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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

First off, plz don’t regret posting in full. Trust me; it was a joy to read, as I think I told you plenty of times during the feedback for it. Your match writing pretty much owns, so plz don’t quit on me it now.

Anyway, onto this show, it looks pretty stacked. You’ve got an absolute shitload you can do following on from Backlash, so to say I’m looking forward to it would be an understatement. The video package reminding us just of that potential is a nice touch, and well, Coach owned, as is the norm here. You’ve got to love him.

Kicking off with a match? Interesting. A promo from either of Triple H or Shawn Michaels was expected on my part after their epic returns, however a match with two popular, athletic midcarders is always a very good way to start. The announcement of the tables match with Coach looking a little suspicious after earlier pleading innocence with the match was pretty brilliant. Interesting way to build up One Night Stand, though I must say I like you using it. Surprised to see this as a brawl tbh since both men can go at a quicker pace when necessary, however as cruiserweights they are more grounded types, so I guess the two staying grounded for the most part makes sense. Speed of the match built up very well throughout with the teases of going through the table. The end was pretty damn crazy and really just a whole lot of fun. Pretty innovative and great stuff all round. Not too sure about Helms losing as well as playing heel for the match, as he seems to be the one moving up the card, though this does look to have evened out your midcard to an extent. Should be interesting to see which of these two men gets involved with ‘Lito next.

Nice little reminder of last night with Benjamin. Serves its purpose well.

pha-lanx - –noun
(in ancient Greece) a group of heavily armed infantry formed in ranks and files close and deep, with shields joined and long spears overlapping.

I see. I like this use of actual storylines in the diva division. Exactly why Mickie’s match was just a squash was well explained and it did its job well. Mickie’s actual speech has me a bit divided. While I like the idea behind it, it just didn’t scream psycho Mickie to me, and to me at least, psycho Mickie was Mickie at her best. Both women coming down and showing that they want a piece of Mickie leaves us some build up over the next few weeks before deciding on a definitive contender which is good. The idea behind the promo itself was all pretty good, however Mickie seemed to be lacking a bit on the stick. A bit more paranoia needed to come out, imo.

@ Coach. Seriously, ownage. The showing of intensity was cool to see, though I’m not sure why Angle’s gone after The Spirit Squad. Hopefully we got some sort of explanation on that. @ Mikey’s “I swear, I don’t have anything against bald people”. Top line.

ECW making a real return, eh? Something you don’t usually see. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how you go about this.

Promo from Estrada was good, setting the scene for the debut of The Sons of Samoa well, along with the killer video package. Two squashes in a row isn’t exactly exhilarating, but I guess it’s just the way the show pieced together best. The squash to emphasize the power and force of The Sons of Samoa is a good idea, as is showing them for all to see on free TV. Glad to see them making their intentions clear thanks to Estrada, as like Coach said, after Backlash they’re natural contenders. Along with the disintegrating relationship between Benjamin and Haas, this should make for some good viewing.

An explanation on why Angle is so paranoid will be interesting. As will why exactly ‘Lito is in the firing line. Perhaps moving Carlito closer to that main event scene? I’d mark.

‘Lito with the cheap heat was alright, although the promo lacked a bit of substance behind it. Was hoping for more than just the classic respect promo. Angle coming out and kicking ass was pretty much expected after you hyped him up as going after Carlito, with his intentions being made clear in a very nice way. Hopefully we got more of ‘Lito/Angle in the coming weeks, though for now I’m just interested to see where Angle pursuing The Bisch goes next.

Nice reminder of the emotional promo with Flair last night. You’ve got some real nice angles going on here.

Ugh, The Basham Brothers. Three squashes in a row – especially one featuring The Basham Brothers winning – isn’t exactly screaming match quality. A lot of tag stuff tonight though, hopefully aiding the future of the division.

Oooo, more intrigue. You’re building the arrival of Easy E up well. I expect an epic closing promo with a lot of people to come.

This being your main event just really shows how much tag stuff you’ve had on the show, as well as how hard TWGTT have been pushed. Haas not raising his hand? A small sign, but definitely one that’s there for all to see. Anyway, liking the use of cheating for The Crew to take the advantage every time they do, showing TWGTT as a pair of very talented individuals who are damn hard to stop, whilst also showing that those damn rednecks will cheat when necessary. The continuation of this storyline between Haas and Benjamin is being built up really well too, with Haas having more ‘reason’ to be pissed at Benjamin now, thanks to Benjamin being hurt and taken away. The real beatdown of Haas was drawn out well, and his comeback of suplexes pretty much owned. At first I wasn’t sure on Benji coming back out again, though with the post match assault it all makes sense. Some nice development here.

A reminder of Show and RVD was actually needed at this point, as I’d forgotten about it, so a well timed promo. Would have liked to have seen Show on the... erm, show (accidental pun, I swear) at some stage tonight, however I guess we’re not going to see that. A Show/Hunter staredown at this stage is money, imo.

Angle promo absolutely SCREAMED intensity which is great stuff. Whether it was addressing Shawn or Bischoff’s ‘bitches’ as he so eloquently put it, Angle was in top form. Actually quite shocked you had Show come out, rather than Shawn, though I like the idea of Shawn once again hiding away, showing his cowardice. Show and Bearer were at their cold, calculating best too, with the whole promo just being well set out, building up slowly with the way Show and Bearer go about their business in a beautiful way. Going through the people they’d taken care of and daring to mention Triple H really says it’s on between Show and Tripper, which as I said, is money. The brawl between Angle and Show started very, very nicely, with Angle again showing just how much of a trooper he is. The run ins from Bischoff’s troops continued on well, with Bischoff creating the distraction for Masters being well done, as well as the beatdown that followed, all setting right up into the entrance of Triple H perfectly, especially with Angle about to go through the table. Great show closing brawl, with Coach being the one to take the fall leaving the fans happy. Great way to finish another very good show off.

While you were obviously a bit pressed for match quality, the promos in this show, like always, more than made up for it. Though it was a fallout show it was still at a frenetic pace, with stories continuing well, rather than not much happening as we can often see on these fallout shows. Your main event scene here is stacked to say the least, and you’re definitely taking advantage of it with the angles. Great stuff.

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