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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Awesome opening promo, Legend. You just continue to impress and impress, just as I continue to think that youíre going to struggle to produce the same epic promo work every week, and same awesome storyline direction every week, you find a way to do it. I just want to start off by mentioning the Big Show, and his direction in this thread. He has been absolute gold, ever since you paired him with Paul Bearer, and he continues to go from strength to strength. In all honesty, once he ďbanishedĒ Rob Van Dam from Raw, I thought perhaps he would die out a bit, but youíve found a way to keep him in the thick of things very nicely. He was very spot on here, insulting Triple H, telling him about how things have changed and what not. At first, I was a little disappointed that Bearer wasnít doing the talking, but Show was written very well. However, with this being said it probably would have been a little better if Bearer got some time on the microphone, as it feels as if tonight he was just out there for no reason at all.

Kurt Angle was simply intense, and heís been going really well in this thread, pretty much from the get go. The way you keep his intensity up, and put him in interesting story lines to stop his simple ďIím going to kick your assĒ routine from getting boring, is simply genius. ďTriple HÖ I donít forgive, and I certainly donít forget. I donít need your help, I donít want your help, and as far as Iím concerned, me and you? Weíve still got unfinished business.Ē Pretty big hint towards the tension that remains between Angle and Triple H, and itís something that excites me more, as I know eventually they will have to go toe to toe, but with that being said, I believe itís just a tease, as they, as in Kurt Angle and Triple H, are probably going to be the unholy alliance for awhile, fighting off Bischoff and his cronies.

Eric Bischoff was probably the best of this promo, and was a pretty perfect way to end the opening segment. The way Bischoff brought up the past, and how Triple H used to roll with him, and how Triple H would do anything to get the title out of Angleís possession and into his own, was clever play by Bischoff, with one line in particular really being my favorite. ďIím glad Ė Iím glad that you remember just who it was who challenged you for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, and a few weeks after that, who it was who bloodied and battered you, left you -- and your dear brother Eric -- for dead.Ē This line makes things very personal, and sets up a great main event for later in the night. Props on Bischoffís Extreme Exhibition being used here also, although despite the fact Iíd love to see Angle and Hunter go one on one, I think this is going to be a set up to make them easy pickings for Big Show and co. A title match next week on Raw between Angle and Show is pretty nice also; one thing I like is that unlike some bookers, youíre not scared to have title matches on weekly shows. It kind of reminds me of the good old days. Overall, besides the lack of Bearer, a flawless opening promo.

The Worldís Greatest Tag Team plot continues to thicken, with tension in my opinion, despite not being obvious, is clearly at an all time high. The way Haas stopped and stared before helping Benjamin shows that he is still having second thoughts, and it shows that I think come Vengeance we could have new World Tag Team Champions. I know we are a long way away, but at this stage I feel as if, if the WGTT storyline goes for to much longer without anything exploding, it may become a tad repetitive.

The Sons of Samoa with a very impressive performance, and despite them being literally pushed down our throats, it is being done in a very subtle way, which is keeping things not to unrealistic, and is not making me get sick of these guys before they get going, which is always a good thing. One thing I am not liking at this stage, is since the Sons of Samoa debuted, the lack of microphone time for Armando Alejandro Estrada . Iím hoping things change soon, as the build towards Vengeance hits, as without him talking, and I mean talking a lot, then the Sons of Samoa are not going to be a success.

The Spirit Squad continues to bicker, and every time I read a segment with them in this thread, I canít help but chuckle a little. I think it was PARA awhile ago who asked if you were a male cheerleader, and I really need to repeat that question, because the way you write them is simply incomparable to the way anybody has even come close to writing them. Thatís about the biggest compliment I can give, and I enjoy the fact that it seems as if they are going to split up soon. I just hope you donít do the whole Ken Doane is the only guy who gets a push when this group eventually splits, as just about all of them have talent, for example Nicky .

ECW One Night Stand should be quite the fun event, especially with this Extreme Exhibition thing going on, however with that being said, unless something big happens soon, I really see no point of having the event.

Mickie James looking very worried is exactly what I expected, as itís been her current mood ever since she became champion. I canít blame her for being nervous either, however this situation doesnít have enough edge to it at this situation, I would like to see Victoria or Trish Stratus attack her, or try and get to her without security around, as Mickie just being worried, but protected all the time, will probably bore me pretty quickly. I like the fact that youíre hinting that James has back up, I just hope its Beth Phoenix.

Another squash match? This time we get a divas one, clearly itís not going to be a good night match wise besides the main event, but itís something I can live with. Anyway, good to see Victoria getting the win, and picking an early prediction, Iíd like to say that next weekís Victoria against Stratus should be pretty fun.

Interesting feud on the horizon here between Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero. I donít know if Iím the only one, but despite the tension between these two, I could still perhaps see them end up getting revenge on Carlito and Chris Masters in the future. Anyway, nice segment, putting over the fact that these two guys donít really get along, and well Chavo seemed to have the personality of a tree, Helmsí attitude is awesome.

I love Carlito, and Iím glad to see he is off his crutches, hopefully that means he will be back to in ring action soon enough. I really canít imagine ĎLito saying hi to a few random people, Iíd prefer him to just brush past them, showing more of his cockiness. Besides this little issue, having his car, erm ruined I guess, was pretty good, itís a shame we didnít get to see it. I hope we do later in the show.

A very nice match recap here. It seems youíre going with the slow and steady having The Spirit Squad get along well tonight, so of course everything will be fine amongst the group, until they lose next week. As far as Haas goes, he continues to be on fire, but once again he receives a loss when he is not around Shelton Benjamin, which really makes me believe perhaps Benjamin will be the one who eventually turns heel. As for Guerrero and Helms, well they got a long fine tonight, but I can see Helms blaming Guerrero for the loss in the future. Anyway, this was a very well written match, a good result, and a great way to get the Spirit Squad temporarily back on track, well done.

A very smart thing to do, to put a reminder of what happened between Angle and Triple H earlier in the year. I canít wait to see what goes down in the main event, itís a shame we wonít get a clean finish.

Another interesting situation here with Torrie Wilson and the limo driver, I donít know exactly what is going on, but I think it fits some how in with the situation involving ĎLitoís car. I also think it is Triple H and Kurt Angle who are behind it. I feel as if we will find out who is behind everything at the end of the show, and I must say if I am right, this has been a nice, little mystery type storyline to get us through the night .

at JR trying to make out like he doesnít know that Trish is going to kill Candice aka ĎThe horseí.

This was a lovely Trish Stratus promo here, Legend, clearly continuing her character transition from the loveable baby face, to the whining heel. One thing in particular I like is the fact that The Coach on commentary has a point for once, which is something heel commentators donít have often, but having Coach be right about this creates a better formula for commentary. Anyway, this slow turn from Stratus seems to be coming along nicely, and Iím sure sheís about to smoke ĎThe Horseí.

Just as I thought, Stratus easily gets the duke, and her beating ĎThe horseí in less time than Vickie beat her victim, it makes me think that Vickie will get the win next week. This womenís scene at the moment is white hot, and I got a feeling that you will save Mickie/Trish one on one for Summerslam, which in turn will lead to the timely debut of Beth Phoenix, which will eventually lead to a feud. Yeah, perhaps Iím predicting things a bit early, and Iím probably far off, but at the moment I feel as if Iíve got a pretty good read on things. Next weekís divas match should be awesome anyway, I donít expect a pissy little recap for it, I want some of your greatness put into it .

When I saw that AAE was confronting The Spirit Squad I was pretty certain that they would be on the same page, or at least try and negotiate something, and I was correct. I mean, AAE is the manager of The Sons of Samoa and they want tag team gold, Charlie Haas is one half of the tag champs so he needs to be softened up, The Spirit Squad want to impress Bischoff, and if I am correct, AAE still is friends with Bischoff. Am I right, or have I missed something? Anyway, so I think you were trying to set the scene as SS being scared, and the readers meant to believe they could be in danger, but I personally didnít buy it. Hell, I could be wrong about your intentions, this is just what I think. As for the actual writing of the segment, it was pretty top notch, and Iím glad you answered my prayers by giving me some Armando talk time, now if Bearer gets a segment later on, everything with this show will be spot on.

This match up didnít really deliver with the write up like I thought it could for one simple reason; the overuse of the Clothesline. I donít know if you realized but you used the Clothesline, or to be more precise the attempted Clothesline so many times throughout this match, that it actually began to irritate me. Besides this little issue, I think you made the right decision with Benjamin winning, especially with the assist from Haasí, although with this happening Iím glad to see Masters didnít look weak, and once ĎLito gets back to full strength this duo is going to be rather epic.

I decided to give this bit its own paragraph thatís how much I love this current Worldís Greatest Tag Team storyline. ďAs Masters and Carlito back up the ramp slowly, hands on hips, talking some serious trash back at the tag team champions, Charlie Haas, now wearing a ĎVengeanceí t-shirt over his trunks grabs the I.C Title belt from the official and walks over to his unsuspecting partner with ambiguous intentionsÖĒ This paragraph has to be close to paragraph of the night for me just because of the implications it could have had. What were Haasí ambiguous intentions? This is something that I believe will be used in a few weeks to make the fire really burn between these two, as you really are stalling, in a terrific way, the inevitable heel turn from one of these two men, and I know Haas is the one losing a lot of singles matches, but for some reason I can still see Benjamin being the one to turn.

I loved the way you had the Sons of Samoa once again immediately come at the convenient time, and stop the break up of the WGTT from occurring, and now they have given the WGTT something to unite for another month for. Revenge on these two guys. Nice attack, building some heat between the two teams, now give Estrada some mic time to put over the event in a week or two, similar to what you had Cena sound like on the last few Rawís before Backlash, and then this feud will be looking like gold.

Every time I read that Flair/Orton video I pray that things get hurried up here, although I believe just like everything else that you do, and once again, I mean this in a good way, I think this storyline is going to be a very slow process. The interview next week with Randy Orton should be an awesome read though.

A good way for The Redneck Wrecking Crew to get back on track, with a nice and easy win over The Hearthrobs. I think some people may think that this is a filler segment that didnít need to be on this show because you already had another six matches, however I think this was smart, as I believe in a few months this team are going to become the center of your tag division, therefore you need to keep them prominent in everybodyís mind.

I like to pick out certain lines or certain paragraphs when I think something is done extremely well, and highlight them, and the reason why I didnít do this for this Angle interview is because I didnít want to copy and paste the whole segment. Seriously, Angle just oozed intensity, and everything from the mouth guard, to what he was saying, was done perfectly.

A little bit of a crisis meeting in the GMís office and what I gathered from this situation is that we are not getting the epic main event that I thought you had in store for us. Anyway, pretty enjoyable segment, I just though Iíd ask because I canít remember, how and when did Torrie join forces with Bischoff again? Bearer getting some speaking time was great for me to, as itís probably the only thing that I felt this show was lacking. Iím intrigued to see just how the main event gets twisted now.

Kennyís car now as well? Oh boy! However, I believe this is a swerve, and Iím sticking with what I mentioned earlier, or at least what I was supposed to mention earlier, and that is that I believe it is ECW, and perhaps Rob Van Dam that are doing the damage to all these things.

A Lumberjack match? I guess this is pretty good, should cause both men to get an extreme ass kicking. This Extreme Initiative could quickly turn very TNA-esque, so hopefully you keep things a little responsible here. Last week was fine, and this week with the dirty finish we will probably get, or no contest or whatever will be fine, although in the coming weeks you need results to be outright, otherwise as I said, it would become TNA- esuqe. Iíll give my thoughts on the situation more after this contest anyway.

Iíd just like you to quickly forget about the paragraph above, as the match never really got under way, so Iím not counting it as TNA like . The faces went well for awhile, but eventually the heels took over as they thought they would in what was a brilliantly written beat down. With that being said, Iím a little disappointed that we didnít get to see Angle and Triple H go at it.

ECW? Just as I expected. Iím not going to write a lot of crap Iím just going to say this was a very entertaining and fun ending to the show. ďJim Ross: ARE WE WITNESSING THE DECLARATION OF WAR FROM ECW JUST ONE MONTH AWAY FROM RAWíS INVASION OF THE HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM?? ARE WE WITNESSING THE BACKLASH OF ROB, VAN, DAM??Ē Awesome final line from JR, it really gets us thinking that RVD is behind the situation, which I really believe he is by the way.

Overall, this was simply an awesome show. You continue to show that you are one of the best all around bookers here. Youíve got the match writing ability, youíve got the promo writing ability, youíve got special ideas, and you execute them perfectly. Seriously, there was nothing I really didnít like about this show, there may have been a few little complaints, but thatís not a bad thing. On a little side note, Iíd like to say sorry for missing Smackdown, I simply had no time for a review, anyway I will be back for Smackdown this week for sure, just donít make me wait for it to long.

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