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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown; February 17th, 2006; Norfolk, Virginia;

~ Opening Video

~ Pyro

The crowd is on their feet in Columbus, as we quickly cut across to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: We are just Forty-Eight hours away from SmackDown’s first Pay-per-view of the year, we are forty-eight hours away from No Way Out, and we welcome you to Norfolk, Virginia for one hell of a show.

Tazz: No doubt, no doubt, Cole. We’ve got some Cruiserweight action lined up for tonight ahead of Kid Kash’s invitational this Sunday, and you know how much I love the Cruiserweights, baby.

Michael Cole: Not only that, but we will see William Regal and Super Crazy in one-on-one action ahead of their tag team match at No Way Out, as will Rey Mysterio. But I’m most excited about our Main Event tonight.

Tazz: Oh, man, me too, Cole. Teddy Long made the announcement in the week and it’s gonna go down right here tonight. The WWE Tag Team Champions MNM taking on the team of … The Undertaker … and his No Way Out opponent … the World Champ Batista! Oh man!

***I Walk Alone*** The crowd EXPLODES with a tremendous reception for their World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, who marches down the ramp in a suit, leather jacket and shades, looking dapper as always. He carries his title belt, as he sets off his thunderous pyro and enters the ring.

Batista calls for a microphone from Tony Chimel and is handed one immediately. “The Animal” waits for the crowd to die down a little, soaking in the “Batista” chants, before raising the mic up.

Batista: Y’know, I’ve held this title (pats belt) right here for ten months – that’s ten months. Almost a year. I’ve faced guys from Triple H (huge heat), to JBL (huge heat), to Eddie Guerrero (great pop), and Randy Orton (huge heat). I’ve faced all of them … but not ONE of those men has ever got me as PISSED OFF as I feel right now!

Pop from the crowd.

Batista: Ever since I came to this place four years ago … all I’ve done is fight, all I’ve done is look my enemies – all I’ve done is look my OPPONENTS in the eyes … and beaten them one after the other. What I don’t like – what I HATE … is when you face someone who won’t look you in the eye – when they won’t stand with you toe-to-toe … and when all they wanna do is get inside your head – play MID GAMES – and try (Smirks) to intimidate you.

Slightly mixed reaction, as the fans know who Dave is referring to.

Batista: But I AM NOT intimidated. I’m pissed off, I’m angry, I’m just about ready to snap – but there is NO ONE, and I sure as hell mean NO ONE, on this planet that can intimidate me, NO ONE that can make me nervous, and there is NO ONE who I am afraid of!

Crowd pops.

Batista: Undertaker…

MASSIVE pop from the fans, and ‘Tista looks a little taken aback.

Batista: Undertaker, let me just remind of something. I have held this title (Holds up World title) longer than you EVER have in your entire … long … ‘illustrious’ … career. I have made it my LIFE to CRUSH whoever and (Removes shades) is put in front of me. Game? Wrestling God? Legend Killer? Or … Deadman? They’re all the same to me.

Mixed response.

Batista: So this is how this is supposed to go right? I come out here now and talk … but The Undertaker … DOES … NOT … SHOW UP. He comes down to the ring whenever the HELL he wants to and makes some kind of a statement? Am I getting this right so far? WELL THAT STOPS TONIGHT!

A big pop this time for Batista, who boils with intensity.

Batista: Now, Undertaker, I’m gonna tell YOU how this is going to happen. See, tonight, there isn’t gonna be any mind games … there isn’t gonna be any arena blackouts … our sneak attacks … or disappearances. All there’s gonna be is YOU … Undertaker … dragging your ass down to this ring RIGHT … NOW!!!

Huge cheers from the fans.

Batista: Now, I know we have our match tonight … I know that we’re supposed to team up tonight to take on MNM … and don’t think I’ve forgotten for a SECOND what happened the last team you were my partner in a tag team match.

‘Tista fumes.

Batista: When you left me in the ring so that Booker T and Randy Orton could damn near cripple my quad? Remember that, Deadman? I sure as hell do. I know how your sick mind works … so just in case you try and little stunt like that again tonight…

A small “Rest In Piece” chant cuts ‘Tista off momentarily, and he gazes up.

Batista: Just in case you try and pull that stunt again … or Chokeslam me like you did a few weeks back … remember that I’m gonna be watching you all the time … and payback … well, let’s just say payback is a BITCH!!!

Another VERY mixed reaction for Batista’s intensity.

Batista: But I’m not waiting for later tonight – hell, I’m not waiting till this Sunday. I calling YOU out, Undertaker. I wanna see if the hype is all true … I wanna see if you really are the BADDEST … TOUGHEST … MEANEST guy that has ever set foot in this ring. Or are you nothing but … A COWARD!!!

The crowd actually boos now.


The fans are cheering too, clearly desperate for The Undertaker to make an appearance too. Batista is pacing up and down like the furious beast he is, ignoring the “Undertaker” chants reverberating around the arena.

Batista looks set to go backstage and drag the “Phenom” out, when…


The crowd pops with an incredible ovation as Batista lets go of the ropes and looks around the arena.


The lights go out.


The lights come back on and the audience goes wild as THE UNDERTAKER comes face to face with “The Animal”!!! Batista fumes, as the two giants step toe-to-toe with the other, nose-to-nose. The crowd is on their feet for this confrontation … and Undertaker raises his hand … but he has a microphone!

The Undertaker: BATISSSTTAA … three weeks ago at the Royal Rumble … this (Points to head) blood ran. When the blood flowed, I took it, and I signed … your death warrant with ITTTTT!!!

Batista barely flinches.

The Undertaker: You say you have held that GOOLLLDDDDD … around your waist for one … long … year? Well … the time … HAS NOW COME! The darkness has marked your name, Batista … the end has now arrived … as you currently hold … THE ONE THING THAT I TRULY DESIRE … THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPPPPP!!!!

Huge pop, and Batista holds his belt firmly.

The Undertaker: This Sunday … there will be … NO … WAY … OUT! This Sunday … the year long reign of the “ANIMAL” WILL BE SLAIN by the hand of the “Dragon”. You have looked into his eyes before, Batista … AND YOU TREMBLED!!!

Batista looks ready to snap.

The Undertaker: At No Way Out, Batista … it is time … for you to face your fears … it is time for no mercy … and no … remorse. BATTTIIISSSTTAAAA … THIS SUNDAY AY NO WAY OUT … YOU WILL … REST … IN … P-

BATISTA NAILS UNDERTAKER WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND!!! The “Phenom” is sent reeling, as the “Animal” finally attacks with all of this pent up rage, as the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Batista has Undertaker against the ropes and goes for a huge Clothesline, which ‘Taker ducks and begins laying into Batista with rights, backing him into the corner.

With the crowd just about favouring the “Deadman”, Undertaker hammers away with the biggest hits in the business … until “The Animal” has taken enough and, in a display of terrifying power and strength, grabs Undertaker and drives him across the ring with a Spear almost into the opposite corner, where he begins to rip into the ribs of “The Phenom” with crushing shoulder thrusts!!!

Batista roars as he tries to pulverise Undertaker’s internal organs, but “The Deadman” clubs away on the spine of the World Heavyweight Champion, trying to get him away, but no sooner does the fight begin then … an army of security guards sprint down to the ring, clearly under orders from Teddy Long to stop the two from destroying each other ahead of their match tonight … and their World title bout in 2 days!

They wrestle Batista away from the corner across the ring, but the Champ continues to foam at the mouth and scream at his rival across the ring … and so The Undertaker charges straight through his guards and leaps towards “The Animal”. The two men land in a heap amongst the security. Hammering away on one another without relent. Batista gets the upper hand at first, but Undertaker eventually turns the table … whaling away on “The Animal” … until the security guards drag him out of the ring!

Batista is wrestled into one of the corners once again in order to prevent him following “The Phenom”, who is beginning driven back up the ramp. The No Way Out opponents and tag team partners for tonight glower at one another from either side of the arena, with the crowd going berserk!!!

{Commercial Break}

Upon returning from the break, we get a brief video recap of the what just went down between Batista and The Undertaker.

We cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, and what a way to start the show. The Undertaker and Batista seemingly unable to wait until this Sunday, almost tearing each other apart. How the hell are they going to co-exist in the Main Event tonight?

Tazz: You ain’t kidding, Cole. I don’t know if those two monsters should be in the same ring again tonight, let alone as partners!

***Motherland*** Heat fills the arena as it always does for the British veteran William Regal, who swaggers down to the ring rubbing his knuckles in anticipation. He is wearing his long robe, and is accompanied by his partner Paul Burchill, who is in street gear tonight.

***Muy Loco*** A nice pop from the Virginia fans, as the fan friendly Super Crazy rides down the ramp on his Juan Deere, accompanied by his partner Psicosis. The Mexicools slap hands with the fans, before Crazy leaps up into the ring.

Michael Cole: Well, we’re kicking things off tonight with a battle of respect between two members of these two teams. The Bluebloods and the Mexicools will be in tag team action come this Sunday, but right now it’s down to William Regal and Super Crazy.

Tazz: These guys could steal the show at No Way Out, Cole, and show why they should be next in line for a shot at tag team gold.

Match #1: William Regal vs. Super Crazy
A superb match up to get the show underway tonight, as these two phenomenal performers go out it, with their styles contrasting nicely. Regal seems rather confused by the fast paced Super Crazy to begin with, as the Mexican Luchador flies around the ring, catching Regal with a series of top notch dropkicks, each time smothering the Brit with a cover, but not quite getting the job done. The veteran that he is, Regal manages to mount a comeback and slow the pace down, as he catches Crazy with a nasty headbutt to the nose, before doing what he does best and beating Crazy up with a string of European Uppercuts. Regal keeps Crazy grounded, before yanking him back up and kicking him hard in the ribs. He shoots the Mexican into the ropes with an Irish Whip, but Crazy grabs hold of the top rope. Regal loses his calm and races in, only for Crazy to low bridge the top rope, sending the Englishmen tumbling to the outside. Paul Burchill hurries over to his partner and helps him up to his feet, but Super Crazy wastes little time in pressing the advantage, as he shoots off the ropes and flies over the top rope with a HELO onto both men! The crowd is cheering loudly for the Mexicool, as he plays to the crowd with help from Psicosis. Crazy shoves Burchill out of the way and rolls Regal back into the ring for a cover. 1 … 2 … NO! Crazy sighs and hits a few right hands to Regal, before pulling him back up to his feet. Regal manages to drive his knee into the gut of the Luchador and catches him with a quick, perfectly executed armdrag. Crazy stumbles back up onto his feet and walks straight into another armdrag, but applying a CROSS ARMBREAKER! After a brief struggle, Crazy finally reaches the ropes, much to the chagrin of Regal. He drags the Mexicool up to his feet and sends him into the corner with an Irish Whip. Regal follows in quickly, but catches a boot to the face, knocking him staggering away. Seeing his chance, Super Crazy quickly springs up to the top turnbuckle and flies off with a MOONSAULT onto Regal, hooking the leg! 1 … 2 … NO! Crazy looks disappointed, but doesn’t fret about too much, as he lifts Regal back up to his feet and slams him down on his back in the centre of the ring. He signals that it’s over, and begins to clamber up to the top rope in search of hitting his finishing MOONSAULT … but Burchill kicks the ropes behind the referee’s back, and Crazy gets caught half way up the turnbuckle, with his back to the ring. Regal hurries up to his feet and walks over to where Crazy is stuck, grabbing the Mexican in a half nelson, before nailing him off the second rope with a HALF NELSON SUPLEX! The crowd “OOOS” at the devastating manoeuvre, whilst Burchill smirks at ringside … but Psicosis takes him out with a Clothesline! Ignoring the distraction, Regal drags a limp Super Crazy back up before getting him in a leg hook, before crashing over with a REGAL-PLEX with a bridge! 1 ... 2 ... 3!!!
Winner: William Regal @ 10:53

William Regal picks up the win here tonight ahead of the tag team match this Sunday. Psicosis slides back into the ring to confront the Englishmen, but Regal quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs Paul Burchill. Burchill is clutching is jaw and glaring up at Psicosis, whilst Psicosis checks on Super Crazy. The two rival teams stare one another down.

We cut backstage to the office of Teddy Long, who is sat at his desk going through some notes … when suddenly MNM burst into the room!


Teddy starts suddenly at the interruption, glaring up at the fuming trio of Nitro, Mercury and Melina, who are dressed in their street clothes, clutching their tag titles anxiously.

Theodore Long: ‘Scuse me? Just what are you three playin’ at?

Melina: What are we playing at? What are YOU playing at, Teddy? Why are Joey and Johnny facing Batista and The Undertaker tonight!!??

Joey Mercury: IT’S NOT FAIR!!??

Teddy stands up slowly, angered by MNM’s ruse demeanour.

Theodore Long: It’s not fair? Well listen up, playas, and listen up good. Last week, what you all did to London and Kendrick, that don’t sit too well with me at all, ya feel me?

Johnny Nitro: So – so what the hell is your point!!??

Joey Mercury: C’mon, we’ve got a title match in two days!!??

Long glances at the WWE Tag Team titles and shakes his head.

Theodore Long: As far as I’m concerned, that isn’t even guaranteed at this point, ya dig? Whatcha’ both did to London and Kendrick … I don’t even know if those playas are gonna make it to No Way Out this Sunday, so that excuse … it jus’ don’t work with me right now.

The crowd can be heard cheering in the background, whilst MNM look sick.

Johnny Nitro: There’s NO WAY we’re going out there with Batista and Undertaker tonight, Teddy –

Joey Mercury: They’re both NUTS!!!

Melina: Did you see them out there tonight, Teddy!!??

Teddy actually smirks a little bit.

Theodore Long: I saw what happened out there tonight, I saw it and I couldn’t care less, playas. Now drop the threatenin’ cause I don’t wanna hear it anymore; if you don’t wrestle in the Main Event tonight against Batista and The Undertaker … THEN YOU WILL FORFEIT THE TAG TEAM TITLES!!!

A huge pop from the crowd, whilst Nitro, Mercury and Melina blow a gasket.

Theodore Long: So tonight … best of luck. Holla holla holla!!!

MNM look lost for words and dumbstruck, whilst a smiling Teddy Long walks away, as we head into a commercial.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the break we head backstage once more to where Josh Matthews is standing by with a microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … he is the Cruiserweight Champion of the World … Kid Kash!

Kid Kash steps into the shot to heat from the crowd, wearing a dark shirt over his leather pants, wearing shades, and carrying his title over his shoulder.

Josh Matthews: Kid Kash, in just forty-eight hours you will put your Cruiserweight Championship on the line in an Open Invitational, but tonight you will see some of your potential opponents in action. What are your thoughts right now?

Kid Kash: My thoughts? You want Kid Kash’s thoughts on facin’ any one of those guys at No Way Out? Well, lemme tell you this: it don’t matter who the hell I face this Sunday, it don’t matter who the hell I face next Sunday, or tomorrow night, or next Friday, or next year! Ya know why? It’s ‘cause I’m the greatest Cruiserweight Champion … in … the … world. It’s ‘cause I’m the greatest Cruiserweight Champion … of … all … time! And there ain’t nobody who can prove me wro-

Kash stops in his tracks, as Jamie Noble enters the shot, dressed to compete, staring at the Cruiserweight Champion fiercely. “The Notorious K.I.D” removes his shades slowly.

Kid Kash: Somethin’ I can help you with, Jamie?

Jamie Noble: (Rubbing his chin thoughtfully) Ya know, I was just walkin’ by, mindin’ my own business … and I couldn’t help overhearin’ that ya’ll were callin’ yourself the – the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time? The greatest Cruiserweight Champion in – in the world?

Kid Kash: That’s right.

Noble smirks a little bit, irritating Kash.

Jamie Noble: Well, I couldn’t help thinkin’; Jamie Noble is a Cruiserweight … Jamie Noble is a former Cruiserweight Champion … and I don’ reckon that ya’ll are better than me, Kash, I don’ reckon ya’ll can BEAT me…

Kash grits his teeth in frustration.

Kid Kash: Did ya hear that, Jamie? You’re a FORMER Cruiserweight Champion … you ain’t in my league … you ain’t in the same league as the “Notorious K … I –

Jamie Noble: (Interrupting) I get it, Kash. Ya’ll can say all the clichés ya want, but the fact of the matter is, YOU ain’t in the same league as Jamie Noble … and I’m gonna show you that out there tonight and this Sunday…

Noble smirks and pats the Cruiserweight belt cockily, prompting Kash to snatch it away. Noble walks away, as Kash seethes and looks around … before Noble suddenly jumps back into the shot and gets right in Kash’s face.

Jamie Noble: (Grinning) Champ.

Noble finally struts away, leaving Kash to stew, taking his fingers through his hair and clutch his belt dearly.

We cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: I guess Kid Kash does have some competition after all, Tazz. Jamie Noble taking exception to the Cruiserweight Champion’s comments it seems.

Tazz: Noble is one double tough guy, Cole, and if I was Kid Kash, I wouldn’t piss him off.

***Carolina High*** A small face reaction from the crowd, as the loveable and energetic Shannon Moore bounds down to the ring, followed by his partners for the evening, of Nunzio and Juventud. Juventud performs his usual Luchador antics and Nunzio jumps around while trying to fire up the crowd. All three men enter the ring at the same time and prepare for this big six man tag match.

***Trailer Park Trash*** A slightly bigger face reaction for the rough and tough Jamie Noble, who marches down to the ring looking all business tonight and rubbing his hands. He is closely followed by his partners for the evening, Funaki and Scotty Too Hotty, who dance down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans, before they all slide into the ring.

***Bawitdaba*** The crowd begins to boo, as Kid Kash strolls out with his belt slung over his shoulder. Still clad in his smart street clothes, Kash proceeds to walk down to the ring in a cocky fashion, talking trash to the fans, before circling the ring and joining Michael Cole and Tazz on commentary.

Michael Cole: Well, we’re set for some Six Man tag, Cruiserweight action here now, and we are joined by the Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash.

Tazz: Pleasure to have you with us, Kid.

Kid Kash: (Arrogantly) I’m sure it is, fellas.

Match #2; Six Man Tag: Shannon Moore & Nunzio & Juventud vs. Jamie Noble & Funaki & Scotty Too Hotty
The kind of fun filled match up that SmackDown is renowned for, as these six Cruiserweights tear it up for their allocated time, putting on a show for the fans. With all six men virtually faces, the crowd just gets behind all of their moves, but seem to favour Jamie Noble in particular. About halfway through the match, Funaki hits a dive to the outside on Moore, and Scotty goes for a move off the top rope but Nunzio catches him with a dropkick. Noble looks to connect with the elevated DDT on Juventud, only to have Juvy fight out of it and shove Noble into the ropes, before connecting with a FLYING HEADSCISSORS!. Juvy drags Noble back up and lifts him up for the JUVY DRIVER, but Noble rolls out of it and nails a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX. 1 … 2 … NO! Juventud kicks out and Noble wastes little time in dumping the Mexicool over the top rope to the outside. As the match is nearing the end, only Nunzio and Noble are in the ring, as the other four are fighting on the outside. Noble and Nunzio make it to their feet and trade sloppy punches as Noble gains the advantage with a knee to the gut and whips Nunzio into the ropes, but Nunzio slides through Noble's feet and rolls him up with a pin. 1 … 2 … NO! Noble gets right back up to his feet as Nunzio comes off the top rope going for some sort of move, but Noble spears Nunzio in midair, taking him down to the mat hard. Quickly, Noble brings Nunzio to his feet, hooks his arms, and goes for the Tiger Driver, but Nunzio reverses it in midair and drops Noble down with an implant DDT! 1 … 2 … NO! Nunzio drags Noble back up and sends Noble into the ropes with an Irish Whip, but Noble grabs hold of the top rope. Nunzio charges, but Noble back body drops the little Italian over onto the apron. Noble spins, and Nunzio catches him with a shoulder to the gut, before trying to using the ropes to SUNSET FLIP over Noble for a pin … but Noble catches him in a Fireman’s Carry, before walking away into the centre of the ring and drilling Nunzio with the DOUBLE KNEE GUTBUSTER!!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winners: Jamie Noble, Funaki and Scotty Too Hotty @ 12:34

Noble celebrates triumphantly, after his impressive showing, and has his hand raised by the match official. Funaki and Scotty dance around in the ring too, whilst Shannon Moore and Juventud look disappointed on the outside of the ring, and Nunzio rolls under the bottom rope in pain.

Playing to the crowd a little bit, Noble walks over to the ropes and motions towards Kid Kash that the Cruiserweight Championship is going around his waist. Feigning confidence, but looking visibly worried, Kash stands up, removing his headset, and holds his belt up high, drawing heat from the crowd.

We cut to a shot of Randy Orton walking down a corridor making his way to the ring in a smart suit ensemble.

Michael Cole: An impressive victory for Jamie Noble, but, folks, after the break we will hear from the man who is holding SmackDown to ransom, the man who has given Teddy Long two more days to give in to his demands. We will here from Randy Orton NEXT!

{Commercial Break}

We return from the interlude, as…

***Burn In My Light*** The crowd pours heat on the arrival of “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, who steps out onto the stage smartly. The third generation superstar is dressed is a dark suit over a t-shirt as per usual, and has an unemotional scowl on his face. He heads down to the ring without even bothering with his pyro.

Michael Cole: I have nothing left to say about this man. He has shown quite clearly his contempt for Friday Night SmackDown by threatening to leave if General Manager Theodore Long does not hand him another title shot on a plate.

Tazz: Well, I mean, Randy’s a talented guy and all, and talented guys usually get what they want, but treating SmackDown like this just ain’t right.

Completely ignoring the hostile fans, Orton steps inside the ring and calls for a mic from Tony Chimel, which he is given. Orton pauses for a moment, staring blankly at the crowd.

Randy Orton: Last week … (Pauses to rub his chin) Last week I gave Teddy Long till No Way Out, till this Sunday to do the right thing. I gave him nine days and nine nights to take a long, hard think about what this show would be without me.

Some heat, as Randy pauses.

Randy Orton: When I said last week that I regretted that it had come to this, I TRULY meant it, and I do REGRET that Teddy Long has forced my hand … forced my hand by not recognising an athlete of my calibre when I stand before him.


Randy Orton: When I said what I said last week, about me being BETTER than the rest of the SmackDown roster … about me being a BIGGER star then all of them put together, I every single word!

More heat.

Randy Orton: When I walk around backstage now … when I look around in the halls, I see a lot of jealous faces, a lot of SmackDown and WWE superstars who understand when they are looking at true greatness, who understand that this show is my dynasty … not Batista’s … not The Undertaker’s … MINE! And it will be for a long, long TIME!

The crowd boos, and a small “You Suck” chant starts up.

Randy Orton: But … I’m not out here to talk about me. You all KNOW that I am a third generation superstar, and you all KNOW that I am the YOUNGEST World Heavyweight Champion in HISTORY. No, I’m out here tonight to talk about … Teddy Long.

Small pop for Long, but it’s mostly heat for Orton.

Randy Orton: All I ever get told is that I’m arrogant … that I’m full of myself. Well why don’t you all take a long look at SmackDown’s General Manager!? That’s arrogance! That is a PERFECT example of a man being so full of himself that he has no time to respect the wishes of his roster … and its superstars.


Randy Orton: I am STILL owed a one-on-one title match against Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship … the match I earned over a month ago when I threw eleven other men over the top rope … when I through The Undertaker over the top rope … I EARNED IT! Yet … yet Teddy Long still refuses to grant me my opportunity. This … he … is nothing but a joke.

A few “Randy Sucks” chants begin.

Randy Orton: To be honest … I actually HOPE that Teddy Long acts like a man and refuses my offer … I hope he tells me to take my ball and go over to Monday Night Raw, ‘cause let’s face it, what would this show be without the “Legend Killer”?


Randy Orton: (Glaring around at the booing crowd) And this is EXACTLY why I would love to leave for Monday Night Raw … because then all of you people here on SmackDown would finally understand how much you NEED me … how much this entire place needs me!

Huge boos for the insulting of the crowd.

Randy Orton: (Giving an intense look right into one of the cameras) Teddy … the sooner you understand this the better … this isn’t about World Heavyweight Championships … this isn’t about General Managers … this isn’t about arrogance or title shots or rivalries … it’s simply about DESTINY … MY DESTIN-

***I’m Back*** The crowd gives a rather surprised pop, as the music usually heard on Monday Nights hits, and Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff steps out onto the stage with a huge smirk on his face. The crowd quickly begins to boo, whilst Orton raises an eyebrow in curiosity. Bischoff already has a mic in hand.

Eric Bischoff: Randy, firstly let me…

Bischoff is cut off by an outpouring of “You Suck” chants. He scowls.

Eric Bischoff: Randy, not only does this Sunday have HUGE repercussions for Theodore Long … but it also has MAJOR repercussions for ME, Eric Bischoff!

Heat, whilst Orton nods slowly.

Eric Bischoff: This Sunday at No Way Out … SmackDown’s first pay-per-view of the year … Raw will be in attendance … Raw will be represented by ME … because quite frankly, Randy, I don’t trust Teddy Long and I don’t trust SmackDown to give you a fair hearing.

More boos.

Eric Bischoff: And let me just remind you where it all began for you, Randy … it began on Monday Night Raw … it began with Eric Bischoff. That’s where you held the Intercontinental Championship for over six months, and that’s where you became the YOUNGEST World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. Quite frankly, Randy, Raw … is where you belong!

Orton seems to be in agreement.

Eric Bischoff: Come No Way Out in two days, it shouldn’t be a question of whether or not you are staying here on SmackDown … it shouldn’t matter what Teddy Long does, whether he begs for you to stay … the only thing that should be on your mind is how soon you can join us all on Monday Night Raw!

Randy seems to like what he is hearing, although the crowd clearly don’t.

Eric Bischoff: I only came here tonight to make sure you had those thoughts in your head as you thought about this decision … but just remember, Randy … NEVER discount Eric Bischoff!

Bischoff’s music hits yet again, as the Raw General Manager gives Orton a final smirk, before turning smartly on his heels and making a swift exit, leaving the “Legend Killer” pondering his future in the squared circle.

{Commercial Break}

We come back from the break and head back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Before the break we all heard from Randy Orton and Eric Bischoff ahead of the huge contract signing this Sunday.

Tazz: Oh man, Randy is really doing a number on the WWE now, Cole. He’s got both shows after him.

***Turn Up The Treble*** The crowd gives some impressive heat, as the cocky youngster Mr. Kennedy swaggers down to the ring, clad in his sweats, chewing his gum as always. He enters the ring and throws his hand up for his microphone.

Mr. Kennedy: (Pointing at Tony Chimel) You just sit your ass back down, tubby, and leave it to the professionals.

The crowd boos, whilst Chimel looks disgruntled.

Mr. Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you your SPECIAL guest ring announcer for the following contest, and ONE HALF of the SPECIAL guest commentators … he is the man who is going to beat Rey Mysterio within an inch of his LIFE this Sunday at No Way Out … he hails from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN … MMMMIIIISSSSTTTTEEERRRRRR KKKEEEENNNNNEEEDDDYYYY!!!!

Kennedy walks over to the turnbuckle as the fans boo.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NA - DAY!!!!

***Can You Dig It, Sucka?*** Even more heat erupts throughout the arena, as the United States Champion Booker T walks down the ramp with a huge smile on his face, clad in a smart suit. His wife Sharmell walks behind him carrying his title belt.

Mr. Kennedy: And introducing next … he is the OTHER half of the special guest commentators … he hails from HOUSTON TEX – ASSSSS … and he is the UNITED STATES CHAMPION … BBBBBBOOOOOKKKKKKAAAAAAHHHHHH TTTTTTTTT!!!!

Booker slides into the ring and shakes hands with KK, who waits a second.

Mr. Kennedy: TTTTTTT!!!

The two men smirk at one another, before leaving the ring and joining Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: Well, uh, thank you for that, Mister Kennedy and Booker T. Wel-

Mr. Kennedy: Just don’t say another word, Michelle, nobody wants to here you speak; they wanna hear the voice of Mister Kennedy …

Tazz: It’s-

Mr. Kennedy: Kennedy. Don’t cut me off.

Booker T: Yo, you dawgs can all take a look right now at that joke Rey Mysterio. Little Rey Rey is gonna get his punk ass dropped TA – NIGHT and I’m gonna drop it ‘dis Sunday, ya hear muh?

***Booyaka 619*** The crowd EXPLODES with a huge ovation, as the fan favourite Rey Mysterio bursts from the stage looking quite intense, dawned in black trunks, mask and gloves. He comes racing down the ramp, slapping hands with all of the fans, before entering the ring and playing to them.

***Simon System*** Barely any reaction from the fans at all towards Simon Dean, who comes strutting down the ramp in his familiar purple tracksuit, complete with fitness equipment.

Mr. Kennedy: Take a look at this, Simon Dean is a complete moron … but he’s still gonna beat little Rey Mysterio.

Booker T: You damn skippy!

Match #3: Rey Mysterio vs. Simon Dean
Far from a standard squash match, although it’s main purpose is to show off the ability of Mysterio. The ECW Original Simon Dean gets in his fair share of offence against the “Master of the 619”, who is constantly wary of his two No Way Out opponents seated at ringside, mocking him. Dean takes advantage of this for a good portion of the match, as he knocks Rey off the top rope at one point, and grounds the high-flier with a series of holds. This does not last too long, as one can imagine when Rey eventually shifts into another gear. He bounds off the ropes, completely surprising Dean with his explosive speed, taking the ECW Original down with a series of attractive Hurricanranas, which get the crowd behind him even more, if that is possible!!! Dean shows his intelligence though, as he blocks a headscissors attempt from Mysterio and instead catches him in an electric chair position, going for a move from his old ECW days, the SCREAM MACHINE -- DEAN SETS REY UP ON HIS SHOULDERS -- BUT MYSTERIO ROLLS THROUGH WITH AN INVERTED HURRICANRANA, hurling Dean forwards with tremendous velocity and causing him to collide with and get caught up on the middle rope!!! The crowd is going wild, although Booker and Kennedy make derogatory remarks on commentary, as Rey plays to the fans a little, before shooting off the ropes AND NAILING THE 619!!! Dean goes crashing backwards into the centre of the ring in prime position, as Rey springboards off of the top rope with incredible agility AND NAILS THE DROPPIN’ DA DIME ONTO DEAN. The crowd pops loudly, as Mysterio makes an elementary hook of the leg. 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 08:23

The crowd gives a THUNDEROUS ovation for Rey, as he jumps back up to his feet in jubilation – AND GETS NAILED FROM BEHIND BY BOOKER T!!!

Booker had apparently seen enough long before the match had ended, and begins to put the boot to the “Master of the 619”, as the crowd boos loudly. It takes Mr. Kennedy a bit longer to get into the ring, as he was clearly enjoying his commentary position. But KK soon begins to hammer away on Rey Rey as well.

Ken scoops the little Mexican up and lets out a roar, about to go for the STANDING GREEN BAY PLUNGE, but Mysterio slips off his shoulders and dropkicks Kennedy into the second rope, tangling him up!!! Rey spins around just as Booker T charges, and catches the U.S Champion with a drop toe hold, setting him up right next to Kennedy!!!

The crowd knows exactly what is coming next, as they cheer Rey on. He bounds off the ropes, looking for a DOUBLE 619 – BUT RUNS STRAIGHT INTO A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE FROM BOOKER!!! Booker was not sufficiently caught on the ropes it seems, and he damn near decapitated Mysterio. He pulls the Mexican up, and nails a BOOK END!!!

Kennedy regains his senses, and comes for a piece of Rey as well, lifting him up and slamming him back down with a SPIKE DDT!! Mysterio is virtually motionless now, as he lies flat on his back. Kennedy gets right in Rey’s face, and can clearly be heard saying, “Did that hurt?”

Booker yells at Kennedy to get Mysterio back up, and that’s exactly what KK does. Booker kicks Rey in the gut and sets him up for the SCISSORS KICK –


The crowd EXPLODES, and Booker stops dead in his tracks, as CHAVO GUERRERO of Monday Night Raw comes sprinting down the ramp. He slides into the ring, as Kennedy moves towards him with a clothesline. Chavo ducks and carries on running, nailing Booker T with a DROPKICK, sending him crashing through the ropes!!!

Booker hits the floor in a furious heap, whilst back in the ring Kennedy spins Chavo back around and goes for a right hand, BUT CHAVO BLOCKS IT! Chavito fires off on KK with right hand after right hand, backing him all the way into the ropes, before charging and CONNECTING WITH A CLOTHESLINE, TAKING KENNEDY OVER THE TOP TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

The crowd is on their feet for Chavo right now, as he charges around the ring, fired up, daring either Kennedy or Booker to come back inside. Neither of the heels do, as they skirt around the ring apron looking extremely pissed off, before…

***MacMillitant*** Kennedy, Booker and Sharmell all spin around furiously, as the crowd gives a nice pop to see SmackDown! General Manager Teddy Long appears at the top of the stage with a microphone in hand.

Theodore Long: Now jus’ hold on a second there, playas. I don’ wanna see anymore contact between the four of you before No Way Out, ya dig?

Booker and Kennedy both raise eyebrows and point at Chavo.

Theodore Long: Well, if ya hadn’t figured it out by now, lemme be the one to tell ya. Rey Mysterio came to me earlier, and he let me know that he had chosen his tag team partner for No Way Out … CHAVO GUERRERO!!!

The crowd pops, as Chavo grins, still helping Rey back up to his feet.

Theodore Long: But, in case anyone thinks otherwise, this is only a one night thing. After No Way Out, Chavo will go back to Monday Night Raw, ya feelin’ me?

Chavo nods in understanding.

Theodore Long: But that’s not all. Booker, after what I jus’ saw from ya … that don’ sit too well with me, playa, and I think it’s about time that I did somethin’ about it. One way or another, Booker, after No Way Out, you will be defending the United States Championship…

Booker fumes.

Theodore Long: ‘Cause if Mister Kennedy pins either Rey Mysterio or Chavo Guerrero, then he will BE the Number one contender!!!

Heat from the crowd, as Kennedy gives a sideways smirk to his No Way Out team mate, Booker T.

Theodore Long: But if Rey Mysterio gets the pin for his team, then, Booker, you’re gonna be putting the United States Championship on the line against none other than REY MYSTERIO!!! Holla holla holla!!!

A huge smile comes over the face of Rey Mysterio, as he staggers back up to his feet in the ring, leaning on his partner, Chavo. Outside the ring, Booker is blowing a gasket, saying, “TELL ME YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT??!!” Kennedy just shrugs and pats the U.S title currently in Sharmell’s arms.

Teddy Long’s music hits once again and the GM struts backstage once again to cheers from the crowd.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, a video package plays, hyping up the World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and The Undertaker. The video focuses on the extensive history of The Undertaker, showing his first WWE Championship win over Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series ’91, followed by his victory over Sycho Sid at Wrestlemania 13, his victory over Stone Cold Steve Austin at Over The Edge ’99, and finally another victory against Hulk Hogan at Judgement Day ’02. The video really highlights the destruction that the “Phenom” has inflicted over the years, on such superstars as Kane, Mankind, Diesel, Triple H, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels. It ends with an image of the “Deadman” doing his signature taunt, tongue out, and arm raised upwards amongst the eerie purplish light.

Cut backstage.

Inside of a locker room, we get an upward view of a man first taping up his wrists, to reveal “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley, who is staring down at a monitor, having just watched the video. The crowd gives a slightly mixed reaction at the sight of the young powerhouse.

Lashley looks ready to compete tonight, in his wrestling attire with a t-shirt over the top. The camera straightens to normal, as we hear a slow and deliberate clap coming from off screen. Lashley turns around, as PAUL HEYMAN enters the shot clapping his hands mockingly.

Paul Heyman: (Sarcastically) Oh … bravo, Undertaker, bravo, bravo. That video … that was really something else, it really tells us the story of what an ‘amazing’ career he has had, don’t you agree?

Lashley just frowns and turns back to the monitor.

Paul Heyman: I especially liked the way it highlighted each and every one of his battles with young superstars over the years … from Triple H at the start of his career, to Randy Orton just last year, and, of course, my former client Brock Lesnar. I liked the way it highlighted how the famous, the all powerful Undertaker was so afraid of each of those men that he just had … to … put … them … down.

Heat from the crowd.

Paul Heyman: It’s almost EXACTLY the same right now, wouldn’t you agree, Mister Lashley? Here you are, 6 feet five, 275 pounds of pure power and dominance and muscle, on your way to Wrestlemania by throwing out body after body in the Royal Rumble … until … The Undertaker decides that you’re not quite ready and ILLEGALLY enters the match to put you out. HE decided. Not you, not me, not the fans or Teddy Long. The Undertaker.

Lashley still stares blankly at Heyman.

Paul Heyman: I understand why you feel the need to not ACT on what has been done to you, Mister Lashley, I really do. You think that you’re still relatively new around here, less than a year in fact, some of the other guys might call you “green” or a “rookie”, yet you are something they are not … undefeated…

Lashley actually nods his head in agreement.

Paul Heyman: Whereas you think that acting on what The Undertaker has done to you … on what he has done to EVERY young superstar who has tried to make an impact ... will only result in your career ending before it has even begun … I see it as making a statement … I see it as putting the entire WWE on notice … that nobody is afraid of The Undertaker anymore … especially not Bobby Lashley.


Paul Heyman: In fact, I’m reminded of an old Bible saying, “The Wolf Hath Lain With The Sheep Long Enough.” It is time to act, Mister Lashley … it is time to make your mark in this business. It all starts this Sunday when you ANNIHILATE that Irishman Finlay … but after that …

Heyman pats Lashley on the arm, and Bobby does not even push him away.

Paul Heyman: Good luck out there tonight, Champ.

Heyman gives Lashley a last, innocent smile, before turning on his heels and walking away. “The Real Deal” looks back at the monitor, where The Undertaker’s image still resides, before turning back and staring after Paul Heyman with a curious expression on his face.

Cut to ringside.

Michael Cole: Paul Heyman is such a snake. Playing these games with Bobby Lashley each week. It’s sickening.

Tazz: Well, everyone knows how I feel about Paul Heyman, but I think he might actually be getting through to Lashley in some way. I mean, it’s pretty obvious how Lashley feels about The Undertaker right now.

***Unstoppable*** Another VERY mixed reaction from the crowd, as Bobby Lashley makes his way out. He sets off his pyro before striding down to the ring with a focused look on his face. He enters the ring and climbs to the turnbuckle, where he poses for a few moments.

***How Do You Like Me Now?*** A small pop for the grizzled veteran Hardcore Holly, who makes his way down to the ring, looking pumped up ahead of his match tonight.

Michael Cole: Last week Hardcore Holly went one-on-one with Lashley’s No Way Out opponent Finlay and came up just short. Tonight, it’s Lashley’s turn.

Tazz: This ain’t gonna be no walk in the park for Bobby Lashley, I can tell you that.

Match #4: Bobby Lashley vs. Hardcore Holly
A very physical match up between these two ahead of Lashley’s big contest with Finlay at No Way Out. Lashley gets the better of Holly in the opening via his amateur wrestling skills, taking Bob to school. After reversing an Irish Whip, Holly tries to take Lashley’s head off with a stiff clothesline, but Lashley ducks, and instead catches Holly with an OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Lashley does not bother going for the cover and instead pulls Holly up, holding him up high for a ONE ARMED DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX to the awe of the crowd, before slamming him back down to the canvas! Lashley thinks about covering the veteran, but instead he drags Holly back to his feet. Holly tries to mount a come back with some stiff forearm shots, rocking Lashley, before coming off the ropes, right into a T-BONE SUPLEX! The crowd is buzzing at this display from the “Real Deal”, as he shakes with intensity. He picks Holly up yet again and throws him over his shoulder; perhaps setting up for the RUNNING POWERSLAM, but Holly manages to fight his way off and shoves Lashley into the ropes … BUT LASHLEY FLATTENS HIM WITH A SPEAR! Holly is down and out now, as Lashley drags his carcass back up, throws him over is shoulder and charges across the mat, before drilling him with the RUNNING POWERSLAM!!! 1 … 2 … 3!!!
Winner: Bobby Lashley @ 05:32

The crowd pops at the absolute dominance Lashley just displayed, as he leaves a broken Holly to roll from the ring. Surprisingly, Lashley actually calls for a microphone from ringside, and is handed one from Tony Chimel.

Bobby Lashley: FINLAY!!! GET OUT HERE NOW!!!

Another pop from the crowd, as Lashley hurls his microphone to the ground with intensity and paces around the ring impatiently. Everyone looks to the entrance to see if anyone comes out, until…

***Lambleg*** The crowd gives some impressive heat, as the fighting Irishman Finlay actually comes out. He is dressed in his green wrestling attire and wields his trusty shillelagh in one hand. There is a wary expression on his face, as he approaches the ring. Finlay yells at Lashley to back off, before he enters the ring. Lashley holds up his fans and obliges, allowing Finlay to enter.

Finlay slowly enters the ring and holds up his shillelagh, before calmly stooping down to place it on the canvas in a surprisingly sporting way. Lashley’s eyes follow it down, AND FINLAY NAILS LASHLEY WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!

The crowd boos the cheap shot, as Lashley goes down and Finlay quickly snatches up his shillelagh, NAILING LASHLEY ACROSS THE FOREHEAD WITH IT!!! Lashley goes down hard, as the crowd boos heavily, and a smirking Finlay quickly rolls out of the ring. We cut to another commercial following a last look at Lashley’s far away gaze.

{Commercial Break}

Upon returning from the commercial break, we cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well, what an explosive night it’s been so far. Before the break we saw Lashley’s intensity allow Finlay to turn his lights out with a shillelagh to the skull!

Tazz: And I think it’s only gonna-

***Also Sprach Zarathustra*** THUNDEROUS ovation from the Virginia crowd, as the most famous theme tune in wrestling history hits. The crowd is roaring in complete shock, as a familiar figure emerges at the top of the ramp, sparkly robe, blonde hair and all – but when he raises his head it becomes perfectly obvious who it is … JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!!!

The crowd boos wildly, as JBL, dressed up exactly like “The Nature Boy” waltzes down to the ring, even having the audacity to wear a blonde wig. Smiling away, he climbs up onto the apron and yells at an official to pull down the top rope, which one does. Already holding a mic in his hand, JBL walks into the centre of the ring and begins to Style and Profile – before stopping dead in his tracks, the smile gone from his face!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Is THIS what I have to do, is THIS the level that I have to stoop to for you people to finally show me some DAMN respect!!!

Bradshaw tears the blonde wig from his head and tosses it to the ground.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You people should KNOW when you are gazing upon greatness, and you should KNOW when you are gazing up one of, if not the BIGGEST fraud in our industry’s history … RIC FLAIR!!!

Huge cheers for Naitch.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Trying to calm down) But … tonight is not about Ric … Flair. Tonight is about ME … tonight is about Sunday … tonight is about No Way Out … tonight is about me teaching Matt Hardy what happens when you stick your nose in MY business!!!


John Bradshaw Layfield: Matt, when are you going to learn, son? Nobody cares about a washed up, out of shape, glory hog like Ric Flair … and nobody SURE AS HELL gives a DAMN about an overrated JOKE who has done nothing in his career except fall off ladders and lose girlfriends!!!

The crowd “OHs” and boos JBL wildly.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Sinister smirk) No, what these people … what everybody across the world wants to see is their one, their true and their ONLY AMERICAN HEEEEEERO … John Bradshaw Layfield!!!

A “You Suck” chant starts up, as JBL rants on.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ask yourself this, Matt … when a new age dawned on the WWE, when I, JBL, was crowned the WWE Champion, and the parades began … for one full YEAR I was on top of the world … where were you? GETTING YOUR ASS UNEMPLOYED, THAT’S WHERE YOU WERE, MATT!!!


John Bradshaw Layfield: And so you have stepped into the squared circle with JBL not just once … but twice … with the same damn result every time. Matt Hardy, I think that it’s about time that you understood that when you step through those ropes and face me, you are facing no mortal man … no simple athlete … BUT A WRESTLING GAWWWDDDD!!!

More heat, as JBL closes his eyes in ecstasy.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But … we live in the greatest country on earth, the greatest democracy on earth … a place where the rich, the rich like me, GIVE to the poorest. So, tonight, Matt Hardy, I’m giving to you exactly what you want…

JBL smirks.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Tonight, I’m gonna give you a little taste of what you are going to experience in two days at No Way Out … I am gonna let you walk down that ramp, step into the rings and go MAN TO MAN with the most revered and respected person IN … THIS … BUSINESS!!!


John Bradshaw Layfield: And, Matt … son, if you don’t believe me, when you walk down that aisle in just a moment, take a listen to what these fans are chanting … ‘cause from Alabama to Texas south … arenas STILL … CHANT … MY … NAME!!! J … B … L … J … B … L … J … B … L …

The crowd chants “Sucks” after each one, and Bradshaw finally stops, and begins to remove the Flair robe. He is wearing a suit underneath.

John Bradshaw Layfield: So, Matt Hardy, come on down! I have just HUMILIATED the legacy of your (laughs) ‘HERO’ Ric Flair, and now I’m gonna show all of these people exactly what I think of him … and of YOU!!!

JBL pulls a pair of scissors from his pocket and begins to cut the Nature Boy robe up! He starts out calmly, laughing as he does it, before actually getting quite violent, angrily tearing the iconic piece of clothing to shreds.

John Bradshaw Layfield: C’MON, MATT!!! OR ARE YOU A COWA-

***Live For The Moment*** The crowd goes WILD for the arrival of their hero, as Matt Hardy steps out onto the top of the stage in his jeans and a white vest. He stands there for a moment or two, eyes locked with JBL, shaking his head angrily.

John Bradshaw Layfield: DAMN IT TO HELL, MATT!!! I’m right here!!! What’re you waiting for!!??

Hardy begins to walk down to the ring, though his face appears very wary, as he gazes furiously at JBL, who is baiting the youngster on. In the ring, Bradshaw begins to remove his tie and unbutton his shirt, as Hardy climbs up onto the apron.

JBL drops the microphone to the floor and rolls up his sleeves. He yells at Matt to get inside the ring, which Hardy finally does, a look of pure rage on his face, as though he is about to rip JBL limb from limb. Hardy is about to charge, but the crowd suddenly begins screaming, and Hardy begins to turn … WHAM!!!! Matt gets dropped right in the middle of the ring with a hard steel chair shot!!!

The crowd erupts into heat as ORLANDO JORDAN stands over Matt, looking at JBL with a huge smirk on his face. The boos become deafening, as we get a close up of the face of Hardy, which has been busted wide open. Orlando mounts Hardy, raining down right hand … after right … after right … after right … after right … after right … after right … and all the while JBL urges his former Chief Of Staff on!!! Bradshaw grabs his mic again.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Getting right in Matt’s bloody face) MATT, YOU ARE ONE STUPID SON OF A BITCH!!! You fall for it every … single … time!!! You should have trusted your guts instinct, son!!! Orlando!!??

Jordan stops the blows for a moment and looks up.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You get that piece of garbage on his feet!!!

Orlando happily obliges, as he drags a nearly lifeless Hardy back up and holds him in position, as JBL races off the ropes … BEFORE NAILING THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL TO HARDY!!!

The crowd is in a stunned silence right now, as Hardy has been almost completely destroyed in the centre of the ring. The canvas is stained with Matt’s crimson blood, as JBL rolls him over onto to his back and grabs both of his legs, letting out a huge “WHOOO” … BEFORE APPLYING THE FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!!

All around the arena, JBL is having the blazes booed right out of him, mainly for the disgusting attack on Matt Hardy, but also for the use of the patented Ric Flair submission. Hardy is already unconscious, so it is hard to see what damage the Figure Four is having on him, but it is certainly not good.

After a few excruciating minutes of torture, JBL finally releases the hold and clambers back up to his feet with a sadistic smile across his face. Orlando Jordan hands his boss his cowboy hat, and Bradshaw places it back upon his head, before performing the ‘Longhorn’ taunt to tremendous heat, one boot placed firmly over the chest of Matt Hardy.

Michael Cole: This is absolutely disgusting! Matt Hardy needs help right away!!!

Tazz: I – oh, man, Matt looks in a bad way!!!

We cut to our final commercial with JBL staring down with venomous glee at a bloody, unconscious Hardy, who looks as though he will not be making it to No Way Out this Sunday.

{Commercial Break}

When we return from the commercial break, we cut backstage to where a lot of chaos is going down, as a team of medics push Matt Hardy along on a stretcher towards an ambulance. Teddy Long is following hurriedly at the side with a concerned expression on his face.

Theodore Long: Doc, how’s he doin’?

Paramedic: Head trauma, looks like. He should be fine, but we need to get him to the hospital right away.

The paramedics load Matt into the back of the ambulance and slam the doors. It speeds off quickly, as Teddy breathes a long sigh, before turning around, where two men stand with security guards on either side of them … JBL AND ORLANDO JORDAN!

Theodore Long: (Coldly whispering) Playas … pack ya bags … and get the hell outta my building.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Smirking, quietly) My pleasure. I’ll see ya Sunday, Theodore.

JBL gives Long an arrogant wink, before he and Jordan stalk away with the security guards in tow. Teddy watches them go with a scowl, before he looks across the hallway and sees someone else. Long scurries across and catches up with … BATISTA!

“The Animal” is in his trunks with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, and his evidently on his way down to the ring, when Long stops him.

Theodore Long: Batista! Dave! Stop there a minute, playa!

Batista stops and turns on Long.

Batista: What?

Theodore Long: What went down earlier tonight between you and The Undertaker, Dave … jus’ remember that you’re partners out there now … you got to wait until Sunday for all ‘dat, ya feel me?

After rubbing his chin, Batista nods slowly.

Batista: I’ve got no problem with that, Teddy, ‘cause I KNOW that I beat The Undertaker this Sunday. But … but if even so much as LOOKS at me in a way that I don’t like out there right now … I WILL break him ... in half!!!

Batista gives the GM a last, long, angry look, before storming away, leaving a very flustered Teddy Long with an anxious expression on his face.

Cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: We all wish Matt Hardy a speedy recovery and hope he returns in time for No Way Out this Sunday to teach JBL a lesson. But coming up now, one of the biggest Main Events in SmackDown history!!!

Tazz: I got goosebumps, Cole, I can’t wait!!!

***I Walk Alone*** Another THUNDEROUS ovation for the second time this evening, as the World Heavyweight Champion Batista makes his way out onto the stage. He sets off his incredible pyro, before making his way down to the ring, wasting no time at all. He paces up and down a little after playing to the fans, awaiting his partner.


Batista stops dead and glares down the ramp, as the crowd goes wild.


The lights go out.


***Graveyard Symphony*** The crowd is in a frenzy with easily the largest pop of the night, even eclipsing Batista’s, as The Undertaker goes through his full entrance this time. The “Phenom” stalks menacingly down to the ring through the smoke, before slowly making his way up the steps and entering the ring, where Batista waits silently. Undertaker removes his coat and finally his hat, flashing the whites of his eyes to another huge ovation. Battle ready, he and Batista step nose-to-nose, as though about to go at it again…

***Paparazzi*** The crowd erupts into heat, as the photographers rush out onto the stage and the red carpet is rolled out. However, it takes a few moments before the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, actually walk out. Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro look extremely apprehensive, as they rub their chins, ignoring Melina’s attempts to make them pose. Instead, the duo simply walk solemnly down to the ring, whilst Batista and The Undertaker watch them like hawks.

Michael Cole: Y’know, for once I actually agree with MNM, Tazz. If I was facing Batista and The Undertaker right now, I think I’d be just as nervous.

Tazz: Don’t count MNM out though, Cole. They’re the WWE Tag Team Champions for a reason: they’re the best in the world.

Match #5; Non-title: Batista and The Undertaker vs. MNM
As you would expect from a match of this calibre, these four guys put on a tremendous Main Event to hype everyone up for No Way Out. It is The Undertaker who begins with a flurry, as he fails to even wait for the ring bell and goes right for both members of MNM. Batista follows suit, not allowing himself to be outdone, and they both end up Clotheslining the tag team Champs out of the ring. There is constant hostility between Batista and Undertaker throughout the contest, as one would expect between two such rivals, and the wily MNM take advantage about half way through. Mercury reverses an Irish Whip by Batista, but lowers his head to early, and Batista sets him up for the BATISTA BOMB … but The Undertaker makes the blind tag. Batista looks around at his partner, and Johnny Nitro takes his head off with a SUPERKICK! Undertaker chases Nitro away to his own corner, but Joey Mercury ambushes Undertaker from behind with a clubbing blow, and MNM begin to isolate the “Deadman”. Holding ‘Taker in position, Mercury tags in Nitro, who connects with a STANDING ENZIGUIRI. 1 … 2 … NO! MNM begin working over the “Deadman” in their corner for a sustained period, making the quick tags and delivering blow after blow to his weakened head. The legal man Mercury sends Undertaker off into the ropes with an Irish Whip and goes for the back body drop, but Undertaker counters with a RUNNING DDT! The crowd explodes, as both men are now down, and the crawl is on, with Mercury looking for the hand of Johnny Nitro, whilst The Undertaker lies flat on his back … BUT HE SITS UP! Mercury tags Nitro in, just as the “Deadman” gets back up to his feet … and Batista tags himself in! “The Animal” enters the ring and has a brief stare down with his No Way Out opponent, before shoving ‘Taker aside AND SPEARING THE ONCOMING NITRO!!! The crowd explodes, as Batista jumps back up with fury, but Joey Mercury leaps at him, taking the World Champion crashing through the ropes with him. Batista and Mercury brawl on the outside, clambering back up to their feet. The Undertaker watches them from the ring, BEFORE COMING OFF THE ROPES AND FLYING TO THE OUTSIDE WITH AIR DEADMAN ONTO BOTH MEN!!! The crowd explodes for the crazy move from The Undertaker, who staggers back up to his feet and climbs back onto the apron. He tries to get through the middle rope, but Johnny Nitro quickly boots him in the face! Catching the “Phenom’ in a suspended position on the rope, Nitro holds him, and nails the CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER! 1 … 2 … NO! Undertaker actually kicks out, much to the delight of the fans and dismay of Nitro. Waiting for the “Deadman” to get back to his feet, Nitro leaps up off the top rope with a SPRINGBOARD ENZIGUIRI … but ‘Taker catches him! Undertaker races across the ring and drops Nitro with SNAKE EYES, but connecting with a RUNNING BIG BOOT! 1 … 2 … NO! Nitro gets a shoulder up, and Undertaker decides to walk the top rope, as he brings him up and down for some OLD SCHOOL! Nitro staggers back up to his feet and Undertaker grabs him by the throat in search of a CHOKESLAM … but Nitro boots him in the gut, just as Joey Mercury slides back into the ring. Nitro lifts ‘Taker up in preparation for the SNAPSHOT, as Mercury gets in position … but Batista spins Mercury around and nails him with a SPINEBUSTER! Nitro looks stunned, and Undertaker reverses the SNAPSHOT around and picks Nitro up in position for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER … HE HITS IT!!! 1 … 2 … BATISTA PULLS ‘TAKER OFF THE COVER! The crowd gives a very mixed reaction, as Batista and the “Phenom” go nose-to-nose, but “The Animal” quickly pulls Johnny Nitro back up to his feet and sets up for a BATISTA BOMB … WHAM! STEEL CHAIR TO THE BACK! Joey Mercury nails Undertaker in the gut also, taking both men down and causing the DQ.
Winners: Batista and The Undertaker via DQ @ 16:38

The crowd boos the result mercilessly, as Joey Mercury looks like a man possessed in the ring. He lifts it up high AND SLAMS IT ACROSS THE UNDERTAKER’S BACK!!!

The “Phenom” is down and out, and Mercury makes sure of it with a few more blows down right into the ribs, before heading over to Batista and driving the weapon into the injured quad of the World Heavyweight Champion again and again. Mercury even grinds the Chair down into the throat of “The Animal”!!!

Melina is busy helping an incredibly dazed Nitro back up to his feet, whilst urging on Mercury, who has placed the Steel Chair right in the centre of the ring. He drags Batista back up to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulder, as Nitro moves towards him, LOOKING FOR THE SNAPSHOT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR … BUT PAUL LONDON HITS NITRO WITH A DROPKICK FROM BEHIND!!!

London came through the crowd it seems, wearing his street clothes and a bandage over his jaw, as he hammers away on Nitro with right hands! Mercury drops Batista back down to the canvas and turns around to see what is going on … BRIAN KENDRICK SCORES WITH A CROSSBODY OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

The Hooligans are both in the ring now, as they really take the fight to both members of MNM. Melina tries desperately to get her men out of the ring, and Nitro and Mercury leap through the ropes and clamber over the barrier desperately, running through the crowd. London and Kendrick waste no time whatsoever in chasing after their rivals, as the crowd screams away wildly!!!

Back in the ring, both the #1 Contender and the World Heavyweight Champion are flat on their backs … BUT UNDERTAKER SITS UP … AND SO DOES BATISTA! The crowd cheers loudly, as both men clamber back up to their feet agonizingly … BUT BATISTA RACES ACROSS THE RING A SPEARS THE UNDERTAKER!!!

Michael Cole: OH MY!!! What a way to end the show! Batista has just sent one hell of a message to his Challenger for the World Heavyweight title, The Undertaker. These two men are going to tear the building down this Sunday!!!

Tazz: Where the hell did Paul London and Brian Kendrick come from??!! They just took MNM into the crowd!!!

Michael Cole: Will Batista be able to continue his near year long reign as Champion, or will The Undertaker finally end the era of “The Animal” this Sunday?!

Tazz: I gotta go with the “Deadman”, baby. Batista just made one hell of a statement, but this is the big game and The Undertaker is the biggest game player in this business.

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy battles JBL in one of the most personal and intense rivalries in years, with the honour of Ric Flair on the line! MNM defend the tag team titles against the Hooligans in a war! Kid Kash takes on all comers in a Cruiserweight invitational for his title!

Tazz: No doubt, but let’s not forget, Booker T and Mister Kennedy take on Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero with a shot at Booker’s U.S title up for grabs; Bobby Lashley faces Finlay, and The Mexicools go up against William Regal and Paul Burchill!

Joey Styles: It’s going to be amazing! Ladies and gentlemen, we look forward to seeing you this Sunday, where there will be No … Way … Out!!!

Batista stands at the foot of the ramp with his World title belt over his shoulder, still feeling the effects of the Steel Chair on his quad, as he stares manically into the ring where The Undertaker lies … BUT HE SITS UP!!! The crowd gives a thunderous ovation, as the two monsters lock eyes ahead of Sunday. Fade to black.



WWE No Way Out
Date: February 19th, 2006
Location: 1st Mariner Arena; Baltimore, Maryland
Event Music: Theory Of A Deadman; Deadly Game

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista © vs. The Undertaker

WWE Tag Team Championship:
MNM © vs. The Hooligans

Cruiserweight Championship; Open Invitational:
Kid Kash © vs. Jamie Noble vs. Funaki vs. Juventud vs. Shannon Moore vs. Nunzio vs. Scotty Too Hotty vs. Nunzio

Grudge Match:
Matt Hardy vs. John ‘Bradshaw Layfield

Tag Team Match:
U.S. Champion Booker T and Mr. Kennedy
vs. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero

Singles Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. The Mexicools


Wildcard Questions

1. Which match will be chosen to open the PPV?

2. Will Teddy Long give Randy Orton what he wants?

3. How many title changes, if any, will occur?

4. What will be the Match Of The Night?

5. Which superstar will make the biggest impression?

All Predictions Now Welcome
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