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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

WWE Championship; Do or Die Match:
‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle © vs. ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ John Cena
Angle wins as Cena goes into a tailspin and turns into a vengeful son of a bitch and invades Kurt's home and kills Karen.

Steel Cage Match:
‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam vs.‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ Big Show
Big Show wins before destroying RVD and making sure his time on the shelf is a lot longer. There is a chance RVD could win and then the assault happens, but Big Show has more to gain from winning and destroying RVD in the process.

I literally have NO IDEA what will happen. I'm going to go with the completley random notion that Flair announces his retirement but is either talked into staying and turns heel on that person or is attacked by a returning superstar, whoever that may be.


Intercontinental Championship Match; World Tag Team Champions Collide:
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Charlie Haas
Haas wins the belt to add spice to the match later in the night. There is a chance though that Benjamin wins and Haas turns heel later in the night, pissed off with losing out on the IC Title. Either way, I'll be happy, 'cause Haas OWNS.

Money in the Bank Contract on the Line:
‘The Bad Apple’ Carlito (m) w/Chris Masters vs.Gregory Helms
Carlito is not losing it this early, but Helms needs to continue momentum. I sense a screwy finish to continue this thing onwards and upwards for a while longer.

Women’s Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Trish Stratus © vs. Mickie James vs. Victoria
Because she is sexy. Just like me.

World Tag Team Championship; Five-On-Two Handicap Match:
World’s Greatest Tag Team © vs. The Spirit Squad
The SS take the straps after a heel turn from probably Benjamin, but like I said earlier, it could change. Haas could turn heel and cost he and Benji the belts after losing to his lesser partner earlier in the night. Interesting.


Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order
IC Title Match
MITB Match
Womens Title Match
Naitch's announcement
Tag Titles Match
Steel Cage Match
WWE Title Match

2) What will be the longest match??
I'm going to stay safe and say Angle/Cena but its more than possible Haas and Benjamin get twenty minutes or more to strutt their stuff, allowing the lack of energy to come into play during the Tag Titles match later in the night.

3) What will be the shortest match??

Carlito/Helms, leaving things open for the future and a longer battle to commence.

4) Will there be any special appearances/returns??

Yes, someone comes out during Flair's promo and probably attacks him. Michaels? No idea.

5) What will Ric Flair’s ‘Special Announcement’ be??
He's retiring, but like I said earlier, gets talked out of it, or gets attacked and latter goes back on his word and enegages in an angle with said superstar

Churn out the beautiful stuff.

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