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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

You know I feel bad for leaving you in the lurch.

Delighted I'm able to review this and you posted it before the weekend is out. Let's get on with it, shall we?


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that believes in giving TV matches time. Not all TV matches need to be 8 minutes. Bluebloods are awesome and were always going to win. If this was made to be a feud ender as such, I would have loved MNM to get the win, as the heat would be immense, however, that was never going to happen. Burchill/Regal just look to be getting started. Londrick/MNM should be sweet. Tandems ftw.

I love INTENSE Kash. This Kash/Noble stuff is SO awesome. I love how you treat every title the same. Shame WWE does not do the same IRL. {Side Note: Why is it we mark for the exact same guys, and only we see some of these guy's potential? Oh yeah, we are that awesome. HIGH FIVE}


Undecided on the guy really, I can love him sometimes, hate him other times, feels the same with anything in BTB, no matter how hard people try. {And boy, ORRY did back in the day} KENNEDY~! I love Kennedy, he's so easy to write with if you have simply any nack of promo writing, so much material at your exposure with him. The Mic Suite? I remember when we discussed names for the show, can't remember what I suggested, but I do remember the fact it was an awesome suggestion. Kennedy to punk Hardy next week plz.

omg, King Bookah~! Never saw the fuss in the guy, but his King Bookah spell was quite awesome and was the first time I have enjoyed him. He was looking a little bit lost so at least you corrected that and gave him direction heading out from Wrestlemania and into the future.

Albright's awesome, another guy I love and see potential in. Smackdown is the perfect place for him as it has more gaps than RAW at the moment. Hopefully he finds a niche soon enough. Maybe with Hardy once Hardy/Kennedy runs its course? Hardy is always good with up-and-comers and upstarts.

Why do I have a feeling JBL is going to become Smackdown GM as part of the Smackdown Elections?

Classic switcharoo. I was talking about heat earlier and what better way than to switch as fast as that and take out golden boy later in the night? Great stuff. Mysterio's partner? A certain Guerrero? I have no real idea.

Ok, fuck you. Besides, I always knew it was Noble. I was tagging along.

Heel Finlay is awesome. What is next for him though? I'd not mind a multiple man feud with Kennedy and Hardy, maybe involving Albright down the line. Not sure. There's always a way to keep a heel fresh without plunging him into an angle though. I'm sure you'll find it, you rascal.

PUNKSTER~! Hrm, maybe I found my answer. Punk debuts, jealously rages inside Finlay? I could see it happen, it'd help both men out, and it could be hella entertaining. Finlay's very underrated, mainly because of the shit he's been cast into these days. {Honestly, plz kill Hornswoggle already, Dave}

God, could Heyman be anymore awesome than he is already? We have discussed time and time again about Lashley and what a badass he is, and you showed it, through Heyman, who could be a mouthpiece for literally any superstars of any gimmick, of any reason. The quotes from Terminator were epic, and like we talked about last night, it fits his Soldier type character right down to the ground. I don't see Lash/Boring ending anytime soon, I see it continuing on until Summerslam. Buried Alive? Hell In A Cell? I'll go for the latter. This thing will need a conclusion in a gimmick match without a doubt.

One of the best segments I have seen from you, best end-of-show segment without a doubt. The tension between Edge and Shane has been teasted for weeks and months through subtle ways, and has finally been unleashed. Batista~! I love BIG DAVE. He can't wrestle a brilliant match, BUT he is badass as a heel. I'd love him to be a tweener against Edge, the Spinebuster to McMahon was just sick.
I did not see it coming, but its clear what you are trying to do. Both Edge and Batista taking him out is not going to make him happy. This is partially why I see McMahon/JBL plotting something with JBL winning the Smackdown Elections, maybe via a set-up between he/McMahon Family. Just throwing wild ideas out of my head right about now.

But down to business, a bloody brilliant ending to what was a good show. I'd not go as far as to say its your best, or anywhere near it, but everything done had a purpose and at this time, its all about continuation, and the end of the show set things up perfectly for the future.
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