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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

Interesting way to kick us off with a backstage promo in the car park. Liked the way you went about it though with Easy E and Torrie, making the message perfectly clear, showing that Eric has some confidence.

Very nice commentary to hype up what really is an amazingly stacked card, as it always seems to be these days with you. The playing up of One Night Stand was good, and opening the inside portion of the show off with Tripper is something I like a lot. Hopefully he actually gets the chance to speak this week. Promo starts of pretty nicely, with Tripper talking of his desperation to come back really, really well. Triple H still mentioning of his business with RVD was not expected, although I like that you’re not ignoring the past again here, and that you’re allowing Triple H to be a shade of grey like a lot of your characters, rather than just a clear-cut face. Bringing his hatred of RVD to connect back with Show, who was the man to take RVD out, works just fine, and Triple H absolutely owning Show, ‘Lito Angle and RVD was pretty cool. I definitely didn’t expect this promo to go uninterrupted, considering Triple H does have unfinished business with not just Bischoff and co, but also Angle, but it ran along just fine. Besides, it looks like Bischoff will have Show do his talking in the ring in the main event. Pretty good way to kick us off with a nice promo from Tripper.

Huge, huge, HUGE opening match, with more Intercontinental Championship goodness. Kenny just started shaving at the age of twenty? A bit of an exaggeration. I liked that we didn’t get a ladder in the ring right from the beginning of the match, rather a quick exchange of moves and some moves on the outside with the ladder. Match continued to build up slowly nicely, with a very nice series of spots in the corner, finishing with the dropkick to the ladder from Benji’. Another nice spot followed soon enough too with the athleticism of Shelton before a rather awesome RK-Doane spot, with a nice powerbomb spot following that. Spirit Squad run in was well time, adding more bodies into a spotfest, which is generally helpful for the match. The beatdown from The Squad was also pretty good, as was the run in save from Haas and co, which was very well timed. Slugfest atop the ladder is a ladder match staple, so as such I guess was needed, with the finish really being interesting thanks to your emphasis on Benjamin sending Kenny down on top of Haas. The continued tension between the tag champs is good to see, only for the hype for Vengeance to continue on. Beatdown from The Sons of Samoa was epic, with two absolutely huge moves. Very good stuff.

Nice hype for the WWE Title match later, with Bischoff showing his desperation for a new champion. Big (pun) main event for sure.

Short and sweet from Haas which is what you need, considering he obviously lacks in the charisma department. Nice way to really drill home the damage that The Sons of Samoa did home as well, making them seem as brutal as possible.

Estrada with an immediate reply? Not expected, though I guess it works since you made a point for us to notice that he and his charges remained in the ring. Pretty basic stuff from ‘Mando, with some nice little hints at Haas to just ditch Benjamin continuing to come through. Good little promo.

Sure is a big main event for SmackDown!

Weekly squash for The Sons keeps them looking like absolute freakin’ beasts, which you’ve done very well. @ Coach after the match too. Gotta’ love him.

You continue to focus on The Redneck Wrecking Crew well, even giving them some mic time here which is a bit of a surprise to me. The accents of The Crew was captured pretty well, and I liked the heels sucking up to Bischoff to get themselves future shots at the gold. Keeping the rednecks loosely affiliated with Bischoff can only do them good, making them look better. Decent promo, sending a message across and getting the rednecks on the show, which is good to see.

Very clever way to start off Masters/Triple H with the cheap shot from Masters. btw:


genius. Masters controlling a lot of the match leaves him looking good, while Triple H still looks good after the pre-match assault, and of course the victory, which is good to see. The match itself was nice, especially the counter wrestling into the spinebuster from Tripper. Finish was also nice after a run in from ‘Lito, giving us a nice little TV match (thanks in no part to the amazingly boring Triple H. Masters > Tripper ).

Pretty nice promo from Bearer, with the setting being pretty cool. Liked how Bearer summed up the destruction that Big Show has wreaked upon the WWE pretty well, building this up as his big (awful pun) moment. Simple promo that got the point across, hyping the main event.

@ Carlito only worrying about himself. A nice way to showcase the intensity of Masters, while giving ‘Lito a platform to look like an asshole and maybe hint at a ‘Lito/Tripper match.

Despite this being a women’s match, I was actually happy this was a brawl, because as you said, the animosity is at a high between the two. It also keeps the three way feud with Mickie going, which is good, as I really couldn’t see a contender for Vengeance being decided here, as it would have left the other woman out in the cold. Mickie looking like a nut gets her on the show and shows her personality just fine, so I’m happy with that.

Big hype behind this promo after the videos in recent weeks, so hopefully it delivers. Showing the video again sets the scene well, with the whole setting and idea being tops imo. This interview as a whole actually took a completely different shape to what I would have expected. While it centred around Ric Flair at the beginning and his influence on Orton, I didn’t think this would be about Bret Hart and what happened at WrestleMania, but I guess everything you do always leads to something, so I should have expected it. Interesting take on a way for Flair to come back, joining Orton in a war against Bret. You used history well throughout, bringing up Flair and Hart well, and pretty much gave reasoning for everything very well. Also liked Orton’s cockiness shining through, especially when Orton referred to himself as the greatest. The aggression of Orton by getting into JR’s face was a bit overdone and unrealistic to see, but apart from that this was a very interesting promo. Liking this storyline.

, I love The Spirit Squad.

Y’know something? (Opens his eyes and sighs loudly) I’m not feelin’ very spirited right now, guys I’ll tell you that much.

Mitch Mitchell: (Frowning) Good job by “The, uh, Masterpiece” earlier.

~ ‘Lito smiles ruefully, not really caring, as Mitch and Nicky high-five like morons.

Gold. Th dorkiness of everything from The Squad was great, and ‘Lito was on key, with some nice hype for the main event too. Good stuff.

Glad to see we got to see Angle get a chance to talk before the main event considering we’ve seen Tripper talk, as well as multiple people from the Bischoff camp. Intense stuff from Angle, summing up how good he has been in this thread very well. Also liked the reminder of the feud with Michaels being ongoing, giving us a nice little nudge on that. Nice last line too, finishing off the promo well. Good stuff.

Huge main event, with JR summing up my thoughts perfectly right before it. Big Show showing his size early is a good way to start off, while Angle just shows that he’s a badass. The continued psychology for the first part of the match was solid, with Show continuing to use his size while Angle shows his desperation well. The sleeper spot was clever, as was the transition into the announce table spot, though it maybe seem a bit too out of nowhere. I know you were shooting for that, and while it shows Angle’s desperation, it doesn’t seem to fit in too well with the rest of the match thus far. The slow, methodical pace of Show’s offense after this was actually pretty nice, with Angle not being able to German suplex Show properly being a very different spot. The use of the splash from the big man is a proven counter, so I don’t mind seeing that, and Angle hitting the Angle Slam, only for the reinforcements to come down was well done, with Angle looking awesome by taking care of The Spirit Squad and ‘Lito. The ref bump was pretty well done, and let’s face it: it was inevitable anyway, with a lot of run ins bound to happen. Tripper getting involved with the sledgehammer was pretty awesome, as was the ECW invasion. The finish was actually pretty amazing, and something totally unexpected too, with Tripper showing he still hates Angle, especially after Angle had hit him with the chair. Epic way to finish the show.

Another top weekly show from you here, mate, with storylines progressing along pretty well, especially with Tripper and Angle set to be very interesting. Good stuff.

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