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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Smackdown! Feedback

SD! side of WM22 was epic to say the least. All four titles changing hands was quite surprising, something I can say I didn’t even realize when reading the show. Embarrassment, imo. Quite the stacked show for tonight, obviously the ten-man tag, and also the possible appearance of Bret Hart. Should be a good’un.

Shane O’Mac startin’ the night! Not shocked that he is in pretty bad shape, he had a war with Randy Orton five days ago. So it looks like we’ve seen the last of Orton on SD!, as I can’t wait to see what he does on Monday Night Raw. Vince is going to be back sooner than we think?? Wonder what kind of Chairman we will see. Smackdown! Election?? Very interesting concept from Shane, as it sounds like you’ve had this planned out for a while. Very cool way of getting the new GM, with Shane probably staying around SD! until the new GM is known. I have a feeling that Bret Hart may get the nod in the end, no idea why. Speaking of… EDGE comes out?? Edge with the World Title is sexiness at its peak, but I have no idea why he is coming out and interrupting McMahon. No surprise that Edge is bitching about being under appreciated. Loved the reference to Angle and I think everyone knew that just having the World Title wouldn’t fix the pole in Edge’s ass, atm. Great back and forth between the champ and the son of the chairman, as Shane has a new sense of confidence, not letting Edge get to him. Edge just keeps rambling until Shane asks him to leave. Edge looks like he is about to … BUT THEN SPEARS SHANE~! Truly great way to end the opening segment, as Edge is establishing himself as the best on SD!. Wonder how well he will perform in the main event tonight. Should be an interesting match.

Great way to kick off the in-ring action on SD!, imo, with Finlay and Hardy going at it. Both men, especially Hardy, looked like they were going to win the MITB, but both men came up short, explaining the frustration that they have. Awesome back and forth action, with a terrific blend of styles, and Finlay is able to dominate Hardy and prevent him from hitting the awesome ToF. Finlay looks set to get the win, but Hardy rolls him up for the win!! Great win by Matt, ending the streak of Finlay, as both men looked strong. The frustration from Finlay was expected, as I don’t think he’ll take nicely to losing tonight.

Somewhat strange promo from KK, imo. Not really sure why he is so pissed about Buffer but he is obviously going to be moving into a feud with Matt, something that I will look forward to. Hopefully you make his push slow enough, but a feud with V1 should be awesome, and also elevate both men up the card. Keep having Kennedy OWN, plz.

Very good promo between JBL and the McMahon women, tbh. JBL putting his name in the hat for GM of SD! doesn’t surprise me very much. Love the fact that his private locker room was taken away, as he has not had the best year of his career in 2006. JBL possibly leaving? I think that he will stay around and win his next PPV match, the man needs to get back on track, imo.

Albright … ok. I am really not familiar with his character, whether it be in OVW or ROH, wherever he made his name. Who’s the manager that he’s got? He sounds very arrogant, much different than his “Gunner Scott” character in the WWE. Look forward to seeing what you do with him, as he should win his match tonight.

Very good debut for young Brent. I can see that you have some big things in store for this kid, as he already has a manager and a damn impressive arsenal. Loved him keeping the armbar locked in, tbh. Can’t wait to see where he ends up going.

Booker owned by the stagehand, tbh. Guess the McMahons are trying to keep people in line around SD!. Booker as the “King” is pretty awesome also.

Good way to get the Hooligans another win, as they are far from being out of the tag title picture, imo. Mexicools are respectable but they have been turned into jobbers as of late. MNM and the Hooligans both want the first shot at the champs, interested to see who gets it first.

Punk OWNS … but no early Jesus push, plz. Give the man time.

Burchill and Regal are pretty awesome as the tag champs, but I think they will have plenty of challengers. Hopefully they are respectable in their time as champions, because they were very overlooked heading into WM22.

Anytime we get Paul E. and B-Lash in the ring for an interview … you know it’s going to be epic. Never really pictured the feud between Lashley and ‘Taker to go this direction, with Heyman doing a shoot about the big boys of WWE wanting ‘Taker to beat Lashley. Heyman is always good with shoots and I like how he made it seem like he just came into the ‘E to bring ‘Taker down to earth. Makes ‘Taker sound like a real jerk and Heyman made some very controversial comments. Good to see that this feud will be going on for a while and I hope that Lashley beats ‘Taker at least once. Would make the kid a legend, imo. More Heyman promos and Lashley domination plz.

Awesome tag title rematch signed for England. Hooligans to get involved, imo.

Booker T has been getting better and better each week and I’d love to see him just snap and go crazy some time soon. Losing to Rey has hurt his lifestyle on SD! and I know that he will try and do something to change that. Getting the win tonight would be a good start and I don’t think Booker’ character change is quite complete. Can’t wait until “King” is put in front of the man’s name.

Good final filler before the main event. OJ is pissed off and JBL is doing fine. Main event up next.

Very good dynamic in the main event, as all ten men have something to prove, whether it be the five former champions or the five new champions. Edge and Batista are really the two that the crowd wants to see, but we get some great action from the other eight, especially from Kash and Noble. Batista taking out all of his opponents isn’t surprising, seeing how he has just lost the WHC he held for the past year. Complete and total chaos to end the match, with Edge being the only one left unharmed, as he takes down Batista with TWO Spears to get the victory. Beating Batista twice in two shows is an excellent way to kick off Edge’s title reign. Very good main event, love it when the show ends in anarchy.

Very good show, Legend, just not as good as some of your previous work. Don’t know what it was, just didn’t get the same great feeling that I got from Raw. Show was centered around Edge and the McMahons, which is always good, but it just seemed like it had less going on then Raw. Still better than 95% of the stuff in this section, 9/10.


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