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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Review

Hot and cold on Cena’s promo at the top of the show. You tried to toe the line between Cena’s new, anrier, more volatile personality and his more cool, borderline goofy self. It worked at times, didn’t work at others, as I think you went overboard with the swearing and insults. It was more “all right, enough” more so than “wow, Cena’s a badass.” Wow, now Kurt’s all volatile, too, cursing? Thank god for Armando bringing a little bit of stability to this promo. Glad that AAE and Bischoff are there to kinda remind the viewing public that both stars going at it are still faces, despite everything they do pointing to the contrary. Decent enough setup to have Cena OVER COME THE ODDS, and become the #1 contender for the inevitable showdown between him and Angle.

Not sure why Mitch did all the talking, but regardless, it’s always fun when The Spirit Squad get time to be as epic as they can be. Hopefully the breakup between Benjamin and Haas comes sooner rather than later. This match is too hot to sit on, imo.

Six minutes to put away… Conway? Chaz needs to step his game up.

There are officially too many tweeners on Monday Night Raw - Cena, Angle, Michaels, Helms, Mickie, Trish, & Vicky, all at varying degrees. Trish as an uppity **** always makes for good fun though. No shocker to see Victoria and Stratus pick up the strange bedfellows victory... but that's unimportant at the moment. MICKIE~! omg that promo from Mickie completely owned. Crazy Mickie = ratings.

First Mickie's promo and now this Cabana segment, and the show has gotten back on the right track. Carlito was perfect in his arrogant, yet cowardly role, while Helms has seemingly become much more grounded in his face role than he has been recently; the first signs I've seen that you can right him as a really successful babyface. The finish to the segment was great as well, with Chavito coming on down for the save. I think we're in for some sort of a tag match between these four at Backlash before the "MITB match" happens a bit later on down the road. Top-notch segment.

I was wondering why in the hell Angle was even on the SS to begin with, when it could have very easily have been a five on two match with Angle and Cena having to win to have their showdown, but of course, I found out why when the finish came along. Innovative. "AH~!" @ more Cena cursing. I have no problem with cursing off mic (or even on mic really){See: Angry Dave Batista) but Cena's just been going overboard without any real provocation. I get that he's supposed to be more edgy... but that's usually brought on by a reason -- and Michaels taking him out is hardly more of a reason to curse like a sailor.

Ugh @ Goldust and Snitsky.

NAITCH~! Oh, looking forward to that announcement. I'm relatively certain it's either announcing his intent to become GM of SD... or that he's back in the WWE Title hunt. Latter plz.

Decent enough promo Shelton, but Mr. Benjamin's never gonna amaze anybody on the microphone. His man-love for Haas is gonna make it all the more painful when Charles turns on him...

...and onto the main event. Gotta love the push of The Big Show (though I'm not a fan of Paul Bearer as his manager {He annoys me [though I get the reasoning for them together especially after the final segment]}). Benjamin managed to looks credible enough against the 500-pounder, but you just knew that the big man was relatively unstoppable. I also couldn't be happier that you've added the RIGHT HAND~ to Show's repertoire.

omg. The closing segment was rather sickly, and I like the turn that this thing has just taken, with Show as this walking, talking (which he can get away with more of - talking I mean) weapon of mass destruction. I can see this turning into one of the most epic angles ever if Van Dam refuses to leave, as I expect.

What can I say? Another strong show here. Even though I wasn't a big fan of Cena throughout the show, pretty much everything else throughout hit right on the marker, especially during the second half of the show. Keep it up, young man.

for the week of September 28th


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