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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Legend's Raw Feedback

Been a while, huh? Lucky I still know what’s doing.

Kicking things off with Cena and a BIIIIIG promo. I actually found this promo really hard to get into at first. Cena’s character was a little off, maybe because you’re portraying him as a badass tweener/heel and it’s hard to imagine, I dunno, but something just didn’t seem right. As the promo went on though, it picked up and because easier to envisage. I didn’t like Cena referring to Michaels as “Shawny shawn” though, seemed too lame. Kurt was in good form, you portrayed his character nicely from the outset, his intensity and passion clearly evident. Estrada made me giggle to be honest, you do such a good job with characters like him, probably better than anyone else in BTB. Strong way to open the show, definitely picked up as it went on. Big announcement for tonight, Cena will obviously win but I wonder what sort of added stipulation the Main Event will carry.

Hit and miss here. I think this one went a bit long to begin with. Seems like you put too much emphasis on trying to make the Spirit Squad amusing here and also I didn’t particularly like TWGTT just copping everything thrown at them by the SS. Having said that, this promo definitely served its purpose in hyping the feud between the two teams but I think you’re going to need to add a bit more to this feud to take away from the impending Haas v Shelton feud.

Haas over Conway is a no brainer to be honest. Good stuff. Love that you’re building him up. IC Title please.

Robbie V means business. Look out.

I’m confused? I’m sure Trish isn’t a heel because I know Mickie is, so what is she? Confused, angry, psychotic bitch face??? Lol. Solid enough promo. Interesting to see where you with this little feud. Mate itself was nothing more than just reinforcing the dominance of Victoria and Trish. I actually absolutely fucking loved Mickie’s promo. That right there is my personal favourite of any diva’s promo I’ve seen written in BTB. Good job.

Strong promo with Carlito and Helms, the most positive thing about this whole segment though in my opinion was the fact that you showcased four guys that otherwise might not receive such spotlight. You made them all look very good and it seems we’ve got a feud between Chavo and Carlito over MITB on the way. Slightly underwhelming in terms of star power but I know you’re endeavouring to build up the status of both men. I think for the short term you might slot Helms into the equation but in the long run I’d say we’re headed in the direction of Chavo v Carlito. Enjoyable promo btw, once again, extremely long. Had plenty of substance about it.

Lol. The Spirit Squad. I loved Angle’s “BULLSHIT!” Angle and Cena apparently teaming up to beat the crap out of the Squad was quite characteristic and definitely the right choice to make for mine. The finish in particular was brilliant, bit out of left field, certainly didn’t expect it to come in the manor that it did. Whilst giving Cena momentum, it also makes Kenny look quite credible as well, given that it was his guillotine leg drop that allowed Cena to put Kurt away. Well booked match, probably should’ve been the Main Event.

Aftermath was nice, made it a little more personal, which is good. Cena SWORE~!

Meh. Squash.

Nice promo from Shelton. Actually made him seem a credible threat to Show, I’m calling the DQ finish though.

You stuffed up here –

Jim Ross: {voice over} We heard it announced at the start of the night, and it’s finally here. The Doctor Of Thuganomics versus The Wrestling Machine. Cena versus Angle. If Cena wins he gets a WWE title shot at Backlash. Will he do it? And what’s this damn stipulation? We’ll get the answers, NEXT!!
That match happened about 10 minutes ago, Jim.

Solid enough Main Event recap, was definitely more about the storyline aspect then the match itself here. You made Show look like an unstoppable force for the most part while also trying to keep Shelton looking as credible as possible. You did well, didn’t like the finish, not that it was too predictable, but i would’ve liked it more if Van Dam had of stormed the ring and beaten the fuck out of Big Show but no.

Reading the aftermath, I totally understand why you went down the avenue you did with the finish to the match. It was written absolutely brilliant. Man, people have been swearing lots tonight. I’m scared.

Wholy fuck that was dark. Oh my fucking god. I’m speechless. That was absolutely nuts. I now understand why this was given the Main Event. Holy shit. Impeccably well written mate, you captured the moment absolutely wonderfully. Totally compelling viewing (reading). The culmination was a little odd, had to read it a couple of times to get my head around it but none the less, outstanding.

Top finish to the show my friend. Very well written overall, enjoyed it. Backlash seems to building up nicely. Good job.
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