE/ECW Ultimate Jeopardy Match: Two Men begin, with another entrant five minutes later, and another every three minutes thereafter:
- If Team ECW, RVD is reinstated and Eric Bischoff is fired -
- If Team RAW wins, all ECW alumni must retire from professional wrestling -
Team ECW -----vs. ----- Team RAW
Kurt Angle --- The Big Show (WWE Champion)

??? --- Carlito (Mr. Money in the Bank)
??? --- ???
??? --- ???
??? --- ???


World Heavyweight Championship Match:

‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge defends against Lance Storm

Special Attraction Match:
United States Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. ???

Open Challenge:
‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy vs. ???


Current Card for Saturday Night’s Main Event
Date: July 15th, 2006
Location: American Airlines Center; Dallas, Texas

The Great American Tournament Finals;Number One Contender’s Match:
??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???
{The winner receives a World Heavyweight Championship shot at The Great American Bash}

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