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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment

Great way to start the show with a very intense Triple H promo. Hunter was completely in character as was Bischoff. Van Dam being suspended was done to gain heel heat and was done well. However McMahon coming to the ring and announcing Van Dam being reinstated was the perfect ending to the great promo. It looks like Hunter and Van Dam will face one another at Mania.

Helms winning the match was expected, and it seems like Helms is in line for a push in this thread. As far as the segment with Edge/Carlito/Lita, I have a feeling that Edge will be using the MITB briefcase at Mania. Hopefully Carlito gets a spot in the MITB match at Mania.

Even though Hass and Benjamin can't get along as a tag team it looks like the two will be facing the Spirit Squad in an upcoming feud.

Surprised to see Victoria win via countout. However based on the ending of the match/segment, a possible heel turn for Mickie might take place.

Great segment with Cena and Bischoff. I think this Michaels/Cena feud is the best feud you have going at the moment. Cena as the intense face in this segment was great.

The Six Man Tag Match looked like a filler match, but was given some decent time, and Chavo gets the pinfall win for the upset win. I wonder if Chavo will be recieving a push in this thread soon?

Tension arises with Mickie and Trish and Ashley, while we see another great promo from JBL. Man this JBL/Flair feud is currently the best feud you have on Smackdown, and it's going to be huge when Flair returns.

Show wins a squash match but fortunately the feud with Show and Kane continues.

This was a great Angle promo here. I like how you're using the fact that Angle has never walked in and walked out of Mania the champion in this storyline.

What a way to end the show! Michaels continues with the mind games and cost Cena and Angle the match here tonight. And with Edge getting the pinfall victory for his team, I have a feeling that Edge will be cashing in his title shot at Mania against the WWE Champion!

Overall Comments: Legend, you are continuing to improve with this thread, and the buildup to Mania has been great. Looking forward to Smackdown and next week's Raw.

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