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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

Absolutely brilliant first promo with Cena, Angle, Bischoff and Estrada all getting involved. I have loved the transformation of Cena and he is now becoming the bad ass tweener that WWE should finally wise up and make him. Angle his usual intense self and then Bischoff and Estrada got in all there little cheap shots and what not. All in all a darn good way to start the show and I cant wait to see what the stipulation is for Angle and Cena later tonight. Did somebody say lumberjack???

WGTT and SS backstage and I understand you are trying to have a nice rivalry between these two teams and all that and usually I love your promo work and I donít know I got the point and all that of this promo with SS gloating because they have Bischoff in there pocket. However in my opinion I think you tried to hard to make them funny and sarcastic and in doing so you went over the line a little built and I really didnít enjoy it.

Haas over Conway definitely the way to go really a pretty basic match as Haas is actually involved in a feud at the moment where Conway isnít so result was never really in doubt.

RVD with a one line promo was kind of weird I was expecting him to talk about what he thinks and all that. But I guess this means he will be involved later in the show as I doubt you would just give one of your main men right now one line on your show.

Nice interview with Trish and Victoria. However Trish sounded very heelish here picking on Maria and all that and unless I have missed something she ainít no heel. Nice though the way you showed the continued hatred between Vickie and Trish as well. Divaís story line continues to intrigue me mate The aftermath of this Divas match was sensational and I have to give you big time props on the way you do portray Mickieís character. It is excellent

Okay so Legend mate I fucking loved the MITB edition of the Cabana. Pushing Carlito with the briefcase is a brilliant idea and once again the way you portray his character is exceptional. However the way Helms came out and started talking shit it makes me think you are going to give him a shot at the brief case and I just hope if this happens you donít waste Carlitoís push by making him lose. However at the same time then Chavo Guerrero got involved and the only thing I can currently see happening is a tag team match with Masters and Lito against Guerrero and Helms however I will of course be reading to see what happens but just remember Lito for MITB

The Handicap Match kind of confused me as it was Cena against SS and Angle however Angle was going against the SS. I understand Angle did not want no help or whatever but I still feel that the match was like I said a little bit confusing :s Cena getting the actual pin over Angle is good as it gives Cena momentum for Backlash. Aftermath was truly spine tingling but it was weird how Angle didnít got nuts after getting bitch slapped instead Cena just leaves and like I said earlier I love this bad ass tweener Cena it is awesome

RWC over Snitsky and Golust ~~~~~~ Enough said to be honest

Nice Flair promo and I have no idea why he has not been around but I am interested top find out and knowing you, it will be the beginning of some awesome story line.

Shelton Benjamin interview was good and he seemed incredibly ready. What I like about what is happening with the WGTT at the moment is even though they are a team they still do there own thing at times and it makes for an intriguing situation.

Benjamin by DQ is kind of a cop out but I guess the good way to go as Show and Benjamin are both big parts of the show and you donít want them to lose. The aftermath of this match was some more exciting shit to be honest I loved the whole I loved the whole RVD giving Show a taste of the extreme. Bearer talking and I wonder what is going to happen next.

Hole shit this last little bit you wrote for this show with Show and Bearer holding Eugene captive was some freaky yet compelling reading. I must say Bearer paired with Big Show is a smart idea as it gives Show a more darker edge to his character and it is well by this little promo it is FUCKING awesome!!!

Overall another great edition to this BTB. I enjoyed this show thoroughly the only part I did not really like was the WGTT and SS backstage confrontation. LOL usually in your shows I like everything so I guess out of all your shows this is my least favorite one. But that is not a bad thing as it was still an excellent read. I will probably review Smackdown mate
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