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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

SmackDown! Feedback

Sorry this is late. I would say I’ve been busy or whatever, but I haven’t. Sorry, just been jobbing.

Wow, very interesting and different way to kick us off here. The dynamic was interesting to say the least, as Shane was seemingly a bit reluctant, and scared dare I say it, while Stephanie seemed like a pushy bitch. The bit of animosity between the two was pretty much priceless, tbh. The little interaction between JBL and Steph was also nice, continuing their ongoing confrontations. A pretty awesome way to kick us off which was something different from anything I think I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, starting the real part of the show off with Edge after last week is definitely the right move. Plus, he kinda needs a number one contender, so this should bring about some juicy goodness. The hate on Shano to start with was good, continuing on from when he Speared the living hell out of him a few weeks back (the Friday after ‘Mania? Can’t remember exactly). The description of ecstasy upon Edge’s face upon saying that he had defeated The Undertaker sounded exactly right, and I loved the way you worked his interaction with the fans into it, though he didn’t start doing this ‘YOU’RE ALL WRONG~!’ business until last year, or maybe even this year to the best of my recollection. Edge against the world gets major ratings from me though. The continued owning of Shano while speaking of how he had beaten two of the most dangerous men in the ‘E was pretty ownage, as was the setting up of Rey coming in with Edge talking about how he doesn’t care how big they are. Edge’s continued paranoia about him not being allowed air-time straight off was pretty nice, as was the size bagging which was to be expected. The playing on history between the two was nice, as was Edge’s bagging of Rey linking back in with Big Dave’s. Methinks this stuff between Edge and ‘Tista is definitely set to resume at a later date. The use of Rey calling Edge scared also worked pretty well, written out nicely. Booker T? Pretty unexpected since I thought he’d be gunning for Rey, but since Rey’s out here too I guess it makes sense. Not sure what to make of Booker’s king attitude here, as he never really became a king as such. Him saying his record against Edge and Mysterio was almost flawless only to say forget about the past was a bit confusing too. The rest from Booker; however, was all fine, leading into the arrival of Finlay. Finlay was short but sweet. Obviously there’s only so much he can say since he’s more of a let’s fight type of guy, but for what it was, it was good. Batista arriving was certainly no surprise, and using the commentators to remind us of the problems Dave’s had with the other men was a wise move. Rey shutting Edge up and allowing Big Dave to own everyone was pretty awesome. Again, much like Finlay, Batista is limited, but what you did with him was very good. The little interaction between Shane and Steph upon Shane’s entrance was also very nice. Wow, two big matches announced from Shano, both of which I was expecting to see at the Pay-Per-View. Big main event for tonight from Shano, and I absolutely loved the way Shano set the assault for Finlay up at the end. Nice way to finish what was a damn good opening promo off.

Nice win here for Kash in the build to his match with Noble. I really liked the emphasis you put on him showboating, especially with the kip up after the match. The little brawl that ensued keeps these two simmering along, with Noble coming out looking the tougher man the right move, while Kash look heelish by running. Good stuff.

I have a feeling you know just how much CM Punk owns. Utilise that epicness plz.

It’s just a small thing, but I liked the way you transitioned into the backstage promo with Noble, using Cole and Tazz well. Nice promo from Noble, showing his intensity well, although I laughed at Matthews’ question being ignored completely.

Ugh, heel vs heel. They’re never ideal as the crowd’s never really going to warm to them. It also doesn’t help that one of the teams (The Basham Brothers) are an uncharismatic heap of shit. The use of the assault pre-match from The Bluebloods was nice, once again showing their nasty streak. The change of momentum with a mere shoulder tackle was a bit disappointing, though I’m glad to see you kept the match mercifully short. @ Regal being too awesome to run too. Little brawl to finish with keeps the tag division going hot, much like the cruiserweight division. Two consecutive brawls to end matches may be a bit much, but I don’t mind it too much. Good stuff.

@ ‘Is that your real accent?’ Top line. Pretty good segment to show that every man is in it for himself tonight, driving a wedge between the heels well. Both men were written well, so no complaints here.

Nice showing of the anger of ‘Tista. Keeping his feud with Finlay running hot here tonight. The gash just adds to the effect. Good stuff.

Albright showing some real intensity from the get-go here was something a bit different. Seemed weird to me, and perhaps a bit off compared to what we’ve seen with Albright in the past, though I guess that’s what you were going for. The promo felt a lot more familiar in the latter stages, seeming more like Albright. Liking these promos as a whole to give him some mic time.

The win for Albright was always going to happen; however, the aftermath, imo, should have gone the other way. Holly’s been punked out here when he shouldn’t be the one looking for revenge, looking worried headed into what I would assume is their match at Judgment Day. Albright should. If Albright can deal with Holly that easily, I can’t see Holly continuing to worry Albright, and that kind of makes their ‘feud’ pointless, imo.

Wow, amazing stuff really. You made it more than just a regular beatdown, describing what has happened to Batista since WrestleMania and really drumming in his rage, his intensity in a beautiful way. The spinebuster on the limo? Great stuff. As for Steph, she was written beautifully too, with the very last words really driving her emotions home well.

I believe you mean Kennedy’s not in Green Bay anymore. The showing of intensity, of rage, of possibly the dementedness of Kennedy was wonderful. Again, having Kennedy split Funaki open is maybe overusing blood; however, another top beatdown here. Good stuff.

Moore goodness from Shano and Stephanie here. Keeping the wedge driven firmly between the two, you also made some pretty big matches for Judgment Day here which I’m interested to see.

Heyman gushing over Lashley? You have him do a very, very good job of it. Playing up Lashley’s awesomeness while also digging into the fans was really well done, as was including Shano in the promo. No match announcement yet? You’re leaving the excitement to build, I guess. Interested to see what you choose for the two beasts to compete in, because as you said, you’ve got a lot to choose from.

London and Kendrick were somewhat generic here as the smiley faces, though I guess there’s not much you can do about that at this stage. The match between London & Kendrick and MNM for next week was explained pretty well here, and it’s a nice match to have for the card. You’re featuring the tag division well, so keep at it, plz.

Tazz, you are being dumb. Rey faced Eddie for the WWE Title back on a SmackDown! in what I think was March (though it may have been April) of 2004, and well, WWE Title, World Heavyweight Title, same dif. Yes, I have no life. Anyway, the match was pretty good up until when Rey and Booker had some action in the home stretch, which was simply awesome, and makes for a very good match next week if exchanges like that are featured. Finlay making his way into the match adds another toy for you to play with I guess and gives Big Dave someone to perhaps focus on a bit too much. The two heels arguing over wanting the tag and as such getting the title shot was well done, as was the finish leading to a very crafty sneak victory from Edge. Top main event.

Simply huge announcement to end the show here. If we get the match I expect (Batista vs Edge), this will have some very interesting implications after the last few weeks. You’ve got me hooked here.

Overall, another very good show. The matches announced for the Pay-Per-View actually took me off guard, and I guess that’s a good thing. The promos as always were top notch, as was the match writing. Maybe the blood needs to be eased up on a little bit, as it’s starting to lose its effect, though apart from that I really have no complaints. Great stuff (and sorry again for the lateness).

Oh, and as far as RAW goes, it's been phenomenal since return, and I have no doubt that it'll be the same this week. Some nice midcard matches announced, featuring all of those guys that own strongly again. Looking forward to another extreme rules type match, and another blockbuster show.

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