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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Friday Night SmackDown! Review
Generally the whole World Title argument between multiple challengers opening the show is something I don't enjoy too much, however, this was done exceptionally. Each man came out with a purpose and with every word it just seemed like it was more than just a 'I'm better than you, I should have a shot.' Edge is an absolute heat machine here and is massively over in this thread. Everyone had such contrasting characters here and they were all nailed. Edge as the World Heavyweight Champion is something I'm a big fan of and if he keeps generating this much heat I think it should be superglued to him. This was a fantastic opening segment. Already, I'm loving this thread.

I'm liking this Kid Kash gimmick and he is really garnering some heat. I'm glad he got the win and in dominating fashion it seemed. I like it this way, rather than have him look like a pussy who wins through cheating all the time, he demolished him in the end, in my opinion with those three consecutive moves. In the end however, is a different story with him managing to escape from the man who holds the title he's after. Still, a great way to gain heat. I'm enjoying this show a lot, so far.

A nice vignette of CM Punk coming to SmackDown!, heel please.

Noble hypes the match at the PPV as well as the feud well. It's good seeing him with a title as he does have talent and it's unfortunate seeing him forgotten about a lot. His character was perfect and I predict a damn good match at the PPV. I'm hoping Kash has a reply for it, just to see the hatred rise between the two.

The Bluebloods/Basham Brothers match I didn't enjoy too much purely based on the fact that I'm not too familiar with the Bashams and I've never really been a fan of Regal. As it was heel on heel it was a little awkward but the ending I liked a lot with Brian Kendrick interfering as well as London and MNM making it that big tag-team implosion. It was a great effect and probably a good way to end a heel on heel match, I think.

I had a little chuckle at Edge's inputs with his conversation between him and Booker T. Just the way he replied to everything he said as well as Booker actually sounding like an idiot. Rather funny segment.

Batista being pissed at Finlay is a good quick segment and I personally can't wait to see him get his hands on him.

A good promo from Brent Albright, although, I see him as someone with potential and I wouldn't be wasting him on Holly for too long. Have him go over Holly, because I've always though Holly's a fucking idiot and have him go on to something bigger.

Albright getting the squash is good and the aftermath of the match was beautiful. Holly receiving a half-nelson suplex; a devastating move, is just beautiful.

I'm excited for Judgement Day, good video package.

Fantastic segment with Batista. He's really portrayed as an animal and despite my dislike for Finlay, I want these two to face off in a match and preferably a gimmick match, just to see Batista be unleashed and destroy Finlay. The way you wrote this just made me want to kick the shit out of Finlay; I have no chance, but still. All I wanted was Batista to get his hands on Finlay, which he did and destroy. I hate Finlay even more now, thanks to you. This segment was written great.

I'd count Kennedy's match more as a segment than a match as it really was designed to have Kennedy drown in heat and get over like fuck. He really has a lot of potential in this thread and the direction you have him heading is fantastic. From the way he conducts himself to the way he wrestles is perfect for his character and getting over. This was another fantastic segment, and there's been a lot in this show.

I'm loving Shane's drunken character and what he said to Steph made me laugh, 'That time of the month.. huh?' I had to have a chuckle at that. Anyway, the decision by him was good with the eight-man tag. It looks like Shane will be making some booking decisions here. I'm interested in this whole thing with Shane and Steph, especially with Shane being drunk. I really do look forward to seeing what the next move is they'll make.

I didn't know Lashley was a heel nor did I know he had Heyman as his manager as this, I think, is the first time I've read this thread and I must say, Heyman was nailed. He is just.. well, Heyman and him being in possession of another monster is great, especially with Lashley, so he can do the talking rather than Bobby. I actually want to see Lashley get pushed in this thread, it's different seeing him a heel and with Heyman by his side, the sky's the limit. I think he has the potential to be a megastar. I want to see what you do with him. Hopefully he goes over 'Taker.

London and Kendrick have their good guy, we'll never back down promo. Nothing really special there. Them on the same team as MNM will be interesting though.

With Finlay seemingly unable to compete in the main event, I still think he will come down and interfere. In the beginning you included a commercial break, that's something I've always seen as 'don't do'. I just believe that the matches should be written out with no interruptions. The match was very out-of-control and due to the circumstances between all men and what's at stake, I can see why and I enjoyed it. It's always good to see Rey have a spot-fest every now and then. It gets the crowd happy. Like I predicted, Finlay came down and I wanted to see Batista tear him apart but that was rather unsuccessful. The ending was good and I expect a livid Batista to win the Fatal-4-Way and go on to face Edge but have a similar fate to what he had tonight, with a roll-up loss. The main event was well done.

Overall, this really was a well done show and to some it up in a few words, I'd use these ones, 'Served its purpose.' Because that's what everything at least had, a purpose. Nothing was out of place, nothing was unneeded and nothing was boring. You really are one of the top writers here and I'm not being a lick-ass, these are my honest opinions because I'm an honest reviewer. Everything was well done - an overall great show setup.



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