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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Stacked card for the show tonight. Cena coming out to address pretty much everything in his life, while The Big Show finally gets his chance at the I.C. Title.

Guess we know when Cena is coming out … right now. Loving his current tweener role, btw. Love the way that you started this promo talking about Shawn Michaels, as we all know that he is going to be out of the picture for a few months. Great threats from Cena, as it is obvious that you are going to be doing a full-blown Cena-Michaels feud when HBK returns. Cena as a tweener is good but he is obviously going to get the cheers after what HBK did to him back in February. Should be explosive when Michaels finally comes back. Now we are back to Angle. Angle takes some verbal abuse from Cena, before finally coming down to the ring. Glad that Angle kept his speech short, as we heard his big words last week. Nothing really else to say this week, as Angle reiterates the fact that he will face Cena at Backlash. BISCHOFF AND AAE~! Cena has to beat Angle tonight in a non-title match! Damn strong comments from Cena, love how he is getting edgier and edgier each week. A special stip from AAE? Sounds very intriguing and I’m not sure what you are going to do. Can’t make a fancy gimmick match, as that would take away from the match at Backlash. Very interesting stuff. Great close to the show, as Cena and Angle still hate each other. And AAE still owns, btw.

I.C. Title match should be a good one later tonight. Can’t wait.

I knew that we’d see someone else come in and talk with the WGTT. Chaz and Benji talking on their own isn’t the most exciting, tbh. Mitch getting most of the mic time is a welcome surprise, as they usually all rally behind Kenny. Tremendous work from the cheerleaders, as they are really starting to annoy Shelton and Haas. No Charlie at ringside? That’s gonna make a near impossible situation even more difficult for Shelton tonight. He doesn’t seem very confident.

No real doubt that Charlie would win the match. He has been on a dominant streak as of late, as I love how both you and Mac have him with more intensity. Haas won’t be able to come down to the ring but I don’t think that makes much of a difference. Shelton is still gonna have his hands full.

RVD doesn’t seem to be very concerned about the alliance between Show and Bischoff. I would start to get worried if I were ‘VD.

Loving the pissed off Trish, tbh. Victoria and Mickie both get their shot at Backlash? Sounds like a match that I had at my Backlash… . Should be interesting to see if/when Mickie decides to show her face and I guess we will see Victoria try and get the upper hand before her next shot at the belt.

No shock that Trish and Victoria win in dominant fashion against the two plastics. The harsh tags were necessary and it spills over to after the match, when the referees need to come down and keep Trish and Vicky from tearing each other’s hair out. Great promo from Mickie after the match. Loved her the most when she was in her psychotic faze and that’s just what this was showing. She will obviously be keeping the belt until Backlash, pissing off Trish and Victoria even more. Keep this feud going, has just gotten a whole lot more interesting, imo.

Carlito almost got the crowd going by saying that he was not going to talk about his big WM22. Then he introduces himself as the guest, great heel move. Carlito talking about the fans cheering him on at WM22 reminded me of JBL talking about his adoring fans. ‘Lito then turns on the fans and says that he did everything for them, making them hate him even more. HELMS~ Great back and forth between Helms and ‘Lito, with Greg talking about the way that CCC won the MITB at WM22, really putting him in his place. Helms challenging Carlito doesn’t really surprise me and neither does Carlito turning down the challenge. Helms looks to be in a bad spot, with Masters and Carlito both going in on him, and after a valiant short effort, Helms looks to be out of it. CHAVO~ Great way for Chavo to show up, taking down both men and then throwing Carlito over the top. ‘Piece follows CCC and now I think I know another match to be added for Backlash. Masters/CCC vs. Helms/Chavo? Would be a great way to keep this mini-feud going before one of the faces goes after Carlito on his own. Great segment, really showcased these guys.

Big time feeling between Angle and Cena, as they get set to lock up, but what’s their stipulation going to be? SPIRIT SQUAD~ Awesome stipulation made by the office of Bischoff, putting Cena against Angle and ‘Squad. Looks like Kurt doesn’t like this situation either, as he and Cena both go after the former champs, getting the match going. Great way to tell a story in this match, with both Angle and Cena getting worked over. Somehow, through his own toughness, the ‘Squad’s stupidity, and a little bit of luck, CENA IS THE #1 CONTENDER!! Great aftermath between John and Kurt, with the staredown and then the SLAP~ from Cena. Guess it is obvious that Cena is the heel in this feud, getting all the heat, although I doubt he would say “F you” on cable TV, tbh.

Good way to get the RWC over, beating jobber #1 and jobber #2 in convincing fashion. Hopefully the WGTT will retain before going into a feud with these boys, as they need something to do and they need it soon.

So Naitch will be at Backlash, huh? Sounds like a big announcement. Retirement angle, imo. Just with your own spin on it.

Wow, that was probably the best interview that I have ever read that included Shelton Benjamin. He was a very cool and confident champion, getting in Todd’s face and telling it the way that it is. Great way to psyche himself up, talking about being the one and only double champion on the roster. Sign of good things for this young man, but he needs to get the job done tonight. I’m not sure that he can, tbh. We’ll see.

Very interesting contest, with Shelton able to keep it competitive before Show’s power just begins to dominate. He doesn’t finish Benjamin off quite yet, as he looks about ready to before RVD~ comes down to the ring. Show risks getting DQ’ed, as Van Dam tries to get into the ring, only to be held back by Bearer, before Show slams Benji down and gets DQ’ed. Great way to keep the belt on Shelton and also get RVD-Show rolling again. Haas and RVD take Big Show out of the ring!! But Bearer tells him not to get back in!! Another crazy Paul Bearer promo and it looks like we are about to see a video of some poor bastard get annihilated. Like Wolfy alluded to, the beginning of this was EXACTLY like the scene with The Joker in “The Dark Knight”. Probably one of the eeriest promos that I have ever read, tbh. Bearer just scared Eugene shitless and I guess this is what they will plan on doing to RVD. Simply awesome writing, this feud is getting very interesting very quickly. Great work.

Just keep doing what you’re doing, John. Backlash is looking sick and RVD/Show is going to be insane. You know what score I have given you in the past, no use repeating myself, as ratings are worthless, tbh.


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