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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

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First off, the commentary during Triple H’s entrance: brilliant. What you do with Coach is always great stuff and this was no exception. As for Tripper being interrupted before even being allowed a single word, well, it’s different and I like it. Shows that the Bisch and his army are indeed weary of Tripper. Show was good right from the outset here, especially bringing up Triple H’s past with RVD and stating that he did what Triple H couldn’t do. The rest of it was all fine, leading into Angle making his appearance. Angle, as always, showed his intensity well, and I loved him playing on his past with Triple H, giving Bischoff something to roll with here. Again, Triple H’s past was played on well by Bischoff too. WWE Title match next week? Awesome. Should be huge and one to look forward to for sure. Absolutely huge announcement for the main event tonight too, with the seemingly unfinished business between Tripper and Angle perhaps looking to come to that conclusion. The extreme initiative only adds to it, making for what should be a huge main event. Great way to kick us off.

Nice little hint at Haas being a frustrated mofo. The story continues to unfold, though it’ll be interesting to see when the turn comes.

Nice squash for The Sons of Samoa, keeping their slow build towards their title match at Vengeance going not long after their debut. Keep showcasing their power well like you’re currently doing.

Nice little Spirit Squad segment with the epic Mikey ending. You play him as a goofball well every week, so keep it coming, plz. Good entertainment.

Looking forward to the return of ECW, and what we of course can expect to be RVD with it. Should be epic.

Ooo, a bit of hype for a certain connection Ms James has? Beth Phoenix, plz. Should be a welcome addition to the women’s division which has been booked well.

Surprised you still have Trashley on board, because, well ... she’s trash. Regardless, I guess she’ll do for a job (even if she can’t sell to save herself), and this is all she had to do here. Victoria continuing to look strong is very good, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her upset Trish (who will of course own Candice) next week.

Liking the attitude from Helms and the bit of heat between Chavo and Helms. Helms calling him Chavito like ther long-time friends shows his cockiness well, as did him pretending there’d be no problem. With these two having been connected for quite awhile, a full-fledged rivalry with Helms as the heel happening soon wouldn’t surprise me at all. We’ll see.

Hmm, bit of an attack on poor old Carly, eh? @ Coach knowing Carlito just bought his car as well. Top stuff from Coach yet again.

Haas showing his fury and aggression early on in the match with the slap, as well as attacking rather than making the cover was nice to see, continuing on with this more vicious, non-pandering Charlie Haas type character. The beatdown from the ‘Squad was all good, leading into the reversal and hot tag well. The action picked up speed pretty well, and the finish was well done, using the non-competing Spirit Squad members well. Good match.

Nice little reminder of the history between Angle and Tripper, showing us just why this match is taking place tonight well.

Interesting to see just what Torrie is so concerned about with this limousine. Some more hype used effectively, hopefully for what should be a big result.

SmackDown! is indeed Pay-Per-View worthy.

More whining from Trish, in a character that I’m not sure suits her. She seems much more suited in that manipulative bitch type of role for mine, though this promo wasn’t too bad, as you had Trish raise some decent points, such as her not getting a rematch like she should and Mickie getting what I guess is preferential treatment. The aggression from Trish is different to see for sure, though in this promo I liked it. @ Styles absolutely rolling Coach, and a nice academic win for Trish over useless woman jobber #2. Trish vs Victoria is definitely something to look forward to, adding to the already epic WWE Title match that’s been announced for next week.

Extreme initiative next week with Haas being the one punished, eh? I like it. Estrada was written as well as ever, and the promo gives us even more things to look forward to next week. Nice hype job that fits in with storylines well.

Some nice action here in the Masters/Benjamin match, building up to some biggish nearfalls, using Carlito to add to the drama well with his interference. Counter from The Masterlock into the backbreaker from Benji’ was very nice, as was the finish, with the help of Haas. Beatdown from The Sons of Samoa was also nice, adding some more buildup to not just the match at Vengeance, but also The Sons of Samoa as a whole.

Nice reminder of what took place at Backlash, along with a nice promo set up for next week which should be interesting. Look forward to it.

Redneck Wrecking Crew get back on track well here. Serves its purpose well. Surprised you still employ The Heartthrobs too, btw.

Nice promo from Angle, making sure that we don’t see him and Triple H necessarily as friends. Angle making Bischoff to be more than just a simple common enemy was also nice, building him, Show and co up as well. The ending to the promo with the Vengeance mouthguard caps the promo off well, showing the intensity of Angle that we know and love.

Nice promo, giving a little more hype for I guess ECW, since DX is the only other group ‘badass’ enough to graffiti cars, and Shawn’s kinda just a heel. Having Angle and Tripper ‘punished’ should be interesting to see, continuing the brutality that we’ve come to expect from you and your Bischoff administration. Kenny having his car done just really sinks in that it’s all about Bischoff and his cronies too.

@ Coach being rolled by JR. Commentary during the entrances was – as is the norm here – awesome. Bischoff adding the extreme initiative stipulation of a lumberjack match is really smart, with all of the heels surrounding your two top faces (besides Cena, who’s out). Angle and Tripper instantly going after the lumberjacks, rather than one another I guess shows that their hatred of Bischoff overpowers all, starting up an epic brawl. Tripper and Angle looking dominant at first was pretty awesome, before the cheap moves from the heels get the advantage, with a nice cast shot being included cleverly in there. Show dominating was pretty awesome, and I’ve got to say, the invasion of ECW ... amazing. Styles’ commentary, dedicating it all to Rob Van Dam was great stuff. @ Carlito giving Masters away to try to escape too. Ending with the beatdown of Big Show, Bischoff’s number one hired gun, was a very smart way to end, clearly showing that the ECW superstars mean business. Great way to end.

Really, without trying to be a kissass or anything, this show was another top quality offering. The promos were all pretty damn awesome, and the ECW invasion was amazing. The buildup to One Night Stand is definitely looking great, and with a pretty stacked line-up already for next week (Angle vs Show? Orton promo? Fuck yeah) things just look to keep getting better. Great stuff.

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