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Re: Legend Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment


Jonathan, I'm so sorry. I had this review for you written since so many days... but I thought I posted this up. I checked a page back, and noticed that I didn't edit in the SmackDown review. I'm so sorry man, but here it is the review now. Sorry it took so long.

SmackDown Review
To me, the pre-taped promo that JBL cut on RAW was better than this. In this promo, the flow was really off at most of the times. JBL also didn't look in character to me sometimes. Liked the concept of this promo though, with JBL bashing Flair (That could've been done better, btw), and then Orlando Jordan coming up with Flair's robe. JBL calling himself 'The Real Deal' wasn't right too. JBL mocking Flair = Ratings. Everything else was fine, except the flow, and JBL's character (some times). Matt Hardy's part was expected (only after reading that pre-taped promo on RAW), but you didn't mention that the fans go ape shit to see him - It would've been much better. Anyway, okayish promo to start SmackDown with. Let's see what else you've got here.

Good tag team match here, filled with beautiful spots from these six great in-ring workers. Hooligans seems a good option to me here as the number one contenders for MNM's tag team titles. Should be a good match at No Way Out. By the way, aftermath really made MNM look like a top heel tag team in your thread now. Nice way to build MNM's credibility too.

Didn't like this promo to be honest. Mainly because I saw those '...' here too. It's getting repitive and boring now. They were present in the opening promo too, but I didn't mention there. Teddy talking about the attack that MNM put on The Hooligans was lame, and that's only because that doesn't concern JBL. (Expectedly) Teddy makes the match between Matt and JBL at No Way Out. Should be a nice read, but I could expect Flair coming back, and screwing JBL... but I hope not because we've seen like those type of interferences alot at No Way Out. That has been done so many times in the BTB Section (I've done it too ). JBL feeling confident after Teddy's announcement was right though. JBL should've looked nervous - that would've added more hype to their rivalry to be honest in my opinion.

Good promo from Kennedy. He was in character, and every thing else seemed good too. I just can't see Kennedy beating Mysterio though. I could be wrong, but let's see.

Impressive victory from Kash, and the little promo that he cut aftermath was even better. The Open Challenge would be good, and it'd be interesting to see who comes up to face Kash for the CW Title. Liked how you mentioned that he's breathing heavily too. But, once again, the '...' irritated me.

Short promo. Orton was out of character in this promo at so many times by the way. Orton repeating the words again and again bored me too, and the way those '...' were used again was irritating - yet again. Ending of this promo was rushed. Believe me, this promo should've been a great promo if it had been done in a right way. Anyway, I'm liking what you're doing with Orton though. However, I feel that Randy Orton hasn't really got anything left on SmackDown, and he might jump to RAW.

Promo of the night. Paul Heyman made this the promo of the night for me. Everything surrounding Lashley, The Undertaker, and Heyman is getting gold. Heyman was gold in this promo, whilst Bobby Lashley (Surprisingly) looked gold to me too. Absolutely loved it, and I'm loving the way how this feud is slowly progressing too.

Not surprised to see Matt Hardy win here, but I'm surprised to NOT see JBL interrupting. Anyway, good victory for Matt Hardy, but I don't think that this youngster could beat JBL (Who needs lots of momentum because he's going to have a match with Flair at 'Mania). However, we could see Hardy beat JBL though, and that could only happen if Flair comes back, and screws JBL.

Wow. Great promo. Regal was just awesome here, whilst those Mexicans were good too. By the way, are you Mexican or something? Lol. How the hell did you wrote that language here? Please explain! But again, those '...' were ... meh. Anyway, No Way Out is looking great - Bluebloods vs. Mexicools should be a great match. Hope that Bluebloods win only because of William Regal <3.

Would've liked to see more determination by Hardcore Holly here. Good, strong victory from Finlay though. The aftermath was fine. Their match at No Way Out should be a great one, but I just can't predict here. I really don't know who'd win. Lashley needs a lot of momentum because he's going to feud with 'Taker, and Finlay needs the same because he's a debutant in this thread (I hope I'm write about Finlay).

I didn't really enjoyed Booker T. It could be probably because I'm not the fan of Booker T - King Booker > Booker T. Kennedy's introduction was fine. The match was fine too, but the ending was better. Good to see this match ending via a DQ because both Ken and Mysterio didn't need to lose credibility. The aftermath was good enough to hype what's happening between Mysterio, Ken, and Booker.

Bischoff's little confrontation with Teddy was good to hype up what's happening around Orton.

Then, onto the last promo of the night - it wasn't really THAT good promo. I liked the promo after Batista started talking about 'Taker. That was done nicely, and the way this promo ended was great too. Batista sounded great, and so di The Undertaker. However, before that, Teddy JUST promoting No Way Out looked lame to me. The announcements were good, but looked lame (Teddy promoting No Way Out).


Looking forward to RAW, buddy. Sorry again for posting this late though.

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