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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

You simply continue to amaze me with your storylines. When I saw that Helms was facing Chavo, I figured it was just going to be a match made by Bischoff that tires to two men out. But then you go and pull something truly amazing out of the bag, as this Eric Bischoff Extreme Exhibition should be an epic storyline leading to One Night Stand. Tables Match should be an excellent way to start, as I can see a different “extreme” match taking place each week leading to the PPV. Helms and Chavo have got to be pissed off, but they are going to do battle in this one nonetheless. Quite the entertaining match that these two put on, as I loved how Helms can still play the aggressive one, given that he is still somewhat of a tweener. Some good counters between the two throughout, before they look to do some serious damage to one another, as both men try and avoid falling to the outside and through the table set up. We get back into the ring and I thought Chavo was going to win the match with the Frog Splash … but he crashes through it instead! A very nice exchange to end the match, with Chavo somehow countering and dropping Helms through the table! A very nice way to start this Bischoff storyline, as both men are in a terrible way, with much more carnage to come during future shows, imo.

Looks like Shelton’s life isn’t going to get much easier tonight, as he and Charlie face off against the RWC for the belts. How long until Shelton is seriously injured?

Wow, that was not how I expected Mickie to come out as the Women’s Champion. I know she got beat up pretty bad at Backlash, but it is shocking to see her with a security detail and also so unsure of herself. The match did a good job of telling the story, with her not looking to be in good shape at all. Still, she picks up the win rather quickly, showing that she really is a dominant female wrestler. I was actually enjoying the promo that Mickie was cutting, talking about all the people that helped her become Women’s Champion, and it was cool to see where her character will be taken in the future. But then Victoria and Trish hit the ring, only to be cut off by the security! Something tells me that it will take a very long time for either of those two women to get a clean shot at the new champion.

What the hell!? Why did Angle decide to attack the entire ‘Squad? I loved the way that he did it, though, as he really caught them by surprise and then just unleashed all his anger that’s been built up over the past few weeks, and he just dismantled the former champions. Loved the comment about bald people from Mikey, as he and Angle are going to “talk”. Wonder where this one is going…

Are we really going to have a third brand? I’m sure that you would make it work, but I just don’t think you can afford it. And, I just want to say that it makes sense that RVD will be returning for this one, given that he is in the poster.

I just want to reiterate that I thought you did a fantastic job of making Estrada’s “men” debut, doing something that no one else has really done in BTB, debuting two men as a tag team under the charismatic Cuban. The video package really set the tone for how these two men are going to go about their business over the next few months, as they cannot be stopped by any two men. So they are Umaga and Samu, huh? Guess it doesn’t get much more Samoan than that. Estrada says the inevitable, that his team is going to challenge for the World Tag Team Championships, and because of his friendship with The Bisch, I have no doubt that will happen. Nothing short of a spectacular debut, destroying the two jobbers and then Coach says that they WILL challenge for the belts at Vengeance. That’s a long while off, but it will certainly be a good feud with the WGTT, should they retain tonight.

Angle looking for his next victim? Hopefully it’s someone a little bit more well known than the ‘Squad.

Damn, ‘Lito is in pretty bad shape after that fall through the announce table last night, but he still wants to head down to the ring. His promo didn’t really look like it was going anywhere, as he was just talking about how courageous he was last week and he made fun of the Cleveland fans, which was a nice touch. BUT HERE COMES THE WWE CHAMP! Angle is surely pissed off at Bischoff about something, and he is taking his rage out on everyone who’s involved with the GM. Kind of weird that they brawled out of sight, but I guess we will find out what happened later on in the show.

That was quite the confrontation between Ric Flair and Randy Orton at Backlash. I was truly shocked that Flair is going to retire, and I really believed that Orton’s speech would be able to snap Naitch out of it. Orton really said what everyone in the crowd was thinking, and he tried to light that fire under Naitch one final time, but it just didn’t work. I think Flair will obviously have to come back, because that just wasn’t the way to send him out. I just want to see TLK back on WWE programming on a regular basis, as we never got any closure as to why BRET HART came out at ‘Mania.

Another squash win to try and get the Bashams over as a legitimate team that could win both the World Tag Team and WWE Tag Team Titles. Hopefully something interesting happens so with these two, as we all know they won’t win both sets of titles, so I want a real feud to happen.

Looks like we are going to have on hell of a main event, as Cade and Murdoch are rested and ready, while the champions don’t look like they’ll be able to wrestle for five minutes.

Should be explosive once Bischoff finally shows up in the arena, as I think something big is still going down after the main event. Coach just keeps getting slimier and slimier each week … and I LOVE it.

Old school feel for this big main event, with Lillian doing the introductions after both teams have made their way down to the ring. Interesting that Haas didn’t play to the crowd, as it is just a continuation of his recent heel turn, however slow it may be, that will end with him screwing Shelton. Quite the interesting contest early on, as Shelton is actually doing well in the match, despite everything he and Haas went through last night. But eventually the challengers begin to take over, before Shelton makes probably the dumbest mistake of his career, trying to take out Murdoch, taking himself out of the match! Loved the grit and determination shown by the surviving World Tag Champion, as Haas somehow stays in the match, kicking out of two of Cade’s stronger moves. Loved the way that Haas came back in this one, looking for the win a few times, only for the RWC to prevent him. Not sure about the thing with the ring bell, but it lead well into the last big blow by Cade, which Haas SOMEHOW kicks out of! Shelton coming back out was great to see and he helps beat up Cade, before Haas pins him for the win! Quite the match that this was, as the WGTT somehow hold onto the belts, despite being completely dominated by the RWC. Umaga and Samu attacking AGAIN was a given, as things just keep getting worse for Benjamin and Haas, as I doubt it will be a relaxing road to Vengeance for them.

We knew that Angle was intense all night long, and now he finally gets to tell us why. His portion of the promo was done well, with short and quick statements, not really wanting to wait around for anyone. He wants Shawn Michaels after he “helped” Angle win the match last night, something that I figured he’d be pissed off about. He wants Eric Bischoff to do the right thing, but it doesn’t look like he will be getting Bischoff, as THE BIG SHOW is here! Damn, Bearer sure says a lot here, and none of it is anything Angle is too pleased about. He does the expected as says that Angle was happy to have the help of HBK, as he says we all know Angle was unable to beat John Cena on his own. The crowd continues to shit all over the duo, as they talk about beating up everyone they have over the past month, including ending the career of Rob Van Dam. The threatening of Angle’s family was done brilliantly, as I could easily see them doing that, if you are indeed going for the Angle-Show feud down the road. Angle has enough of their talking, as he’s ready to get it on right now! Angle gets the best of the exchange in the early going, before that damn ‘Squad returns and comes after him! Kurt takes them out and then finally gets what he wants, as ERIC BISCHOFF is at the top of the ramp, but Masters jumps Angle from behind! The gang assault then ensues, with Big Show looking to finish the WWE Champion for good … BUT HERE COMES TRIPLE H! Shocked to see The Game come out on back to back nights, as he helps out Angle and takes down everyone in the ‘Squad! Triple H is more focused on Bischoff, as Angle finally gets out of Show’s grasp and then takes down Coach! A perfect ending to the show, as we are obviously going to see a feud between ‘Show and Angle for the belt, as they are in the middle of something right now.

Smackdown! Feedback

Interesting that you chose to start the night backstage with the two co-GMs on Smackdown!. They are complete opposites, with Shane looking relaxed after last week, while Steph wants him to go out and confront Edge. Interesting that Shane made a phone call and it looked like Steph might be the one to hit the ring. Glad to see JBL get his weekly appearance, as I’m not really sure what you’re doing with him at the moment. I see him continuing to act like this until he gets his name announced for the ‘Smackdown! Election’. No doubt in my mind that Edge is the biggest heel in the company, just judging by the way that the crowd is treating him. It’s good to see him FINALLY getting out of a bitchy mood and realizing that he can beat anyone that is thrown in front of him. He is going to be even more annoying to listen to now that he has overcome Shane’s challenges and also beaten two of the most dominant superstars in history. Thought it was a little too early for the promo to conclude, and I was shocked that Rey Mysterio was the first man to interrupt Edge. I can already tell that this going to be that “huge” promo you were telling me about. While the interaction between Edge and Rey was as fluid as I would have liked, it did a good job of getting Edge’s point across. Surprised that you brought up the old partnership these two had, seeing as how I didn’t even remember they tagged together until you brought it up. Rey trying to bait Edge into giving him a shot at the belt was a nice touch, but this is a different Edge, and he’s not taking it. He just reiterates what he’s done as World Champion, and now I guess there’s NO ONE that can beat him. Booker T? Another surprising person to come out? When’s Big Dave going to hit the ring? Booker T is going to be switching over to King Booker very soon, I’m just not sure how you are going to do it. Surprised that he wasn’t interrupted throughout the promo, as he was in classic form here, making himself sound much more impressive than we know he is. He is about to throw down the formal challenger, but … FINLAY!? Finlay on the mic is even more shocking than him coming out, and you did a good job keeping it short and sweet. All valid points by the Irishman, but it’s obvious that he won’t be getting a one-on-one shot at the PPV. The image of Finlay putting the shillelagh on Edge’s chest would have to be priceless, imo. BATISTA! Batista was actually much more focused on Finlay in this promo, as he mentioned Edge and talked to him, but I felt he was more focused on the Irishman. It’s obvious that these two are going to meet sooner or later, and I just see it happening in a big way. Shane O’ Mac is here, and now maybe we can get some answers regarding the number one contendership. I like the smarts shown here by the GM, as it would just be too many people in the ring for me to keep track of. Those are two pretty big matches signed for next week, as I can’t wait to see the destruction of Batista and Finlay in their match, as well as watch Booker and Rey get it on again. And a very clever main event for this evening also, as I’d really love to see the four-way at the PPV, seeing as how these men are all too involved with each other to have separate matches at Judgment Day. The shillelagh shot to Batista will probably cause some trouble later on, but it was a nice way for the promo to end.

I am glad to see that Kash has changed his look, seeing as he will need to try some new things to get that CW Title back. I’m glad that Moore looked OK in this match, but like you said, there was no denying that Kash would win. A very cool way to end it, though, with KK hitting some very impressive moves. The attack by Noble after the match was somewhat expected, and we don’t get much physicality between these two, as I hope this feud picks up a little better next week.

CM Punk to debut already…

The tables have certainly turned between Noble and Kash, as now we have Jamie looking like a man possessed and I think it’s going to be a much more physical encounter at Judgment Day, even though I don’t believe the match will be as long as the one at WM22. Noble is certain that he wants to hurt Kash, and that just means these two will have even more to fight over in Phoenix.

I’m glad that you didn’t dance around the fact that this match was not one that would grip the fans’ attention, as you know how awkward the heel vs. heel dynamic can be. The Bluebloods are my favorite team in this thread, and I’m glad you treat them like yours also. The Bashams somewhat hold their own, but we all know that they aren’t winning this one, but Brian Kendrick makes sure NO ONE wins! Glad to finally see the Bluebloods get beaten up, with the tag team division turning against them, as I am really interested to see where you go from here.

Really liked how Booker changed back into the thug we all know he is, taking Edge by surprise and making him wonder how he will work the Book Man later tonight. Hopefully they don’t get along at all, as I’d really love to see these two disagree for the entire match.

Uh oh … Finlay’s about to get destroyed … courtesy of The Animal.

I can honestly see Holly vs. Albright happening at Judgment Day, since I really think that you want to get the Shooter on a PPV. Another solid promo before he destroys some bastard, as Hardcore really is the man to put over young stars, as all the young heels always hate him. Should be interesting to see if anything actually does go down tonight. The Juice never really stood a chance, as he needs to return to CW matches, where he really belongs. I’m surprised that Albright actually did that to Holly after the match, as I thought Bob would get the first shot in. Guess this young kid is even MORE impressive than we originally thought.

I figured that Batista was going to go after Finlay, but I did not expect the assault to be THAT brutal. I loved the way that Finlay just kept trying to run away and Batista just kept on coming. The Animal is not going to be stopped, with the spine buster onto the limo as the final move. Stephanie tries to talk some sense into Dave, but that will not do any good. Doubt that Batista would drop the “F” word twice on TV, but I get why he said it. Safe to say that Finlay’s out of tonight’s handicap match, but the real question is what will happen to ‘Tista.

Kennedy is becoming the MAN in this thread, and I’m wondering if Matt Hardy will even make an appeance before Judgment Day, seeing as how you’ve been able to build this feud with basically just KK. The promo was gold, as usual, but that mood of Kennedy’s doesn’t get much better when Funaki interrupts him. The instant DQ saves the embarrassing match, as KK doesn’t take very well to being interrupted. The beatdown served it’s purpose, as that seems to be a common theme tonight, as we now have Funaki on the shelf, with Kennedy looking scarier and scarier with each passing week. I wonder what he will do next week … guess we’ll just have to wait for that.

Love the way that Shane is acting tonight, just making bad-ass matches all over the place, tbh. Cool to see the eight-man get signed for JD, it should be an interesting contest. Glad to see Batista stay in the main event, because that’s exactly what the people want to see.

Was wondering when we were going to see Heyman and Lashley, and hopefully this is when we finally find out what kind of match Judgment Day will feature. Pretty basic building up of his client by Heyman, as we all know what he thinks of the monstrous “Real Deal”. Lashley coming is just to show the people in the audience how awesome this specimen is. Heyman does some more building, do it to perfection, btw, and he doesn’t give us the match!? I guess we still have some time, but I thought this would be the time when it was announced. Hopefully it’s worth the wait, as I think it’d be better if Undertaker were there when it was thrown down. Still, a good way to get these two some exposure, as the show is never dull when they make appearances.

Good idea by the Hooligans to get their match with MNM out of the way as soon as possible, even though I really doubt that it will make a difference. Next week is certainly going to be an amazing night, as we now have three huge matches, with this one being added to Booker/Rey and Batista/Finlay. Well done, sir.

Knew that Finlay wouldn’t be coming out when he should have, but it’s obvious that this will be just like Raw last week … Dave will make an appearance eventually. He is really that tough, imo. Of course Rey is going to be isolated for the majority of the match, but I think until the 12-minute mark is a little bit of a stretch. The last three minutes were very well written, as you did a fantastic job of keeping Edge/Batista with each other, as well as having Rey dominate Booker. FINLAY! I knew that he would make his presence known eventually, and he tries to get the job done for his team, only for Batista to Spear him … but he’s not legal! DAMMIT! Edge steals this one! He gets a pinfall over Batista AGAIN. Shane comes out to make it official, as you will now have TWO big matches for Judgment instead of just one with World Title implications. But this is a McMahon, and he did a great job by making himself the special referee! Should be a very interesting final three shows before you get the PPV, with Edge not happy about this. Shocking, I know.

Two fantastic shows here, Legend, as it just shows how lucky the BTB is to have you back on board. I love what you are doing with the World Title situations on both shows, and “Eric Bischoff’s Extreme Exhibition” is something I look forward to for weeks. Can’t wait to see what you plan on doing next!


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