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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

So, allow me to give you my first ever review of this thread. Mania has just passed, and I gave it a brief look through. This should be a good time for me to start reading, as things should just be starting over with Mania having just passed.

So we start the show with Shano. Promo started well, McMahon was confident in his own way, laying a cheap insult into Orton. Shane then became excellent. You know a promo is great when you can picture it all happening right before your eyes. My God, was Shane in character. Edge coming out? Cool. Edge was also sensational. Egotistical, while also slightly psychotic. Edge was just superb in this promo. The exchanges between the two men were phenomenal, each firing back at one another. The promo ended with a huge bang too. Edge hitting Shane O Mac with the Spear? There is going to be repercussions. Great promo from beginning to end.

Great to see you give Matt vs Finlay some nice time. The two could definitely put on a very good match, so it's a good booking move. Matt picking up the win with a roll up is interesting. Finlay had a winning streak? Well, obviously not anymore. I don't think Finlay giving Matt the bird is characteristic of the veteran. The only bad point I can put on the show so far.

Mr Kennedy promo was pretty nice. He was brash, arrogant, and whatever word you wanna use to describe him. Kennedy vs Matt, or Kennedy vs Finlay? I'm intrigued. A three way feud would also be cool. Let's see what you give us.

JBL/McMahon women promo was awesome. JBL sucks up heelishly, trying to get on their good side while the McMahons were just blunt. It kept going phenomenally. Your promos are really impressing me thus far.

Ah, poor, poor Funaki. Perhaps if you changed his gimmick to Kung Fu Naki, he'd pick up some wins. :shifty: Your presentation of Albright was very nice. You gave him a nice heel promo to introduce him, then had him kill poor Funaki, looking relentless. I guess his manager is Michelle McCool, but at this stage, I'm unsure.

Hmm, Booker's promo seemed a bit odd. I guess it was because I'm not familiar with his character here. He seemed King Booker like, but he's called Booker T. Bah, I'm too easily confused.

L&K picking up a nice win over The Mexicools. I'm a big fan of Kendrick, so I'm glad to see them getting the shove over Crazy and Psycho. Interested to see how exactly they'll be involved with MNM.

Excellent vignette. Just who could this CM Punk chap be? Only one of the best wrestlers in the world. Plz, plz, plz Jesus push.

Hmm, the Regal promo was good, but it was kinda on and off. He sounded good for a bit, then off for a bit. Decent promo.

Heyman was awesome. How else can I put it? Epic does not do it justice. The guy seems on a mission against WWE. Against The Undertaker. And it's damn believable. I like the use of Heyman with Lashley, because Lord knows that Lashley should never have a microphone attatched to any part of his body.

Booker T is definitely royal. I have now figured it out. lol. Anyway, nice little promo from Booker, making him sound like a douchebag. I wonder what he will do to the McMahons.

So, squash? OJ is rather shithouse, but whatever. Poor Shannon.

Hmm, interesting main event, I like the concept. The match looked like picking up with Edge vs Batista, but Booker made the blind tag in, lol. Poor Batista: his hopes were dashed. Good heelish work from Booker though. I also liked you allowing the two cruiserweights to get some action in. It shows the respect you have for the division. All hell breaking loose, with Edge taking advantage of Batista and Spearing him was pretty cool too. Nice finish to the show.

I'm extrenely impressed with this. I see why this has gone the length it has, as your promo skills are very, very good. Hope you can keep it coming, because I want to see where you go from here.
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