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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Review

Strong promo from Hunter to kick things off. Usually, I wouldn’t like the authority figure (Bischoff in this case) being treated as a lackey of sorts to the star, but you’ve been treating Bischoff as ball-less for a good while now and it came across pretty well in this promo. Hunter’s promo, the Van Dam suspension and subsequent Mr. McMahon appearance tied everything together, developed the premise of their (presumed) WrestleMania match up and gave a feel good moment, in stark contrast to the ending of last week’s show. Nice work.

Not shocking to see Helms pick up the win here, but he seems to be in a state of limbo as he’s waiting for his WrestleMania program to begin. The victory does nothing more than enforce what we already know: Helms is a star on the rise. And I expect him to occupy one of the slots in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

I like the chemistry between Edge and Carlito; they play off of each other well, and it’s nice to see CCC rubbing elbows with someone significantly higher on the totem pole. Edge mentions Batista an awful lot and at the moment I’m banking on that being your SmackDown! main event. The tag team main event is looking particularly solid; expecting some problems between Angle and Cena and possibly an HBK appearance.

Decent segment all around though a bit forced it seemed. Benjamin came off a bit too arrogantly for liking at times and as you would expect, Kenny came off pretty generically. Still an adequate way to forward the storyline between Haas and Benjamin AND the tag team scene.

It’s gotta be heard building a feud that’s already played out on WWE television, while trying to make it unique and your own, but you’re doing a solid enough job her with Mickie, Trish and Ashley. The Mick walks away and her ever so slow heel turn continues.

Loved the intensity from Cena in this promo. It’s the way he should be booked and works well with his “everyman”, tough guy character. A lot of his phrases seemed forced though and didn’t really flow with the promo, but it still came together nicely and is one of the highlights so far.

MOTN so far. Quick question: The Angle Slam used to be called the Olympic Slam and I noticed that Haas used that move. Is that a variation of Angle’s move or is he using the same one?? Zipping along, Chavo picks up the win and much like Helms, he doesn’t seem to have much in store as far as a current feud goes but expect that to change as we inch more and more towards Mania.

Quick segment between Trish and Mickie was okay. We’re still very much in the “opening” stages of this feud, so this didn’t give us to much to go on - just a bit of intrigue to keep this thing going.

Just awesome. I mark for your JBL promos. I don’t think I’ve read one which I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. Bradshaw’s running down of Flair’s injuries and including the cold and flu was golden. Highlight of the night. I hope Flair comes back soon. The exchanges could be legendary; that’s how good your writing has been with this feud so far.

The following match and segment just seemed like a way to keep it going and get both on TV. If you were doing it to fill time, this was the right move, but if you were doing it to make sure that they were on - I would have left Kane and Show off of the program and just had the announcers do a quick recap. Just as effective, in my opinion. Anyway, Kane vs. Big Show doesn’t exactly scream “classic” on the biggest stage of them all, but it should be a spectacle.

Tremendous passion showed by Angle. His character was pretty much dead on point with the talk of being the best and such but I expect him and Cena to pretty much coexist in the main event. Cena-Angle doesn’t look particularly intriguing, since as you alluded to, it’s been done before, but I anticipate Michaels sneaking in there some way.

Strong main event as expected; Cena and Angle were treated as a step or two head of the heels, which could’ve turned out to be detrimental but it worked out perfectly with the Michaels distraction letting them pick up the win, keeping Cena and Angle strong, and continuing the Michaels-Cena build. Good stuff and we’re almost guaranteed to get ourselves a triple threat at WrestleMania with the way HBK’s distraction affected Kurt Angle.

Another quality show, Legend. You seem to be getting consistently better with each and every show; this one being no different. Keep up the good work.

for the week of September 28th


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