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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Well Gregory Helms against Chavo Guerrero was going to be a very fun way to start off proceedings, imo. But now with this Extreme Exhibition set up by Eric Bischoff, itís going to be a great opening to the show. Sometimes one thing I really hate about reading weekly shows is that when people book a great match, they donít do it justice, but thatís definitely not the case with you. Every time you have a good match, you constantly put in a little more detail, and it shows us just why youíre one of the best around these parts. It was a great start to the showÖ Although I was a little shocked that Chavo picked up the victory, I mean, after all, Helms has been on a bit of a role as of late, but I guess with Chavo being left off Backlash, you needed to make him look worthy once again. Either way, this was a very fun read. I have one little query though, ďEdge tries to vertical suplex Chavito back over the ropesóď Ahhh, how did that get there? Besides that one little typo, which really doesnít mean much Iím just a nit picker, this opening was flawless.

Shelton Benjamin is here, and heís walking with a limp to, hopefully that is nothing to serious. By the way, donít think I didnít pay attention to the fact that he arrived alone, rather then with Haas. At this point of time Iíve realized just how this story is slowly advancing, and this is just another one of your subtle hints, to what is eventually going to be the hottest break of a tag team ever in BTB. Not yet, though, not yet, I think this one still has some legs.

Another match? I was expecting a few more segments before our next match, but I know this means we are going to have a killer promo to end the show. Mickie James disposes of some jobber, and I liked how you made constant references to her beating last night, and I liked how you mentioned just how scared and paranoid she looked during her entrance. The other day in the discussion thread people were saying why bother writing out entrances for weekly shows, well Mickieís entrance is pretty much the reason why. You can portray heaps of things with the entrance, and you did it to the full extent right here.

Jonathan Coachman: Listen, Joey, if you looked as good as Mickie James and The Coach do, then maybe youíd understand just how annoying it is to have to share this world with ugly people.Ē I had to single this line out, I loved it.

I found the Mickie James promo to come across as a little weird in all honesty. I think clearly it was her acceptance speech, but I donít know, I guess it just came off a little weird, as I really donít understand what was so disrespectful that would garner her any heat. If anything, I thought this speech came across as a generic baby face. Maybe I missed something, but I donít think I did, and If I didnít, Iím just really confused.

Victoria and Trish Stratus coming out and getting stopped by security shows that definitely both women are going to be gunning for the title still, so things are just going to continue to heat up. Maybe Mickie is going to need a friend to help her out, you know, somebody like a Neidhart or Phoenix?

at the Spirit Squad in a Mercedes, why did one of them not feel upset? Anyway, Kurt Angle was an absolute nut here. What I just want to get some clarification on is why is he attacking the Spirit Squad? Is this something from last night that I missed, or is this just a weird, intense Angle? If it is something I missed, the commentators probably should have refreshed our memories.

ECW One Night Stand should be dandy; Iím definitely looking forward to you writing a whole, extreme event.

Joey Styles: Just moments ago WWE Champion Kurt Angle from behind with a steel chair, as The Spirit Squad argued amongst themselves. I donít know if Iíd call what they were having an argument, as really only one guy spoke .

Armando Alejandro Estrada comes out with the two monsters, and every time he gets the microphone in this thread, I sit back and relax because I know Iím in for some brilliant reading, and thatís exactly what I got here. It was nice and short, got straight to the point, and it introduces us to Umaga and Samu. These two guys should definitely be a great pairing, but I canít see them being the ones to take the titles away from WGTT. I think itís because I want ĎMags to be a singles wrestler.

Jonathan Coachman: And why not, JR!? Werenít you paying attention during that video package Ė in which I feature so prominently Ė they took out the champs!? Another great line from The Coach, Iíve been extremely impressed with the commentary so far tonight. I also thought it was a bit funny how his tone had changed about The Sons of Samoa since last night.

Impressive debut by the Sons of Samoa, and I expect to see some good things out of this tandem within the next few months. Also, quick question, does this mean Estrada is no longer going to be Bischoffís lackey because damn I was enjoying him in that role?

Kurt Angle being alone, once again didnít make me think this was a pointless couple of moments, it made me think where the hell is Mikey?

Carlito and Chris Masters in the house as well? I think things are only going to get better and better from this show, and speaking of this show, one thing that Iíve noticed and liked is the way you make the heels park. They all park Ďarrogantlyí because they are arrogant, simple things like these are things that really impress me.

Joey Styles: I guess when youíre buddies with Eric Bischoff the medical treatment is pretty good, eh, Coach? You sure recover quick from all those ass-kickingís you get? More of the epic commentary that I am loving tonight. Itís good to see Coach isnít just giving crap, heís copping it as well. It makes for much better chemistry.

Carlito was clearly very ginger, so the fact that you kept his promo work short was good, although I wouldnít have minded to hear a little bit more of his epciness. I love the way Masters does everything he is told also, especially since I canít see it changing any time soon, or at all.

Wow. I love the way you write Kurt Angle no matter what he is doing. His character is so great right now, and this beat down was awesome. Oh by the way, at The Coach.

Smart thinking to put the Flair and Orton video replay on Raw to keep it fresh in every ones heads. Mad props on what was a sick promo to, simply awesome work, as per usual with you .

This really was a terrible match, umm, at least the Bashamís got the win I guess, but overall yuck.

Benjamin and Haas looking sore, the Redneck Wrecking Crew looking great, once again a terrific way to stack the odds, and show just how admirable the WGTT are, right?

Hmm, The Coach is panicking, and Iím looking forward to the epic final promo after the main event. I donít know how youíre going to put Angle, Bischoff and Triple H, and Big Show if he makes an appearance all into this final segment, but its going to be interesting to find out.

Seriously, this main event was great, nothing really was written wrong at all. Shelton leaving and then coming back is also going to come back into the fray of things later down the line, Haas could say Benjamin abandoned him. Anyway, great match, and just as I predicted, the WGTT defy the oddsÖ again.

Your final promo was awesome. Iím not sucking up your ass or anything, but if I were to highlight the lines I really enjoyed Iíd probably be highlighting the whole thing. This was simply a wonderful promo that, well it seems leaves Angle and Triple H against half the roster. Hopefully RVD can get back in some way and even the odds. Whatever happens, this ending was awesome.

Overall, another great show, A really good following from Backlash and things donít look like they are going to slow down for a second here on Raw.

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