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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Eerie way to start the show, with the new WWE Champion and his manager basking in the glory that happened last week. It certainly will be an interesting reign for the 500-pounder.

Wow, you really wasted no time getting both Angle and Triple H out into the ring, and when they both are out there, the brawl is on! Surprised to see it broken up so soon, especially after what happened between them last week, but what happened next sure made up for the brawl being cut short. Mick Foley is a new authority figure on Raw? Not something that I could say I saw coming. Foley is obviously only concerned about One Night Stand, and we get Bischoff and Co. out to confront him. Bischoffís stuff was simply OK; not nearly as good as heís been in the past. Some of the comments just seemed a little off, and maybe just a bit too forced. Ten-man tag team match at One Night Stand? Big Show vs. Angle vs. Triple H for the belt tonight? Carlito vs. Helms for the MITB briefcase tonight? Quite the show that you have lined up and I just love how this Bischoff/Show/Carlito alliance has affected Raw. Just makes everyone hate them even more. And we have an ECW Commissioner? Should be an even better way to further piss Easy E off. A good way to start the show, and now the rest of the night looks like it will be epic. You always keep me guessing.

Interview from Haas did its job, just letting us know that he is ready to face Umaga later tonight. But I donít see Charlie doing all that well against the much bigger man, because the Sons of Samoa are going to be destructive up until Vengeance, and that continues tonight.

Like you said in the match description, a very entertaining, low-key match to get the in-ring action started, especially after all thatís happened so far this show. A good match between a youngster and a veteran, with Doane picking up the cheap victory, but it still counts the same. Quite the #1 contenderís match for Vengeance, as I can see either Masters or Helms getting the duke, with Haas/Benjamin II being held off until a later date.

A very entertaining interview from the MITB holder, but I didnít expect anything less. Glasd that the feud with Helms is going to be over after tonight, because ĎLito needs someone new to feud with, and from the looks of it, that might be Mick Foley. Hopefully Carlito can keep the MITB title tonight, I see him doing just that, because he really is very entertaining in this thread.

Quite the match between two very different types of wrestlers, with Haas going against the mammoth Umaga. Loved how easy ĎMags made it look in the early going, not even being fazed by Haasís moves. I was glad to see that Charlie was able to be in control for a short time, using the sleeper hold to perfection, but there was no way Umaga was losing this one. The kick out after the German Suplex proved how powerful he and Samu are, and the ending of the match was great, with Umaga just disposing of one of the best technical wrestlers in this thread. I donít see things getting any easier for Haas/Benjamin before Vengeance.

A nice interview from Helms, really getting the MITB match over for later tonight. Glad that he has become almost a full fan favorite by now, because you need a strong one in the midcard. I still donít see him winning tonight, but I donít doubt that the match between him and Carlito will be a good one.

Vengeance gonna be centered around Cena/Michaels? Guess weíll see later tonight, when HBK finally talks.

Gotta love AAE, and this promo just continued to get him over as one of the biggest heels on Raw. Shelton having to face Samu next week? Thatís gonna be quite the test, especially after what Shelton went through last week. I donít see the Cannonball losing cleanly, I see some interference from AAE and Umaga when things are looking bleak. Anyway, this feud is really starting to heat up, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

You were right, this Shawn Michaels promo was definitely ďout thereĒ, but I loved every minute of it. Reminded me a lot of the interview he gave with JR before WM22, when he talked about why he attacked John Cena. This one was better, imo, because he really gave the full reason why heís been going after Cena the past few months, and itís because Cenaís become the new Shawn Michaels. All of the history that Shawn gave was needed and then when he pulled out the still bloody dog tags, thatís when this promo really kicked it up a notch. HBK doesnít want to be known as the Showstopper anymore, and now he promises to end Cena. Vengeance is already shaping up to be quite epic. The ending of the promo made it even stranger, as Michaels grabs the kid out of the front row to stop Kurt Angle! Never read anything like that, and it just goes to show how far Michaels has fallen these past few months. Gonna be nuts when Cena finally comes back and confronts him.

Good way to get Mickie James on the show, but I donít really see very much truth in her words, because I see Victoria and Trish as being FAR from done with Mickie. It was good to see her ripping on them, though, because I can see Mickie being champion in this thread for a LONG time. Interesting to see who she chooses next week, and who her opponent is going to be at Vengeance. By the way, the correct spelling is ďciaoĒ, not ďchowĒ.

The MITB match between Helms and Carlito went just like one would expect, as Gregory tried his hardest to finally beat his rival, but you knew all along that ĎLito would be leaving with the MITB. Helms did look pretty impressive tonight, get so many near falls that it was tough to keep count, but nothing could keep Carlito down. The ending was very well written, because itís not cheating unless you get caught, and CCC is able to escape this time. Given that we still have a few weeks until One Night Stand, I donít see things getting easier for Carlito. At least he escaped tonightís match.

Glad to see Hunter bring up what HBK did earlier tonight, just because of all the history that they have. But what really got Triple Hís interview going was talking about the main event tonight, something that he is pumped to be a part of. Itís obvious that Triple H and Angle are going to lock up sometime in the future, but Iím glad that they are putting their differences aside to take out Big Show. Triple H is ready to finally go back on the throne, but Iím sorry to say that I donít see it happening tonight.

RWC are kinda left out in the cold until the Sons of Samoa and the WGTT get done with their feud, so they canít really do much. Another impressive win, but I think that you should give them another feud, possibly something leading into ONS against an old ECW team. Would give them a bit of a purpose until the World Tag Titles open up again. But I am glad that youíre pushing them.

Pretty simple interview from Angle, but I guess thatís what we can say his character has turned into over the past few weeks, someone whoís just ready to go out and hurt people. Glad to see that he isnít going to be as ďfriendlyĒ with Triple H as Hunter seems to be with him. Angle should dominate tonight, but you put the belt on Big Show for a reason, and itís not just so that he can drop it back to Angle after one week.

Loved that Big Show came out of the gates with some dominating moves, taking it to both of his challengers. Just what you needed to prove that you were serious about him being the top guy on Raw. Overall, went like most three-way matches do, with all three guys getting in some great moves. Angle kicking out of the Pedigree was very surprising, and I feel that Triple H will continue to be pissed after getting eliminated by Angle, and that will lead to him screwing Kurt (again) down the line. Big Show was able to withstand the awesome moves from Angle and kick out multiple times before going on a tear. Ended the match in fantastic fashion, refusing to cover until he did enough damage, and then he gets the three count. This giant is one dominant superstar, and I canít wait to see what he does next. Perfect first title defense for Show, imo.

TERRY FUNK~! Did not see that one coming! Quite the promo from the Funker, but what really helped it was the fact that EVERYONE hates Bischoff. Long story short, I just wanna say that this sounds like the perfect way to the Bischoff vs. ECW thing, reminding me of the epic nWo/WCW feud from Szumiís thread. But this should be awesome too, as I canít wait to see who represents ECW and who Bischoff gets for the rest of the Raw team. Should be quite the interesting two weeks with Bischoff and Funk working together to run Raw. What a way to end one of the most epic shows youíve ever written, tbh.

Been a long time since weíve see a weekly show from you, but this one really made the wait worth it. So many things going on, with only two more shows until ONS and four weeks until Vengeance. Both show look awesome and I guess all that I call really say is that I cannot wait to see what you have in store next!


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