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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback:

As promised, here ya go. I know it's a bit delayed but still. Opening promo seemed fine but to me it seemed like Batista just repeated himself a bit too much. 'Taker's parts were fine and the ensuing brawl was of course expected as they normally happen at the show before the PPV.

Huge win for the Blueblood's captain so to speak in Regal. I liked the endign with the Half Nelson as that definently would seem like a sick move. Burchill interfering wasn't really a surprise and I miss his character he had back then. That intense English man character was great.

Another good promo here, really was. Wasn't expecting much as MNM can be generic at times but I did like it. It reminded me of some of their prior promos they used to whine about unfair advantages, etc.

Meh promo there. I didn't really like Kash at all and Noble's speech was rather wrong. Ya'll down here in the South means you all. So really it sounded like Noble was saying You all are going to lose the title. Makes no sense, haha. As for the match, normally I wouldn't really like 3 vs. 3 face matches but considering it's CW's and most of the time they have no build to their matches, it's fine.

Orton's promo was fine but seemed rushed at the end. It was like Bischoff came out there, spoke a few lines, and then bam it's over. Seemed too rushed and more could have came out of it of course. Otherwise, this is probably my favoritest storyline you have going right now as really anything can happen.

Nice to see Kennedy announce his partner's spot as that's rare. Um, no surprise Mysterio took the win tonight and for some reason, I thought Rey already had a tag partner for this Sunday. Maybe I'm forgetting haha. Chavo being the tag partner is interesting too and shame he won't stay on SD! as really, he has nothing going for him over on Raw, tbh.

Heyman's mind games were great and if we get Lashley/'Taker at 'Mania, that would actually be a decent match. Something tells me Lashley will eventually cave in and take Heyman's offer. Also, good win for Lashley over Bob Holly, who really hasn't done much here. The shillelagh shot was rather interesting as I thought a brawl could have been better than a right hand and then a shillelagh shot but it makes sense now I think about it because of 'Taker and Batista's brawl earlier.

Probably the best promo of the night here. JBL is always great in promos and this one was even better. I had no clue Jordan was still with JBL as not many people still have Jordan left in their BTB. The Figure Four was a nice touch and that must have been great to see JBL do it. Long's part in the promo was great as though JBL said only one thing but I could actually picture him saying it, etc. Great promo overall and like I said, this JBL/Flair feud is going to be HOT.

Great main event and the ending doesn't make either one of the teams look weak heading into NWO. Meh, the ending I wasn't fond of as I think both men having just sat up and staring down one another would have been better than a Spear but after I read that 'Taker did sit up after, I was fine with it.

Overall, great show leading into NWO. Nothing really was bad tonight, I saw a few spelling/gramar errors but that normally happens with everybody. So no big problem, here is some NWO predictions.

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista © vs. The Undertaker

WWE Tag Team Championship:
MNM © vs. The Hooligans

Cruiserweight Championship; Open Invitational:
Kid Kash © vs. Jamie Noble vs. Funaki vs. Juventud vs. Shannon Moore vs. Nunzio vs. Scotty Too Hotty vs. Nunzio

Grudge Match:
Matt Hardy vs. John ‘Bradshaw Layfield

Tag Team Match:
U.S. Champion Booker T and Mr. Kennedy
vs. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Mexicools


Wildcard Questions

1. Which match will be chosen to open the PPV? WWE Tag Team Titles

2. Will Teddy Long give Randy Orton what he wants? Yes

3. How many title changes, if any, will occur? Um, 0

4. What will be the Match Of The Night? Booker and Kennedy vs. Mysterio and Chavo

5. Which superstar will make the biggest impression? Probably Randy Orton, I think he'll interfere in the ME, if he stays on SD.
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