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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Monday Night Raw - May 1st, 2006; Columbus, Ohio

“So, I’m here. Now it’s your turn …"

The Return of the King

Before we get the usual pyrotechnics and opening video, a video package plays, hyping the shocking events of 24-hours ago at Backlash, concentrating on AAE’s new team, “The Sons Of Samoa” debuting; Ric Flair announcing his retirement but being confronted by Randy Orton; Big Show retiring RVD despite Triple H’s return, and HBK returning to screw John Cena out of the WWE Championship.

Now we get the opening Raw video, and quickly following that, the pyro display. After, we’re brought into the arena, where thousands of rabid fans are ready for Monday Night Raw. J.R., Coach, and Styles welcome us…

Jim Ross: Dark days - are indeed - upon us! Hello, everyone, and welcome to Monday Night Raw, just twenty-four hours removed from one of the most shocking, controversial and altogether heartbreaking pay-per-views of all time, Backlash! I’m good ol’ J.R., Jim Ross, here at ringside alongside Joey Styles and Jonathan Coachman!

Jonathan Coachman: “Heartbreaking”, J.R.? Are you kidding me? Last night was one of, if not THE greatest night in the history of Monday Night Raw. We saw Carlito hold on to the Money in the Bank, Haas & Benjamin get DEMOLISHED by my man ‘Mando’s new team, and, best of all, the END of the career of ‘Mr. Unemployed’ Rob - Van - Dam. Haha!

Joey Styles:
I’m glad you had so much fun, Coach, but be that as it may, not only is RVD now without a job, a way to feed his family, but after the assault perpetrated by “HBK” Shawn Michaels last night, John Cena now joins The Showstopper as another superstar to be medically suspended by Eric Bischoff! He’s not here!


Columbus lets out a nice pop for the man who (rather shabbily on my part, I must add) failed to make the Backlash card last, Chavo Guerrero, who heads down to the ring with his usual gusto, clad in his red tights, black ‘I’m Your Papi’ t-shirt, and bandana. Diving through the ropes as only he can, Chavito Heat drops to a knee in the ring, points to the sky, before posing to more cheers.

Jim Ross: Well, we are gettin’ things under way with a match made earlier today on wwe.com by Eric Bischoff, pitting the two men who have been pursuing Carlito’s Money in the Bank contract vigorously since WrestleMania, against one another!

Joey Styles: “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”, J.R. Last night Carlito and his buddy “The Masterpiece” gave a huge assist to Big Show, and are partly responsible for Rob Van Dam’s career being over, so I guess this is the return favour, huh?

Jonathan Coachman: Ever heard of a “match”, Joey Styles? That’s what this is. Carlito beat Gregory Helms fair and square last night, and he took one hell of a tumble from that steel cage, so if you don’t mind, I think he deserves a little ‘R & R’.


An ovation, a little bit louder and a little bit more mixed than Chavo’s, greets ‘Firestorm’, as the increasingly popular youngster, Gregory Helms enters the arena with his arm raised confidently in the air. Draped in his long, leather, sleeveless trench-coat and doo rag, Helms quickly skirts up the ring steps and enters the ring, not looking too fondly upon his sometime tag team partner, Guerrero.

Joey Styles: Who knows what young Gregory Helms must be feeling right now? Last night he was within seconds of taking the Money in the Bank contract away from the despicable Carlito, but, of course, The Masterpiece was on hand to ensure that did not happen.

Jonathan Coachman: What!? I don’t know what match you were watching, Joey, but all I saw was Helms nail The Masterpiece for no reason, and then, when ‘Lito tried to hand the briefcase to the official, Helms jumped in the way and got hit!

Jim Ross: Where do you get off comin’ up with these – these asinine excuses, Coach? You make some of The King’s look positively plausible! “… tried to hand the briefcase to the official.” Gimme a break. Jack Doan would’ve been knocked out if he’d gotten that.

The two competitors, now ready to “get it on”, stretch against the ropes, watching as referee Mike Chioda has a heated discussion with Lillian Garcia at ringside. The lovely announcer looks extremely confused, and Chioda shrugs helplessly, leaving her…

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that, (reads from paper) by order of General Manager Eric Bischoff {crowd boos}, this will be the first match in “Eric Bischoff’s Extreme Initiative” in preparation for Raw’s annual visit to New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom for ECW One Night Stand on June 11th.

~ Great pop for the mention of ONS, with a small “EC-Dub” chant even starting. Chavo and Helms though, look thoroughly confused, with Greg holding his hands out at Lillian.

Lillian Garcia: Therefore, this match will now be … (shakes her head) a… Tables Match.

~ THUNDEROUS ovation for this announcement, with the camera quickly whirling up the ramp, where several backstage workers hurry down to the ringside area with some wood.

Lillian Garcia: Also, (still reading) any superstar who fails to or refuses to compete in “Eric Bischoff’s Extreme Initiative” … will… (looks confused) be… suspended.

~ Tremendous heat at this revelation, as Lillian sits back down, shrugging her shoulders and saying, “That’s all there is” to J.R., Styles, and a smug Coach.

Joey Styles: Oh my, I don’t believe what I’m hearing!! Eric Bischoff, who isn’t here yet by the way, ladies and gentlemen, has just ordered a – a – what are you smiling at!?

Jonathan Coachman: Nothing. Nothing at all, Joey Styles. Just sit back and relax, ‘cause you’re about to see that you don’t need to wrestle in a dirty little bingo hall to go extreme. Anything ECW can do … Monday Night Raw can do better, baby boy!

Jim Ross: Did you have somethin’ to do with this, Coach? You seem to know an awful lot about it. Oh my – what must Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero be thinkin’ right now? This is ridiculous!

1 - Eric Bischoff’s ‘Extreme Exhibition’; Tables Match
Gregory Helms vs. Chavo Guerrero
*If either man refuses to compete, he will be fired*

These two extremely competent athletes manage to, despite being uneasy allies against Mr. MITB since WrestleMania, put on a thrilling contest to serve as this show’s opening contest, not wasting the opportunity. Since Helms is more of a tweener than Guerrero, he has no problems instigating the physicality between the two men, and they beat the hell out of one another for the opening minutes with fists, forearms, head butts, kicks, suplexes, the whole nine yards really.

The match takes a turn for the worst for Helms when he goes under the ring to pull out a table and CHAVITO TAKES HIM OUT WITH A TOPÉ SUICIDA THROUGH THE ROPES!!

When we return from a commercial break though, it Gregory Helms who is back in control, stomping away on the multiple time tag team and Cruiserweight Champion, who then TAKES HIM DOWN with a double-leg, hammering away!! The crowd is siding with Chavito at this point, but Helms once again gets the better of the brawl, first sending Guerrero SLAMMING into the turnbuckle shoulder first, before sending him into the ropes, looking for a dropkick -- but Guerrero holds onto the ropes, and Greg CRASHES onto his back! Racing forward, Chavo quickly hits the ropes as Helms staggers back up to his feet, LOOKING FOR THAT ROLLING LIGER KICK -- but Greg moves throws one of his long legs up, WIPING CHAVO OUT with a stiff BOOT right to the face!!

The crowd actually boos Helms a bit, but he doesn’t seem to mind, as he hammers Guerrero a bit more, before tossing him carelessly into the far corner and RUNNING RIGHT THROUGH HIM with a hard corner clothesline. Seeing his opportunity, Helms leaves the ring, grabs the same table as before, props it up against the bottom rope, looking to slide it in -- BUT CHAVO SMASHES IT RIGHT BACK IN HIS FACE WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!!

With Helms down and out, Chavo places him on the apron, before setting up the table on the outside behind him. Clambering onto the apron himself, Guerrero drags Greg up, gets behind him, applies the rear waist lock, LOOKING TO GERMAN SUPLEX HELMS THROUGH THE WOOD -- but the former Hurricane hangs onto the ropes for dear life!! After a brief struggle, Helms turns, lifting Chavo up, attempting a scoop slam through the table … only for Guerrero to land in the ring. Greg tries to vertical suplex Chavito back over the ropes--

--But Guerrero just holds on … AND SUPLEXES HELMS BACK INTO THE RING!!!

Pulling Helms back up to his feet, Chavo sends him into the ropes, BEFORE TOSSING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH MOMENTUM -- BUT GREGORY LANDS ON THE APRON!! The two men trade blows, Helms dangling over the wood below, until Chavito turns, hits the ropes, races back -- FOREARM TO THE FACE!! Helms survives, staggering his opponent, and quickly scurries up the nearby turnbuckle, getting set -- CHAVO LEAPS UP, DROPKICKING HELMS OFF THE TOP ALL THE WAY TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

Helms narrowly avoids hitting the steel steps, but he is still in a bad away, as Guerrero follows him outside, goes under the ring, PULLING OUT A SECOND TABLE, sliding it into the ring, much to the delight of the idiotic fans who’ve been chanting “WE WANT TABLES!!!” all night long. Setting it up in the middle of the ring, Chavo takes Helms, beats him down a bit more, places him across the wood, before ascending the turnbuckle nimbly. Guerrero points to the sky reluctantly, BEFORE LAUCHING HIMSELF OFF WITH THE FROG SPLASH -- BUT HELMS ROLLS OFF, AND CHAVO CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

As “HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!!” chants boom out around Columbus, the match continues, since Helms never put Guerrero through the wood himself. Both men take a while to recover though, and eventually it his Helms who has the advantage, as he drags the first table from the outside back into the ring, propping it up in the corner.

Sticking Chavo between his legs, Helms lifts him up onto his shoulder, high-angled, RACING ACROSS THE RING, GOING FOR THE RUNNING LIGER BOMB THROUGH THE WOOD -- Chavo slides off and SHOVES Helms towards the table--
--But Helms RUNS UP IT, climbing to the top turnbuckle -- only for Chavito to be right up there with him!! It’s a battle as Helms looks for the NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET FROM THE TOP -- but Chavo blocks it, gets HELMS UP – BRAINBUSTERING HIM DOWN SO THAT THEY BOTH CRASH THROUGH THE TABLE BELOW!!! Both men are destroyed as the official calls for the bell to end this travesty.

Winner - Chavo Guerrero @ 9:39.

Though it is his theme music which hits following the bell, Chavo Guerrero might as well have lost the match, as he lies in a crumpled heat amongst the broken, wooden fragments of table, with a similarly damaged Gregory Helms alongside him.

Jim Ross: Good lord. I hope Eric Bischoff’s happy, wherever that no-good S.O.B has ended up. The same goes for Carlito, ‘cause Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms have just destroyed one another here tonight, and for what?

Joey Styles: I know exactly what you mean, J.R., and we have Coach here to disagree with us, but I’m sorry, that match right there was nothing but a damn assassination of two of the best, brightest young stars on Monday Night Raw.

Jonathan Coachman: I dunno, fellas. I reckon I’d give that match maybe 4 out of 10, if I’m feeling generous that is. I respect Greg and Chavo’s will to compete and all that, I really do, but let’s face it, when it comes to being the very best in the business, those two guys … well they just can’t cut it, can they? Maybe if they’re injured after tonight it’s for the best. I mean c’mon, anything’s got to be better than coming out here week after week embarrassing yourself on national television, is The Coach right?

~ Medical personnel swarm the ring, as Helms and Guerrero begin to crawl away from the car crash that was the ending to their match, faces contorted in agony…



Just entering the building, walking with a serious limp, the Intercontinental & World Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin heads slowly down the hallway.

Joey Styles:
Well, there you see yet another victim of Eric Bischoff’s tirade, ladies and gentlemen, one-half of the tag team champions and the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin, who, just last night, was viciously attacked by Armando Alejandro Estrada’s new team.

Jonathan Coachman: Yes he was, Joey Styles, yes he was. That’s how you make a statement in this business. You pick out the top dogs, the champs, and you take it to ‘em on your very first night. Another great signing by Mr. Bischoff, if I might say.


When we return to ringside, a virtual phalanx (look it up) of security personnel are surrounding the ring…

***OBSESSION*** Columbus delivers a strong ovation, half positive, half very negative, as the bizarre, beautiful, but FINALLY the NEW WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James … stumbles (?) out onto the stage. Ms. James looks extremely ungainly, glancing over her shoulder and clutching her title belt closely as she hurries down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, here comes quite possibly the most controversial Women’s Champion in the history of our business. Young Mickie James’ actions at and since WrestleMania have been … questionable to say the least.

Jonathan Coachman: Questionable … or brilliant, J.R?

Joey Styles:
Whatever they may be, there’s no denying that last night, after Trish Stratus and Victoria had not only beaten the hell out of her, but also themselves, Mickie James was able to cover Trish and become the undisputed holder of that belt which she stole back at WrestleMania in Chicago. To put things in perspective, this is Mickie’s first appearance on Raw since the night before WrestleMania … and just take a look at the ring.

Jim Ross: It looks as though young Ms. James has “asked” our esteemed General Manager for a little extra protection here tonight. Guilty conscience perhaps?

2 - Non-Title Match
Women’s Champion Mickie James vs. Gloria McCann

This isn’t the glowing, brilliant showcase for a new champion that one might expect. Remember, just 24-hours ago, Mickie James had the absolute crap beat out of her by two of the most dominant women’s wrestlers of all time, and only just won the belt by hook or crook. At several points in this contest, Mickie hits moves, only to immediately grab her back in pain -- Victoria powerbombed her last night -- and keel over. In the end though, despite the wear and tear on her gorgeous body, Ms. James is able to polish off the game local Diva with the MICKIE-DT for the academic (but overlong) victory.

Winner - Mickie James via pinfall @ 3:11.

Mickie quickly gets rid of the jobber, rolling her from the ring nonchalantly, still wincing, before snatching her championship belt from the official, hugging it maternally.

Joey Styles: Hmmm, that was certainly ungracious from our new Women’s Champion, wouldn’t you say, Coach?

Jonathan Coachman: Listen, Joey, if you looked as good as Mickie James and The Coach do, then maybe you’d understand just how annoying it is to have to share this word with ugly people … you and J.R.

~ Still clinging to her belt with every fibre of her being, Mickie, walking on her knees (because she’s weird right), shuffles over to the ropes, resting her head on them, batting her eyelids, asking for a microphone. Lillian Garcia obliges, and James, still on her knees, moves back slightly, raising the mic to her purty lips…

Mickie James: (crying, out of breath) Oh - oh my God… oh my God…

~ Shaking with the tears, Mickie points to various members of the audience ‘lovingly’…

Mickie James: (wipes her eyes, blubbing) S–Sorry. (Deep breaths) This moment… is so much bigger… than me. This–this moment is for Mae Young, Fabulous Moolah, Chyna… is for the women who stand beside me… *sniff* … and is for every nameless, faceless woman of this business who now h-has a chance… bec-because tonight a door has been opened…

~ The crowd boos this ridiculous, disgusting, disrespectful display, as Mickie ‘sobs’ some more, baring her perfectly white teeth in the process…

Mickie James: (gazing around) Th–thank you. I’m so honoured -- I’m so honoured and I thank the WWE for choosing me to be the Queen for which this blessing might flow, thank you -- I wanna’ thank -- I wanna’ than my agent, I wanna’ thank ma’ mom, who’s given me the strength to fight every single day to get what I wanna’ get, giving me the courage to dream that this dream might be happening and possible for me -- I love you mom sooo much.

~ J.R murmurs, “This is unbelievable”, as Mickie stammers.

Mickie James: And I… (wipes her eyes) I love ma’ daddy, ‘cause—


She gets a HUGE response from the crowd (probably because she just shut Mickie up ), making a beeline for the ring … but runs right into a wall of security, who grab the powerful, Diva, holding her firm as she struggles against them, screaming at the terrified looking Mickie, wide eyes, who clutches her title dearly…


… only to be blocked off by the next wall of black-shirted, emotionless men, who wrestle her against the apron!! Horrified, Mickie falls back against the ropes, hand on her head.

Jim Ross: My God it’s–it’s bedlam out here! After that -- was it just me or was Mickie James channellin’ Halle Berry in that speech? -- “acceptance” from Ms. James, the two women she screwed last night want a piece of her!!

Jonathan Coachman: They’re just jealous!


This time the scene is Kurt Angle-less, as from around the corner, pulls in a swish, silver Mercedes sports car with tinted windows, which pulls into the lot rather quickly, before parking across three disabled spaces, arrogantly askew.

Joey Styles: (Speaking over the top)Someone’s coming to join the party.

Jonathan Coachman: Ooh, I hope it’s Mr. Bischoff.

Jim Ross: It’s a Mercedes, Coach, an expensive looking Mercedes.

Jonathan Coachman: You’re right, J.R., Mr. Bischoff has a limo.

~ Coach’s prayers aren’t quite answered unfortunately as out from the driver’s seat, passenger seat, and three backstage seats hop Kenny, Mikey, Johnny, Mitch, and Nicky of The Spirit Squad, all looking rather dejected except for Mikey…

Mikey: I’m tellin’ ya’, fellas, this car-pool was a great idea–

Kenny: (Interrupting) Shut up and get the bags, Mike. We gotta’ find Mr. Bischoff right away–

???: (Off screen) HEY, DOANE!!!

Kenny: (Turning around angrily, removing his shades) WHAT!?

~ Kenny turns around…


The rest of The Squad jump around in surprise too as their ‘leader’ goes down like a ton o’ bricks, and Angle DRIVES THE CHAIR INTO MITCH’S GUT, before SMASHING IT DOWN ACROSS HIS BACK!! Johnny races in … but gets the chair THROWN RIGHT IN HIS FACE!! Angle then grabs hold of Nicky, pummelling him a few times, before HURLING HIM AGAINST THE SIDE OF THE MERCEDES!!

Ruthlessly, breathing “Son of a bitch” with every blow, the WWE Champion DRIVES Nicky against the car a bunch of times, BEFORE BOUNCING HIS HEAD OFF THE BONNET!! Walking around to the back, Kurt pulls open the trunk of the vehicle, lifts Nicky back up and tosses him inside. Waking back around, he pulls the groaning, damn-near unconscious Kenny, Mitch, and Johnny over in turn as well, piling them all inside the trunk … and closing the trunk.

Breathing heavily, eyes wild like an absolute psychopath, the Olympic Gold Medallist bangs the trunk a few times before turning around, eyes roving in search of his final victim: Mikey. The young cheerleader cowers over by the trashcans, holding his hands over his head in a proclamation of his ‘innocence’…

Mikey: I swear, I don’t have anything against bald people—

Kurt Angle: (Grabbing Mike by the collar) You and me are gonna’ have a little chat.

~ Mikey’s eyes open wide, as Angle snarls viciously and yanks the moronic Mondo up and out of our camera shot, to god knows where…

Joey Styles: (Still speaking over the top)OH MY GAWD!!! This is–this is carnage, total destruction! The WWE Champion has dismantled The Spirit Squad and he’s got Mikey all alone!!


Jim Ross: Oh man, Angle is out of control!! Angle has lost it!!


*Video Plays*

It started out as a dream …

- RVD flying over the ropes into Jerry Lynn.

That became a reality …

- Mike Awesome powerbombing Masato Tanaka.

Last year the dream was relived …

- Tommy Dreamer crashing through the flaming table.

This year it will be reborn …

- Sandman brawling through the crowd.

This year ‘Extreme’ will live again …

- Taz suplexing some poor bastard.

This year sees the return …

- Sabu killing himself almost, as a voices echoes out.

“Of …”

- Quick, wild shots of Dreamer, Sandman, RVD, Funk, Taz, Sabu and Awesome.

“… ECW.”

“ECW One Night Stand, June 11th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”

*End video*


Jim Ross: (Footage of the attack plays)Just moments ago WWE Champion Kurt Angle from behind with a steel chair, as The Spirit Squad argued amongst themselves, it was Angle assaulting first Kenny, and then Nicky, Johnny, and Mitch too, Coach, with that chair—

Jonathan Coachman: What the hell has got into Kurt Angle!? What’s wrong with that man!? He’s got nothing to complain about! The Spirit Squad have done nothing to him! He just retained his WWE Championship for God’s sake!

Joey Styles: So, tonight Kurt Angle has assaulted The Spirit Squad, who were last seen in the trunk of… their car out back. (Footage still pays)Look at the destruction caused by Kurt Angle; and before they were, uhm, accosted by the champion, Kenny and Co. were on their way to find Eric Bischoff, but as far as we know, our General Manager hasn’t even arrived at the arena yet. What the hell is going on here!?



It takes a few moments but the crowd finally remembers what happened the last time this music played, a mere twenty-four hours ago, pouring heat down over the ominous, King Kong-esque drums, as Armando Alejandro Estrada leads his two huge savages down to the ring, both dressed identically in blue and green sarongs, their hair braided, physiques tattooed.

Jim Ross: Well it was barely twenty-four hours ago that that man right there, the enigmatic Cuban. Armando Estrada, introduced the world to this monstrous tandem–

Joey Styles: And he did it at the expense of our World Tag Team Champions, J.R! Those two–those two monsters destroyed Haas and Benjamin after their match last night!

Jonathan Coachman:
Hahaha, you got that right, fellas! Didn’t I always tell you to never count out Eric Bischoff? Didn’t I? Huh!? Well the same goes for Armando Alejandro Estrada. Just look at those two specimens he’s with.

Joey Styles:
No one’s going to disagree with you there, Coach, but one’s thing for certain, I fee sorry for the two young men who have the unenviable task of facing these two gargantuan beasts for the Raw debut tonight!

~ Estrada, dressed in a grey suit, along with his trademark hat, holds a microphone in hand, as he slowly removes his shades.

Armando Alejandro Estrada:Last night, at Backlash… (raises his hand into the air) … there was chaos, and there was destruction… but only two men were truly … UNSTOPPABLE!! Take a look at the footage, (turns, pointing to the titantron) roll the footage!!

*Video Plays*

- Video package plays. Typical ominous music over the top as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin celebrate their retention last night.

Jim Ross: What a performance from these two kids; putting their differences aside, both pulin’ double-duty, but still managin’ to overcome the odds!!

- After the match, AAE arrives on the scene to debut “The Sons of Samoa”, sending them on down to the ring.

Joey Styles: “The Sons of Samoa”? WHAT THE HELL!?


- Shots of the look of fear and confusion on the faces of members of the audience, and, more importantly, those of the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Jonathan Coachman: (Stammering)I -- I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYONE LIKE THIS!!

- Shot of the WGTT rushing the ropes but being hammered right back down!

Jim Ross: AWW, JESUS --


- The two savages, going nuts, tossing the steps around as they enter the ring.



Jim Ross: FOR THE LOVE OF --


Jim Ross:(Muffled crowd noise)-- GAWD!!

- Estrada applauding from the apron, smiling evilly.


Jim Ross: (Over AAE’s voice)That man set this up! (Estrada’s face)He’s been settin’ this whole goddamn thing up for WEEKS, DAMMIT!!!



Jonathan Coachman: This is -- this is hard to watch.

- Shot of Estrada breaking a cigar in twain.

Jim Ross: Now what the hell does that me --

- The savages hold up their taped, hideously large thumbs, tongues hanging down to their chins. BOTH Monsters LIFT HAAS AND BENJAMIN INTO THE AIR BY THEIR HEAD AND DRIVE THEIR THUMBS RIGHT THROUGH THEIR THROATS, DAMN NEAR DECAPITATING THEM!!

Jim Ross: OH -- OH NOOO!!!

- The clip of both men drilling the World’s Greatest Tag Team in the throat is replayed several times from several different angles, capturing the reactions of the female and young members of the audience; while Haas and Benjamin fly through the air like rag dolls.

Jim Ross:The World Tag Team Champions have just be DESTROYED by these two monsters!!

- Shot of both the monsters standing over their fallen victims with the tag team title belts in their mouths, looking close to animalistic, as Estrada applauds in between; whilst the camera flashes between shots of both Haas and Benjamin, unconscious, with blood trickling from the corner of their mouths, possibly suffering from internal bleeding.

Jonathan Coachman:Oh my -- I know I’ve said some pretty mean things about Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in the past, but I -- I had nothing to do with this, guys.

- Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin being carried out of the ring on stretchers; then being loaded into an ambulance.

Jim Ross:(Echoing)This has the fingerprints of that damn Eric Bischoff all over it. I mean, just take a look at who’s out here “handlin’” these two monsters -- it’s Bischoff’s puppet, Estrada.

Joey Styles: … our World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, after overcoming all the odds tonight, fighting two matches - one against each other - have been completely and utterly ANNINILATED by Armando Alejandro Estrada’s two savage -- savage assassins, in one of the most impactful debuts I have ever witnessed!

- AAE and Co. surveying the damage.

Jim Ross: Can we please get some HELP out here!?

- Repeated flashing shots of the brutal attack one more time.

Jim Ross: (Repeated, echoing)Can we please get some HELP out here!?

- We then fade out with the shot of the two savages standing over the World’s Greatest Tag Team, arms spread out wide, the tag team titles dangling from their mouths.

*End video*

The crowd is booing the hell out of the terrible trio, but AAE raises the microphone again…

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And those men’s names… (walks up beside one savage) are UMAGA, (steps over to the second) and SAMU! They’re unstoppable, and last night was just a -- como se dic’ -- taste of what The Sons of SAAAAAAMOA are capable of. Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas… they were just the first. But ju can rest assured… they won’t be the last.

~ Boos again for the animated Cuban, who is growing more and more agitated with every word, his hands waving all over the place.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Therefore, the time has now come. Es’ now time for… (points to his team, grinning) these two men, UMAGA, SAMU… to become… Wooooorld Tag Team Champions!

~ Greater heat this time, as Umaga and Samu (as we now can call them) breathe heavily.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Chaaaaarlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch… amigos, ju are hereby being put… on notice, as of right now… (leans back) THE SAAAAAAMOAN BULLDOZERRR… {Umaga roars}) UUUUUUUUMAGAAA, and… the SAAAAAAMOAN CANNONBALL… {Samu slaps his chest} SSSSSSSSAMUUUofficiallychallenge ju… for the World, Tag, Team, Championship.

~ Lowering the mic, the egomaniacal Estrada raises the hands of his two weapons of mass destruction into the air, grinning all the way.

Jim Ross: You gotta’ be kiddin’ me!? Estrada thinks that his two savages -- I guess I’ll call ‘em Umaga and Samu from now on then -- can be Number One Contenders!?

Jonathan Coachman: And why not, J.R.!? Weren’t you paying attention during that video package -- in which I feature so prominently -- they took out the champs!?

3 - Tag Team Match
The Sons of Samoa w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Chet Tyler & Hep Goodridge

It isn’t pretty, it isn’t 5* material, it isn’t PPV quality. But what it is, is the debut of something Monday Night Raw has been lacking for a long time: a new tag team. Since the disbanding of Kane & Big Show, there’s been a spot open for a monster team, and it looks like it’s been filled. From the opening bell the two poor bastard’s jobbers barely get time to breathe, as first UMAGA SAVATE KICKS ONE OF THEIR HEADS OFF, before SAMU LARIATS THE OTHER DOWN TO THE CANVAS!!

Dragging their prey into respective corners, the two monsters CONNECT WITH THE WRECKING BALL’S that they hit last night, CRUSHING THEIR OPPONENT’S SKULLS!! Dragging the carcasses up, the Sons of Samoa hold them in the air by the throat with one hand, as Estrada breaks his cigar in half, AND SAMU AND UMAGA RAM THEIR WICKED THUMBS RIGHT INTO THE JOBBERS’ THROATS, before intimidating the terrified official into counting the three.

Winners - Sons of Samoa via pinfall @ 1:57.

After the match, the referee tries to raise Umaga and Samu’s hands, but they quickly scare him from the ring, as AAE enters.

Joey Styles: Talk about impressive. The Sons Of Samoa -- Umaga and Samu now I guess, like you said, J.R. -- they just killed those two guys in no time at all!

Jonathan Coachman:
Well, allow me to be the first one to tell you this, fellas, but we’re hearing word now that that title match has already been signed for Vengeance. Uh-oh, eh?

Jim Ross:
That’s only two months away, Coach. Haas and Benjamin might not even be the tag team champions by then. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team with as much size, power and speed as those monsters that Armando Estrada has put together. Haas and Benjamin will meet ‘em head-on though, you can count on that.


All alone for the time being (but still carrying a bloody steel chair in one hand), Kurt Angle prowls along the corridors, his eyes still wide…

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, hey, would you look at this!? He’s still on the prowl. We need some Federal Marshals or something out here to arrest that psychotic S.O.B! He out of control! He’s a danger to everyone!

Joey Styles:
We’ve already said goodnight to Bischoff The Spirit Squad apparently, but our General Manager is still yet to arrive.

Jim Ross: Aw, man, this is getting way outta’ hand.


Another vehicle pulls into the garage, this time it’s a red Corvette, which parks in a similarly lax and ridiculous manner as the Spirit Squad did earlier, as Carlito hobbles out gingerly, complete with neck brace and crutches, quickly followed by Chris Masters with the bags.

Carlito: (Hobbling towards the ring) Screw it, Carlito’s goin’ to the ring. Hurry up.

Chris Masters: Want me to bring the briefcase?

Carlito: Yeah, sure, why not.

~ ‘The Masterpiece’ quickly grabs the MITB case and hurries after his injured buddy…


Jim Ross: Well Carlito and The Masterpiece are finally here and ya’ have to think that Kurt Angle could be – well he’s probably lookin’ for the pair of ‘em. Those two – those two idiots have no idea what’s in store for ‘em.

Jonathan Coachman: ‘Lito … ‘Lito, get back in the car, man, you’re injured.

Joey Styles:
I don’t think that’s going to happen, Coach. You saw the look on Carlito’s face, right? I think he’s still euphoric after managing to hold onto his Money in the Bank briefcase last night, I bet. Did you see the state of him though? That’s a guy who fell almost twenty-feet last night through our announce table. I guess when you’re buddies with Eric Bischoff the medical treatment is pretty good, eh, Coach? You sure recover quick from all those ass-kicking’s you get?

Jonathan Coachman: Shut up, Joey. Carlito’s double-tough, that’s all. So he fell through a table? So what!? He’s Mr. Money in the Bank, gu—


The Nationwide Arena erupts into boos, filling most of the building, except for a few partisan Caribbean Cool fans in the upper rafters, as Mr. Money in the Bank himself Carlito and “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters step out onto the Raw stage. With Masters holding his briefcase, CCC continues on down to the ring. Carly hobbles up the steel steps and enters the ring, before instructing ‘Piece to go grab him a microphone. The big lug obliges, holding it up to ‘Lito’s mouth as his music begins to die down.

Carlito: (Frowning at ‘Piece) Y’know, Carlito expected a little bit more from his Cabana… in… (Masters quickly whispers in his ear) oh, yeah, in CLEVELAND, OHIO!!

~ Heat for the terrible mistake. CCC is completely (and brilliantly) oblivious.

Carlito means, Carlito heard da’ (shakes his head) liiiitle ovation ‘dat you gave to those idiots for ‘dat Table Match earlier… {heat} but let Carlito ask you somethin’. Who beat Gre–Hurricane Helms last night at Backlash to hold onto… Chris? (Masters holds up the MITB briefcase) To hold onto ‘dis like Caribbean Cool!?

~ Boos from the crowd. ‘Lito tries to smile put has to stop due to his injured neck. Masters applauds away.

Lemme’ put it to ya’ like this, Carlito’s not mad, Carlito’s not gonna’ try an’ make you people feel any worse ‘den you already do, ‘cuz let’s face it, a Major League worst is all da’ Indian’s are gonna’ achieve ‘dis season {Cheap heat}. No, no, all Carlito wants is ‘de proper ovation for a superstar who went through hell las’ nigh—


OH NOOOOOZZZZZ~! Columbus BLOW THE ROOF, as for the first time tonight, despite having been kicking ass and taking names all night long, the man who RETAINED the WWE Championship in controversial fashion last night at Backlash, KURT ANGLE steps out onto the stage!! From the top of the ramp, Angle sizes up the two men in the ring, while Carlito looks confused as hell, whispering frantically in the ear of The Masterpiece, trying to ascertain just what the hell is going on here.

Roaring, Angle CHARGES down the ramp, and Carlito shoves Masters IN FRONT OF HIM…

…and it… is… on.

Angle slides straight into the ring, and Masters does as he is told, racing forwards with one of his finely chiselled arms, swinging for the fences, looking to take Kurt’s head off, but the WWE Champion ducks, grabs ‘Piece, and GERMAN SUPLEXES HIM OUT OF HIS BOOTS!

Tremendous cheers rain down on the ring as Masters flies half-way across the ring, and Angle turns towards the fleeing Carlito, who is already half-way through the ropes … but Kurt GRABS HIM, FLINGING HIM all the way to the outside, NECK BRACE AND ALL!!!

CCC writhes in pain down on the concrete, while Angle hops down after him, seething with intensity, yelling, “WHERE’S BISCHOFF, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!?”

On his hands and knees, Mr. Money in the Bank tries desperately to get away, but he isn’t going anywhere, as Angle pounces on him, and THE COACH MAKES A BREAK FOR IT!

There is some laughter as Coach abandons his commentary duties and BOLTS PAST THE MELEE, BACK UP THE RAMP! Angle doesn’t even notice him, instead grabbing hold of Carly, rushing forward, and TOSSING HIM INTO THE CROWD HEAD-FIRST! Back in the ring, Masters starts to regain his senses and quickly rushes out after them.

Soon enough, ‘Piece dives over the barricade too, as ANGLE HAMMERS CARLITO ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE MASSES, the screams and cheers rumbling all through the Nationwide Arena, as the three men disappear higher and higher until the fight seems to take them back out through one of the fire escapes…

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!!!




Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, this past Sunday, we thought all our questions would be answered, but instead the mystery surrounding ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair only grew more intense. Folks, stay where you are, ’cause we’re gonna show you exactly what went down last night at Backlash when we were reintroduced to not only a Legend, but also, a Legend Killer. You’ll see what I mean…

*Video Plays*

- We return to Backlash last night, with the video starting out very somber, showing Ric Flair, emotional, but still suited and booted to the max, making his way to the ring, waving and blowing kisses to all of his adoring fans, who we get individual shots of.

Ric Flair:
it’s been a LONG road getting’ to this point I can tell ya. But it feels DAMN good to have finally made it.

- Flair’s face is filled with emotion as he looks around the arena sadly, inter-cutting with shots of the nervous, anxious faces watching him.

Ric Flair: From the bottom of my heart, (looking up) I wanna thank you for everything.

- From Flair’s soliloquy we get a few flashing shots of exactly what Naitch means, as we travel back in time, seeing clips of him being adored (and hated) in various companies and decades around the world.

Ric Flair:
But it can’t last forever. I gotta tell ya, that THE NAITCH … is only flesh and blood. You punch me, I FAAAALLLLL! You cut me, I BLEEEED! And I wrestle for 35 years … I gotta spend some time with my family. I THINK, or at least I’d like to think that I’ve earned your respect and your trust, enough so that when I tell ya what I’m about to say, you won’t hate me.

- Shot of even J.R looking apprehensive, fearing the next words from Flair’s mouth, as he hangs his head.

Ric Flair: I always wanted to go out on top, and at WrestleMania I think I ensured that. SO (trying to smile) for the first time in my career … I am gonna follow through with somethin’ I’d planned a LONG time ago … and I’m here to announce to you all … that I…

- Clips from the career of the great man, holding his numerous World Titles, beating opponent after opponent in the most entertaining matches.

Ric Flair:…am … RETIRING … from the sport of professional wrestling.

- Shot of the horror on everyone, including performer’s, faces. The mood changes drastically though, as Flair’s former protégé, Randy Orton, makes his return

Randy Orton:I came out here looking for the greatest wrestler to ever lace up… to ever lace a pair of boots, a man who taught me, me, Randy Orton, the youngest Worlds Champion IN, HISTORY, everything I know. I came out here looking -- looking for “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, you might’ve heard of him?

Ric Flair:
(Echoing)I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’ve been over it over and over again in my mind … with my wife … with my kids … with my friends … my peers … everyone … ‘til I -- well, ‘til I reached this point

Randy Orton:
but instead all I found was the greatest COWARDLY SON, OF, A, BITCH to ever dare to step foot in a wrestling ring!!

- Orton drawing the ire of the fans, his peers, and Flair, but persisting.

Randy Orton:No, no, I was looking for the man I used to run with when I… when I first entered this business, the man who didn’t take crap from ANYBODY, who did what he wanted, when he wanted.

- Flair and Orton face to face over the years.

Randy Orton:The guy who led me, who taught me everything there was to know in this business, a man with more BALLS than a THOUSAND JBL’S… and yet -- and yet, here you stand, telling the world… (right in Ric’s face) … that you’re letting that Wall Street punk run you out of the game.

- Flashback to WrestleMania XXII and its build, with Flair going up against one of the fiercest wrestling villains of the modern era, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, clashing with him at the Royal Rumble, Saturday Night’s Event, and, ultimately, WrestleMania, where he defeats the self-proclaimed “Wrestling God”.

Randy Orton:
you once told me, Ric, you once told me, told me, Dave, and Hunter, that you would never, ever retire while there was still a breath left in you. You told us that so long as you felt Number Seventeen was still only just ‘round the corner … you’d keep on “walkin’ that aisle”. What happened to you? What happened … (snarling) … to that “Nature Boy”?

- The Evolution Era. Clips play, highlighting exactly what TLK is getting at, showcasing Flair’s time spent mentoring the present and future of this business in Triple H, Batista, and, of course, Randy Orton.

Ric Flair: D’ya think I was JOKIN’ back in ’75 when I broke my damn back!? D’ya think I was JOKIN’ when Terry Funk threw me upside my head through a TABLE!? Was I LAUGHIN’, when TRIPLE H, a man I thought -- you thought -- was my best friend, when he BUSTED me in the head OVER AND OVER AGAIN with a SLEDGEHAMMER JUST SIX MONTHS AGO!?

- This time we see Flair’s side of the argument, as we travel back to 1989, as Terry Funk ANNIHILATES Naitch at WrestleWar.

- The video moves forward, we see Flair being bloodied inside a Steel Cage, first by the man himself, Randy Orton, and then by his supposed closest friend, Triple H, who wields “that damn hammer” against Ric.

- Flair and Orton go eye to eye, with the veteran passionately showing the youngster every scar on his 57-year old body.

Randy Orton: That might -- might work on the wife and kids, Ric -- after all, I should know, I’ve met them. It might work on these … people here, but it’s not gonna’ work on me. You’re … (prodding Slick) … you’re walking away ‘cause this business with JBL has got you so scared of not just him, but all of this “New Blood” coming through -- you want to bow out now, quietly, slip out the back door before anyone knows you’re gone … ‘cause you’re scared to DEATH, Naitch … of being pushed aside and forgotten.

It won’t mean a thing if you walk away ‘cause of Bradshaw.

- Flair and Orton face to face later that night…

Ric Flair:
“PUSHED ASIDE?!” (The jacket comes off) ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME!? (Down goes the jacket) You think YOU or any ONE of those snot-nosed PUNKS sittin’ in the back can hold a candle to THE NATURE BOY!? (Bounces off the ropes) The ONE … the ONLY … Stylin’ and WOOOOO, profilin’ … wheelin’, dealin’ SON OF A GUN!? (Stops cold in Orton’s face) NO! NO! NO CHANCE!!!

- Shots of the various young superstars Orton is referring to, from Carlito to Charlie Haas, Kenny to Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Gregory Helms, etc., all gunning for Ric Flair’s spot near the top of the Raw roster, with Naitch doing his best to fight them all off.

Randy Orton:You might be old, Slick … but you aren’t that old … yet. You heard what I said. If you don’t want people doubting just how good you really are … what kind of man ‘The Nature Boy’ really is, Naitch … then I’d think twice about retiring. You know me about as well as anyone, Ric, and you should know -- you should know that I tend to be much more to the point. Kinda’ like this. (Right in Flair’s face) YOU, RIC FLAIR, ARE PATHETIC!!!

- Various clips of fans shitting all over TLK.

Randy Orton:You listen to me -- you listen to me good. You used to be the best damn wrestler to EVER step in to a wrestling ring. PERIOD! I’m just saying it -- I’m not just throwing it out there like some guys. I MEAN IT! I mean it from the very bottom … of my heart, Ric. I … (shakes his head) … I guess I should’ve figured it out … I mean, think about it, you’ve always been a damn egomaniac, it’s in your NATURE to want to be the best, and all that time in Evolution, in your heart … you knew you’d never, ever … been as good … as me.

- More clips, this time focusing on the career of Young Randall, from his beginnings in Evolution to his World Heavyweight Title win, feud with The Undertaker, The McMahons etc.

Randy Orton:it BREAKS, MY, HEART to see you throwing it all away like this, Ric. It really does. It breaks my heart. Just in the last few months, MONTHS, you’ve gone up against some of the very BEST in the game right now… Money in the Bank, Carlito … former-WWE Champion, JBL… and last Fall, The Cerebral Assassin, The King Of Kings, the guy you so often -- and wrongly -- refer to as the best in the business today … my other mentor… Triple H.

- Clips of Flair defeating Carlito for the Intercontinental Championship at Unforgiven in 2005, besting the Cerebral Assassin in a bloody Steel Cage Match at Taboo Tuesday, and then going toe to toe with The Game in a Last Man Standing Match at Survivor Series.

- Shot of Orton and Flair staring into one another’s eyes, emotions clearly running wild through both of their bodies…

Ric Flair:I was quit when I came out here, Randy…

Randy Orton:
How about it then, Naitch? I’m offering you the opportunity of a lifetime in the twilight of your career. You shut the doubters, the naysayers, up -- shut them up once and for all? All the doubters, all the haters? You make it … one, LAST -- if you want it to be -- glorious run at the side of greatness, at the top of the mountain, with Number… Seven, teen achieved vicariously through me? Whaddya’ say?

Ric Flair:
… I’m twice as quit now.

- Final shot of Flair brushing past Orton, leaving both he and the crowd in shock, and, for the first time in a long time, being booed roundly…

*End video*

Jim Ross: We hope to have some answers soon. But…(footage plays)just moments ago Mr. Money in the Bank, Carlito, was interrupted… by KURT ANGLE!

Joey Styles: And just as Angle had destroyed the whole of The Spirit Squad earlier tonight, our WWE Champion had one thing and one thing only on his mind, but just what that is, we’re still waiting to find out!

Jim Ross: Where the hell did Coach go, Joey, that’s what I wanna’ know!?


4 - Tag Team Match
The Basham Brothers vs. Val Venis & Viscera

Despite the introduction of Umaga and Samu, there’s just no getting away from the weak state of Raw’s tag team division, and Doug & Danny continue their dual-brand run (thanks to JBL’s wallet) with a simple squash victory over V2 -- yeah, some great matches on this show () -- with the Double Brain Damage to Val.

Winners - The Basham Brothers via pinfall @ 2:48.

Jim Ross: The Basham’s pick up the win here tonight, continuing their rather bizarre hunt to win both the WWE and World Tag Team titles.

Joey Styles: That’s right, but, J.R., I just don’t know how this night could get any more explosive, but it’s going to after this next commercial.

*Backstage - Split Screen*

Gingerly putting the finishing touches to his ring attire, Shelton Benjamin winces as the camera closes in on his heavily taped ribs, whilst Charlie Haas looks on with a concerned expression, not looking too great either.

~ On the other side, the new contenders to the tag title, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch stroll down the hallway, lookin’ mean, lookin’ lean, and lookin’ confident.

Jim Ross: You’re exactly right, Joey. Another match signed by Eric Bischoff, this one made last week; Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, after wrestling for nearly an hour last night, after being destroyed by Estrada’s new team, must put their World Tag Team Titles on the line against the hottest team of 2006, NEXT!


For the umpteenth time tonight we are amongst the (badly) parked cars of WWE personnel, but this time isn’t Kurt Angle or any of Bischoff’s allies, but Jonathan Coachman who is pacing nervously, gabbling on his cell phone…

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah? (…) I understand that, Mr. Bischoff (…) You in a tunnel? (…) Just use the driver the company sent next time (…) Look, I have no idea where-

~ A few backstage workers wander past, and Coach stops, smiling falsely at them.

Jonathan Coachman: (Smiling) ‘Sup? (Back into phone) Yeah (…) no one (…) (winces) (…) I know that, you don’t have to worry about that, sir, I got Torrie to take care of him (…) yeah, he’s still here too (…) I’ll be here waiting (…) hurry up.

~ Coach hangs up, closing his phone and tucking it away in his top pocket. He runs his hand over his smooth head before beginning the waiting game once again.


Jim Ross: Well that son of a -- what the hell is Coach doing backstage calling people when he’s supposed to be out here doin’ his job with us? I heard him use the name “Mr. Bischoff”, so I assume our ‘boss’ is finally gonna show his face tonight.

Joey Styles: I don’t know if that’s such a good idea with Kurt Angle still around, J.R.


Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, collectively known as The Redneck Wrecking Crew, swagger down the ramp toward the ring. Murdoch wears his eighties wrestling robe, while Cade sports his usual cowboy attire. The two big roughnecks clamber into the ring, getting roundly booed by the sold-out crowd.

Joey Styles: Has there been a better team in the WWE in 2006? The likes of MNM, The Hooligans, and the WWE Tag Team Champions The Bluebloods have all been on fire this year over on SmackDown, but they’ve all tasted defeat; just like The Spirit Squad, and just like our own World Tag Team Champions. These two boys … haven’t.

Jim Ross: That’s exactly right, Joey. We can sugar-coat it any way we like, but the fact remains, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, former tag team champions themselves, haven’t lost a single tag team bout all year; that’s over five months now, folks.


Columbus erupts with a great response for our World Tag Team Champions, as first Charlie Haas, and then the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin, The World’s Greatest Tag Team, hobble out onto the stage gingerly, still looking all beat up after last night’s exertions at Backlash.

Jim Ross: Another fantastic response for the World Tag Team Champions here in Columbus, just like they’ve been gettin’ everywhere all year, but Haas and Benjamin look in a bad, bad way after what they suffered last night at Backlash.

Joey Styles: I don’t know what we expected, J.R; last night Haas and Benjamin beat the hell out of each other for twenty minutes in a bonafide classic for the Intercontinental Title, before facing FIVE men in their tag team title defence, barely escaping that one.

Jim Ross: And how can we forget what went down after that match?

Joey Styles: We can’t frankly. Armando Alejandro Estrada’s new … monstrous team, “The Sons Of Samoa”, as he calls them, arrived and decimated the World’s Greatest Tag Team in a major statement of intent to not only the tag division, but the locker room as a whole.

~ Charlie Haas jumps up onto the apron, telling Cade & Murdoch to “Get the hell back”, as Lillian Garcia takes the spotlight for the second time tonight.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!! {Good pop} Introducing first, the challengers … weighing in tonight at a combined weight of 502 pounds … the team of LANCE CADE … TREVOR MURDOCH … THE REDNECK WRECKING CREW!!

~ More boos for The RWC, as ol’ Murdoch continues to antagonise the crowd with his ‘in your face’ antics, screaming at them to “Shut up!”

Lillian Garcia: Their opponents … wrestling tonight at a combined weight of 497 pounds … they are the current reigning and defending WOOOORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS … CHARLIE HAAS, AND THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIOOOON SHELTON BENJAMIN … THE WOOOORLD’S GREATEST TAG TEAM!!

~ Great pop for the two All Americans, as Benjamin pumps his fist to the crowd, and Haas … doesn’t. Lillian makes a swift exit, allowing the official to hold the belts up high, before handing them to the outside, and calling for the bell.

Joey Styles: Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a handshake.

5 - Main Event; World Tag Team Championship Match
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend against The Redneck Wrecking Crew

Despite their numerous ailments, the plucky and popular tag team champions walk to the centre of the ring … where LANCE CADE LAYS INTO SHELTON BENJAMIN IMMEDIATELY, hammering him with right hands, as the referee gets Charlie Haas and Trevor Murdoch back to their respective corners. Cade presses the advantage, sending the Intercontinental Champion into the ropes a couple of times, each time taking Shelton’s head over with a big Texas-style clothesline. Going for another one, this time Benji ducks it, stops, goes for a kick -- but Lance catches his foot, spins him -- DRAGON WHIP TO CADE!! Shelton tries to hit the ropes again -- CHEAP SHOT FROM MURDOCH, and Cade suplexes Benji down.

Getting the tag, Trevor Murdoch comes in all guns blazing, sending the shaken Benjamin into the ropes, catching him, and SLAMMING him down with a big powerslam, before quickly bringing Big Lance back in. Cade puts the boots to Shelton once again, before hurling him into the ropes and catching him with a knee to the ribs on the way back, making him flip!! The rugged Texan tries it again, but Benji reverse the Irish Whip, throws a clothesline -- only for Cade to roll beneath it, turn–


Much to the delight of the crowd, both men go down, and the Intercontinental Champions crawls towards his corner, just managing to MAKE THE TAG, bringing in Charlie Haas.

Haas storms into the ring like a man possessed, assaulting Cade with right hands, backing him right across the ring into the ropes, before shooting him off and hitting a beautiful dropkick right on the button for a near fall!! Pressing on, Haas goes for another whip -- but Big Lance ducks beneath it, boots Charlie in the gut and goes for his own -- but Haas reverses again, and Cade hits the ropes, and HAAS TAKES HIM OVERHEAD WITH A MONSTROUS OWEN HART BELLY-TO-BELLY THROW/SUPLEX!! Another near fall, but Haas isn’t disheartened, continuing to hammer away. He goes for the Irish Whip -- Cade reverses it, sending Haas into Murdoch, who goes for a cheap shot -- Charlie blocks it, and KNOCKS TREVOR DOWN!! Haas turns -- RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT FROM CADE!!

As Cade makes the cover, Benjamin is swiftly into the ring to break it up, before rather foolish and hot headedly charging across the ring, blindsiding Murdoch, knocking him down to the floor. Hearing the cheers of the crowd, Shelton hits the ropes, races ahead, leaps up, FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH HIS SOMERSAULT PLANCHA -- BUT MURDOCH MOVES, AND BENJI SPLATS SPINE AND RIBS FIRST ON THE UNFORGIVING FLOOR!!! As the sickening sight sinks in, Cade delivers a backbreaker to Haas, scoring a near fall.

As the EMT’s and various referees rush down to check on the fallen Intercontinental Champion, Cade continues to work over Haas, hitting a scoop slam, dropping a couple of elbows on him, choking him out in the corner, before manoeuvring him over to the RWC corner, tagging in Murdoch. As Big Lance holds Charlie up, Murdoch takes a free shot on one half of the tag team champions, wearing him out against the ropes. Meanwhile, Shelton Benjamin is helped back up the ramp by the medical personnel, seemingly out of this match.

Now defending his titles without his partner, Charlie Haas is fairly helpless, as Trevor Murdoch continues to do damage to him. Distracted by arguing with the official, Murdoch allows Haas to make a brief come back with a flurry of right hands, before he goes for the Irish Whip -- Murdoch reverses it, and Haas hits the ropes -- KNEE TO THE BACK FROM CADE, and a BIG LARIAT from Murdoch, turning Haas inside out! Another tag to Big Lance, and in he comes, immediately putting the boots to Charlie.

Cade beats the crap out of the All-American in the corner for a while, before delivering a gorgeous Vertical Suplex for another near fall, and then going right back to the punishment in the corner. He tries to draw blood from Haas’ muscular chest with some nasty sounding knife edge chops.

The referee Mike Chioda gets in Cade’s face, telling him to knock it off, causing the Redneck to turn his attention from Haas momentarily. The former Ceton Hall resident explodes out of the corner with right hands and even a few European Uppercuts, getting all fired up, before going for the big knockout punch -- but Cade ducks, lifts Haas up, DRILLING HIM DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH HIS SITOUT SPINEBUSTER!!! It must be over!!




Haas kicks out, and Cade is absolutely livid, berating Chioda and stomping away on Haas.

Angrily, Cade drags Haas back up, delivers a scoop slam, before running his finger across his throat and heading up top. After balancing himself on the top rope, CADE SOARS OFF WITH HIS FLYING ELBOW DROP - AND HITS IT!! After rolling around clutching his elbow for a few moments, Cade finally makes the cover, hooking the far leg!




Haas kicks out again, and Cade is in shock.

Frustrated, Cade tags out, bringing in the incomparable Trevor Murdoch, who immediately drags Haas back up, applies the Full Nelson, before lifting him up, DRIVING him down into the mat with an impressive looking Full Nelson Slam. He gets another two count, and so he picks Haas up, sends him off into the ropes with an Irish Whip, throws a clothesline -- but Haas ducks, stops, and delivers a big right hand of his own!

After rocking Murdoch with a few right hands, Haas quickly turns, hits the ropes, races back -- boot to the gut from Murdoch, sticks Haas between his legs, GOING FOR HIS VERSION OF THE CANADIAN DESTROYER -- but Haas FLIPS OVER, LANDING ON HIS FEET in a display of incredible athleticism, grabs Murdoch around the waist, BRINGING THE BIG REDNECK CRASHING OVER WITH HIS FIRST GERMAN SUPLEX OF THE NIGHT!!

The crowd EXLODES, but both men are down, with Haas completely worn down after the beating he’s sustained thus far in the contest, and Murdoch woozy after that German. There is no one for Haas to crawl to, but Murdoch makes it to his corner, bringing Cade back in. Big Lance grabs Haas, goes for the Irish Whip – Haas reverses it, looking for his own – Cade reverses it, bringing Haas back -- Haas rolls through, wraps the arm, CONNECTING WITH AN EXPLODER SUPLEX TO CADE!! Raging, Haas jumps right back up, grabbing Murdoch on the apron and ROCKING him with a stiff European Uppercut, knocking him down to the floor! Haas turns back around and Cade is back up, laying into the tag champion with more hard right hands.

Backing Haas into the ropes, Cade goes for the Irish Whip – but Charlie reverses, going behind, CONNECTING WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX - THIS TIME WITH A BRIDGE!! 1 … 2 … MURDOCH PULLS HAAS OUT OF THE RING!!! Murdoch takes a swing, LOOKING TO TAKE HAAS’ HEAD OFF WITH THE DAMN RING BELL -- but Haas ducks, boots Trevor in the gut, catches the falling bell, AND SMASHES THE RING BELL RIGHT BETWEEN MURDOCH’S EYES!!! Mike Chioda lets it go () thankfully, as Haas slides back inside.

Back in the ring, Haas gets up a full head of steam, and RUNS RIGHT INTO A VICIOUS LARIAT FROM LANCE CADE, DAMN NEAR TAKING HAAS’ HEAD OFF!!! Charlie looks unconscious as Cade makes a confident cover.





With the crowd going wild, Cade throws a wonderful hissy fit, kicking the ropes and grabbing the referee by the shirt, before finally regaining his sense. Lifting Haas up, he goes for the Irish Whip -- but Haas reverses it once more, and Cade comes flying back - Haas catches him, backs up, AND HITS A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX, TAKING CADE OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!

Haas falls back down, Cade writhes, and the crowd BLOWS THE ROOF, as Shelton Benjamin actually comes hobbling back down the ramp, shoving the EMT’s away. Left arm wrapped around his tortured ribs, the Intercontinental Champion grits his teeth with determination, as he hobbles towards the dazed Lance Cade. Grabbing the Texan by the arm, Benji pulls back, SENDING CADE CRASHING INTO THE STEEL STEPS SHOULDER-FIRST!!

Still wincing, Shelton rolls Cade back into the ring, before collapsing back down to the floor. Haas hits Cade with a few right hands, before going for the Irish Whip – it’s reversed and Haas hits the ropes, as Cade lowers his head -- KICK TO THE FACE FROM HAAS!! Cade staggers backwards, BEFORE SUDDENLY RACING FORWARDS WITH A LARIAT -- DUCKED BY CHARLIE, GOES BEHIND, GRABS THE WAIST, LIFTS CADE UP, CONNECTING WITH A HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX - WITH A BRIDGE!!!


{Murdoch starts to enter the ring}


{Murdoch tries to break it up}


Winners - World’s Greatest Tag Team via pinfall @ 10:29. Haas & Benjamin retain the World Tag Team Titles.

The bell rings; Lance Cade slumps to his side in agony and disappointment, while the crowd roars with delight, and Haas falls backwards clutching his ribs.

Outside the ring, Trevor Murdoch sits against the ring apron holding his head in pain, as Cade watches on, mortified, the referee hand all three title belts (including the I.C one) to Benjamin, who agonizingly rolls under the bottom rope. Both Benjamin and the official help a dazed (very dazed) Charlie Haas back up to his feet, each taking an arm and helping the (possibly concussed) superstar back up.

Jim Ross: Ba’ God, I don’t believe it; comin’ in to this match with busted ribs, with busted backs, with throats damn near crushed just last night, and somehow, someway, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have stuck it to Eric Bischoff once again!

Joey Styles: Well, as Coach always says, “Whatever gets the job done?” But you’re right about one thing tonight, J.R., Cade & Murdoch dominated the tag champions tonight.

~ Outside by the announce table, Cade and Murdoch finally make it back up to their feet -- not through being unable to do so, but simply through shock -- and stand, hands on hips, just gazing down at the floor dejectedly having suffered their first tag team loss of 2006; but strangely enough, not taking it out on each other.

Back inside the ring, Shelton, still wincing, quickly pulls Haas around from where he was looking, and goes to shake his friend’s hand again…


The crowd ERUPTS into heat, as the Samoan savages, Raw’s newest superstars, under the direction of the ever present Armando Alejandro Estrada, waste little time. Reaching down, ‘Mags grabs hold of Haas by the hair, dragging him back up, whilst Samu does the same with Benjamin. The thumbs go up, the cigar breaks, and THE SONS OF SAMOA SIMULTANEOUSLY DECAPITATE THE WORLD’S GREATEST TAG TEAM WITH MONSTROUS SPIKES INTO THE THROAT!!!
For the second time in 48-hours, Haas and Benjamin are laid out by these debuting monsters; with Estrada posing in between his talent above the prone bodies of the champions, once again holding all the gold, as we fade out...


A video package plays very similar to earlier ones, recapping the sinister events of last week, as The Big Show and Paul Bearer kidnap, hold hostage, and assault Dustin Rhodes and Maria Kanellis, making RVD choose between them.


The Nationwide Arena ERUPTS, matching the loudest ovation of the night so far. With his Olympic Gold Medals still swaying around his muscular neck, eyes bulging from his head, 2x4 in his left hand, face red with fury, ‘The Wrestling Machine’ and WWE Champion Kurt Angle storms straight down the ramp to the ring.

Jim Ross: WELL HERE WE GO!!! I got a feelin’ that business just picked up here on Monday Night Raw! These fans here in Columbus … have ERUPTED!

Joey Styles: He’s been on a rampage all night long -- involved in perhaps the most controversial endings to a WWE title match in history, Kurt Angle!

Striding into the ring, Kurt doesn’t do his patented spin; instead just marching right across the ring and snatching a mic from Lillian Garcia. As the crowd roars for the Olympian, he waits, his music fading in the background, allowing his supporters to quieten down, before bringing the mic up to his trembling lips…

Kurt Angle:(Throws head up, eyes shut) UUUUUUAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

~ WOW~! The crowd doesn’t know what the hell to do, seeing the pure rage just pouring out of their Olympic Hero; eyes closed, shaking all over…

Kurt Angle: I … (breathing loudly, down the mic) I just needed to get that off my chest.

~ “ANGLE!” chants rip through the building en masse, prompting at least one of the WWE Champion’s eyes to squint open, as he remains, head pulled back up at the lights.

Kurt Angle: And it felt … (licks his lips) … it felt pretty, damn, good.

~ Both eyes of The Wrestling Machine slowly, gradually open, he rolls his neck from side-to-side, before bending his mouth over the stick one more time.

Kurt Angle: After last night … (grimaces, baring his teeth) … after the hell I went through last night, ANYTHING I did tonight was gonna’ be an improvement.

~ The camera focuses in on Angle’s visibly tightening grip.

Kurt Angle: I had John Cena -- (looks up quicker than a hiccup) I HAD JOHN CENA BEAT!! I don’t need short-cuts, I don’t WANT tainted wins; I’M A FREAKIN’ OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST!!!

~ BIG pop from the crowd, with Angle starting to come alive before their very eyes.

Kurt Angle: (Holding up one of his gold medals, stained in blood) Do you know what this is? This is everything to me. This is my life, my love… my passion. And -- (insane look) and Shawn Michaels? YouHUMILIATED ME LAST NIGHT, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

~ The majority of the crowd start a “MICHAELS SUCKS!” chant, though the Kliq is still there.

Kurt Angle: (Eyes narrowed) … BIG mistake.

~ Huge pop from the audience.

Kurt Angle: I’ve know, Michaels -- (leering look) I’ve known all along what a spineless prick you were, so am I surprised your ass is hiding away? Not, at, all.

~ Angle grits his teeth with anger.

Kurt Angle: You thought I wouldn’t work it out, Michaels? You thought I wouldn’t realise who let you into the building last night, and who I have to go through to get to you!?

~ Taking a step towards the ropes nearest the entrance ramp, Angle holds up the 2x4 in his hand, gazing at it, almost trance-like.

Kurt Angle: The Spirit Squad? Carlito? Masters? Coach? (Shakes his head) Those stupid S.O.B’s didn’t know what was good for ‘em… so I put their asses out with the trash.

~ GREAT response from Ohio, with Kurt nodding gently.

Kurt Angle: So that leaves just… (points with the 2x4) one more rat sat there on his ass in the back, who’s seen me pick apart his little “team” one, by, one… and ya know somethin’… Eric? If you don’t give me what I want…I’m gonna keep, on, goin’.

~ Angle pauses, eyes still fixed straight ahead.

Kurt Angle: Oh, I know – I know you think you can hide behind that women beater…

~ “BIG SHOW SUCKS!” “BIG SHOW SUCKS!” “BIG SHOW SUCKS!” rings out from half of the audience, but the other half seems to just be engrossed with the champ’s speech.

Kurt Angle: Well, (takes a step toward the camera), I’m a little different to Van Dam, so why don’t you tell ‘em to waddle out here … and try beating up … (points) me?

~ The crowd cheers as Angle gives the hard camera a face-full.

Kurt Angle: Or do you only fancy your chances when you’ve got the rest of your little BITCHES backing you up!?

~ OH!; The crowd absolutely LOVES this, cheering wildly for the WWE Champion.

Kurt Angle: ‘Cause the way I see it, Bischoff, I’M THE WWE CHAMPION! I’M NOT GOIN’ ANYWHERE!! You can either bring Shawn Michaels out here on a stretcher… or you can tell me where his ass is at. Either way… (pounds his fist) HE’S MINE!!

~ Boiling with intensity, Angle turns to face the stage.

Kurt Angle: So … (points) I’m here. Now it’s (up the ramp) your turn…

~ Angle having said his piece apparently, chucks his mic down to the canvas, turns, and begins pacing up and time predatorily as the crowd chants his name…


Switching from the booming cheers, the Nationwide Arena releases a barrage of RELENTLESS HEAT, while Angle stops his pacing to fix his gaze on the stage, for the arrival of the behemoth, The Big Show, flanked as always by the grotesque, pungent Paul Bearer, who brings that burlap sack and a mic with him.

Joey Styles: Mind if I steal a line, J.R.? I think “business has picked up!!!”

Jim Ross:
Well, there he is, ladies and gentlemen: the largest athlete in the world, along with his manager, the repugnant Paul Bearer, the two men who just seven days ago kidnapped and did God knows what to poor Maria; the men who just twenty-four hours ago, banished “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam from the WWE. This is intense.

Joey Styles:
These two men have been on a collision course all, night, long.

‘Show, smirking, lazily removes his suit jacket, rolling up his shirt-sleeves in preparation for a war, as his music slowly dies down, and the rotund one decides to say his bit, bringing up the stick…

Paul Bearer: (Smirking) Good evenin’, Mr. An—

~ “ASSHOLE!” ASSHOLE!” ASSHOLE!” “ASSHOLE!” “ASSHOLE!” The crowd cuts the sinister human being off before he can even get going, drawing a hideous, distorted, petulant scowl from the obese individual, and a rather withering look from the monster at his side.

Paul Bearer: No, no, (holds up his finger) see a’ take exception to what you all are chantin’ seein’ as ma’ giant an’ a’ have done nothin’ but be nice ta’ you people.

~ The crowd boos loudly, while Big Show nods in head in agreement with his associate, ignoring the simmering Gold Medallist for the moment.

Paul Bearer: Yeeees. (Turning back to Angle) Now, as a’ was sayin’ before bein’ so ruuuudely inta’rupted, good evenin’, Mr. Angle. Lemme’ be the first ta’ say -- even though you don’t have it with ya’ -- congratulations on retainin’ the Dubya-Dubya-E tatle’.

~ A rather confused outbreak of applause runs through the arena, as Bearer, tucking the mic under his pudgy arm for a moment, leads the clapping, along with ‘Show, smiling away at the WWE Champion in the ring. Angle though, continues to mouth, “Bullshit” over and over again, muttering to himself.

Paul Bearer:
(Gazing up at ‘Show) Whaddya’ think, king?

The Big Show: (Leaning down) Impressive, Kurtvery impressive.

~ Angle continues to shake with rage, as a smirking Bearer brings his mic back down.

Paul Bearer: (Looking around the arena) How ‘bout all of you? Impressive, huh?

~ As if they needed an excuse, Columbus begins another “ANGLE!” chant, which Kurt rather rudely doesn’t even bother to acknowledge, eyeballing his enemies instead.

Paul Bearer: (Rubs his chin) But… (finger in the air) was it? A’ mean ta’ say, you jus’ ran ya’ mouth, sayin’ ma’ giant needs help ta’ win his matches…

~ Leaning over the ropes, Angle breathes, “That’s right you fat son of a bitch.”

Paul Bearer: Funny. (Looking around) A’ don’t recollect seein’ ma’ giant gettin’ his ass kicked last night by John Cena, and needin’ ‘Aitch-Bee-Kay to come ta’ his rescue.

~ The crowd lets out a thunderous amount of heat as ‘Show smirks down the ramp.

Paul Bearer: Haha, (giggling) face it, Mr. Angle, the oooonly reason you’re runnin’ around ta’night attackin’ folks is so we all think you aren’t happy ‘bout what went down.

~ Angle mouths something … and Bearer holds the mic back up to Big Show.

The Big Show: You might wanna’ think twice about this fight though, Kurt.

Paul Bearer: (Brings it back down) A’ agree. Think twice, think loooong and hard.

~ Down in the ring the Olympic Gold Medallist just kicks the ropes in frustration, demanding that the macabre duo come down to the ring.

Paul Bearer: Think loooong and haaaard ‘bout messin’ with Mr. Bischoff, Mr. Angle

~ It doesn’t look as though the WWE Champion wants to do anymore thinking, choosing instead to keep his beady eyes fixed on his prey.

Paul Bearer: ‘Cause surely ya’ don’ need any proof of what we… are capable of.

The Big Show: (As Bearer holds the mic up) I think our actions… speak for themselves.

~ Taking a step forward, ‘Show looks as though he is ready to get it on, moving down the ramp, until Bearer just rests a hand on his arm, bringing him back a moment.


~ UNGODLY heat for this.


~ More HUGE heat, as Bearer mops his brow with a handkerchief, becoming irate.

Paul Bearer: And in case -- (grins, catching his breath) in case you were too busy last week, or too selfish three weeks ago, you’d know what ma’ giant and a’ do ta’ people who try ta’ get under our skin. It started… with (baby voice) heeewwwpless lickle’ Eugene -- we put him outta’ his misery. (Sinister grin) And last week? Dustin Rhodes escaped with his head… but Maria? (Shares a ‘look’ with ‘Show)
Mmph-mmm-mmm. Lemme’ just say she’s gone… and she is never comin’ back. NONE OF ‘EM ARE, KURT, NOT KANE, NOT EUGENE, NOT MARIA, NOT VAN DAM … NOT TRIPLE H!!

~ OH!; WHAT? This mention of The King of Kings catches the crowd by surprise and it takes them a few moments to decide on a suitable response.

Paul Bearer:
(Calming down) So if a’ were you, Kurt … I’d think about ma’ own family…

~ Uh-oh. Oh God. Angle’s eyes open wide at this comment, as the crowd gasps.

The Big Show: (Taking the mic) That’s right, Kurt? Your wife Karen… and little Kyra?

~ Good Lord. The look on Angle’s face is almost indescribable; such is the mixture of rage, shock and fear suddenly running through it. Both ‘Show and Bearer wear large, disgusting smiles as they point down to the ring, waving at Kurt in a threatening manner, feeding off his anguish at this moment–

The Big Show: So I’m gonna’ give you one chance, Kurt.

~ Angle looks up slowly, the foam forming around his snarling mouth.

The Big Show: Do you still want… (holds up his right hand) this?

~ ‘Show admires his own deadly right fist that knocked out RVD just last night.

The Big Show: Or do you want to apologise for what you’ve done tonight?

~ The BOOS are THUNDEROUS at the mere mention of the word “apologise”, but Angle doesn’t need to think twice, stepping back, tearing off his shirt, and bellowing up the ramp, “GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!” at the top of his lungs. ‘Show glowers…

The Big Show: (smirks) … I was hoping you’d say that.

~ Rolling up his sleeves, Big Show MARCHES down the ramp, and Angle lets out a GUTTURAL ROAR…

…and the fight… is… on.

Stomping up the steel steps, ‘Show waits a moment, talking some trash to the WWE Champion, before throwing his big leg over the top rope and stepping into the ring, where Angle races forwards, meeting the giant with a flurry of right hands!!

‘Show is ROCKED by the barrage, as Angle unloads, rearing back with the 2x4, looking to DIM BIG SHOW’S LIGHTS … but ‘Show blocks it, trapping the bat under his arm, pulling it away, AND PIE-FACIN’ KURT ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE CANVAS!!!

Angle rolls backwards, a slight look of shock on his face, as Big Show holds the 2x4 in his hands, smiling, BEFORE BREAKING THE PIECE OF WOOD OVER HIS KNEE!!

“Oohs” and “ahs” rumble through the building, as ‘Show growls, “Plan B time?” Back up to his feet, Angle walks back over to the giant AND SPITS RIGHT IN HIS EYES!

Columbus ROARS at the display of disrespect from their Olympic Hero, as the giant stumbles backwards, trying to wipe the saliva from his eyes, allowing Angle to DRILL HIM WITH A SUCCESSION OF NASTY LOOKING EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS … until THE SPIRIT SQUAD (minus Mikey ) slide into the ring, free at last, looking for some retribution on the man who took them out earlier…

Kenny gets dropped, Nicky gets dropped, Mitch gets dropped, Johnny gets dropped, as they all run head on into thunderous clotheslines from the WWE Champion, who is truly on fire, still going after Big Show though, kicking him in the corner, yelling at the top of his lungs, “TELL ME WHERE HE IS?!” as the crowd starts to boo again…

…Angle turns…

…and a sadistic smile comes over his face…

…as first Jonathan Coachman


ERIC BISCHOFF come down the ramp…



THUNDEROUS heat fills the arena, as “The Masterpiece”, having come back through the crowd, hammers away on The Wrestling Machine, still pissed from his earlier embarrassment, with CARLITO up on the apron directing traffic. The Spirit Squad start to get some shots in too, as Bischoff and The Coach enter the ring, Easy E. trembling with rage, pointing at Big Show, “MURDER THAT SONUVA’ BITCH!!”
The largest athlete in the world doesn’t need telling twice, raging from the cheap attack before, ‘Show stomps over, as Masters and Johnny drag Kurt up, and the big dog starts HAMMERING away with his George Foreman like BODY SHOTS.

It’s nothing but a damn MUGGING, as Styles and J.R. go nuts at ringside, and the crowd lets the heels in the ring know EXACTLY what they think of them, Bischoff and his sycophantic allies pick apart the WWE Champion just like the GM foretold at the start of the show, as Masters pulls A TABLE from under the ring and slides it in, with Big Show laying into Angle to the point that he actually starts BLEEDING from the mouth, much to the chagrin of all those in attendance, but the delight of the psychotic Paul Bearer in particular.

As this assassination continues, Coach is catching his breath over by the announce table, “What a show, huh?” he grins at his colleagues.

Back inside the ring, Bischoff, still holding his neck, yells in Kurt’s face, “YOU JUST MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE, PAL!”

Masters and Kenny finish setting up the table. Bischoff gives ‘Show a little nod, as if to say, “Do it. Finish him” and the monstrous giant wraps his catcher’s mitt hand around Angle’s throat–


Joey Styles: WAIT A MINUTE!!!

The expression BLOWIN’ THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ ROOF gets thrown around a lot, but there is really know other way to describe the Nationwide Arena’s response, as “THE KING OF KINGS” TRIPLE H makes his way out onto the stage!!!

Jim Ross:

Joey Styles: HERE HE COMES!!!

Jim Ross:
Kurt Angle’s bein’ -- he’s being dismantled in the ring, but… but…

Unlike last night Eric Bischoff knows exactly whose side The Game is on, as a look of UTTER FEAR comes over the boss’ face at the sight of Hunter, jeans, leather and denim jacket … and SLEDGEHAMMER IN HAND coming down the walkway!! Yelling instructions frantically, Bischoff sends the four members present of The Spirit Squad HURTLING from the ring and up the ramp to meet the Cerebral Assassin! Kenny, their leader, goes at full speed … BUT GETS MET WITH THE DAMN HAMMER RIGHT TO THE GUT, doubling him over on the ramp!! Unable to stop himself, MITCH RUNS RIGHT INTO AN IDENTICAL SHOT, AS DOES JOHNNY … before Helmsley BLASTS NICKY RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!!

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWD!!!

Jim Ross:

Joey Styles:

With the arena A ROCKIN’ AND A ROLLIN’, Bischoff quickly gets Chris Masters’ attention, dragging him away from the destruction of Kurt Angle for a moment, and sending him out after The Game as well. Taking the MITB briefcase, ‘Piece hops off the apron, and takes a run, LOOKING TO TAKE HUNTER’S HEAD OFF … BUT H DUCKS, AND HAMMERS AWAY ON MASTERS WITH RIGHT HANDS, TAKING HIM BACK UP THE RAMP!!!

Leaving the ring himself, Bischoff yells at Carlito to back him up, as they try to get the dismantled remnants of The Spirit Squad back into the fight with Helmsley, brawling with him ALL THE WAY UP THE RAMP!!!

Back inside the ring, only FOUR MEN are, left, with Big Show STILL POUNDING AWAY ON THE WWE CHAMPION, with The Coach and the ever-faithful Paul Bearer cheering him on!! With Triple H’s music barely dissipating, but the crowd making enough noise to fill a continent, ‘Show runs his finger across his throat, declaring, “THIS FUCKER’S DEAD!” before sticking Kurt’s head between his legs, lifting him up into the air for the POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE … ANGLE BRINGS A PIECE OF THE 2X4 WITH HIM, CRACKING BIG SHOW DOWN IN THE SKULL!!!


A THUNDEROUS ovation greets the sound of splintering wood, as the giant, the man who has taken out so many recently, GETS THE HELL OUT OF DODGE!!

Raw’s final shot, as J.R and Styles holla’ over the top frantically, is of Kurt Angle, the WWE Champion, the Olympic Gold Medallist, The Wrestling Machine, bloody and battered, leaning over the ropes, pointing up the ramp at Big Show, bellowing, “YOU!”



Jim Ross:



Current Card for ECW One Night Stand II
Date: June 11th, 2006
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, New York
Event Music: Drowning Pool; Bodies



Current Card for WWE Vengeance
Date: June 25th, 2006
Location: Charlotte Bobcats Arena; Charlotte, North Carolina
Event Music: Eighteen Visions; Victim

World Tag Team Championship Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend against The Sons Of Samoa w/AAE

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