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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Hoping to catch up where I left off, sorry that I missed WrestleMania, as I was loving the build up towards it. I did take a look at it though. Big thumbs up my friend, heck of an effort.

Absolutely ADORED this Cena promo. Do yourself a favour, print it out, and frame it, because I loved it. Truly awesome stuff, and I love the tweener coming out in this version of John Cena. Character development at it’s VERY BEST. And I like the fact that you’re going to draw this one out, with Cena facing Angle at Backlash and not HBK. It’s one of my favourite things … not rushing an angle.

Bischoff just owned Cena. Loved it. Bischoff certainly does have those moments when he comes out with a peach of a comment. What’s up with AAE here as Erics boy?? Hope this is just the precursor for the introduction of Umaga. I loved this promo from start to finish Legend. Not one flaw in my eyes. Seriously, frame it J .

Random IC title moment?? Why??

Not sure what’s going on with TWGTT. I do sense a heel turn coming some point in the future with Haas. Just a hunch, with that early mention of his brushing the I.C Title. Hopefully it’s not done for a while, and I don’t think it will be. Could be a very bad night for Benjamin though…

Good win for Haas, who is DEFINITELY being lined up for a big push in the future I reckon.

Classic RVD there wasn’t it. Ultra relaxed.

Seriously, what’s up with the IC title moments???

Ahh, nothing like a good old stolen belt angle. Was actually expecting the jobbers to beat the stars due to a mix up of sorts, but in the end, it’s an emphatic win for Trish and Victoria. Mickie certainly seems to be the whack job she entered the company as, which is a good thing, and the womens division is getting plenty of exposure, which is always nice, as it’s one that is often forgotten in BTB.

Carlito is an interesting choice to hold MITB. Perennially under utilised in BTB, his progression over the next 6-12 months will be the thing I’ll be watching very carefully as personally, I feel he’ll need to score some big wins before being ready to hold a world title (not that holding MITB guarantees a title reign). Helms sort of lost me a little, his part of the promo just sorta being there. I just don’t buy him as a serious singles competitor, but he should hopefully be a good stepping stone for CCC before he moves onto bigger fish to get stepping up the ladder. Chavo & Helms just doesn’t strike me as a very good post WM feud for Mr. Money in the Bank, but I can understand not wanting to just throw him in at the deep end with the big fish, and instead choosing to build him over the course of time.

Big time odds for Cena to overcome. Well worked though for Cena to win and not particularly look like a superhuman. Had he just stormed through Spirit Squad, not only would the cheerleaders looked like a nothing threat, it’d make TWGTT look shit too for having their odds stacked at Backlash.

Do I not like the team of Goldust & Snitsky. I’d love to see you branch out and create a team, stick two guys together that arent doing much alone, see how it goes. It’s not like you havent got the talent to make it work. Please do it at some point J .
I hope this Flair announcement is worth it at Backlash. Nice build up video for it. My guess … Flair announces his retirement, but gets called out by a young buck for one last angle, and for Flair to make one final star of an up and coming heel. Just a prediction.

Benjamin is certainly a star on the rise. Two titles, tonights main event … I see a future world champion in the making, and it could well be sooner than we think…

That was one sick segment to finish the show. TBH, I was pissed that you built the match the whole night, then ended it with a DQ, but that was quickly forgotten. My word, you’ve got the Big Show playing the best role he’s ever had, and Paul Bearer as the puppet master is genius stuff. GENIUS.

The video with Eugene was terrific writing, well paced, and sort of reminded me slightly of a scene from The Dark Knight where The Joker films himself talking to / torturing one of the Fake Batmen. Whether that is what inspired this segment is another question, but what you’ve done here was simply brilliant. The Big Show has never been utilised better - not only in BTB, but in real life too. I don’t care much for the big lump … but suddenly in this thread … I do. Same goes for RVD. Simply brilliant. Forget what I said about the opening promo - this final segment is THE promo. Sick, yet awesome.

From now on, when people ask in the discussion threads about whether Wrestler X vs. Wrestler Y would be a good feud, the general answer of “If you build the angle right, yes” should also include a link to this segment, because on paper RVD vs. Big Show sucks … in writing, it’s just become my favourite angle in BTB.

Terrific stuff from a writer at the top of his game.
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