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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Been looking forward to this bit for quite some time

Final Card for WWE Backlash:
April 30th, 2006
Location: Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky
Event Music: Danko Jones; Baby Hates Me

WWE Championship; Do or Die Match:
‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle © vs. ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ John Cena
(All parties are banned from ringside; whoever is the loser, he will never again receive an opportunity at the WWE Championship so long as Eric Bischoff is General Manager)
Do or Die has never been more appropriate. For me, it makes better storyline sense for Cena to lose this one. He can run with the angle better of chasing down a title shot over the next twelve months, (obviously I'm already predicting him as Rumble winner. I'm that good ), pestering Bischoff, pushing the envelope ... everything and anything he can for his shot. It may seem quite obvious to predict, but I'm saying HBK costs Cena the win. Makes sense to me.

Steel Cage Match:
‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam vs.‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ Big Show
(The only way to win is via escaping the cage; if Rob Van Dam loses, he is banished from World Wrestling Entertainment forever)
I just dont see two matches where the consequences are so brutal going against the favourites. If RVD were to lose this, I honestly think it'd take something away from the stipulation in the main event. RVD escapes, but it only drives Show and Bearer further in their devilish plot to create anarchy.

After all the speculation, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair has promised us some answers

He's putting his name in the hat for the Smackdown election.


Intercontinental Championship Match; World Tag Team Champions Collide:
Shelton Benjamin
© vs. Charlie Haas
Oh man, this is tough. For the last week, I'd been thinking the result depends on what match happens first with the two involved, but now, I've decided it doesnt matter, Benjamin retains either way. If Haas walks out in the tag match (if it's earlier) he'll get caught out in a surprise finish to continue things. If this is up first, Benjamin wins the match, the two shake hands, and later, Haas turns. For what it's worth, despite seeing Haas / Benjamin feuds from the minute I joined this place; by far and away, THIS angle between the two has been SUPERB. The best Haas / Benjamin angle in BTB history.

Money in the Bank Contract on the Line:
‘The Bad Apple’ Carlito (m) w/Chris Masters vs.Gregory Helms
Not much to say tbh, if this was on vBookie, I'd be putting the biggest pile of cash on Carlito. Total banker. I hope anyway.

Women’s Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Trish Stratus © vs. Mickie James vs. Victoria
Trish retains. Mickie's time is coming, but I think you'll hold off on the title change until they meet one on one.

World Tag Team Championship; Five-On-Two Handicap Match:
World’s Greatest Tag Team © vs. The Spirit Squad
(All members of the Spirit Squad are eligible; if any one of them pins either Haas or Benjamin, he will win the World Tag Team titles for his entire team)
I had to pick a team from the right. . Kidding. No, reasons explained in the IC title prediction. No matter when it happens, Spirit Squad walk out with the belts. I see the IC title match up first, Benjamin wins, possibly via something that doesnt make Charlie too happy, then Bischoff being Bischoff, orders the tag title match immediately after.



1 point for each winner correctly predicted.

Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order (*Including Flair’s speech* 1 point for each match correctly placed)


2) What will be the longest match?? (1 point)
WWE Championship match. Tempted to go with Haas / Benjamin as a surprise pick, but I'll play it safe.

3) What will be the shortest match?? (1 point)

4) Will there be any special appearances/returns?? (Predict one) (3 points for correctly predicting any correct appearance)
Shawn Michaels.

5) What will Ric Flair’s ‘Special Announcement’ be?? (2 points)
Smackdown elections.

*Maximum of 20 points*

Points plz.
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