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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Smackdown Feedback

Opening promo with Shane McMahon was wonderful. I like how he trashed on Orton a bit he has well deserved bragging rights but since he is a face you did not make him trash him to bad if that makes sense, I guess what I am trying to say is you kept Shane in character nicely. This election thing has really got me interested and this is a wonderful storyline that has already got me begging for Summerslam to come. The thing I like about it most is its innovative and something that no one else has done to my knowledge I wish you the best of luck with this storyline. Anyway enough my ramblings Edge interrupting Shane as he was about to talk about Bret Hart kind of pissed me off  I also reckon you captured Edge’s character perfectly here he is just so egotistical and jealous because he has to have a match and Kurt Angle got talk time. Liked Edge announcing the beginning of the Rated R Era and I hope it lasts a while. Shane asked Edge to leave but I did not think Edge would actually take off that was a bit weird to me I thought Edge would crack it and go psycho for being disrespected and what not. SPPPEAAARRRR
!!! I knew it was coming I did not think Edge would just leave and I was correct and this was a terrific way to start the show.

Money IN The Bank Rewind match there is something different. Anyway it would have been a great opener between two terrific athletes and I believe you made the right man win as Finlay does not strike me as the undefeated type. I think you will understand what I mean as most undefeated wrestlers are big tough guys. Finlay is tough but he ain’t no Lesnar or Kozlov.

Nice Kennedy promo what mi liked about ti best was how he still had his usual arrogance about him but at the same he had anger of not getting the chocolates at Mania and if you make him feud right with Hardy and put him over it could be just what he needs to get to the next level. KENNNEEEDDDAYYYY FTW!

LOL at JBL sucking up to the McMahon women using inclusive language to try and make them sound as if they are a team. Just made me laugh typical JBL nonsense really. Then Linda McMahon setting him straight about how he has not won all year. JBL is OWNED!!!

Brent Albrights debut here we go this man is a freak and I personally dislike him but if he gets rolling in this BTB business is about to pick up. Nice easy win over Albright and all I can say is poor Funaki always jobbing. Legend you are a racist

Wow the McMahon women are really taking everything away from the former champions. First JBL now Booker T and Sharmell I smell a riot.

The Hooligans over The Mexicools was to be expected as they are obviously the more established team. Glad your making L and K challenge for the titles because even though MNM have a rematch clause with the effort put on at Wrestlemania by these two they deserve a shot at the champs.

Another CM Punk vignette and I personally can not wait to see what you do with him. Please put Punk as a heel suits him much better to be honest.

Nice little Bluebloods interview Regal obviously the leader did all the talking here and it seems as if these two have a problem with the lack of respect they are getting.

Paul Heyman promo was my favorite part of the show. His partnership with Lashley is pure genius and it showed right here. I also liked how Heyman went nuts going back to his ECW days kind of promo’s unleashing on Taker calling him a scumbag and just being angry with authority in general and I know they are meant to be heels but how are we meant to hate Heyman if he cuts scathing promo’s like that.

Booker not happy nice promo and I believe McMahon’s will stay strong so I wonder what Booker meant by they will have to live with the consequences. I am interested.

OJ pretty easy win and I pray for a push. Nice Jillian Hall mentioning JBL and he is doing well so we can all live safely again

This was an excellent main event this clash of champions thing it was a bit weird with heels and faces against heels and faces but once I began reading it was a really fun match. Batista scaring away his team mates made me laugh and I expected him to get the victory because he was on a rampage so the fact that he got pinned by Edge was a bit of a shock but I guess it is the Rated R Era at the moment and The Animal just has to live with that

Overall Legend like usual another excellent show. However you are really starting to irritate me LOL when you write out shows that are of this quality how am I meant to review you without kissing your ass. I want to give you some constructive criticism but its hard to find anything to criticize. Anyway another excellent show as I said before and hopefully I will be able to criticize next week
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