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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

RAW Review
The opening promo was handled nicely; especially the characterizations of Triple H, Eric Bischoff, and Vinnie Mac here were fine. Didnít like the usage of the word ďdamnĒ in this promo because I believe it was over used big time. Caps are getting repetitive though; donít over use them. The ECW part in this promo was handled nicely too. Great promo, Jonathan. <3

I really hope that this feud here between Helms and Eugene ends tonight. I havenít really been entertained with this show. Just a bland feud. So hopefully, we see something better for Helms in the future. Good booking choice here too, by having Helms take a win over Eugene. Nice match up, but I hope that this feud ends now. However, I donít think that thisíll end because Helms used the low blow to beat Eugene. I just hope that this doesnít continue. Hope.

Loved the way how Carlito burned the fire inside Edgeís body here. I donít know why, but week after week, Edge insults Batista, and it looks to me that Edge will use his MITB clause against Batista, at SmackDown. Iím interested to know it, bro. Nice promo too, hyping up the main event of tonightís show.

Currently, there are three feuds in your BTB that I enjoy reading more, and they are Lashley/Heyman-The Undertaker, HBK-Cena, and Benjamin-Haas. Once again, you entertained me, and Iím still liking the way youíre building up an upcoming feud between them. Should be an awesome rivalry. Also, onto the promo; surprisingly, everyone (and that includes everyone) entertained me here. Not generic.

Loved how Victoria destroyed Ashley last week, btw. The situation between the womenís division is really getting interesting week after week. Didnít expect Mickie to just give the win to Victoria via count out. Looks like a good booking decision, and you know it, Iím interested to know whatís gonna happen next.

Nice promo again that actually hypes up the main event, and the feud of Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Bischoff and Cenaís characters looked fine to me in this promo, but some words repeat a lot in your promos, and I donít really like the flow of the promo after reading repetitive words in it. The promo ended in a great way though. Nice promo, but just try to avoid repeating some words, and keep the dots (Ö) away. The dots also donít need to repeat most of the times. Also, the main event of WM needs build up too Ė Donít forget.

I wasnít really excited about this match up, but the amount present in this match up was great, and it made me feel good about this match. Loved the ending specially, with Chavo creating a huge upset. Chavo vs. Masters wouldnít be a feud that Iíd like to read, btw, but Iíll give a chance. Iíll see what you can do with these two workers, and letís see what you do with Benjamin and Haas too.

Glad that this promo was kept short and sweet. Loving the way how this feud between the womenís is progressing too. After reading this promo, I expect either a triple threat or a fatal four way match at WM for the title. I could be wrong though, so letís find out. Mickie was outstanding in this promo though.

Wow. Iím loving the creative ideas that youíre bringing in for this feud between JBL and Ric Flair. JBL was once againÖ great. The flow seemed good to me, and the length was just fine. Good promo to add more fuel to the feud between JBL and Flair. The ďfractured cheek boneÖĒ paragraph was just awesome. Made me laugh. Great promo.

We get ourselves a typical squash match here. Good for Big Showís dominance, but the aftermath was even more interesting. Just like Peter, Iím also thinking for some sort of a gimmick match between Big Show and Kane at WM.

Thankfully we get to hear something from the WWE Champion. The promo itself started way too off, but then in the ending, it got better. Those three dots everywhere in this promo just killed the flow to me. Didnít feel this promo to be honest with you. But when Angle started talking about Cena, it got better. The main event of the WM still needs MORE build up, but youíre still focusing on the Cena-Michaels feud.

Great main event, and at the first time I read Edge pin Cena Ė I was shocked. I re-read it, and took a sigh. Cena doesnít really look weak after getting a loss here. HBKís music hitting, and distracting Cena was the perfect way to end this match, but still, the main event of WM needs more build up than this. Letís see what you do next week though, but I just hope that the WMís main event gets its real build up. Solid show.

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