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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown! Review:

Hot opening segment with Batista and The Undertaker. I’ve never quite seen that route taken in a face on face feud involving The Undertaker - where the opposing face points out what could be portrayed as cowardice by The Undertaker. Batista was strong and intense and though I saw a couple of spelling mistakes, it didn’t effect the overall flow. Taker came out and sounded pretty generic with a bunch of his quotes strung together but the brawl made up for it. Nicely done and has me not only looking forward to the main event at No Way Out but their tag match with MNM here tonight.

Ten minutes for Regal and Crazy? Seems quite a bit generous given their standing in the company but this was definitely a strong match up. Not a major shock to see Regal pick up the win neither was it shocking to see the way it went down. I must say I enjoy this team of Regal and Burchill. Solid way to kick the in ring aspect of the night off.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Might’ve had Melina do a bit more of the talking but this was laid out perfectly with the diva clearly taking the dominant role with Mercury and Nitro as angry bit players. Makes sense for them not to want to be in the match as much as it does Teddy to want them there. Nice work.

OOOOOOOOOOH!!! Cruiserweight hype~! And I love it. Big fan of Jamie Noble and I’m rather happy he’s looking to be one of the focal points of the division moving forward. Kash has received some tremendous build up so far and that looks to continue when he retains Sunday and faces Noble at WM. Calling it now!

Noble picking up the win is a smart move and merely reinforces my thinking that Noble is going to step up as the number one challenger after No Way Out heading into WrestleMania.

Another effective segment here, this time, with Eric Bischoff and Randy Orton. You’ve got Orton’s speech, diction and overall flow pretty much down to a T with the … pauses all taking place at the right times. Nice job hammering home Orton’s “raw deal” (no pun intended) that he’s gotten from Long over the past months or so, as it helps to make sense of why Teddy Long would pay him ANY mind. Bischoff’s speech was short but very effective and has made this one of the main selling points of the Sunday show now.

Simple but entertaining stuff done with Kennedy and Booker before the contest; adding a little “something something” to the match up. Mysterio picks up the win to pick up some momentum heading into No Way Out. As expected, he gets the beat down but CHAVO GUERRERO~! Figured he would be Mysterio’s partner. He came over kind out kind of late - Mysterio had gotten his ass kicked for quite a while but it made for more of an impact when he made his appearance. The stipulation announcement is a rather awesome one as well. I see Mysterio picking up the fall and challenging Booker, with KK getting into the MITB Ladder Match.

It’s almost hard to put into words how much I enjoyed this next segment with Lashley. The words were on point as always, but the way you wrote Lashley REACTING to the almost devilish speech (which was enhanced by the Bible reference) from Heyman was just superb. I don’t like to deal out the “feel goods” often but this was as perfect as it possibly could be. Very impressive; Easily the segment of the night.

Would’ve had Lashley come out second as it would have made more sense for him to have more time to come out after just talking with Heyman. As one would expect, Lashley plows right through Holly. The aftermath with Finlay was well done - alluding to Finlay’s tremendous experience and obvious craftiness. Lashley is definitely picking up the win at No Way Out, before his feud with The Undertaker but it was nice to see Finlay not blown away before a loss.

Another awesome segment here. JBL’s Flair impersonation has been done before - in both BTB and reality but that didn’t detract from his great promo. I thought it was borderline detracting from Bradshaw’s feud and match with Matt Hardy but those concerns were quickly put to rest with the attack on Hardy. The Figure-Four was a nice touch as well and managed to do a couple of things at once - building both feuds. I fully expect Naitch to show and cost JBL his match now; Can’t wait for their Mania match.

Awesome main-event. Happily surprised that MNM managed to get in a sufficient amount of offense in on the two biggest stars of the brand. Interference or not, having London and Kendrick in the main event and let alone, aiding Batista and The Undertaker, is a HUGE bump for them. I'd mark if you could make the tag division equal to the heavyweight division. The aftermath with Batista hitting the Spear but Taker sitting up was alright. Didn't love it - mainly because I'm no fan of Taker.

I grow more and more impressed with each passing show. Your match writing has always been solid but your promos and booking continue to do nothing but improve. Congratu-fucking-lations.


WWE No Way Out
Date: February 19th, 2006
Location: 1st Mariner Arena; Baltimore, Maryland
Event Music: Theory Of A Deadman; Deadly Game

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista © vs. The Undertaker

WWE Tag Team Championship:
MNM © vs. The Hooligans

Cruiserweight Championship; Open Invitational:
Kid Kash © vs. Jamie Noble vs. Funaki vs. Juventud vs. Shannon Moore vs. Nunzio vs. Scotty Too Hotty vs. Nunzio

Grudge Match:
Matt Hardy vs. John ‘Bradshaw Layfield

Tag Team Match:
U.S. Champion Booker T and Mr. Kennedy
vs. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Mexicools


Wildcard Questions

1. Which match will be chosen to open the PPV?
Rey/Chavo vs. Booker/KK

2. Will Teddy Long give Randy Orton what he wants?

3. How many title changes, if any, will occur?
One - Tag Titles.

4. What will be the Match Of The Night?
Batista vs. Undertaker

5. Which superstar will make the biggest impression?
Jamie Noble
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